Go! Mansions and porsche 911 Neport summer vacay |

Mansions and porsche 911 Neport summer vacay

2021.06.15 20:53 Fine_Measurement_879 Mansions and porsche 911 Neport summer vacay

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2021.06.15 20:53 zenmastaflash Whenever I see a particularly good Brando Sando pun I think…

“… wow, that’s crem fraîche.”
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2021.06.15 20:53 MyGirlFridayRed Anyone else hope they're going to visit Bob & Gina in ITALY??!

I can't wait for the videos, whatever they are. But I really hope to see more beautiful days at Tutto Doppio.
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2021.06.15 20:53 Mrmars1998 Missy Peregrym

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2021.06.15 20:53 ThePacific1254 ESO Guilds?

Is there any guilds on ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) that are either LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ+ Friendly, as I have been getting very into ESO again and have just been forming my big lesbian army in it (aka all my characters are female) and have been wanting to join a casual fun guild that can help me with all sorts of stuffs in eso, like the trials or public dungeons and i just want some more friends on eso :c
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2021.06.15 20:53 thatguyimmy [CAN-ON] (H): OTS Droplet (W): PP, Amaze Core

Selling OTS 16 Ulti Droplet. Looking for around 300 CAD or best offer.
Only trades wanted are:
BA Deck
Pot of Prosperity
Amazement Core High Priority
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2021.06.15 20:53 kevinlono Two bees mating. Pacific Northwest US. What species?

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2021.06.15 20:53 degradation_domain feeding grandma's chicken with sunflower seeds

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2021.06.15 20:53 Prostantida [LF] Weber [FT] name your price (Klaus is avaliable for trade)

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2021.06.15 20:53 _markmurdock

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2021.06.15 20:53 nekrodomus Google lanza una interfaz unificada de Gmail y chat para todos, y también hace público Google Workspace

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2021.06.15 20:53 Confident_Ad_8210 Best Avenger

Anytime I talk to someone about the MCU or Avengers, the same 2 questions always come up: "Who's your favorite Avenger?" and "Who is the best Avenger?".
My answer has always been Captain America to both and here are my arguments:
*Disclaimer- the extent of my Marvel knowledge comes from the movies, so all arguments are based on the films alone. I never read or followed the comics growing up.

  1. Captain America is the original Avenger. His movie is literally titled "The First Avenger" and he has been around the longest. Ya, Captain Marvels call sign was Avenger, but the idea of super soldiers saving the world kicked off with his injection. Its hard to top the original
  2. He has also lived through 3 different lifetimes: He lived during the 40s and fought in the War. Then he survived in ice for over 50 years and was brought back and lived through the 2010s and all the shit going on (2 alien invasions and the collapse of SHIELD mainly). Finally, after finishing returning all Infinity Stones to their proper timeline, he lived out a third life with Peggy to the point he finally got old. In each time he was able to adapt in order to survive.
  3. Finally, look at his competition in the Avengers:
Hawkeye is a joke side Avenger that ends up going on a murder spree.
Scarlett Witch is another side Avenger with a dark past and her super power is being deceitful.
BanneHulk is a pussy who is afraid of actually using his powers and actively tries to get rid of them, and even when he gives in he acts like he doesn't want them.
Thor may be a god, but he is mentally weak, as evidenced by him falling apart and gaining weight after Thanos. Also, Cap can lift Mjonir and yield lightning, so Thor's god powers aren't so special.
Stark/Ironman may have the best case, but he has ended up on the wrong end of things a few times. Also, and this will probably be the most controversial point, he dies at the end of End Game. You can't be the best if you die, and as I've said before Cap has lived 3 lifetimes without dying.

Anyone on my side with this?
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2021.06.15 20:53 jdaltzz2383 Ouch

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2021.06.15 20:53 Rightsword Die Elli Köstinger zählt nicht…

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2021.06.15 20:53 init0 Best place for a an outdoor birthday party?

My son is turning five this July and we are planning for an outdoor picnic place for celebrating his birthday, any suggestions??
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2021.06.15 20:53 Gigatron300 Double Pleated

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2021.06.15 20:53 roseloppi Guy who pretty much ghosted me after dating, now pops up every few months. WHY?!

Right before the pandemic, I had started dating a guy 33M I met on hinge. He seemed really into getting to know me and we met every week for 4 weeks, each week having a date which he would organise.
The last date before the first lockdown was at his house where we had dinner. I slept over but we didn't have sex, we just did stuff. When I left him we thought we would only be able to see eachother in 2weeks (that's how long we thought lockdown would be) it started to become longer than that..
We were talking everyday, he would call me so I started to let my guard down and call him and text him too (when I felt like it) instead of playing games. After 3 weeks of this cutsie texting etc, he started to become less and less engaged and took days to answer texts. To the point where it had been 2 weeks no talking.
FYI He was struggling to keep his business going and was affected by the schools closing (he works with kids).
Then if we did text it was probably cos I reached out. We then had a zoom date (cos I asked him) and that was about 2hours of chatting. But nothing deep or flirty. Post that I gave up and we didn't talk for longer and longer periods.
I then went on abroad for a long while (few months) and he didn't get in touch. I messaged him to see how he is and to see if I did something wrong (I was on a night out) and he said it's the circumstance and he's sorry etc etc and to keep him posted for when I was back in the UK. I did not message him when I got back to the UK.
He ended up messaging me to meet up, we did and it was very friendly. I was confused. I left there confused. I didn't know what this man wanted.
I sent him a text shortly after asking if he just wanted to be friends. His response was that he thinks we get on well but he isn't ready for a relationship but he wants to still hang out if I do.. he wanted to meet for a coffee and he felt or ended abruptly and it was a shame...
I then left it as "if you need me for anything I'm here, good luck etc. " Basically left it on a good note but made it clear I'm not wasting my time anymore.
7ish months later he pops up again and asks how am I and asks me for a favour (I know I said that he could ask me for help I just didn't expect he would do it).
The favour: He has role opening at his business and he wondered if I knew anyone for it.. I said I didn't but I would post it on my linked in if he'd like.. then I don't hear of him for a week (!!) and when I do he apologises for not responding, saying his dog died, then told about what's going on in his life with work and living situation.
I gave him my short response with condolences ofcourse and said still happy to help with that job and to just send it over if he did...
He never sent me the job...
Why do men do this? Since the day he messaged me I haven't stopped thinking about him and what his intentions are.
Does he want to get to know me again/ start seeing me again or did he simply want to ask for help?
Or does he expect me to ask him to meet? In my eyes the ball is in his court?
I was really hurt the first time round as I liked him a lot. Part of me really wants him to try again but I have just started dating other people and now I'm obsessing over him again! We don't even know eachother that well..
Should I make a gesture such as add him on Instagram to give him an opening? I really don't want to ask him to meet cos I don't want to get hurt again. I would need a bold move from him.. I don't want to put myself.out there again to be hurt/ made a fool of.
What's his deal?!? Anyone got any advice ?
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2021.06.15 20:53 artdougferreira highelveshalls

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2021.06.15 20:53 Evilbefalls No time to mention old friends

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2021.06.15 20:53 Hopeful_Investment_5 MY FIRST CREATION.

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2021.06.15 20:53 AlwaysStreams Is Imagine Earth worth it?

I'm like 40 hours in and loving it, been playing weeks. But this is some info on it for anyone wondering what it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RItqRad6H_s
Additionally, does anyone recommend Before We leave over Universim? I'm trying to decide what to start next and haven't played any of them. Maybe some reliable reviews?
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2021.06.15 20:53 PuddleOfSquirt [WSIB] Game that has a very good and diverse options for magic.

I’m looking for a game that has a very cool magic system incorporated into the game, where you can cast awesome spells to blow your enemies up. Preferably open world, third person with a character creator, but I also don’t mind top down view and turn based combat. (Flair is pc but I also have a PS5)
Games I do like with magic: Skyrim Witcher 3 (even though magic is very barebones I liked how fluid it was to cast spells while physically fighting) Persona 5 Warframe (not exactly magic but some characters had magical-ish skills) Dragon age origins/inquisition Dragons dogma Darksouls/Bloodborne/demons souls Diablo 2/3 Path of exile Most Pokémon games
Games I dont like with magic: Divinity original sin 2 Baulders gate 3 Magicka Elex Outward (since it takes a arm and a leg to cast even a fireball) Battlemage Spell break
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2021.06.15 20:53 Dazzling_Welcome_160 Efinity price predictions?

Any price predictions for short and long term?
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2021.06.15 20:53 Winter_Practice $RIDE Conference call Summary/News |THE SHERPAS LIST | $ERX,$FTCV, $SOXL...

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2021.06.15 20:53 Swiftelol [USA-TX] [H] PART OUT 3700x+RTX 2080 XC Ultra Gaming/Streaming PC , GOXLR Mini, Elgato Keylight, 2x 24in and 27in 144hz ASUS Monitor [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Looking to part out my build, first come first serve, this is going to be my first time parting out a build so please be patient. Haven't found a buyer to buy the full system yet so parting out is the best option.
All PRICES are Shipped
Case: Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Performance: Local $70
Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Arsenal Gaming: $75
CPU: 3700x (Never OC'd): $225
Cooler: Corsair H80i V2: $80
RAM: 2x16gb of Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz: $140
GPU: EVGA XC Ultra (3 Slot) RTX 2080, never mined, never OC (no coil whine): $820
PSU: EVGA 750w GQ: $100
HDD: 500GB WD, 120GB Samsung 850 EVO, 250GB SSD NVME Samsung: Unsure on PRICE OBO
Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/vatiJJH.jpg
EXTRAS (Streaming gear): All gear is shipped pricing.
GO XLR Mini: $170
LOCAL ONLY Elgato Keylight w/ desk mount (non air edition): $150
LOCAL ONLY ASUS VG248QE 24in 144hz Monitor (no stand, used on a double monitor arm mount): $100 (can throw in the dual monitor mount if both monitors purchased together)
LOCAL ONLY ASUS VG278Q 144hz 27in (no stand, used on a double monitor arm mount): $120
If you'd like photos of a product listed in the EXTRAS section please request them via PM
Please comment before PM'ing!
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