Go! Gunpost bar - Kiev 4, 50mm, Ultramax |

Gunpost bar - Kiev 4, 50mm, Ultramax

2021.06.15 19:19 warty_towels Gunpost bar - Kiev 4, 50mm, Ultramax

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2021.06.15 19:19 LeatherButton7390 mi madre fue una basura y hoy dice que soy un mal hijo

que tal queria contarles mi historia comunidad y saber que piensan
mi madre fue una persona muy mala cuando yo era pequeño
recuerdo que cuando era adolescente habia veces que a mis hermanos les daba de comer pero a mi no me daba
me gustaba salir y cuando yo me bañaba lo hacia una vez cada mes (me restringia el uso de agua caliente en su casa porque yo, menor de edad NO PAGABA NADA decia ella) )siempre me guitaba cuando calentaba el agua y me golpeaba la puerta tengo recuerdos muy feos de eso
yo para liberarme mentalmente me encerraba en mi cuarto y tocaba la guitarra acustica, un dia entro a mi habitación saco mi guitarra y la tiro al piso me la partio no servia mas y me gritaba que soy un inutil un vago
al ultimo tiempo ya consegui un trabajo y venia a gritarme. el ultimo dia que estuve en casa tomo mi computadora y me dijo que si no hacia todo lo que ella quería me iva a destruir eso, como lo hizo con mi guitarra, agarraba un palo y aparte del abuso fisico era bastante desgastante mentalmente
mi padre y mi hermano no hacian nada, eso tampoco se los agradezco
al final me fui a alquilar solo, me fue muy bien economicamente y me fue bien en la vida
hace poco volvi a visitar a mi familia y mis padres me piden que vaya a verlos que los ayude que este con ellos y mi madre me abraza, yo recuerdo cuando era niño cada vez que me abrazaba me pelliscaba o me jalaba las orejas pero eso obviamente cuando alguien me abraza me recuerda eso y me molesta
me dice -hijo porque no me abrazas, yo solo le respondo -sali no me abraces
y quedo yo como una mala persona
quiero saber que opinan comunidad la verdad no quiero pasar mas tiempo con ellos a pesar que ellos me digan que soy un mal hijo por no visitarlos
pd: a veces los voy a visitar a su casa y me dicen -hijo quedate a dormir y me da ganas de decirle, - para que, para que me eches como un perro cuando era mas chico, o para que rompas me rompas las cosas que compre con mi esfuerzo de vuelta? no se lo dije pero me gustaria quiero saber q opinan gente
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2021.06.15 19:19 at4325 A cafe near my workplace has WiFi with no security but it has a guest login portal so will my psp still work with the cafe WiFi?

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2021.06.15 19:19 sourmilkies new years

the second the ball dropped on new years i felt the need to repeat shit until i got it “perfectly” in order for this year to be good. six months in, and it’s still shit 😍 i’ll prolly do it again though
fuck ocd
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2021.06.15 19:19 mahekfathiii a question about the Discord server

In Jack's latest video, he said to join his Discord to submit answers for YIAY(he tries to guess the question). I've actually joined the server quite a long time ago and I'm still confused why there aren't any text channels...Should I react for a role or something??? I'm just really confused lol
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2021.06.15 19:19 its_hxrmione What was a "too good to be true" true moment in your life?

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2021.06.15 19:19 LeChiotx Sneaky Sneaky Devour Hope

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2021.06.15 19:19 BelievenStephen Guest cannot control sims

What's up guys, just recently set everything up on Sims. Got both players in the household, in the same game, and everything. However, when my friend joins our game they are unable to make the sims do any actions. I am the host and can still control both sims and everything works for me. I am unsure how to resolve this. I keep the game paused when I first join until both of us are fully loaded in, and I even do the 'addclientsims' command when we join. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks in advance
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2021.06.15 19:19 BlairWitchProjects Burned out and looking for a way out of practice (another one of those threads)

It pains me to post this but I am hoping a few colleagues can help advise me. I have researched for over a year on reddit and other forums which has discouraged me from posting because I see what the overall advice is and I don't feel like I have anything to add to the previous posts. However, I do feel like since COVID the industry went from already difficult on your mental health to damn near unrealistic expectations. I am 3 years out so early into my career but I have been around vet med all my life. I'm in my mid 30's and started a little older because I was always concerned with what I saw and heard about the professions salary, how thankless of a job it is, and suicide.
I'm 3 years out now and I have already worked in a general practice, an urgent care for 10 months and now an ER for over a year. I love this profession but the burn out is real and being a mix of a chronic pain patient myself and dealing with a lot of anxiety was one of many reasons I kept trying to find something else I liked before I took the plunge of becoming a veterinarian.
I still love it don't get me wrong but recently my medical condition which is for life has been truly bothering me more. I'm just not aging as gracefully as I hoped. I have been aging poorly and this was always a concern for me. On top of that, I'm an anxious mess and don't want to necessarily take medication for it though I'm at a point I may have to. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with anxiety meds but I am already on a lot of medication for my health issues and adding more to it concerns me. Also I am never that anxious unless I'm at work so I need something more situational and valium or xanax is very hardcore. So I have to figure this out as well.
The next issue is working in an ER in California is very challenging. The place I work at has like only 4 nurses ad 2 doctors at all times and non stop ER cases. We were already struggling to keep up but the hospital signed up to new policies about seeing more cases. It's just never enough no matter how hard you work.

After a very unhealthy weekend of pain and anxiety I feel like I am being illogical hoping this will go away. I also know poison control, teaching, finding some random insurance job or public health isn't easy especially since I know many veterinarians already fled about a year ago and filled up a lot of these positions.

So I am doing relief and only a few days to try to recover but now I truly see while I love animals, and it's an absolute honor to be in this field I can't find solutions to these problems. I bit off more than I can chew being both a chronic pain patient and suffering from generalized anxiety and being in a profession where prior to covid there was already a booked hospital but now it's beyond overbooked.

I would appreciate any advice or would love to hear how some of you are coping with the post COVID world of vet med. In large cities the line goes around the door since Covid and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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2021.06.15 19:19 shaybba Fees when sending the payment

Hey, I am trying to send some money and need to send a specific amount.
I know there is a fee for sending the money different than my local currency but here comes the question.
Let's say I want to send 1000$, and the fee is 4$.
Should I send 1004$ or 1000$ and the 4$ will be charged separately from my account?
Didn't find this question in pinned posts but sorry if that's obvious.
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2021.06.15 19:19 Greg1167 Another excellent lionsgate release. The embossing and debossing is great.

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2021.06.15 19:19 RLCD-Bot ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34] ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34: Home Stretch] [Purple Ion] ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34]

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2021.06.15 19:19 Opposite-Albatross-3 cursed mcdonalds

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2021.06.15 19:18 Cloverfield887 Who should come to smash next?.

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2021.06.15 19:18 KaffeeMann Any likeness with reality is just a coincidence! ;)

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2021.06.15 19:18 Eislemike Looking for safe DIY mild-medium summer whitewater experience. Any suggestions?

My wife and I have a pair of inflatable duckies, have whitewater rafted and kayaked 5-10 times(some rafting at Gauley and New, kayaking in Croatia and ASCI, MD. I’m looking for a destination in WV where we can safely experience some mild to medium whitewater (more than flat water but no more than class III) unguided adventures with helmets and PFDs only. Going late June, Early July. Is this possible or do we have to do either flat water or guided? Thanks for the help!
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2021.06.15 19:18 windedfuture98 [PC] [H] uncommon black sunburst, 2 vr black sterns [W] 2500 creds

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2021.06.15 19:18 GoblinDork Sketch trades! (Cross Posted in /drawforme etc)

Looking for quick sketch trades. I'd like some more art of my goblin babey and need help from you lovely people! In exchange, I am offering free sketches of your character so long as you can drop a reference!! Please remove if not allowed but I'm looking for rapid fire sketches. NOT first come first served.
They're non binary but can be drawn as masc or non binary. :) they wear overalls and no shoes and have little scuffs all over them from foraging in the goods. Thank you everybody! They have a crow's thigh bone as an upper ear piercing along with several other piercings, all of which are gold imitation. Their foraging bag, original physical aspects (body type, etc), and piercings may not be changed. There should always be a snail and a frog with them. All other accessories are optional! The Goblin Bab
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2021.06.15 19:18 CecliusPlaysHD RETURNAL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 12 - Ophion Boss & Ending (PS5)

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2021.06.15 19:18 mokabiaYT Help a brother out nd get me to 370 appreciate ya'll.

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2021.06.15 19:18 throw_away_08423 Wart on my foot or something else?

Hello, I am a 27F, 5'0" 130lb, Hispanic, no existing medical conditions, no meds, and I only drink socially.
About a year ago this appeared on the bottom of my left foot, it has gradually gotten bigger since then. It does not hurt to touch, and it is rough and elevated. Just asking for opinions on what this might be. I have had plantar warts in the past, so I think that could be it, not sure though. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
Image: https://imgur.com/rumRunR
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2021.06.15 19:18 RepostResearch Freshly bathed.

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2021.06.15 19:18 Olii224 19M kinda sad but chill guy looking to talk with other people :)

Helloo people, Oli here. I'm just looking to chat and meet new people, because i think i need that in my life. I'm a very nice and patient guy who likes to have fun, but who has also his downs. I don't have a lot of friends in real life, si i think it could help me to have one more. I'm looking to talk about anything, pretty open guy here. Like everyone else, i have problems lol so it's a very big plus if you have good ears, i also have good ears for yours. I mostly and almost only use Snapchat, because i like to see who im talking with, but we can of course start on Reddit (or i have Discord, as you wish). To end, i want to add that i'm from Canada and that french is my native language, but i also speak english fluently (and my time zone is GMT-4 if you'll wanna know, but it doesnt matter to me).
Waiting for the perfect person to match my vibes (a guy or a girl, i really don't mind at all, lgbt+ is very alright for me it's nothing of a problem). I just have a preference for ages, i would like to talk to someone who is at least 17 (16 is okay if your really cool and mature) and a maximum of 24.
Slide into my dms, i'm waiting :)
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2021.06.15 19:18 OldDeadEyez Guys any advice on how to move the screen into the second smaller position? (For microdosing)

Trying for days, destroying the screen things and having to order more lol
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2021.06.15 19:18 CompanyAdventurous42 If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

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