EVACUATE THE SERVER WE GOT A CHRIS X WILLIAM SHIPPER submitted by RazorLeafie to GachaClubCringe [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 07:04 telltalegamesvideos Buying BNB on paybis to exchange for safemoon on trustwallet right now. Do I get BEP2 or BEP20?

Which one will work for getting into trustwallet and getting me safemoon?
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2021.05.10 07:04 arthhhux Espartanos au au au #SHIB $SHIB #ShibaSwap #SHIBARMY

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2021.05.10 07:04 dylandoesparkour Hey I just made a lil Darkie tutorial, check it out if y'all want!! :DD

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2021.05.10 07:04 im_bored_dude Im bored, somebody wanna chat?

Pls no horny my pp hurts i dont can take the horny
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2021.05.10 07:04 packersfan036 need advice!!!

Is this a decent razer laptop for the money? how potent in gaming is it? i think its a great price, but do you guys think the specs are to weak? thanks. link below.
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2021.05.10 07:04 JeannaLeavy Mrs Obama GET DOWN!

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2021.05.10 07:04 bruhrook24 It's the green bean eating machine

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2021.05.10 07:04 CASSEDITS_1989 Bottom feeder..

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2021.05.10 07:04 rBariedaleG Some questions about the mid-game, and what my mental should be from now on

For starters, I'm not very good at this game, today I got a total of 40 hours into it, and up until now, I have played most for the fun, never getting etremely technical with my heroes and I was having a fun time just trying stuff out!
Until now
I really thought I was good, seeing how I could easily do level 1 and 3 dungeons, but when I decided to try my first champion dungeon, I got a hero afflicted, all of them were low hp and one was constantly at death's door... in just the first battle, immediately leaving after that
My team was utterly crushed, as did my confidence, so I decided to not play for a while.
I came back yesterday with some mods(no difficulty relieving ones, mostly character ones) and my will to play was back again, of course, I didn't even touched any champion dungeon, but I was once again confident, and once more I tried...
only for the monsters to get 4 crits in a row, on the first fight, and the EXACT same scenario to happen again, I just left and was really frustated, only for the Vvulf event to start, and in the last bits of my will, I tried doing It, resulting in 3 deaths.
Note: The three quests were done with level 5 heroes, they weren't fully upgraded.
I ain't here to blame the game for being unfair, but when seeing other people just breezing through, I feel like what I need is just a mental adjustment.
Now for the questions themselves:

As you can see, I'm feeling etremely overwhelmed, but deep inside I wanna keep playing, kill bosses, do and receive crit, find secret rooms, feel the entirety of the game, but I really need those clarifications.
Thanks for reading o/
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2021.05.10 07:04 Sir_Scoots chillin on a weekend like usual

watching spongebob and scooby dooby doo
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2021.05.10 07:04 og_JaNKeeeZ Does anyone know where I could find a boxed wii u for sale?

I tried searching on dubizzle but honestly speaking I found the prices to be expensive just for a wii u that's not even in boxed and is used. I also tried searching on ebay and the most cheapest boxed wii u is over $400! That's insane. Does anyone know any place that still sells a wii u or something? I kind of need a wii u.
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Email: [geniuswriter76@gmail.com](mailto:geniuswriter76@gmail.com) || Discord: Profsocrates#0762 || + 1 (573) 250 3624
Hello, Are you having a hard time completing your assignments due to work commitments, family issues, numerous classes, and other pressing issues? You don’t have to overwork yourself anymore. Prosocrates is here to make your life easy and help you to focus on that which is most important to you.
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Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me in case you want someone to help you with the following tasks:

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2021.05.10 07:04 Equivalent_Amount_73 Ah this is killing me! So close yet so far! So many dang shamans!

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2021.05.10 07:04 anigerianloveszobo Unpopular opinion: Meredith deserved to be fired for messing with the Alzheimer's trial and Alex did NOT deserve all the hate!

She's just so used to getting special treatment that it came as a shock to her meanwhile Reed outed out April but she didn't hold it against Redd because she knew she was responsible and knew her actions came with consequences. The annoying part is that she acted like what she did wasn't objectively wrong in the eyes of the hospital.
Also Alex was tipsy so it probably just cake out. He also didn't deserve all the hate people were throwing at him and let's not even start with Cristina blaming him for no reason. I get they're friends and but as Derek said in 2x25 "She needs to take consequences of her actions for ONCE in her life."
I love Meredith but that episode always made me angry with the way she was acting like a victim. I know they've all done horrible things like cutting LVAD wires and so on but Izzy got fired at the end of the days though.
It was just annoying.
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2021.05.10 07:04 IAmA-Steve I'm proud of my new house. I can't stop sending my family unsolicited deck pics.

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2021.05.10 07:04 ask_9 Can I switch to a career in Finance in Canada Post MBA? Also, requesting a profile summary evaluation.

Hi Everyone,
I'm 32/m will be moving to Toronto, Canada in couple of months as an immigrant. Now I have had job experience in Brand Management and Entrepreneurship experience in outsourcing work.
Lately, I have thinking about (if I can) switching my career to finance because it seems like in Canada Finance pays the most. However, I have no work experience in Finance.
At the moment I'm preparing for my GMAT with a target score of 600-650. By the time I complete my MBA in Canada my age will be 33/34.
Can someone please explain to me what should be my entry point in finance? What should I be researching on? Will my age be an issue to get into and climb up? If I do take finance, what program should I join to study?
I see that most popular destinations in finance are investment banking, financial advisor, retail banking, etc. Although, I have no idea on how difficult it will be for me to get into any of these career path, the job responsibilities of a financial planner sounds fun. However, I would prefer a career path where I can achieve steady growth/promotions, is safe and rewarding.
My career summary:
My profile: 32 years old. Waiting to move to Canada as an immigrant once the travel ban is lifted.
Work Experience: Job (little over 5 years): 2012-2017: working in sales (2.5 years) and as assistant brand manager (2.5 years) for one the top global consumer product brand.
Entrepreneurship (2015- 2020): started my own business in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) while I was in my job. Left my job in 2017 to concentrate on my business.
Did really well till the end of 2018. From 2019, business started to go down and I started my plan to move to Canada. In 2020 got badly hit by the Covid 19 pandemic. Had to close down my business couple months back.
Education: Bachelor in Business- UK degree. MBA with major in Marketing- Bangladesh degree.
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2021.05.10 07:04 babylipsxoxox What's your home drinking-water system?

I have a large family and we live in the rural area. Our potable water from the taps is not tasty.. for the past 8 years we have used an old water cooler and purchased 18 gallon water refills to drink water. However, my water cooler recently broke and I'm interested in what other ways we could drink filtered water-- I've heard of water filter systems built into a fridge, under the sink, etc.. what do you guys use to get filtered water and what do you feel like is the best?
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2021.05.10 07:04 cocopuffdaddy1 p a i n

p a i n submitted by cocopuffdaddy1 to formuladank [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 07:04 Useful-Ad-3124 STAGE NAME KINDA

I need help with a stage name, this might be a long list but my favorite celebrity names Ezra Miller, Taika Waitit, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zendaya, Halle Berry Guillermo del Toro, Lana Del Rey, Johnny Depp, Olivia Wilde, Lionel Mess, Kanye West, Timothée Chalamet, Evangeline Lilly, and Joaquin Phoenix. I would rlly appreciate if someone could help me with the stage name of some capacity, preferably with the first name being Elijah
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2021.05.10 07:04 Mathy963 [Europe] 12TB Seagate expansion desktop 199 euros Amazon.nl

Seagate Expansion Desktop, 12 TB, Externe Harde Schijf HDD USB 3.0 Voor PC, Laptop en 2 jaar Rescue Services (STEB12000402): Amazon.nl
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2021.05.10 07:04 alexgronhen NetVRk is a social virtual world and platform

NetVRk VWGen technology is capable of generating an unlimited number of unique, fully interactive VR worlds. The ease of creating new worlds as soon as new users join the platform will assist with the addition of diverse content to NetVRk. We will produce high-quality content: complete cities and other com-plex environments as well as powerful creation tools for our users.
#NETVRK #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #BTC
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2021.05.10 07:04 TriumphX_Official Triumph X signed exclusive contract with Metaverse NFT Artist ‘RisingSun (Kim Il-dong)

Triumph X signed exclusive contract with Metaverse NFT Artist ‘RisingSun (Kim Il-dong) https://preview.redd.it/2scyns8jh8y61.png?width=662&format=png&auto=webp&s=274e2d699a0f650ffa92b8b3dc1e5da69fc4c7e2
TriumphX, a cross-chain-based NFT platform developer, has signed an exclusive NFT contract with Metaverse NFT artist RisingSun (Kim Il-dong).
TriumphX opened the NFT publishing site ENFTEE.COM in February and introduced various cryptoarts. At the end of April, TriumphX opened Sole-X, an NFT marketplace that allows cross-trade of NFTs and coins between different chains.
From Korea's first pop art artist to Metaverse NFT artist
RisingSun (Kim Il-dong), known as Korea's first pop art artist, has a history of over 100 exhibitions at home and abroad, including Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeongnam Museum of Art, Singapore Art Fair, overseas biennales and also conducted art collaborations with many brands such as BMW, CGV, Incheon International Airport.
RisingSun (Kim Il-dong) is not limited to the genre of pop art, and has been awarded as an art film director at a prominent international film festival, and he continues to make various attempts such as communicating with the public through storytelling of his art work in his own concert.
Recently, in OpenSea, the world's largest NFT trading platform, unveiled a crypto art titled Rising Sun's Fountain, a NFT sculpture that can be installed in the metaverse space.

▲ Rising Sun's Fountain, Digital media 2021
The crypto art is sold at OpenSea for 1,458.07 ETH (KRW 4 billion). It is a virtual art sculpture that can be installed in the metaverse space as a work that honors Duchamp's toilet bowl, which mocked the art world at the time. The selling price is also said to be set the same as Duchamp's toilet. What is more interesting, unlike Duchamp's toilet, is that the virtual reality world (Geppetto, Roblox, Minecraft, Avatar, etc.) overlaps with the scenes that actually exist in the filth accumulated in the toilet.
TriumphX encountered the NFT while researching the relationship between Metaverse and NFT, and signed a contract as an exclusive artist for the NFT platform they own.
- 108 Bodhidharma series, the First Release

▲ Bodhidharma drinking Coca-Cola/ Bodhidharma and Starbucks coffee
RisingSun (Kim Il-dong)'s NFT, first released through TriumphX, is his iconic pop art Dalmado. The New Dalma collection is a humorous expression of the Bodhidharma drinking Coca-Cola, Starbucks coffee and eating McDonald's hamburgers. The collection is currently available on sole-x.io.
An official at TriumphX said, “Soon, you will be able to see his work that is made to homage the Duchamp's toilet at ENFTEE”

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2021.05.10 07:04 ruth-ruth New hiring question: weed in colorado. Will amazon care or do I need a medical card?

I mean... Its Colorado. I really need the Job for health insurance. But I may or may not smoke weed to help with said medical problems. I may or may not have a med card but if I test negative for THC will they still hire me?
Im over 21 btw :)
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2021.05.10 07:04 GamerVersionTwoPtO Wild Pass Rift Emblem reward:

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