Go! I seem to be having file import issues. |

I seem to be having file import issues.

2021.06.19 07:46 blubblub1120 I seem to be having file import issues.

So I recently bought myself a new device (POCO F3), switching from a Galaxy J7 Pro. I noticed that I can't attach files on gmail when uploading from internal storage (uploading from gdrive works). The files app opens and it lets me choose files to be uploaded but it just doesn't upload. So then I tested on other applications and it doesn't work as well. I've already checked app permissions and all applications I've tested already had access to my media. I think something might be wrong with my default files application. Even when I use the "browse files from other apps" feature, it still doesn't work. I checked online to see if anyone else has the same issue but I couldn't find anything. Hope this can be fixed.
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2021.06.19 07:46 gracemichaela Currently at Target in the Nintendo aisle

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2021.06.19 07:46 Angelinedubiefffff Ndau 😍

Encore une augmentation cette semaine on a tellement confiance au ndau, cette crypto est révolutionnaire !!
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2021.06.19 07:46 liveyourlife2019 Heal,Enhance,Meditate,Concentrate

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2021.06.19 07:46 Accomplished_Aerie86 Redditors What Are You Proud Of?

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2021.06.19 07:46 crytoloover IRON FINANCE 🏵️ GANA hasta 3000% de tu INVERSIÓN | DeFi MAtic Polygon | Tutorial 2021 | TITAN

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2021.06.19 07:46 BatTall93 What do I do next?

Hey guys, odyssey was the first game I have ever played, and I have just finished the the main quests+both dlcs. Btw I absolutely loved it! I was wondering what to do next, cuz I thought about starting Valhalla or origins, but as I have an Xbox one s, I don’t know how well Valhalla will run. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
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2021.06.19 07:46 WorldofWordPress How To Use Agile Marketing To Improve the Efficiency of Business Marketing Operations

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2021.06.19 07:46 GDKCN First Trip to Disney World!

My wife and I used to frequent Disneyland however we are going to Disney World for the first time in our lives in November!
What is some advice that you guys might have? Any rides that are largely different that are "must rides" at Disney World (besides ROTR)?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.06.19 07:46 ZoolShop I did told all of you about this, but only a few listened. Small community and new coin don’t need this type of marketing. Some of you won’t or can’t see the big picture. This is what “they” want - division between communities.

I did told all of you about this, but only a few listened. Small community and new coin don’t need this type of marketing. Some of you won’t or can’t see the big picture. This is what “they” want - division between communities. submitted by ZoolShop to CoinTuta [link] [comments]

2021.06.19 07:46 Sagi_Tsenga Sh

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2021.06.19 07:46 Adam-best Useful Portable Handheld Steam Iron QUICK & POWERFUL – Ceramic soleplate, heating up just 50s, prevents clothes from damaged. Powerful and stable steam to remove heavy wrinkle, odors and degerming.The steam is continuous and powerful, which can penetrate the clothes deeply and quickly.

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2021.06.19 07:46 Sagi_Tsenga 14_41

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2021.06.19 07:46 Sagi_Tsenga 1

the drive has it been found the drive
Canididida crqutz the drive Canididida crqutz
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2021.06.19 07:46 Erickeyart I dont know what to do anymore

So this is basicay a big discivery of myself over the oast yeat.Ive reconected with what now is my best friend and togheter weve dsicovered quite some things from myself.The best I can boil it down to is that I cant grow properly or atleast it feels like it.I have what it feels a completely different way of thinking and just overall tought process compared to everyone else.I am some really bland that as much as I try I cant seem to get somesort of different interests.Just some small things ill obsess over about yet when I try something new ill have little to no interest.As ive said im a pretty bland and borong person which I havent had an issue with but it kinda screws me over having conections.Im really bad ataking a read too.Normal situations were people would know whats going relatively quickly I will either take things at face value or way too seriously.(usually both too).Pair that with poor memory and lack of overall BASIC skills I dont really well make with conections.Another thing is that I dont really see any sort of weight towards what others consider achievements getting a license,first job,reaching a certain age (aparently) or even just an overall life goal.I just graduate from high school and from all my academic life never once ive felt that sense of chievement with whatever certificate ive been handled,ill just look at it and feel nothing just something thats meant to happen like watching a tree grow or rain pour down.Socially wise it feels like a lost cause to the point that if I were to drift away from the two or three friends I have ill rather live the good alone life.It feels so much easier for me rather than just trying to keep more freindships that will end up the same.I find myself constantly doing the same things.Same music type of videos etc.Whenever K try to think of myself I feel myself lost and desoriented to the point I domt know what to do anymore other than just as soon as I see my chance ill shut myself off from pretty much everything.And this is from my top of my head I may or may not update this.
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2021.06.19 07:46 spring_ephemeral 開運鉄道神社が完成 引退車両を活用 ひたちなか海浜鉄道 きょう阿字ケ浦駅で神事:東京新聞

開運鉄道神社が完成 引退車両を活用 ひたちなか海浜鉄道 きょう阿字ケ浦駅で神事:東京新聞 submitted by spring_ephemeral to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2021.06.19 07:46 Royal_Tabula The work of my beloved husband.

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2021.06.19 07:46 Kodoish QUAI DAO - Blockchain's Y Combinator

QUAI DAO is a platform for investors and professionals focused on creating sustainable value by generating consistent capital yields while accelerating technologically innovative projects. The goal is to facilitate profitable capital allocation while assisting selected DeFi projects in meeting their capital funding needs through the QUAI platform.
Plenty of things are happening for QUAI. It continues to innovate its unique DeFi protocols, such as developing an innovative NFT Creator Portal platform. QUAI is also actively developing a robust investment platform that will provide an on-ramp for BTC and altcoin holders to the DeFi markets, offering access to multiple yield farms, liquidity pools, and money markets on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. This will all be accessible on the QUAI platform.
QUAI’s Investor Rewards
The total amount of staked QUAI currently is 3,978,678 ERC20 tokens, 4,474,512 BEP20 tokens for a total of 8,453,190. This data shows QUAI token holders have confidence in the protocol, are willing to stake, and hold their tokens while enjoying compounded returns every 30 days. The compounding feature is used to achieve up to 480% APY, providing investors ample compensation for market volatility while generating substantial yields.
QUAI’s Road Map
So let's take a look at the roadmap and what is coming up on the calendar for QUAI. QUAI Invest (auto compounding farms, automated allocation & withdrawl for selected liquidity pools with automated yield optimization) + QUAI Interchange (DeFi on-ramp to Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain money markets) and MeDIA eYe NFT Creator Portal (a unique solution for the NFT creator market and digital content marketing), which are all scheduled to launch in Q3 2021.
QUAI developers are working around the clock to ensure every milestone is reached within the Q3 launch plans, which will bring further value and utility to the QUAI ecosystem.
QUAI Invest - QUAI Interchange + QUAI Farms
Many Bitcoin users are long in BTC but currently don't have access to a frictionless platform allowing them to easily enter the DeFi markets on leading blockchains. QUAI Interchange which is a DeFi on-ramp that provides the opportunity for BTC holders to earn additional yield on their BTC and altcoin assets in an intuitive and gas-optimized way. QUAI Invest offers compounding farms and automated liquidity allocation with a yield optimization function, allowing Investors to access a variety of choices for capital allocation through the QUAI Invest platform .
QUAI’s Investment in - MeDIA eYe NFT Creator Portal
QUAI is planning to complete the development of MeDIA eYe NFT Creator Portal, retaining our first-mover advantage. The NFT Creator Portal allows anyone to easily create and launch NFT-media campaigns on multiple blockchains. The MeDIA eYe platform provides an intuitive and frictionless experience, regardless of pre-existing knowledge of distributed ledger technology. It also introduces novel digital engagement models, including the first-ever NFT-Subscription Service. Individuals or businesses can create custom NFTs for varied uses. For instance, the MeDIA eYe platform’s marketplace uses a variety of novel token-economic models for enhanced earnings and rewards. This creates attractive incentives for NFT artists and media creators to launch NFTs on the MeDIA eYe platform as well as to sell these NFTs on the marketplace.
Based on the current analysis we estimate in the next 12 months that MeDIA eYe can be valued at or above a 30-40 million dollar market cap. This estimation is based on the current growth of the NFT market along with having the first mover advantage as an NFT Creator Portal that will allow anyone from corporations to artists to effortlessly create NFT campaigns regardless of their crypto experience.
QUAI’s Partner Projects Development - QUAI is working with ASKO DAO + rASKO Money Markets.
AskoLend is a decentralized money market protocol, a fork of Compound Finance. The compound is decentralized, over collateralized loans protocol built on Ethereum. AskoLend differs from Compound in that: it will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s a multichain lending platform that will list mid-tier, upper mid-tier, and blue-chip market cap crypto assets. Lenders can select between high and low-risk lending pools. These differences lead to some benefits of AskoLend over Compound. With AskoLend’s utilization of BSC, the cost per transaction is significantly lower compared to Compound on Ethereum. AskoLend’s accessibility to lenders and borrowers, for a diverse range of crypto assets, increasing potential volumes of AskoLend’s lending and borrowing markets.
AskoLend can list up to 70 + crypto assets, compared to the 9 assets currently listed on Compound. Lastly, with AskoLend, lenders can pick their allocation between high-risk and low-risk lending tiers for over collateralized lending, allowing lenders an element of customization in their investment that isn’t available with Compound. QUAI intends to offer QUAI assets to borrow/lend on ASKOLend on BSC. We estimate that in the next 6-12 months that Asko will be valued well above the 30 million market cap. This is based on the current market caps of existing borrow and lend platforms, volume, and market penetration.
QUAI’s Cross-Chain Development for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum
A substantial portion of QUAI tokens is allocated for investments, development, mergers, acquisitions, and expansion to other blockchains. QUAI is a cross-chain protocol. They employ over 40 employees working full-time on QUAI platforms development and partner projects.
Currently, QUAI trades on Uniswap V2, JulSwap, Dex-Trade along with PancakeSwap V1 and V2. QUAI is in ongoing negotiations with several CEX's for a listing and is deeply focused on growing the business and project so that future listings are made possible on Tier 1 exchanges.
QUAI’s partnership with Sports D³
QUAI DAO has partnered with Sports D³ to develop a unique DeFi platform for the sports industry. The project focuses on creating new ways for club owners, players, and fans to participate in fundraising, promotions, merchandising, creating brand awareness, participating in events, and receiving rewards. QUAI is very excited to be working with Sports D³ to bring this innovative DeFi platform to the market. Sports D³ is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that helps sports clubs and athletes to create brand awareness, fund development events, and various activities by providing unique content and instruments through the SD³ utility token. Come join us in our communities to learn more about QUAI, below are our token contracts for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.
Binance Smart Chain token contract BEP20: 0x3dc2d7434bdbb4ca1a8a6bcc8a8075aeae2d2179
Ethereum Mainnet token contract ERC20: 0x40821CD074dfeCb1524286923bC69315075b5c89
WEBSITE: https://quaidao.io/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/QuaiDAOCommunity
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/QuaiGlobal
MEDIUM: https://quaidao.medium.com/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/quai…
DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/WHUkdJjxxP

I'm also adding a pastebin of a writeup about QUAI from someone with a profile worth over 1MM which is what got me into it in the first place:
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2021.06.19 07:46 throwawayforthis4792 Not sure what to do anymore

To start this off, sorry this is a bit long and yes, I’m drunk. Years ago, I had a mental breakdown. Full blown, reality shattering breakdown. I was scared, unstable and ready to commit suicide. I got shipped off to college by my biological parents during this breakdown and tried to work through it but had to check myself into an in-patient hospital to prevent me from harming myself. I got out but a couple months before that (right when I got shipped to college) I got involved with some people who said they’d help me. Said they understood my pain. I vented all my problems to them. They basically became my parents. Said they loved me. At first we only ever met online. Then a few months after I got out I moved all the way to their house to live with them. Turns out we weren’t as healthy for each other as we thought, so I figured the best thing to do was leave. I’ve always wanted to create music. Make the world a better place. Help those who were in that pit I was in. I don’t know how to describe it. I remember filling out a paper when I checked into the hospital that asked at the end “why are you here?” and I wrote “I don’t know but you are my only hope.” That feeling is indescribable. Like my heart, the blood flowing through my body was…missing. Just this darkness. Emptiness. I thought they were my light but they weren’t. Now here I am, years later, wanting to release my soul to the world, but I fear if I do they’ll “cancel” me for all that I’ve done in the past. I’m a completely different person now. I’ve learned coping mechanisms, discipline, self-control, and that person from years ago feels like someone else, but I guess that’s where my confusion lies. Do I even bother creating if there’s the possibility of someone from my past bringing up my mistakes from years ago? If I managed to build an audience, and try to help people who are going through what I went through, then what’s the point if it all gets torn down from mistakes I made when I was basically a child? I don’t know anymore. Maybe someone here has an enlightened perspective. Maybe nobody will read this to the end. Either way, I might as well let this pain come out.
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2021.06.19 07:46 ZoobBot 153003

This is the 153003rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.06.19 07:46 OmegaTangent PLA curling

So I'm getting a lot of curling on PLA on slight overhangs, leading to sloppy overhangs and sometimes prints getting knocked off the bed. I tried printing hotter, cooler, slower and faster. I can't see how I can further improve it without printing extremely slow.
If anyone can help, that would be nice.
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2021.06.19 07:46 ghostfindersgang9000 Found a centrist scum

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2021.06.19 07:46 Riiiiuko H m . (Will delete if repost or not cringe and idk which flair)

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