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Clique peas when the sun cost didn't increase

2021.06.15 20:03 Fun_Sheepherder8061 Clique peas when the sun cost didn't increase

Ok so if don't understand what the fuck this means, let me explain. Right now if you play a clique pea the copies in your hand get +1/+1 and also increase the sun cost by 1. Well when clique pea first came out the sun cost wouldn't increase, the copies only got +1/+1(and this was real, if you don't believe, check out yourself).
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2021.06.15 20:03 Hypx Poll: Californians in favour of FCEVs over BEVs

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2021.06.15 20:03 Egon_1 Bitcoin Cash vs Lightning Network

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2021.06.15 20:03 Ethyxz What does this code mean? How to resolve it?

After reinstalling DaVinci Resolve, I am still receiving this error when I try to export a "still image" for a thumbnail. I also did a restore point on my computer a week prior before the error code began to pop up to see if that fixed the issue. No luck.
I use AVG TuneUp, so I think maybe when I did a recent clean, I must have deleted a temporary file that caused the issue. I've used Resolve for a few years and never had this issue.
Thanks in advance for the help. I'm hoping it's an easy fix.
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2021.06.15 20:03 PCBSD2 How much money do they have?

According to Wikipedia....
I took the assets of the top 25 banks and got a total of $18.831T (wow)
Now, there's only 20 on the hedge funds and there are some in the UK but, compared to banks, the amount is neglible: $754.536B ( 3/4 of a T and that's Assets Under Management - Other People's money, which I believe is probably being unwound at this point)
So, back to the $18.831T.... How much of this has been loaned to the hedgies that shorted GME? Since they haven't margin called them yet (we think)
So, does this make sense? It makes the assumption that the top 25 banks (and I recognize about 15 of those names from previous posts) are involved in this and I've seen at least 10 of those hedgies....
Do we have access to a potential $18T before they all go bankrupt?
Someone please support or shoot holes in this... :)
Thank you
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2021.06.15 20:03 adifferentluke 1080p 240hz build help

After a weeks worth of research I find myself going around in circles so I am seeking help.
Here’s what I want:
I want to be able to run any mainstream esports FPS: CoD, Overwatch(2), Valorant etc on my 1080p 240hz monitor and being able to comfortably play at 240hz without having to lower too many settings too much
Budget: £2500 - reasonably flexible especially for aesthetics. Preferably limited corners cut.
From what I’ve seen I prefer Ryzen 5000 series with msi 3070/80 but open to CPU x GPU x Motherboard combo ideas.
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2021.06.15 20:03 AlanWerehog Arkane's new game doesn't deserve all this hate ...

I know everyone wanted another Dishored or a new Prey but I think it's okay that Arkane wants to experiment with other types of games and not just make the same game genre for all eternity. I think RedFall will be a great game that will help Arkane in the future to try new things and continue to deliver more good games.
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2021.06.15 20:03 Naive_War_535 PUBG UC Hilesi

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2021.06.15 20:03 snowgus [FOR HIRE] Character Comissions Anime/ Cartoon style [1 slot]

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2021.06.15 20:03 PhysicalAd1698 Pokemon Center EBT Preorder

Does everyone have their shipping emails yet? I am still miss one shipping email. My other already has Completed status.
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2021.06.15 20:03 Infernoparadize Joseph Showseph Clipseph: Harambe

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2021.06.15 20:03 hardnut44 Is the drivetest.ca down for anyone.

Today and yesterday I've been trying to reschedule my driving test. I haven't had any luck it just keeps telling me that there's an error in the system I need to try again later. I tired calling their service number 1 888-570-6110 and it just tells me that they aren't taking any call at the moment which doesn't make any sense because they should be open right now. Someone please check if it works for you or if you can reach their number. Thanks for reading
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2021.06.15 20:03 ApprehensiveAd9045 Don't give it oxygen

Noticed there have been a couple of somewhat dubious posts lately,one in particular. Whereas people are entitled to free speech there are rules this sites mods moderators have set,and the post in question goes way beyond them. Up to now people have respected the mods policy of allowing people to post without it being subjected to other people's opinions before it is printed,but some,as I say one in particular has started to appear. I'd urge people to,until the post is taken down,no even comment to these type of posts,yeah we can say that we disagree,that their wrong etc,but this is what they want,people who put these things up just want a reaction,ANY reaction,so just ignore them.Don't give this type of post the oxygen it requires to get noticed,or they'll ruin this site for everyone.
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2021.06.15 20:03 Supertler Translation moment

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2021.06.15 20:03 Squanchmeharder Hormone Therapy and Sexuality

Hey everyone! I've been researching into Hormone replacement therapy options for mtf individuals and something anecdotal that I stumbled across was the claim that one of the long term effects could be a change in sexuality, and i was wondering about the validity of that claim? The thought scares me a little bit, because I'm in a long term relationship with a cis woman and I don't want to run the risk of me waking up one day and not feeling that way about her anymore.
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2021.06.15 20:03 t1rr2 My first haul! Please tell me this is chicken of the woods!

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2021.06.15 20:03 NativeGuardian For Lord Immersion

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Simp Inu 💦 ($SIMP) Connecting SIMPS with their Goddesses 🥰
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Our streaming platform will be a combination of Pornhub based video content, and Only Fans style content. SIMPs will be able to directly interact with their goddesses and complete SIMP related tasks to earn favors and rewards.
Major Adult Star and Goddesses are being brought on board for post launch marketing and onboarding to the SIMP Platform.
🛒 Search $SIMP
🔜 Coming soon Private Presale Public Presale PCS Listing
🖇 Quick Links - Telegram: https://t.me/SimpInu - Website - Coming Soon - Twitter - Coming Soon
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2021.06.15 20:03 pletchford I may be an idiot...

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2021.06.15 20:03 GlizzanderHolyfield Small Price To Pay For Salvation…

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2021.06.15 20:03 SpiritualSage444 pendulum readings for 1£

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2021.06.15 20:03 yaluckyboy09 this old man will never get any

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2021.06.15 20:03 RightItsAllRight My Tekton that i drew today

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2021.06.15 20:03 HXD-Inferno I upgraded the AutoModerator’s response to his name

Try mentioning his name now!
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2021.06.15 20:03 Horkerbreath Got a laugh when this receipt printed last night.

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