Go! Elemental decay VS “natural/original” elements. |

Elemental decay VS “natural/original” elements.

2021.05.10 05:49 MongeredRue Elemental decay VS “natural/original” elements.

Remind me...
What is the word for an element that isn’t a product of decay but has always been in its current form?
Example: Lead that has always been lead rather than lead that is a product of radioactive decay.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.05.10 05:49 Zeidarul Is there a word for the philosophy or belief that “the evolution of consciousness in the universe was inevitable because, in order for the universe to exist, it needs an observer to acknowledge that it exists”?

I would like to know if anyone agrees or has seen this idea before. If you have, is there a name for this? The fact that it feels like im alone on this is driving me crazy, so I want to research more about this. It overlaps with some ideas of solipsism and quantum immortality but that’s not what Im looking for. If anyone could help that would be great!
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2021.05.10 05:49 Salttee69 How do people like this guy not get banned instantly?

This guy is actually hacking live on stream. smh....
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2021.05.10 05:49 AncapHowellKao Important dates for HCMC: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/844856/000084485621000041/ex99_1.htm

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2021.05.10 05:49 Methycosdendron Let's go SHIBArmy!!!

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2021.05.10 05:49 bipokegirl Can we talk abt how good this show is??

i’ve been rewatching merlin from s2 and like, wow! i had forgotten how good this show was like the storylines, the dialogues, the merthur 🥺 i wish this show was more popular so maybe we could get a reunion or smth :(
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2021.05.10 05:49 bananaslug_12 [F16] Looking for other teens (15-17 only) to join a group chat with my good friend and I! Read post for more deets :))

Hey peoples. So my friend and I have decided to start a group chat on SNAPCHAT because let’s face it..covid times have us bored AF. We’re basically looking for all kinds of teens who are kind, accepting, not homophobic, not racist, not conservatives, etc you get what I mean. And within the age limit (15-17) to join our group. We both agree that that this age range is appropriate because we’d feel more comfortable with teens closer to our age. Please do not DM me if you’re 14 or younger or 18 or older. No exceptions. We are looking for anyone, but if you’re lgbtq that’s a plus!
Some things about us:

Anyways, DM me your name, age, and Snapchat if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you shortly!
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2021.05.10 05:49 Zealousideal-Sock-3 Why some big sellers use v1 and some v2?

Yes, Im watching the chart and the buys/sells, most big buys from version 1.
Sells are like 50/50 v1 and v2. Dont u get more by selling with v1 as stated in pancake swap?
No guys, Im not even close to papery. Im cozy by the fire. Just confused!
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2021.05.10 05:49 thatevilducky Huffy puffy lumpy bumpy

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2021.05.10 05:49 spizike23 Larry Doby vs Garrett Anderson

Who would you go with. Anderson has been solid for me in the clean up spot but to get back 90k plus and have a player with the same profile is worth it to me. Any suggestions?
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2021.05.10 05:49 ANGRYlalocSOLDIE What do you think?

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2021.05.10 05:49 Hyperius999 Found this while exploring in spectator mode

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2021.05.10 05:49 sidaskar Need help

So, first of all sorry for my bad english...
I'm sleeping on my crush's house, we've been talking till 7 a.m. and i really want to kiss she, but i dont really know how to aproach. Some advices for tomorrow?
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2021.05.10 05:49 Danielle_Brooks27 My little man got a bow tie 😍

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2021.05.10 05:49 SaturdayCasual what’s the most you’d pay if social media apps (facebook, IG, twitter) became monthly subscriptions?

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2021.05.10 05:49 yourjasminehunt Last Seen inaccurate?

Hi Guys! I haven't posted here for a while. Random question. I had a guy I know (who I've been flirting with off OF and says he has never been on OF before) join me on the 8 May 2021. However, when I check to see when he's last been online it says the 26 March. I don't understand this as everyone else who follows me seems to have accurate 'last seen' statuses. I've never seen one like his before. Even if he was not telling the truth about being on OF before, how could he join me and not have his status update? It hasn't changed over the last couple of days. He says he has seen my posts, so it's a weird mystery (I don't really want to ask him or let him know that I've checked his status 😇). Has anyone else had this happen before, or is there some kind of explanation I don't know about?
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2021.05.10 05:49 chalyd00d What do I do

Hey really confused on what I should do in my current situation with my ex. (Important details). First relationship for both of us. known each other for four years dated for two and the most important one my ex girlfriend is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and has been instituted in a mental hospital in the past. So recently me and my girlfriend broke up, well she broke up with me. She told me she wasn't doing good mentally and need some time alone and wanted to be just friends and nothing more. I told her I wanted to help her and be there for her, but she said no she wanted to be alone and do this on her own. I told her I didn't understand why she wanted to be alone during this difficult time. We talked about the situation more and then I told her I would support her decision even if it meant breaking up with me. We broke up on Jan 5 but we still kept in touch we would talk daily and then it slowly started to feel like she would ignore me, she wouldn't answer sometimes for days and I would want to bug her and ask if she was ignoring me because I didn't want to add anymore stress to the whole situation. Eventually I got super upset and told her if she doesn't want to talk to me to tell me and I would leave her alone, but she would say no she would tell me she still loved me and wanted to in the future try things again, but she kept ignoring me and eventually stopped communicating with me completely. It's been a while since we've talked and I haven't tried to interact with her at all. What confuses me is since we broke up I've removed our pictures from my social media, aswell as things that would give the idea that we are still a couple. She on the other hand hasn't she still has all of our pictures up on all social medias and is active on them as well so she knows there still up I have even told her to take them down and and she said no. I don't know what to do because I miss her so much and still love her but I'm not sure if I should try to move on since its been a few months since we split and I'm tired of been sad constantly or wait, wait to see what eventually happens. Help!
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2021.05.10 05:49 KuruboyaKalemi Question about Memento

Book says
''Your memento is part of your character – feel free to weave it into your personality or background. It can be broken or lost during a mystery, but by spending one experience point you can have it returned or repaired in time for the next mystery. You may also choose a new one, but in that case you must first play a full mystery without a memento.''
If I play a mystery without a memento can I choose an other or same memento without spending experience point?
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2021.05.10 05:49 Not_Elon_Musk Hapoens

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2021.05.10 05:49 life_is_a_whiteboard UP panchayats: for whom the polls toll. Over 700 schoolteachers working as polling officials in the Uttar Pradesh panchayat elections have died of Covid-19 and more are in danger, with 8 lakh new cases reported in just 30 days around the polls

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2021.05.10 05:49 Legendplays163 LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!

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2021.05.10 05:49 Michael12390 ETH/BTC ratio has hit 0.069

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2021.05.10 05:49 cheeseontop17 Check your 2020/21 figures. Do all of them have these seemingly cracks on the torsos? Mine all do...

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2021.05.10 05:49 Resist_Right Damn!

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2021.05.10 05:49 Xwing99 [A4GM] A New World Awaits, Won't you take me there?

Hello again all! I'm Xwing, Aged 19 and I am here with a request, I have have been in a mood to adventure through a world that I can help someone create. This world is pretty much all up to you, as well as the occupants and nomenclature. This world is yours to make, all I ask is that you bring me along for the ride.
I am pretty flexible, so I can make use of any world you happen to make. Small scale, large scale, your choice. Its up to you, flex those creative muscles.
Now, a few things:
-This will be on Discord, it allows for all the creative freedom needed.
-This is obviously a lit based rp, detail writing is a must since you will be telling the story.
-Put in the work, I can't do this without you making a world for my character to explore.
-EST Timezone, that is where I reside, the closer to that you are, the better.
-Due to the open nature of this, NSFW is allowed, but this purely story first.
And thats it, if you have any questions, feeling to contact me. I look forward to the adventure that you may take me on.
(Codeword is: Isakai, so I know you read the full thing.)
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