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2021.05.10 05:53 AnimuseVids Guitar Rig

Do any of you guys have any experience with guitar rig? I’ve used the demo version and it’s pretty cool. I just wanna know if the paid version is worth it.
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2021.05.10 05:53 cryptoike How do I buy HOT in the US? I’ve seen different posts about purchasing other cryptos and converting to HOT. Apologies if someone else has asked this question before but I’m looking for a straightforward process to purchase. Thank you for any help you can provide

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2021.05.10 05:53 jjuliiaann [H] [selling] Very Stable Very reliable IPTV UK/US/INT/ live sportings events updated daily // 5k+ live tv and 15k+ vod and series//resellers welcomed//stb emu//mac address//XC codes PREMIUM CONTENT AS WELL [w] $PayPal$

[H] [selling] Very Stable Very reliable IPTV UK/US/INT/ live sportings events updated daily // 5k+ live tv and 15k+ vod and series//resellers welcomed//stb emu//mac address//XC codes PREMIUM CONTENT AS WELL [w] $PayPal$ submitted by jjuliiaann to realredditbay [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 05:53 dogzz888 I’m afraid that I’ll seek out abusive relationships in college

Hi. I suppose I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m 19 and I’m taking my gap year. I graduated high school and college is around the corner. I have major self esteem issues because of my sexuality.
I figured out I was gay when I was 17, but I used to be verbally bullied by being called gay and related words in middle school and high school. I associated “being gay” with bullying and torment before I even knew I was gay.
I can’t help but feel terrible about it. I irrationally always feel like everyone is going to think less of me and the friendships I formed will crumble. I feel so much shame that I’m not capable of dating the girl that asked me out or anything.
Lately my brain has been doing some weird things. I suppose the most significant this is I became seriously masochistic. Being badly beaten and exploited sexually without my consent is now really desirable, especially if I’m ridiculed for my sexuality and my manhood is questioned.
Embarrassingly I’ve acted on some of these urges (mostly while talking to people about it on discord). I cut myself 2 months ago, it only adds to my shame, because I feel like the marks will be there for my entire life.
The think that trips me up the most is sometimes I see a bright future where I’m in a healthy relationship and I live freely and happily, and other times I feel like I’m just destined to find some guy that will treat me like garbage and make me serve his every (sadistic) need until I’m nothing but a shell of my former self. I’m afraid I’ll be in a bad headspace one day and get myself hurt.
Can someone just tell me if they’ve overcome something like this, because sometimes I just want to accept defeat and make poor decisions
Thank you
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2021.05.10 05:53 LeloucheOTR "Spring is Short! So you Maidens should Fight!"will air on NicoPro tomorrow (5/11) at 19.00 JST! Tsukka and Ai Hara will be on commentary.

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2021.05.10 05:53 Satchmocoltrane This painting on a residential garage I walked by this evening

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2021.05.10 05:53 jjuliiaann [H] [selling] Very Stable Very reliable IPTV UK/US/INT/ live sportings events updated daily // 5k+ live tv and 15k+ vod and series//resellers welcomed//stb emu//mac address//XC codes PREMIUM CONTENT AS WELL [w] $PayPal$

[H] [selling] Very Stable Very reliable IPTV UK/US/INT/ live sportings events updated daily // 5k+ live tv and 15k+ vod and series//resellers welcomed//stb emu//mac address//XC codes PREMIUM CONTENT AS WELL [w] $PayPal$ submitted by jjuliiaann to forsale [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 05:53 OunHeng6 Paper craft idea tree leaf decoration

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2021.05.10 05:53 angstygirlfriend I never show my teeth in pictures but I tried it for once 😅 (18+)

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2021.05.10 05:53 AndoryuuC Something's a little off here...

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2021.05.10 05:53 Zulu0791 Cringe pool moment

I was at the community pool, I was hanging out with 2 people. One of the dudes was from Southern Africa and the other dude was a skinny 14 y/o. The southern African guy was pretty cool, we got along. He asked me to take a video of him swimming. A cop later came through and talked to the African guy. Someone called the cops because the person thought he was taking pictures of little kids. He was taking selfies. The 14 y/o went up and said "i KnOw My MaRanDa RiGHtS" The cop said "I'm not here for you" The African guy showed him his phone with the pictures. The African guy was fine, I later found out he was 28. The cop then walked up to the 14 y/o and was telling him that he was an idiot for doing that. Both of the people went home. Oh yeah and completely unrelated to the story, a dust devil landed in the water getting parts of plants everywhere. Anyways anyone wanna be friends ? :)
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2021.05.10 05:53 Icebeamy When the paladin is lawful good

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2021.05.10 05:53 Sad_Pomegranate_6185 LYNXSWAP $LYNX - The first ever DPOS Layer 2 Scaling Solution on BSC | Non-custodial synthetic asset DEX exchange | [<150k Market Cap]

Meet the LynxSwap platform and $LYNX governance. LynxSwap's Website and dApp Launched! http://lynxswap.exchange
LynxSwap—The BSC Blockchain's new Layer 2 DPOS solution. A decentralized application which decreases gas as much as possible. SuperSet allows users to leverage their DeFi assets to the fullest and increases capital efficiency through its synthetic asset deployment system.
LynxSwap greatly utilizes DPoS on the Binance Smart Chain - a system in which a fixed number of elected entities (called block producers or witnesses) are selected to create blocks in a round-robin order.
So first, $LYNX's use case. LynxSwap's main purpose is an effective Automated Market Maker (AMM), a non-custodial asset exchange primarily utilizing $LYNX network-native synthetic assets which are pegged to other investable assets with decentralized oracles.
In addition to the LynxSwap Decentralized Exchange system, Lynxswap Governance proposals are voted into power by the users of the Lynxswap network, who each get a number of votes proportional to the number of $LYNX tokens they own on the BSC network (the stake).
Another important DeFi aspect in the making is $LYNX as the native governance token for controlling LynxSwap DAO.
LynxSwap is completely decentralized. This means that people staking $LYNX can earn both yield rewards the ability to vote on governance proposals to change the application. Decisions such as airdrops, updates, and asset proposals are voted by the LynxSwap community. Ownership of the contract will be renounced and given to the DAO, allowing for a complete, autonomous platform.
Also, why Layer 2? If an application which requires very fast transaction confirmations and for such fast confirmations to happen reliably, then the correct domain in which to build such systems is level-2 platforms on top of secure base-layer platforms on the Binance Smart Chain.
Synthetic assets are the foundation for zero slippage. LynxSwap's native asset, $LYNX, is staked as a collateral allowing liquidity-backed assets to be minted. LynxSwap emphasizes synthetic assets that start with 'lx' (i.e. lxUSD, lxBTC) which are pegged to their respective currencies from decentralized oracles.
​LynxSwap's synthetic assets have a unique approach for its users and traders. Fiat-pegged lx-assets are burned. However, when a user desires the a specific lx-asset, then the token is minted with the smart contract.
This unique DEX AMM trading system is what LynxSwap aims to be: frictionless.
​The BSC Ecosystem is what really allows LynxSwap to take shape - not only because of its popularity, but because BSC has little fees. On top of extremely small transaction fees is where LynxSwap can stand ground and grow.
$LYNX Tokenomics:
Token type: Deinflationary.
Total supply: 10,000,000,000 Tokens (Some have been burned already)
Developer Allocation: 2%
Liquidity Allocation: 90%
DAO Treasury: 8%
Ownership renounced and transfered to the DAO
Team funds vested (locked) for 2 Years, 6 Months.
Contracts audited by OpenZeppelin
✅ Website: http://lynxswap.exchange
✅ Token contract: 0x8ad7b8044ef3ee2c76e0d395085afaba02e01228
✅ Buy $LYNX on PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8ad7b8044ef3ee2c76e0d395085afaba02e01228
✅ Join the Telegram: https://t.me/lynxswapexchange
✅ Github: https://github.com/LynxswapBSC
✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lynxswap
Riding on $LYNX and beyond!
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2021.05.10 05:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#102|+9951|61] People leave is all I need to hear [r/memes]

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2021.05.10 05:53 yas345 should i feel guilty for missing a fast whilst feeling mildly sick?

i just want to say i don't feel sick to the point where fasting would have been worse for me but I was feeling sick to the point where I had a sore throat and a runny nose. i was feeling very tired at around 1 so I took a nap and woke up around 3 in time to eat suhoor, however, fajr already made in the city I was in, but hadn't made yet in my home town and I had my muslimpro app set to London rather than my current city but I decided to eat anyway, at around 5 ish i felt very very thirsty, which isn't very normal for me since I don't usually feel very hungry or thirsty during my fast, my question is should I feel guilty missing my fast and do I get sin for it? i know I need to make up the fast but is being mildly sick a plausible excuse to miss a fast?
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2021.05.10 05:53 lazaruslahm Q&A Session on Game Audio (Implementation, Software and Journey) | DAWay to Good Game Audio pt. 6

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2021.05.10 05:53 IntenseFlanker The new face of luxury?

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2021.05.10 05:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#390|+2216|47] This made me laugh... [r/india]

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2021.05.10 05:53 mistergospodin New desktop app seems ok - will it support amazon?

I was watching multiple drop channels and youtube live streams today. There were two AMD graphics cards showcased on the stockdrops.net app (paid subscription) compared to the 8ish drops of amd and nvidia 30xx cards across other retailers; amazon being the most prevalent.
Would you know if the stockdrops desktop app will search amazon in the future?
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2021.05.10 05:53 bruskemu123 This guy I played with years ago on 360 was named XxDDar4

I was 12 and he was around 20 and one-day he said he would be gone for around 6 months because of deployment but when he came back he said we would play battlefield. its been 6 years and he has never been on since
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2021.05.10 05:53 Ganja94 MegaSwap ($MGSWP): Cross-chain swapping and staking protocol [80k mcap], fair launched just now, platform launches in a few hours

In the DeFi space, many users have difficulty coordinating and moving their assets because they are investing across multiple different chains. This leads to inconveniences and hassles because users have to use multiple exchanges to move their assets around decreasing the overall efficiency of the DeFi sphere.
However, the revolutionary new MegaSwap protocol aims to change that.
Utilizing smart contracts and atomic swaps, the MegaSwap exchange protocol swaps tokens for you, eliminating the need for multiple exchanges and multiple fees. This saves users money and improves efficiency, allowing wider adoption of more projects across more chains.
Utilizing a new system wherein users can stake their unused tokens and assets in specialized vaults, the protocol will use these staked tokens for liquidity. allowing for easy, fast, and efficient transfers and swaps, while also allowing stakers to get a return on their staked liquidity through the exchange fees.
$MGSWP will be the goverance token for the protocol, and will allow holders to create and vote on important proposals that will shape the future of the project. Ownership will also be incentivized by distribution of a percentage of the exchange's fees to all holders.
By expanding users' ability to more efficiently leverage their assets. MegaSwap will improve efficiency over the entire DeFi ecosystem and will allow investors to leverage their assets to much greater effect.
Forget about all those memecoins. This project is legitimate, and the first with real potential that I have seen in a while. The contracts are audited by OpenZeppelin too, so I trust them quite a bit.
Get in early while you still can, and as always, DYOR! 🚀
$MGSWP Tokenomics:

✅ Token contract: 0x330f69f141128A380e4aC358E3A29738E43E4aB2
✅ Buy $ARB on PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x330f69f141128A380e4aC358E3A29738E43E4aB2
✅ Website: https://megaswap.fi (launches in 2 hours)
See you on the moon! 🚀
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2021.05.10 05:53 Oneshot_Niko_ Do the shots work?

I need you guys again to decide a part of the story. Do the shots Evil Niko uses work and Sunny and Niko feel again, or do they not work and Evil Niko doubts everything about everything. Before this is decided, they’ll stay gray for the time being.
View Poll
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2021.05.10 05:53 WheresMyElefant GF (24F) of more than 4 years constantly picks fights with me (24F) almost every day, can this ever change?

I’ve been with my GF for more than 4 years, and I can honestly say that it has been a great relationship for the most part. I really love her and would love to stay with her. However, for quite some time my GF has been going through a constant cycle: a couple months of no problems for the most part, and then a couple months of my GF getting angry about anything and fighting every day.
We have talked about this before, and we even broke up once about a year ago (for about a day or two, I think) and the condition for getting back together was for her to stop this habit she has of apparently looking for something to get angry about and starting fights.
Of course, I know I’m not perfect, and there are obviously moments that are genuinely fight-worthy. I think I’m good at recognizing when I do something wrong and apologizing and working on whatever I did wrong.
I’ve talked with her about this fighting countless of times and explained to her that I do not want to be in a conflictive relationship, I already have enough stress in my life for other reasons and my relationship should not be one of them main causes for my stress. What makes it even worse is that, since I know that almost anything I do could start a fight, I constantly refrain from expressing things that I don’t like, just to avoid more fights.
For example, every time I pick her up at her place, she’ll keep me waiting outside in my car for at least ten minutes. This has always been this way. At first I would tell her to please try to be more on time or at least let me know beforehand that she won’t be ready at that time. Every single time that I would told her this she would get really angry and would turn into a huge fight, so I basically don’t even tell her anymore to avoid a fight, and she keeps doing it (four years later).
Actually, last Friday she kept me waiting for half an hour outside, and the next day she kept me waiting for twenty minutes and when she finally came outside, she was incredibly angry for no reason and was very mean to me for almost half an hour just because “she wasn’t in a good mood”.
Another thing that really worries me about her behavior is that she always tries to put the blame on me, no matter what the fight is about. Like I said, I have no problem admitting when I do wrong and apologizing for my mistakes, but I can also recognize when someone wants to blame me for something that is clearly not my fault.
Yesterday another fight started and I broke up with her because she began screaming and telling me that it wasn’t fair for me to complain about her constant fighting. She told me the constant fighting was my fault because of the “things I do” and that’s why she fights.
What I would like to know is: do you guys see any hope for this relationship? When we are doing well (which usually lasts a couple months before turning into the constant fighting season) I really like our relationship and would honestly be very happy with her if this could be fixed. I don’t know if I should try to work things out with her, it just doesn’t feel right after breaking up.
Sorry for the long post, thanks!
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2021.05.10 05:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#263|+2175|38] Okay now this is seriously amazing [r/Persona5]

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2021.05.10 05:53 cg6231 What are some of the single worst days in human history?

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