Go! [G 007 6G7 9K6] Mario Odyssey Esc Movement |

[G 007 6G7 9K6] Mario Odyssey Esc Movement

2021.06.19 07:12 Josephe_Crakoaski [G 007 6G7 9K6] Mario Odyssey Esc Movement

I.D: [G 007 6G7 9K6] Platformer?
Description: My goal with this was to make something that moves like Mario odyssey, and I managed to get a dive/dash and a ground pound. No real goal or anything just a sandbox as proof of concept!
Difficulty: Null? / Easy
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2021.06.19 07:12 Bigsticks21 Tiltok leaks

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2021.06.19 07:12 nemo1080 Can somebody help me identify this skull?

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2021.06.19 07:12 F84-5 June 19: Psalm 88-91

My thoughts:

  1. I must note how often God is described as wrathfull and angry with anyone who does not exactly follow his commandments. That is not love, that is enforced obediece.
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2021.06.19 07:12 Budobudo For multi part kits, do you generally prefer parts built for assembly in a program, or assembly post print?

Basically I am trying to figure out which version would be better. I tend to assemble in Blender then print, is that what you guys do?
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2021.06.19 07:12 zebraman2324 Anyone in the Greater Toronto Area have a reliable mechanic for coilover install on a TLX?

Basically I have a 2018 TLX-Aspec SH-AWD and looking for a reliable mechanic for suspension install. Currently have Eibach lowering springs and didn’t have the greatest experience with a prior mechanic on the install any input would be appreciated just looking for some more low!
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2021.06.19 07:12 sburgess86 Mechanism of CFTR correction by type I folding correctors

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2021.06.19 07:12 CDFReditum Flipping the All Stars

There's technically 1.5 all star seasons, since 18 has half returning people as well. They were filmed pretty close to each other (Season 17 in January and Season 18 in February). It got me thinking of how things may have panned out if some all stars ended up on the other all star season. Mostly for season 18 this is looking at Ariel, Trev, Roe, and Jen, since Bret, Heather, Kevin, and T would all be ineligible for Season 17.
Would people have won/lost if they were in the other season?
Jen: if she were in Season 17 the season would be unwatchable lmao
Trev: I think Trev would have gotten about the same placement in Season 17, but he would have had less of a shitty time getting there lol. Probably wouldn't have gotten bullied around so much unless Milly started giving him shit, but still.
Roe: She'd be gone instantly lmao. I'd see her making it maybe as far as the CFYL challenge, maybe 1 more past that around where Manda was eliminated, but that's mostly because Josh and Jared tanked spectacularly.
Ariel: This is where things get interesting lmao. Would Ariel have been as successful? Besides Heather, Ariel had a pretty smooth team once teams were switched to genders. Mia and her bonded a lot, Kanae was strong, Roe just kind of exists, Gizzy was cool but not great, and T was a strong chef despite her shitting all over herself on elimination. Compared to Season 17, shed have to deal with Elise and Barbie drama, alongside Jennifer and Michelle being cool but not really the smoothest people either. Additionally, instead of having to win over Mia (who struggled during services constantly), Bret (who was also a loose cannon), and Motto (who Nixon'd his way out of elimination), she'd have to deal with Michelle (who arguably was scripted to win), Benjamin (who I think she could have beaten assuming all other factors were the same), and Nick (who would have probably given her a huge run for her money, especially if he made it to the final). I'm really curious to see how the dynamic between Michelle and Ariel would be. Would Michelle see Ariel as a mentor type in the same way that Mia saw Ariel, and Mary Lou saw Kori, or would there be conflict because Michelle wants to show herself off as a strong chef regardless of age. I could see one of two situations for Ariel assuming everything else in the season was the same.
1) She does well and gets around 5th, outperforming Robyn but ultimately being shut down by the higher up chefs who also are shown to have more personality and "passion" as Ramsey would call it (because there are many strong leaders in Season 17, as compared to Season 18 where Ariel's strong leadership shone a lot more). 2) She wins it all
This idea could also be transferred over from Season 17 chefs being implanted in Season 18. I'm not gonna do EVERYONE for this look, but I'll look at a few key people:
Nick: This is really interesting because while I wanna just say "yeah Nick wins it all", he might get thrown off by not being so close to home base. In 17, he had a BUNCH of buddies from Season 14 there, but here he'd have just T, who I don't remember if he ever got close to or did anything with, and Bret, who I can't imagine he got along with. Not having those established friendships (especially with Michelle) and understanding of dynamics, it could have easily thrown him off. Regardless, I think he would still do really well and make it to the top, but he might not have had as dominating of a run, especially imagining how he interacts with Scotley, Trev, and Bret.
Michelle: I feel that her and Mia would constantly be all over each other in terms of trying to fulfill that "young super good chef". Also she wouldn't be able to say she's the youngest because Kanae is there lol. If the world were a perfect place I'd say she'd be Runner-Up to Ariel (I think she'd beat Mia since she's more consistent in dinner service), but I think I've already made it clear how I view Michelle lmao
Ben: I feel like Ben and Trev are a match made in heaven lmfao I don't know why I'd love to see them interact.
Milly: I'd be really interested to see how Milly and Bret interact, especially since it was clear that Milly had a lot of respect for Bret in his season. Would that turn around when they interacted longer, especially as things got closer? who knows. I see similar placement for Milly though as Mia's strong challenges and Ariel's consistent leadership would overall trump Milly.
Robyn, Elise, Barbie: Pairing these together since I have about the same opinion for all of them. I don't think casting would have ever missed the chance to have all three of these people together, but in the weird event they transplanted one over, I don't think their explosiveness would be as much. I could see maybe Elise getting in over her head about the rookies, and I could see her blowing up against people like Mia, but there's not as much tension in the 18 cast that would make things get as terrible as they did in 17. Would love to see one of them fight Heather though lol.
Jennifer: They'd never fucking miss the chance to have Elise and Jennifer in the same season lmfao. But in the weird event Jennifer got put down for 18, I think she could have very easily won it or gotten very close. I just want a fucking season of Jennifer not having to deal with bullshit lmfao I love her and while she has he faults I don't think she's ever gotten the chance to just shine.
Van, Giovanni: I think these guys would have actually done better on 18. Less drama, honestly a more fitting cast in terms of the seasons they came from (I think Roe and Trev or some other all star would make more sense for 17, since they're more recent, and even in the first episode, lots of the newer all stars didnt know who Van and Gio were). I could see Bret and Van either getting along great or hating each other. I think ultimately Gio would still run into issues as things got tighter and would land in the 7th-10th area, with Van making it to about the top 4 (assuming he doesn't "get too sleepy" again like the last season).
Dana: Dana would have killed this season I think. I think the drama from her team really wore down on her (which is interesting because she managed to survive Season 10's endless hellscape). It's very possible that she just screws up again in 18 but I think with a team like Ariel, Mia, Kanae, and Heather, it would be a lot less likely and she'd also have more space to shine as a leader.
People I didn't mention: no lmfao, would still lose. They'd probably do worse honestly since they'd mask up the other All-Star's mistakes (since even though the early all star elims did bad, I think someone like Josh or Manda would outdo them and keep them alive for a few more episodes, probably saving them in the long run)
What do you guys think lmao
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2021.06.19 07:12 althaia123 What will you respond to a girl who you don't like anymore says she miss talking to you?

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2021.06.19 07:12 Perry_Kim A friend of mine asked me to draw this. She recommends most of them. This was a great havoc for me. But I did it anyways 😅.

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2021.06.19 07:12 Alpha_Male8 Midnight Sun

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2021.06.19 07:12 sburgess86 Fast alignment and preprocessing of chromatin profiles with Chromap

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2021.06.19 07:12 LovelyMamasita Found this guy at the grocery store. What calathea or ctenanthe is this?

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2021.06.19 07:12 huracan2533 GeRman EmpIre unleashes TeRrIfYIng new weAPON, TuRNS the tiDes Of the gReAt War

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2021.06.19 07:12 Odd-Theme3331 vaccine log [daily updates]

hello everyone. i’ve decided to keep a daily log of my experience with the johnson and johnson vaccine. i’m 25F so i’m at greater risk of getting the blood clotting disorder. i know in my mind that it is very rare, but i’m going to be afraid of getting it no matter what because of my health anxiety, so this log is to help me dissuade some of that fear. i don’t know if this will help people like me, but i know it’s gonna help me so i will be glad if it helps you too.
6pm - got the shot. immediately felt scared and like crying. the shot didn’t hurt but the pain afterward was pretty bad. felt some icy sensation as the liquid was moving around. immediate arm soreness. also felt a pain when swallowing so i’m guessing my lymph nodes were starting to swell. also started noticing some funny lightness of breath. not like shortness of breath but… kind of?
that night i was having a mix of sweating and super mild chills (too hot under blankets but too cold when i took them off). i was feeling pretty exhausted and my legs felt like bricks when walking, but to be fair it was leg day the day before. couldn’t sleep til 2am.
woke up sweaty with mild lightheadedness. very exhausted. legs still felt like jelly. occasional headache and leg pain. some tingling in left toes?? as well as general weakness. left arm kinda felt weird, occasional left finger tingling. but all my limbs are usable. took it easy and watched superbad. felt a ticklish sensation in my chest, and still had just a funny feeling of lightness. like i could use my lungs fully but i had to work for it. random chest pains.
woke up sweaty again and this time with some horrible abdominal pain. i think it might have been the shape of the cushion i was sleeping on (back arched). gut pain has come and go throughout the day but often accompanied by tooting, so it is probably gastrointestinal rather than related to blood clot. occasional temple pain and leg pain behind the knee. occasional jolt of pain in knees. took a two hour nap and honestly felt better. tonight i’m feeling okay. breathing a little better. occasional toe tingling. gut pain is gone. really hoping for further improvement tomorrow!
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2021.06.19 07:12 Hitanog SI.

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2021.06.19 07:12 ThatBroadcasterGuy Is it possible to join a Tier 1 guild without having raided before?

I'm a lvl 27 player, and I've never raided for a guild before in my entire playthrough, at least not for gold. To clarify, Tier 1 guilds mostly consist of [food service] and [retail] guilds.
One reason I haven't raided for a guild is that I've always had a decent amount of gold in my inventory. Not a whole lot, but a good amount regardless. Also, I fear that it would drain my [happiness] stat to abysmal levels, and I want to keep that maintained as much as possible. Lastly, it seems that players of the [manager] class prefer to invite players of lower levels (as low as lvl 15 I've observed) to join their guilds, even if those players haven't raided before.
So, the RNG involved is not in my favor on this one. Add to that having the [autism] trait which gives me the [socially awkward] debuff. Unless there's a way to mod my character to be 10 levels younger, it doesn't seem I have a chance. Is there a way I can get a guild invite somehow?
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2021.06.19 07:12 FatCatWithARat Can't get deo bone

I have killed h. A. D 34 times and counting with major difficulty. I still haven't gotten bone. Are there any tips for making the fight easier, currently I'm use tw boxing, is there a way to cheese using a fairly common stand like th or mr
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2021.06.19 07:12 sburgess86 LD-CNV: rapid and simple discovery of chromosomal translocations using linkage disequilibrium between copy number variable loci

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2021.06.19 07:12 Brittany_Bunch Cleveland nice logo

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2021.06.19 07:12 MensoDeInternet05 Is is that a

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2021.06.19 07:12 sburgess86 GRAND: A database of gene regulatory network models across human conditions

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2021.06.19 07:12 drop_the_chase Still can’t play

Haven’t been able to play this game for about 4 months now. Everytime I put it in it has to “copy add on” but it never copy’s. I have downloaded everything from the store and still no luck. I’m on PS4 with a disk copy, I’ve tried cleaning the disk off and that didn’t work. I’ve tried rebuilding the database many times with no luck. At this point I think it’s going to be broken forever.
Activiison support didn’t help either, they gave me the same fixes I’ve been seeing here and nothing worked. I want my money back!!!!
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2021.06.19 07:12 Gmoinit Raichu! The next pokemon crypto coin!

RAICHU $RAI The amazing pokemon crypto!
1 Quadrillion Supply BURN - 50% Liquidity - 42.5% Locked Liquidity Ownership Renounced Less than 100k marketcap
Owner renounced: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3570881d7510b5f5a22569a3e92dd6df2068649af6e3e30471b47f9cbd187a0c
DEXTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explore0x06521cc91662e8923c5312095c4951ac8d56992 Token contract: 0xda1c18bf25ca69fca7d0d75184d2fc6bd3a14ec8
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2021.06.19 07:12 PurpEL Excuse me, where might one purchase this dolly?

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