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Basically when you are sending payment you just tap on currency under “you send” and you can change it to whatever you want. However since yesterday I cant change it even tho my balance is in GBP and USD. My national currency CZK is just stucked there.
When I go to the browser from PayPal app i’m able change it to GBP but then when i’m trying to set currency under “reciepment gets” it doesent offer GBP
Any clue whats the issue?
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2021.05.10 05:31 hideandzeek Leggy in B&W

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2021.05.10 05:31 DeaTH_GuN4 Stephenson 5 Maymun Deneyi

Deney, beş maymun ve tepesinden muz sarkıtılan bir kafesten oluşmaktadır. Maymunlardan birinin muza ulaşmaya çalışması sonucu, araştırmacı beş maymuna da tazyikli soğuk su sıkmaktaydı. Bir süre sonra maymunlar, muzu almaya çalışmaya cesaret edemedi. Ardından beş maymundan biri alınıp yerine daha önce su sıkılmamış, orijinal deneyden olmayan bir maymun konuldu. Maymunun muzu almaya çalışmasına karşın diğer maymunlar, yeni maymuna saldırmaya başladı. Sonrasında yeni maymunun dışındaki maymunlardan biri de diğer yeni bir maymunla değiştirildi. Muza ulaşmaya çalışan maymun, önceki yeni maymun dahil diğer maymunlar tarafından dövüldü. Bu şekilde eski maymunlar yenileriyle tek tek değiştirildi. Sonuç olarak, daha önce hiç tazyikli su sıkılmamış kafesteki beş maymun, muzu almaya çalışmadı.
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2021.05.10 05:31 SupremacyPlays So how am I supposed to get in?

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2021.05.10 05:31 pakakun Zion Timetable

Does anyone have information on the timetable for Zion's treatment?
I've seen conflicting prognoses depending on whether Zion's ring finger needs surgery or not. I know that Griff said his opposite hand has another injury that might need surgery, too. Have those surgeries happened yet?
If, however improbable, the Pels reached the play-in, is it unreasonable to think Zion might be able to return? (My full expectation is that he won't; I'm just curious to know others' information/takes)
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2021.05.10 05:31 jt_obey_714 Did Formula E Took Down A lot of their Full Race Replays off of YouTube?

I Was Trying to watch Some Full Race Replays of Formula E on YouTube, But I Then I Just Noticed that They Took Down Some of them off of Their YouTube Channel
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2021.05.10 05:31 frozenflame4u what's the cheapest option for a single line ? Data or any limits fine ?

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2021.05.10 05:31 babygirl_athena reposting this with his user included.. i just saw the same guy was already posted on here. STEER CLEAR!!

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2021.05.10 05:31 IDOSTUFFYT2 When you said you don't want a little sibling but they turn out to be adorable

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2021.05.10 05:31 Saghup I said I'm fine

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2021.05.10 05:31 Dahcar I made a 3D-Model SSJ5 Gintama and Imported it to Games as a MOD

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2021.05.10 05:31 Atrelegis Sources on Biblical time myth?

Sources on Biblical time myth? Long story short, I fell down a weird research hole and found that I really liked the setting of those stories, being both savage and hopeful and full of badass action. What specifically drew me in was the Old Testament, Assyrian and the myths of other peoples of the time and the idea of the theomachy as interpreted by them.
However, I have been unable to find any place with gathered sources besides religious websites that veer off the setting details to get into religious practices/interpretations etc when I just wanna research stuff for my biblical era weird fantasy. Is there any place anyone is aware of I can look into these sources?
Thanks in advance and here's a badass painting of the War in Heaven to make up for your time.

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2021.05.10 05:31 michael_cerabass To people who have gone to therapy, what prompted you to realise you needed help and/or would benefit from therapy? [Serious]

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2021.05.10 05:31 DaDogFather Will ethereum dip back under 4K?

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2021.05.10 05:31 bibyts How to add new token to pancakeswap list?

Hi. New meme token Shizzle Nizzle (SHNZ) http://shizzlenizzle.org How can we add the token to pancakeswap list without users having to manually add token? https://bscscan.com/token/0x0dcaaca581727c12444629e11ab69e497806a005
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2021.05.10 05:31 Secret-Radio-6055 Do I need to do anything other than wait?

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2021.05.10 05:31 pearlxzildjian Carnivore Diet Grocery Haul

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2021.05.10 05:31 grand-jazzlord Lostbelt 3

I am almost finished with the Lady Reines Case files event, and after that I plan to go do Lostbelt 3 in preparation for Yuga Kshetra in the summer. Any advice on what I need to do?
Best servants from each class

  1. Saber -Bedivere, level 77, np level 1, Skills 6/3/3
  2. Archer -David- Level 70, np level 2, skills 2/6/4 -Euryale- Level 71, np level 5, skills 2/2/6 -Chloe Von Einzbern- Level 80, np level 5, skills 2/6/9
  3. Lancer -Parvati- Level 80, np level 1, skills 9/6/6
  4. Rider -Achilles- Level 85, np level 1, skills 4/4/7 -Sakamoto Ryouma, Level 85, np level 5, skills 2/2/2
  5. Assassin -Hassan 100 Faces- Level 62, np level 5, skills 8/7/5 -Gray- Level 80, np level 3 (so far), skills 6/5/5
  6. Caster -Zhuge Liang- Level 86, np level 1, skills 9/2/10
  7. Berserker -Heracles- level 80, np level 1, skills 9/5/5, close to bond level 10 -Lu Bu- level 70, np level 3, skills 1/1/2
  8. Moon Cancer -BB- level 85, np level 5, skills 5/4/2
  9. Alter Ego -Kingprotea- level 90, np level 2 (I swear I am not a whale), skills 6/1/5
  10. Mash- level 80, skills 9/9/9
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2021.05.10 05:31 PD216ohio Why is BNB damned near impossible to buy through Trust Wallet?

I am fairly new to crypto and specifically safemoon. I was able to buy a couple hundred bucks worth of BNB (through trust wallet) yesterday but that was it. It has otherwise remained marked as "unavailable" for almost the entirety of the past 2 days.
I did sign up for binance.us ... get the crypto at the source, right? But they are backlogged and my verification is taking a long time. I've also been reading a lot of bad recent issues with them on reddit but that's another story.
So, what's an alternative way to get BNB to fund my trust wallet for purchasing safemoon? Thanks.
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2021.05.10 05:31 MOMOKIvevo Hello, i would like some tips to start well in the game.

I'm new to the community and the game as a whole, so I would like some tips for me to have a smooth start in the community and game as a whole.
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2021.05.10 05:31 Affectionate-Apple23 HelpTestBayArea Volunteer Opportunities - May 10 - 14, 2021 - Please only select times that you are available

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2021.05.10 05:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Pierre ‘Pete’ du Pont IV dies; ran for president in 1988 | FOX

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2021.05.10 05:31 majin_hendrix Omegle 3.0: You can (not) escape

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2021.05.10 05:31 jakejork We have a dog who tries to chase cats on walks. Should we not get a pet cat?

My wife and I have a dog that, on walks, will occasionally try to take off chasing a cat. Recently we’ve been wondering about adopting a pet cat, but we’re worried about how it’ll get along with the dog. Does anyone have experience with this? He’s a ten year old chocolate lab/border collie cross, and is generally very chill. Will the dog eventually get used to the cat? Is this just a terrible idea?
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