Go! Earth + 42 million years |

Earth + 42 million years

2021.05.10 04:42 ServalBomb Earth + 42 million years

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2021.05.10 04:42 deniseheredia [H]️ 💥💥💥 $2.9+ Unlimited Gdrive Storage | Amazon Prime | Pornhub | Grammarly | Hulu Live TV/NoAds & Many More [W] Paypal or BTC 💥💥💥

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3. Any issue or problem, you can contact me via the store link > contact(fastest respond)
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2021.05.10 04:42 azuredrake34 [H] Cursed City Sealed NiB [W] PayPal [Loc] WI

Hey I panic bought this above retail and GW’s lack of communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Looking to get my money back and cover shipping if anyone is interested.
$300 - price includes shipping to continental US
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2021.05.10 04:42 Phenomenon__ Aesthetically pleasing 🥰

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2021.05.10 04:42 muamed1alah2 153101317416832325752527987904417084

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2021.05.10 04:42 TylerBourbon Anyone Familiar with living in the Clarwood Apartments?

Contemplating renting a studio there and was hoping someone might insight in what that place is like currently under it's Metropolitan Management Company.
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2021.05.10 04:42 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Planning to Short the Dogecoin dips

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2021.05.10 04:42 senor_flojo XV-96 Coldstar work in progress

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2021.05.10 04:42 heypaxx Streaming Trio looking for engagements! So close to affiliate :)

We're a trio of friends who stream multiple games on a shared account, recently stardew valley, league of legends, and free art requests! We've had some insane growth and fun streaming and are currently looking for the last couple people to make us eligible for affiliate. Would appreciate a view at https://www.twitch.tv/Angel78004
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2021.05.10 04:42 PHILOCHESS A Pawn Endgame (study) -- Try to find the winning line on your own!

A Pawn Endgame (study with analysis here).
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2021.05.10 04:42 NateDevCSharp Lonesome 2nd verse has no right to be this good

Now you see, when she calling me, yeah she fine as me, why I'm fine as hell Where you finding her where honestly somewhere overseas, thats international That's your bro you know his cash is low I seen the inside green, outside pistachio If they can match the flow and they can match the dough, it's something like a myth because the chance is low
That is all
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2021.05.10 04:42 blackjack967 All parents should get appreciated for what they do

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2021.05.10 04:42 muamed1alah2 193863046363764780182904892873717557

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2021.05.10 04:42 Immortal_Slayer1 Mercyful Fate - Doomed By The Living Dead

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2021.05.10 04:42 AJ_Ghazanfari Me when i see u/scuffedbillgates_ created a post

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2021.05.10 04:42 maybemybaby [WDYWT] This fit has me looking like a country album cover, or is that just me

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2021.05.10 04:42 thebigeverybody I feel amazing! I'm one day into my fast and it has literally changed my life

I usually feel like garbage. I have for years now. I assume it's because I'm closing in on 40 and still pushing myself to be as active as like to be. Working out and rough martial arts are my jam.
A few years ago I had a terrible summer where I got really dehydrated because the temperature here was crazy hot and I kept up my activity level, training 10-15 hours a week. It was bordering on a medical emergency and I feel like I've never quite recovered.
I looked into online information about how to recover electrolytes after severe dehydration, but it was all a convoluted, confusing mess and no two websites seemed to agree on anything. I talked to a pharmacist and he said it was unlikely that I needed to replenish my electrolytes, but I could try Pedialyte if I wanted to. It didn't do anything.
Today i started an extended fast. This is my first day of what I hope will be a 7-14 day fast.
For the first time ever, I decided to make snake juice. I only consumed half the recommended accounts of each mineral because I didn't finish gathering all the ingredients until 6pm.
In less than three hours, I am feeling amazing!!! Literally better than I have in years! I don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep tonight (or maybe ever again) because I just have so much energy!
Clearly I was missing one, several or all of the ingredients. I'm quite sure I was deficient in potassium because there are times in the past (usually on 36-48 hour fasts, but sometimes non-fasting when I'm feeling dehydrated even when I'm drinking water) where my heart starts to beat funny. I didn't realize that was a symptom of potassium deficiency until I read your electrolytes page.
In the electrolytes page it mentions that a multi-vitamin doesn't have enough of the required minerals to help you through a fast. That's why my random attempts to recover over the years never worked.
This has been a life-changing changing day!
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2021.05.10 04:42 cbvv1992 40% Off Code – $7.19-$7.79 6 Pack Case for Apple Watch Series 6/5/4/SE with Tempered Glass Screen Protector (4 Sizes)

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2021.05.10 04:42 muamed1alah2 187608888397568077890893671445525222

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2021.05.10 04:42 muamed1alah2 501805688727148598438279657496472580

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2021.05.10 04:42 PeterReynoldsVA Dd

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2021.05.10 04:42 _prototypal Looks like Adept Mod descriptions need to be updated to include Grandmasters as a source

Just finished a GM and got a new Adept Mod and realized that the description is entirely misleading, since it omits the way in which I'd just received it
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2021.05.10 04:42 CacttusTea For some reason when in drone mode my screen goes pretty dark.

Sometimes it flickers from kinda dark, to very dark.
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2021.05.10 04:42 beckhiggins Absolutely love these things~ Midori sour

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2021.05.10 04:42 cbvv1992 40% Off Code – $13.79-$23.39 Womens Canvas Sneaker Shoes Fashion Slip on Low Tops Casual Comfortable (10 Colors)

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