Go! For those trying to do the Battle of Wits LGTE mission without having LR Goku & Vegeta |

For those trying to do the Battle of Wits LGTE mission without having LR Goku & Vegeta

2021.05.10 06:30 CHUKKAAA For those trying to do the Battle of Wits LGTE mission without having LR Goku & Vegeta

Bring Teq Future Trunks as leader since he’s a super leader. I also had LR krillin, Candy Vegito, Str LR Vegito, Phy Piccolo, Str Future Trunks from the Broly movie, and a friend LR Goku and Vegeta. The Str Trunks was there cuz I didn’t have anyone else and he fits under both of Trunks leader skills, but he’s replaceable. It took 40 turns but it worked. Make sure to stall before getting to monkey phase. Use a couple healing items to get up to this point. From there you should get enough healing from dokkan attacks and orbs due to high defense. Save damage reduction items for last phase. Candy Vegito best Vegito.
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2021.05.10 06:30 scuffredda Europe Asia and Australia

Let's rally ya'll! The West spent 8+ hours bringing doge back up, keep the momentum going!!
Hold and BUY NOW before the next rocket!
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2021.05.10 06:30 xae777 Mythical Beast Sightings

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2021.05.10 06:30 FiresInAugust fallout 3 for steam not running on windows 10

hi! so i downloaded fallout 3 and new vegas from steam. NV runs just fine, but when i hit play (fallout 3) i get an error that says “this app can’t run because it causes security or performance issues on windows. a new version may be available. check with your software provider for an updated version that runs on this version of windows.”
i hit the “get help online” option and it opens my browser with a games for windows marketplace installation, i tried to install it and it says there was a network error (note that my internet connection is perfectly fine)
i searched around the internet for a bit and it suggested to run steam and fallout 3 in administrator mode. i can put steam into administrator mode, but i cant put fallout 3 into that mode. another suggestion i saw was the games for windows live.
i don’t know how to fix this, any help is appreciated!
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2021.05.10 06:30 gargan_tua What was supposed to be temporary but is still here today?

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2021.05.10 06:30 Shimemem Birthday at Factory [Art by @Frickle_ and @SonicMimi15 in Twitter]

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2021.05.10 06:30 Gay_q123 Really an other season 11 episode based on poop

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2021.05.10 06:30 p0hs My girlfriend don't want other people to know that we are in a relationship

We have been dating for roughly a month. She has trauma from past relationships where she was groomed. She told me she doesn't exactly know why she feel that way, and when I dug a little, she told me she didn't want other people to see her differently and she want to avoid gossip. I asked her if it was alright if I talk about it to my close friends and she was okay with it. She told it to only two of her close friends.
Now we are starting to do some social gathering stuff together and I feel like it's holding me back. This week end we have a party together and she asked me to not touch or kiss her there. She told me that if it was really important for me to me to go public, we can do it, but I would like her to feel the same way as I do. I want her to be proud that we are together.
I plan to talk about it to her tomorrow. How should I approach it ? How can I convince her ?
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2021.05.10 06:30 epicflash3 Level 76 account

Anyone interested in purchasing a level 76 account? its on war zone: S935.
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2021.05.10 06:30 Ali507o Is IO shield Nesusary?

Hi i bought a new motherboard and found out that it doesn't have a built-in shield like the old one and i really don't want to spend any more money so is it ok to dont give a fuck about it or what
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2021.05.10 06:30 tomchaos7 achilles-shieldmaidens 4d chess art by shiniez

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2021.05.10 06:30 Adorable_Squirrel_70 I m(24) have been seeing f(29) for three months. We met shortly after she went through a breakup. How do I know when she is ready for the next step in our relationship?

I met her 3 months ago, which was only a short time after she had broken up with her ex of 3 years,and we’ve been seeing each other multiple times a week since. I’ve gone to family events, met all of her friends and family, and we go on dates regularly. Honestly things are going great. The only problem (not really a problem) is that she says she isn’t ready to commit right now and that “there is no promises” for the future. I’ve told her that I wanted more, and she has said that as much as she wants to she can’t right now. Based on what her friends have told me I believe she is just scared to get hurt again, as she really does like me. So I know that the right thing to do and what I have been doing is just continuing to treat her right and give her time. But I don’t want to get hurt in the end, so I’m trying to figure out how to handle the situation, and when I should expect her to be ready. Thank you
TL:DR girl I’ve been seeing for a few months isn’t ready to be official yet, and looking for advice on how to get there.
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2021.05.10 06:30 GUri338 Epic had a deal with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, revealed in an released document in the Epic v Apple Trial

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2021.05.10 06:30 Lorkuzs Compact missile launcher step by step (and also past versions)

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2021.05.10 06:30 QuickToe5937 آریا اگه دیدی اسممو بخون میدونم که نمیبینی🤣🤣🤣

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2021.05.10 06:30 reddalek2468 Missy floof is a princess

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2021.05.10 06:30 dinglepoop Powdered Bone Broth + Collagen Peptides - Anyone try this?

I've been on this adventure about 47 days. I'm having trouble consuming proteins; I tried a little chicken breast the other night and got some bad cramps from that. I eat Oatmeal + Banana in the morning and I can eat Broccoli, Asparagus, Spinach, Carrots and rice with very minimal cramping. 2 weeks into my gastritis I started relaxing thinking it was just the ol' 8-10 days caused by NSAIDs, but I guess I was wrong because the stomach burning returned. I've been burn-free for about 2 weeks now, but I still get cramps.
Anyway, I found this powder on amazon
Does anyone have any reason why this would be unsafe to drink? I want some protein in my life and I read the collagen can help repair stomach lining; I just don't want more cramps and burning again. I'm a little too lazy to make my own bone broth.
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2021.05.10 06:30 Dizak55 [5e] Homebrew Paladin Subclass, Oath of the Storm, is this too OP?

I found this homebrew subclass online as I wanted to play a Thor-inspired Paladin (I just think lightning/thunder powers are dope). However, one thing I noticed is that with this Oath, it says that "When dealing damage with a Paladin Spell or Paladin feature, you can choose to deal lightning or thunder damage instead of the normal damage type". So the way I see that, is if I'm doing a divine smite, I can smite with Lightning or Thunder damage instead of Divine damage. Then one of my channel divinity options is Destructive Wrath, which says "When rolling thunder or lightning damage, you can use your channel divinity to deal max damage instead of rolling." So if I choose to smite using lightning damage and roll a nat 20, I can use my channel divinity to deal max damage on a smite, which depending on how high of a spell slot I use could be up to 10-12d8 damage, or 80-96 damage.
I think this is a really cool subclass and I'd love to use it, but does that seem too OP to anyone else or am I just overthinking it? And if it is too OP, any ideas on how to maybe nerf it a bit?
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2021.05.10 06:30 sanxisdoki Happy Mother’s Day! 💐💕

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2021.05.10 06:30 a-iiivy Marianne the Flash

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2021.05.10 06:30 LemonLord7 What are some good penalties/rewards/results for Survival checks?

Sometimes you don't feel like deep diving into the travel and wilderness survival rules, but you still want the group to feel the importance of having someone good at navigating. So when the travel is summarized by only one quick survival check that doesn't delve into the nitty gritty, what are some good effects based on the results?
I am thinking stuff like:

As I said, it is not always the time and place to delve fully into the wilderness travel and survival rules, but you might still want to have the players make a skill check or two and just make them feel for a moment like travelers in a dangerous wilderness. So what are some good results for basic survival checks in these instances?
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2021.05.10 06:30 hannahwho442 In the Horde

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2021.05.10 06:30 b---l-_-l---d I shall continue

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2021.05.10 06:30 Grazixoxo_ My mom is officially 55! 📸💕

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2021.05.10 06:30 great_roy Iconography, ig glovetheartist, Acrylic, 2021

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