Go! June monthlies weren’t short dated in February |

June monthlies weren’t short dated in February

2021.06.15 19:37 Memeharvester5000 June monthlies weren’t short dated in February

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2021.06.15 19:37 BeepBeepImaJeep202 (JUST LAUNCHED)The $MakeDogeGreatAgainBSC will take off with or without you.

Ready for a no bullshit moon shot token, this is it. 100% safe and rug proof. Serious & experienced team, professional website, huge marketing plans, gold nfts, international partnership, huge giveaways & more! We have made multiple coins that reached an ATH of 90k mcap in less than 12 hours. We have more CMS posts coming, & listings on coinhunt & coinsniper. We’re also partnering with huge Chinese crypto groups.

All official links are below, DO NOT FALL FOR SCAM LINKS, only the links below are legit.

Contract(paste this in poocoin/bog/pancakeswap): 0x2822dc705aeea5c906c0902bf5ec7c13e0201212
LP 100% Burned: https://bscscan.com/token/0x37cdD791cac288Be9c8b74D7677e913353dEaC0D#balances

Owner renounced: https://bscscan.com/address/0x2822dc705aeea5c906c0902bf5ec7c13e0201212#code

Telegram(Paste this in the search bar): https://t.me/MakeDogeGreatAgainToken

Slippage 12-15% can vary as very volatile at these levels

Make sure to set higher gas to make sure the transaction goes through. Feel free to join the telegram and ask anything. We filled our bags! The question is, will you ;)

This could be the best investment you made this entire day, week, or even month. All the times you got rugged, you gotta get that BNB back somehow, this is where this coin comes in.
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2021.06.15 19:37 yung_Lwaxana Is this more than social anxiety?

I experience severe anxiety with lifelong friends, not just in public or at events.
I have talked with them about my anxiety and depression but I always return to this feeling that I'm a burden to them. I catch them saying things like "well, you probably wouldn't want to ___" or "well i know you can be bothered by ____" and its often unnecessary. Like, its always added on to shit when I'm actually being chill. These side comments trigger my anxiety and then I get lost in negative self-talk and shut off altogether in whatever environment I'm in with them. When I shut down, I've been told I come off as unapproachable, angry, tired. I am no longer talkative and engaged. I am unable to swing back to where I was before, which was earnestly trying to be present, smiling, nice. I'm in my thirties now and I just want to fucking get along. I'm so tired of this shit.
I'm the person who often asks a lot of (maybe even repetitive) questions about future plans, like birthdays or camping trips. I ask all the "where what who when how" questions because the more information I get, the less anxious I feel about participating. Sometimes, its a youtube channel that i'm watching, a podcast i'm listening to or even a recent convo with a friend that is actually motivating particular questions. But they jump to assuming that i'm being "judgemental."
Over the years, I feel like I've become a "talk" friend. A friend people call to talk to on the phone, a friend that you message in threads. A friend you get coffee with one on one. No longer a friend you invite around others. I don't even get invited to birthday parties anymore tbh (pre pandemic). I'm the friend you grab dinner with one-on-one to celebrate a birthday.
This morning I had a quick exchange over a camping trip (socializing with more than one friend. And I was actually looking forward to it. much wow) go from 0 to 100 because a friend called me "judgemental." Me doing the most again? My friend concluded that "this whole conversation was unnecessary" which left me feeling so empty and lonely. He literally said, "cancel this conversation. have a good day" So I was like, wait...what? I told him I'm bowing out of this camping trip. I rather not go than feel like I'm ruining shit for everyone else.
I'm tired of feeling like an unpleasant and unlikeable presence in people's minds. I'm tired of this anxiety that has me walking on eggshells with everybody. The pressure to constantly be aware of my nervous ticks, my mumbling, my eye contact, my tone of voice, my dissociation... its all too fucking much. The pressure to be my best self, who can at least get along with friends, I'm not even saying strangers or coworkers ffs. I'm in a very negative mental space now. Is this even social anxiety?
I honestly feel like running away and starting over cause I can't live like this.
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2021.06.15 19:37 supermiguelcool when a monika body pillow come's out

when a monika body pillow come's out Nadwe:
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2021.06.15 19:37 optic_cube Blursed dababy

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2021.06.15 19:37 freshpeach2resist advice

i just caught my boyfriend getting in contact with his EX. She messaged me screenshots of their conversation and he literally messaged her a few days ago on SC saying, “do you still want to have my babies?” i ended up lying to him saying she told me more that what i was told, and found out they have been talking on & off since January 2021.. have phone sex, FT calls, pictures, etc. ohhh, and i almost forgot— he was trying to fly her out from FL to “hang out” with her.
his excuse was that he was trying to be “petty” and mess with her emotions (which is wrong on sooo many levels to have this way of thinking of getting “even with someone”)
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2021.06.15 19:37 AtsEker [Update to my post about maps yesterday] Today SpenLC Scrolled through every map for every gamemode besides showdown, though other content creators showed some showdown changes as well. What are your thoughts?

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2021.06.15 19:37 LessCoolThanYou Sheena Easton - Strut

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2021.06.15 19:37 Dependent_Method_446 Movieclips Academy 3 Und Keiner Kann Sie Bremsen: Tim Kraus & Josie And The Pussycats [ravedj]

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2021.06.15 19:37 in_oe_ni keeping eyebrows styled all day??

When I do my eyebrows I brush them but a few hours later the hairs fall back to their original place? Is there a gel or something I could use to maintain the shape I brush them into? That I can also still fill them in with?
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2021.06.15 19:37 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-william-james-4

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2021.06.15 19:37 Ottowa-9 What is this white stuff (see pic)

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2021.06.15 19:37 haydenclaireheroes Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 6/9/21 - Comic Frontline

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2021.06.15 19:37 martial-canterel Meccano / Erector Small Part ID -- ~2" long 2-hole metal strip with dangly thing at end

Meccano / Erector Small Part ID -- ~2 Does anyone know what part this is? I tried posting to whatisthisthing but was auto-removed. The bot suggested posting here.

Not sure if even Meccano or Erector. I found it in a large mixed lot of Meccano / Erector toy parts.
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2021.06.15 19:37 kev_job Self portrait at Salar de Carcote, Ollagüe, Chile. | Mamiya 645 Pro, Kodak Portra 400 pushed to 800.

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2021.06.15 19:37 Fit_Consequence4474 Bachelor twist

Jeg synes twistet er okay, men tager tv2 ikke lidt formatets præmis og sparker den langt væk, før programmet overhovedet har nået at få fodfæste?
Skifter programmet nu navn til Bachelors? Flot mand søger kærlighed? Eller kærlighed hvor pensionisterne vender?
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2021.06.15 19:37 peoplepants What is the best place to get summarized Crypto news?

I love crypto but I'm tired of having to scroll through so many different feeds just to get the main substance of what's going on. I need something simple where I'm updated with the important news and I don't have to scroll through tons of fud to find it.
If anyone has something they like that makes keeping up with the times easy peasy, then please do share!
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2021.06.15 19:37 sof3848 [16F] Metalhead, Bassist & Gamer Looking for some long term friends, struggling with loneliness.

Here's a bit about me, please read the whole thing.
Hey, I'm looking for a long term friend that can talk to me consistently. I have barely anyone to talk to and I struggle with extreme loneliness, so yeah, I just want close friends / someone to talk to. If you're interested shoot a message with an introduction.
I'd prefer to talk on discord if you have it, thanks. Please be within my age range as well. (15-18)
•From EU, I'd prefer to talk to people in similar timezones.
•I like gaming, on PC. Don't really game much anymore, mainly played Apex & Dead by Daylight. Other games I've got are: Yakuza series, DanganRonpa series, Stardew Valley, Titanfall 2, Payday 2, Warframe. I'd be willing to try out some new games as well.
•I play bass - takes up most of my time and it's pretty much my only hobby now. Huge fan of complex bass lines, so I also dive into jazz (although I don't listen to it outside of playing)
•I listen to metal: Slam, death, beatdown, deathcore, metalcore, grindcore, black, power, neoclassical.
•I enjoy cooking: mainly East Asian food.
•I used to draw, don't do it much anymore. Charcoal portraits.
•Like I mentioned, I often get lonely, and I'd enjoy to do activities like playing games, watching stuff & listening to music together.
•I love Visual Kei and anything relating to the subculture.
•I love learning languages, picking up patterns and taking them apart. I can speak English, Japanese and a load of smaller bits from random languages. Not learning any at the moment.
•I like doing trivia quizzes.
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2021.06.15 19:37 frenchbread-98 My highlighting is bad but this quote from Children was just the thing I needed to hear. Seeing this book continue to inspire me and others is why I treasure the series. This quote furthermore solidified Leto II as my favorite character in the series

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2021.06.15 19:37 svanapps r/Bitcoin - Small Bitcoin Transfers In El Salvador Have Surged. El Salvador, where Bitcoin is being embraced on an unprecedented level, has seen BTC transfers under $1,000 surge this year.

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2021.06.15 19:37 JaiwaneseGuy You really couldn't do OSRS last week Justin. Guess I'm reposting.

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2021.06.15 19:37 HeadshotSo2 People that cheated, why?

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2021.06.15 19:37 JusSpinz They hate us cause they ain’t us! APES FKN HODL!

Now go pay your fkn bills and we’ll stop CALL’ING!
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