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Beth And Dakota Color Swap

2021.06.15 19:21 Chrstie-LuPlenty296 Beth And Dakota Color Swap

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2021.06.15 19:21 Key_Golem My headcanon of how MCD characters adopt Minecraft Earth mobs :)

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2021.06.15 19:21 BazoonaBoi2 cursed images i found in the vlog video

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2021.06.15 19:20 NoSociety8583 Ulan reddit'de şunu keşfettim

Reddit'e girince Türkiye'de ne kadar gizli lgbtli birey varmış anladım amk örnek vermek gerekirse çoğu mutfak robotu flairlı kişi (taşşağına koyanların bahsetmiyorum) biyolojik olarak erkek onun dışında geçen haftalarda grupta full femboy pornosu dönüyordu şöyle ciddi bir anket yapılsa aslında tam tespit yapabilirdim ama bazı orospu çocukları atak helikopteri yazdığı için bir sonuçta ulaşmak mümkün değil
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2021.06.15 19:20 SonicAdapter Bauhaus - Dark Entries (Live Version Re-edit & Music Video by SonicAdapter)

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2021.06.15 19:20 makcko60k Join group chat on Telegram

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2021.06.15 19:20 Woodley56 College World Series bars?

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I dove back into the archives and couldn't find much. Just moved to Omaha last week and don't know too much about the area. Know Benson pretty well but I imagine Downtown/old market will be the place to be this weekend. Any recommendations on bars y'all have had a good time at will be much appreciated. As of now i was probably gonna try to hit all the ones right outside of the stadium.
Any advice is helpful! Thanks
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2021.06.15 19:20 Any_Koala_7401 Am I Shadowbanned?

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2021.06.15 19:20 Leviathan00- Anyone looking to be owner about to give full permissions and I’m leaving

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2021.06.15 19:20 YukiChansMom Playful blep

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2021.06.15 19:20 doublemra Enviroment-wise it's awesome, lore-wise we are boned

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2021.06.15 19:20 LetOk8418 Wooski (STL/E-Block) 2008

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2021.06.15 19:20 MsShortStack Good Mac/Switch adventure games based on ones I've already played?

Hi all,
I'm looking for some new video games to play based on ones that I've already played and loved. I love adventure games with expansive worlds, open maps, quests, and compelling stories.
Right now I have a Mac that I use for Steam and a Nintendo Switch. Here are games I've already played that I've liked or loved. Any suggestions for games that are similar? They can be RPG, turn based, etc. A little bit of strategy is OK. Not a fan of FPS or space.
Skyrim, Firewatch, Life is Strange 1 and 2, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Divinity: Original Sin and D:OS2, Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, Night in the Woods, Tomb Raider series, Ori and the Blind Forest, What Remains of Edith Finch, Undertale, Dreamfall: Chapters.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.06.15 19:20 colonelhayd What’s this plant I bought at a grocery store in Colombia?

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2021.06.15 19:20 Friendofabook När är det att förtrycka yttreandrefrihet? (Fotboll)

Det som skedde Durmaz var hemskt, extremt mycket rasism och hot. Men med Berg förstår jag inte vad det är som ska polisanmälas? Jag har kollat igenom alla kommentarer sedan igår kväll och det är inte många kommentarer alls relativt sätt, några tiotal. Och sedan är det främst bara kritik som "sämst" eller "hur fan kan du missa??". Det måste väl ändå vara helt lagliga saker att skriva på en offentlig profils sociala forum? Jag är helt med på att alla sorts hot, rasism, sexism, skällsord och könsord o.s.v. är helt fel. Men när du inte svär, eller hotar utan bara kritiserar spelarens prestation så måste det väl fan vara en linje någonstans som dras för ett slag för yttrandefrihet? Vad är skillnaden på när krönikörer kallar en spelare värdelös?
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2021.06.15 19:20 Adesemate At least he did hit he’s powerspike.

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2021.06.15 19:20 No_Nothing5196 Does anyone know what the update is about today? On Xbox one

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2021.06.15 19:20 cryptomir NEO Rises, NEO/USDT Buyers Eyeing $120 and Gains Versus Bitcoin

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2021.06.15 19:20 Alone_Peak_457 start now 😍wHenlambo😍

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2021.06.15 19:20 Nokterian Soe showing those abs

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2021.06.15 19:20 TTdriver My DIY setup is alot closer to being done after FedEx was here a few minutes ago! Super stoked and thanks for all the advise so far!

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2021.06.15 19:20 Grovyle489 How I felt when Kazuya came to Smash

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2021.06.15 19:20 supersophia111 WFL? The furies are all high ages

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2021.06.15 19:20 TuggerSpeedmen Should I get the nexan for pools?

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2021.06.15 19:20 Harley_Quinn_Lawton 26. Female. USA. What is this rash on my finger ?

  1. Black Female. I have these reoccurring bumps on my left pointer finger. They are usually filled with fluid and I just pop them and keep going. However, I woke up today with my finger obsessively itching and all these tiny little bumps under the surface, and more have appeared since then. It doesn’t hurt, but the skin is itchy, and my finger feels like I’m pressing it against the holes in a colander. This is the only finger that I have this problem.
I’m overweight, don’t smoke or do any recreational drugs. Occasionally drink.
Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/bxytrc1
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