Go! Impromptu negative split century for the challenge. |

Impromptu negative split century for the challenge.

2021.05.10 06:10 E39M5S62 Impromptu negative split century for the challenge.

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2021.05.10 06:10 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/cpp/comments/n7x78x/your_abi_is_probably_wrong/gxkriq7/

I believe that the standard should say that when you pass something as const, it should not be modified until the function returns.
Nope, something like this is totally allowed:
char c[32] = "abcd\n"; void f() { g(c); } void g(const char *s) { h(); printf("%s", s); /* Prints "xbcd\n" */ } void h() { c[0] = 'x'; } 
In C++, const is just a promise* that the callee won't modify the memory.
* Actually, just a suggestion -- for historical reasons, it's perfectly OK to cast away the const and write to the memory as long as the memory wasn't originally declared const.
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2021.05.10 06:10 Tiredartbitch I drew my favourite boys!! Decided to give Sunny a lil smile :) as a treat

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2021.05.10 06:10 TheShitless $BILLIONS - New deflationary pump token [30k market cap] [2 hours old]

Billions is another pump meme token that just launched with fair tokenomics. All the other meme-related tokens have had good runs so far and its time to dig into a new one, since they've reached BIG ATHs.
It's super early and only has a few holders at the moment. 100% of the total supply is added to Uniswap and locked for 6 months.
I've seen countless coins like this take off and I do think this is the earliest I've seen one shared. Most of them already have a big profit since they make it onto reddit, which causes you to lose a lot when others take profits
There is no presale that will dump on you, liquidity is locked, and no dev wallet (community owned).
Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 BILLIONS 5% Tax on transactions 2% Permanently burned 3% shared amongst holders

I've personally invested and heavily recommend you guys do to. I think this will blow up.
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2021.05.10 06:10 VolumeXIII Alone

I really don't know anyone I can just say this to but I need to say it. 2 years ago my life got fucked and I started school. I graduate tomorrow and my friends all celebrated with me and were awesome. But don't feel anything. I don't have anyone to share it with really. I've been told how proud they are of me but I feel empty. Everyone left and I just cried. I went to school to give my family a better life and no family to give that life to now. Should be proud of what I've done but I'm not.
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2021.05.10 06:10 Hour_Percentage_221 Add for gifts 2299 9953 8820

2299 9953 8820
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2021.05.10 06:10 Harsh7773 Girlfriend let her ex fwb sleep at her place

What should I do she said she was drunk ?
This happened a few months ago , we were in a relationship for around 4 months and she has this guy friend of her with whom she has slept in the past and says that she was drunk and he kind of took advantage of her. but later this guy apologised for what he did and she forgave him and now they are friends ,also this guy is her family friend. , So this one day she asked me to hangout after I will be back from office so I left from the office and called her she sounded drunk and this guy took the phone from her and said bro she is drunk call her later I was all fired up at that moment I couldn't think of anything else she has one room and she let him stay at her place that night , I couldn't sleep that night the next day when I went to her place at first she behaved like nothing had happen but when I told her everything that she has done , than she started apologising and said that they didn't do anything and he forgot about our plan because this guy asked her out and they went for dinner and she had wine and forgot everything she said that she realised what she did was wrong and , then repeated the same thing again after few weeks she again went out with him she keeps changing her statements about this guy that she has a soft corner for him that's why she forgive him and then very next day she says that she don't like him , but she loves me and wants to be with me the thing I also love her don't wanna loose her but I am concerned about her being hanging out with this guy , what should I do ?
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2021.05.10 06:10 kobony Original Art Oil Painting,53W x 38H x 3D cm,Michael Cunningham AbstractAbstract. Meditation,Mountain Lake,Happy,Dazzling Color Combinations,Bright

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2021.05.10 06:10 Revolutionary_Sky36 About to have my surgery :) was binging some old pewdipie videos

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2021.05.10 06:10 ZoobBot 143451

This is the 143451st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.05.10 06:10 Anna_Lazareva01 What is that cactus called?

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2021.05.10 06:10 Finance-Horror I’m lesbian!

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2021.05.10 06:10 maxitar Could this be the one to dethrone the king? SAFERmoon fixing all that was wrong with safemoon

We have all heard of safemoon. Some of us got in and some stayed on the sidelines....watching our friends wealth grow insanely over a month. But unfortunately safemoon had some major red flags that would leave any seasoned investor alarmed about. No locked LP, devs selling some of their share and a not so fair launch. And while the devs have now doxed themselves meaning less chance of a rug pull the liquidity remains unlocked and the price is so high now that you are buying the top. Due to these red flags I personally sat on the side and did not invest. I watched and waited for another safemoon. Projects have come and gone....most pumped and dumped into oblivion or simply rugged the honest investor.
And then just over a week ago came SAFERmoon. I immediately knew it had potential when I noticed the contract was audited by one of the most prominent telegram communities for Binance Smart Chain known as Bscgemz. I aped and then did my research. What I found only confirmed I made the right choice. They were aiming to fix everything that was wrong with Safemoon. Locked liquidity, code fixes in the contract, an actual roadmap, fair launch and a based dev team that would rather use their own funds than the communities to promote the project. The first 24 hours I watched my investment 20x and then without a worry in my mind watched it subside as the first buyers who weren't invested for the long term took profit. And boy I wasn't wrong. 1 week later and a 100 million market cap milestone, safermoon has shown no signs of slowing down. The growth has been organic both in holders and telegram members....no bot net filling the tg channel and a steady increase in holders. All while the lp has grown substantially providing a nice cushion for holders against sells. TBH I can actually sleep on this coin without fearing waking up to zero. And the best part is when sells do happen a tax is applied that grows the lp and is also redistributed to holders of SAFERmoon.
The developers have proven they have major connections compared to most launching rfi tokens. This became apparent a few days ago when they had articles about safermoon featured in the Boston Harold and yahoo finance https://finance.yahoo.com/news/binance-smart-chain-grows-stronger-211500302.html As stated above the Devs have been using their own funds to promote SAFERmoon and they are only getting started. Soon we will see safermoon covered by a major media outlet. Which will also result in a huge burn of tokens. Don't sleep on this one its only beginning. Will it be the one to dethrone the king? Only time will tell but I can already see Safemoon in the distance...watching...waiting....worrying.
Quick Links
SAFERMOON Website https://safermoon.net/
Contract: 0xA656F993bD14B2B59a28d1e610476AD18849b107
Buy On https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xA656F993bD14B2B59a28d1e610476AD18849b107
Yahoo Finance https://finance.yahoo.com/news/binance-smart-chain-grows-stronger-211500302.html
Boston Harold https://markets.financialcontent.com/bostonherald/news/read/41323709
Blockchain and Booze podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzsehpz_HU8
Come say hi in the telegram https://t.me/safermoonofficial/23606
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2021.05.10 06:10 Jeriadams0312 Closing experience

So the other day I worked a double. I had to open the store and close the store as a server 😣. During the closing shift, it was only me, the other closer and two other servers. It was 2 hours before closing and the manager said to the other two servers (let’s call them John and doe). “Start on your cut work but watch the floor if they start to get overwhelmed start helping them.” When they started their cut work 12 tables filled up instantaneous. The other closer and I were juggling 6 tables each and each table had 4+ people in them. John and doe didn’t even try to help us, they walked past our food in the window and went on with their business. They also had the audacity to order their own food during that little pop. I was very irritated, but still was able to make decent money. Oh also,
The day before that, I worked the morning shift and I was left alone from 3:00-4:00 PM, where I had to watch the FOH and to go’s as well. At one point I had tables coming in constantly. So I had to take care of 6 tables and do to go’s. When the PM servers showed up, they didn’t do anything to help me. They couldn’t even have the decency to run my food, or help me bus these tables. While I was taking a tables order, (it took a while because they many questions). I saw when my food first got onto the window, and 10 minutes later (yes it took my table 10 minutes to order because they had so many questions) and when I went to the window and I said and I quote “are y’all f***ing kidding me, why didn’t any of y’all Run my food”. And my coworker said “it just got up there” and I said how did it just get up there and the plate is steaming hot.
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2021.05.10 06:10 MentalPatrol BTT SKR MINI E3 V1.2 ± BTT TFT35 shows weired characters when I turn the knob FAST! I tried different cables and made sure they are plugged in properly. If I turn knob slowly, display is ok. Help please?

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2021.05.10 06:10 catalinstoian [Release] Gothic UnPatch 0.9.2

I just released version 0.9.2 of Gothic UnPatch.
Download it from https://www.moddb.com/mods/gothic-unpatch
What's new * Character stats, attributes, abilities and inventory properly reset at start of Chapter7 * You get to talk with Diego in Chapter7 * Added helmets and shields to some npcs * Other small improvements and fixes
I strongly recommend to start a new game with version 0.9.2
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2021.05.10 06:10 hope-this-anit-taken Hot take

Thank you for taking that it was burning my hands
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2021.05.10 06:10 Aspavlenko Calming Turquoise Mountain River. (10 hours). White Noise for sleeping.

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2021.05.10 06:10 marsilman Interesting read

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2021.05.10 06:10 oldhearthgaming CUMI-CUMI RAKSASA | ABZÛ | PC | PLAYTHROUGH | PART 3 | INDONESIA

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2021.05.10 06:10 vrryan Recommendations for long car ride

I have a 14+ hour car ride coming up with my husband. I need recs that hopefully I can convince him to listen to with me (I get car sick if I read) so preferably on FanFiction.Net. Also it would be great if they had funny moments and limited to no smut. Mostly long fics but also short if they are a good laugh.
We just listened to parts of The Binding and he got a kick out of the whole cocaine/muggle terms thing with Draco.
Thank you!
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2021.05.10 06:10 lili_za Best ideas tattoo 😜

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2021.05.10 06:10 partywthedevil I have a few questions if someone could help.

So I have a few questions needing answered. I know there are care guides here, but due to a sudden rescue snake I’m super overwhelmed and having a hard time reading everything, and I have a few things I just need answered for tonight.
What’s the lowest the temp can reach at night for a Ball Python? I have a thermostat coming Friday so I can hook up the UTH, but I do not want it on until then so I don’t burn her.
I have glass enclosure, what’s the best way to make sure her humidity is good? She also has stuck shed so I want her to be able to get that off.
Also lastly, recommended wattage for a heat bulb? I have a 100w right now. Too much?
Thank you if you take time to help answer questions. You guys are super helpful. I plan on reading all the guides but I’m super exhausted and just need a few questions answered.
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2021.05.10 06:10 peterharrenfffartz Are mud flaps necessary now that my tires are bigger? Living in MN. Will rock dings and salt lead to rust?

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2021.05.10 06:10 subandwho Career decision?

Is switching to game development a good career decision? Despite being super enthusiastic about it, the jobs in my nation are scarce in this field and/or don't pay as well as the traditional ML jobs I was previously targeting can someone help with making a career out of this please?
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