Go! My nipples are so itchy(Lips Too Hot)-Malaysian Indian Couple |

My nipples are so itchy(Lips Too Hot)-Malaysian Indian Couple

2021.06.15 19:46 thedesihornyone My nipples are so itchy(Lips Too Hot)-Malaysian Indian Couple

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2021.06.15 19:46 LeoDaRuler DayZ video w the boys was a lil crazy

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2021.06.15 19:46 nayu2 *moves away to another country* Filthy Dooniers

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2021.06.15 19:46 Slimebro360 [PC] W: Ember H: Karma, Mule

Doing a SL1 run with a friend as SL1 summon. But we're stuck at dancer, out of embers
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2021.06.15 19:46 kalimass Powder or mix? What do you use to make your mochas

So we beginning to open a new cafe and we are debating on whether to get a mocha syrup or a powder. I have only used Zuma mocha powder and never used a mocha syrup. What do you guys suggest? :)
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2021.06.15 19:46 Gawd_of_oh_Lawd Most cartoons that teach kids about science have characters that totally unrestrained by physics.

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2021.06.15 19:46 nika707gg PINKDOVE Project πŸš€ | πŸ”₯ | Gem πŸ’Ž | Fair lunch πŸ’₯ | Strong Use Case

Pre-sale on dxsale once community aims met:
⁃ Aim for 500 - 2000 members on TG by the end of day 7
⁃ Fair launch at a pre-determined time
⁃ Max 1 BNB purchase initially to avoid whales and pump and dump
⁃ Soft cap 200 BNB, Hard cap 250 BNB
Aims for community growth:
⁃ Active community encouraged
⁃ Moderator and social positions will open as we grow
⁃ This is NOT a rug pull or scam
⁃ Prices go up and down - have to enjoy the journey
⁃ Do not invest more than you are happy to lose (there are no guarantees in life; invest small if you have to, but do NOT look at the charts every hour)
Aim of the project:
⁃ To give back through charitable donations
⁃ To create an active and supportive community with a common goal in sight
⁃ To create an NFT marketplace (aim is to eventually emulate NBA Top Shot)
Milestones (awards to be given at random if MC achieved for 72 hours):
⁃ 1M MC β€”> 1BNB
⁃ 10M MC β€”> iMac 24”
⁃ 100M MC β€”> 100 BNB
⁃ 250M MC β€”> Virgin Galactic Space Flight Ticket
⁃ 500M MC β€”> Aim to list on Binance; Lucky winner to receive $500,000 in Bitcoin
Project Timeline
Q2 2021:
Website development
BSC Network Token Presale
Listing on Pancake Swap
2k Holders
Marketing - Twitter, TikTok and Instagram
Q3 2021:
Audit with u/TechRate
Trust Wallet logo (once 2500 holders reached and 5000 transactions)
CMC and CG application (CG usually approved at around 2500 holders)
Social Media Strategist Hire: Gearing up for 1st Listing
10k Holders
1st Exchange Listing
Q4 2021:
NFT Project and partnerships development
Major Website Update!
Merch design creations
Merch store deploy
Listing on more exchange platforms
Partnership with charitable organizations
Donation System V2
Listing on larger exchange platforms
Evolution of the project over time - with feedback and community input
AMAs will be planned on a regular basis with the developer and we will decide as a community how often you would like us to perform these.
We will also be creating a FAQ section in the TG group depending on the common questions being asked.
πŸ‹ Anti whale Pre-sale & Launch (1 BNB pre-sale buy; max 2% to be owned by one individual)
πŸ”’ Liquidity Locked
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 000
Presale: 490 000 000 000
Pancakeswap Listing: 441 000 000 000
Dxsale Listing Fee: 9 800 000 000
Presale Rate: 1 960 000 000 PinkDove Token/BNB
Pancakeswap Listing Rate: 1 960 000 000 PinkDove Token/BNB
SoftCap: 200 BNB
HardCap: 250 BNB
Locked Liquidity: 90%
Marketing: 10%
Fee Breakdown
Month 1:
Burn: 4%
Redistribution: 3%
Donation/Dev: 2%/1%
Month 2:
Burn: 3%
Redistribution: 3%
Donation/Dev: 3%/1%
Month 3:
Burn: 2%
Redistribution: 4%
Donation/Dev: 3%/1%
Month 4-6:
Burn: 1%
Redistribution: 4%
Donation/Dev: 4%/1%
Month 7+:
Burn: 0%/2.5
Redistribution: 4%
Donation/Dev: 5%/1%
Links ⬇️
🌐 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinkDoveProject
🌐 Website: https://www.pinkdoveproject.com/
🌐 PancakeSwap Link: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x1091218DfbE52922B9FA2a05696B0e856816b2f8
🌐 Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x1091218DfbE52922B9FA2a05696B0e856816b2f8
🌐 Telegram: https://t.me/PinkdoveOfficial
🌐 TikTok: u/pinkdoveproject
🌐 Instagram: PinkDoveProject
πŸ“ƒMarketing Proposals: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMqy5n5mFrdw-2kWpdVV_LChQsZSwwSNhipWzCO8UFpQHcKg/viewform?usp=sf_link
πŸ“ƒMarketing Suggestions (award to be provided for any ideas we use): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgM8rYAlT9RLgqTKFCLRK3tMLa8X75AMyy3WOkY05z4o7I5w/viewform?usp=sf_link
πŸ“ƒTitTok Video Contest (See prizes below): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSetFOOq5Hj6yh3xySsQoDwmSg4tiiUcfiEKi9OVAzjYtFIhKw/viewform?usp=sf_link
TikTok Video Contest Prizes (Winners to be announced one month after PancakeSwap Listing)
1st Prize: iMac 24”
2nd Prize: iPhone 12 Pro Max
3rd Prize: iPad Air 10.9”
4th - 10th Prize: 1 BNB Each
Participation Prize: 0.1 BNB Each
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2021.06.15 19:46 Emergency_Novel Which underwater camera is the best? Let me end your hardships of choice..

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2021.06.15 19:46 gameovernate I...honestly don't know anymore

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2021.06.15 19:46 Austen888 Need some investment Help

Hi I am in need of some advice over the past week I got 4400 gems (Will have 5k once I max DSOD Kaiba) and am not sure which of the ways is best to use it 1. make a metaphys deck heard it's fun and the set has black rose 2.Get a staple card (Although I have 2 Lance and Karma and Trachorus) 3. get the xyzs from Photon for my harpies 4. Open Aerial Assault for Swallow this is risky as I am 78% sure it will be semied along with Channler or Hysteric Sign
I am not sure what us best thank you to all who respond 😊
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2021.06.15 19:46 PaperSpartan42 Can't go back

Had a dream where I was told I can't come back. I forgot the context but I get the feeling I did something wrong.
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2021.06.15 19:46 JadeSpade23 (Re-posting at a different time of day because I would really like feedback) I never see my type of OCD represented, and am curious if anyone here is like me.

So, I'll try to explain as well as I can through text, but if none of you do the same thing, it might be difficult to understand.
I've had OCD since age 5 at the latest. I was predisposed to having it when I was born, and it probably got triggered when my dad died at 3.5yo. I remember my mom saying, "Stop doing that with your eyes!" once when she was talking to me (at 5yo), because I was doing a ritual and she didn't understand why I was moving my eyes back and forth. So anyway...
I have a touch of germophobia, checking, lots of intrusive thoughts, rumination, anxiety; a touch of everything, it seems. But the most dominant theme(?) I have is making patterns.
I make patterns out of literally anything and everything. I draw lines in the air with my eyes, connecting random (but soon to be important) points, and have to retrace the line exactly a 2nd time. If I fail, a pattern starts. I have to "undo" the 2nd time before I can go back and "undo" the 1st time. That usually doesn't work out, because it's difficult to retrace exactly, so I do things differently a 3rd, 4th, etc time, and get into a very complicated "game" of remembering what I did the previous time, and working backward to undo it, until I undo the 1st line I drew. This rarely happens and just have to stop after I get to a point to where it's just too complicated. It gets much worse than just looking around though.
It can and does involve every part of me. Setting my hand down and noticing the pressure and temperature on my fingertips and whatever other skin is making contact with a surface; what color and texture I'm looking at. Was I blinking? Breathing in or out? How full were my lungs? Was I (God forbid) swallowing at the time? If so, I have to repeat every single factor the exact same way, or I add another layer to the pattern to undo. It is exhausting and pervasive. A bit maddening as well.
What really sucks is that it is so natural to me. I don't even notice I'm doing it. If I don't notice I'm doing it, how do I stop it? It's been the way I think since I was 4! I'm pretty lucky to be a person who can (mostly) hide my rituals, but at the same time I wish people could see how bad it is. If I had to turn the lights on and off a certain # of times, I would notice and maybe be able to stop myself, but it isn't like that. I'm glad no one would watch me doing that and make fun of me or put me down, but I also have nobody seeing how much I'm suffering and how awful it is. I really am trapped in my head. My mind being a prison is very accurate!
I actually have stopped myself plenty of times, but if I'm doing it literally every waking moment, the number of times I stop myself in a day is insignificant. I don't know how to change thought patterns I've had since I was a toddler.
I met 1 person (in actual real life - not the internet!) who had the same type. After reading and searching this sub, it seems like a one in a billion chance that I met that guy.
One more thing, and this seems kind of important, but all the people I've read about talk about how they think something bad will happen (to whomever) if they don't do their rituals. I don't have that, but instead I just get the sensation that something bad will happen. That overwhelming sense of dread you get, but nothing specific happening to anyone or anything. Anyone else like this?? Thanks in advance to everyone.
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2021.06.15 19:46 delugetheory LBJ was known for terrifying guests to his Johnson City ranch (the "Texas Whitehouse") by driving down a hill in his (unbeknownst to them) amphibious car while shouting that the brakes were out before plunging into a lake.

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2021.06.15 19:46 gr4vitycamilla Harmonic Hero Theorycraft - Summer 2021

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2021.06.15 19:46 YAPAXPoutine why ?

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Simp Inu πŸ’¦ ($SIMP) Connecting SIMPS with their Goddesses πŸ₯°
πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ CMC application after launch
🦎🦎 CG application after launch
πŸ“‹ Tokenomics - 10 billion fixed supply; - Liquidity Lock - 10% team tokens for Dev Fund and Marketing
πŸ—Ί Roadmap Simp Inu is launching the Simp Inu DEX - Simp Cam - Simp/Master Content - AMA with the Stars for you to SIMP for
Our streaming platform will be a combination of Pornhub based video content, and Only Fans style content. SIMPs will be able to directly interact with their goddesses and complete SIMP related tasks to earn favors and rewards.
Major Adult Star and Goddesses are being brought on board for post launch marketing and onboarding to the SIMP Platform.
πŸ›’ Search $SIMP
πŸ”œ Coming soon Private Presale Public Presale PCS Listing
πŸ–‡ Quick Links - Telegram: https://t.me/SimpInu - Website - Coming Soon - Twitter - Coming Soon
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2021.06.15 19:46 yak_slapper He always shows up at inappropriate times

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2021.06.15 19:46 cxdog1400 (AW)

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2021.06.15 19:46 lotus-water dosage?

i just bought pueraria mirifica powder. for anyone that has been taking it for a while and has seen results, what dosage do you take?
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2021.06.15 19:46 peterjohnpeterson Thinking about selling my 1997 Honda Shadow 1100

They won't let me post a picture for some reason but it looks brand new it has Cobra exhaust and a stage 3 carb kit runs like a raped ape. It has brand new tires and is in perfect condition I'm just losing the love for riding and constantly moving it in and out of the shed was wondering what y'all think it might be worth I know it's hard without a picture. It has eight thousand miles on it I bought it from an old guy at three thousand miles and I put five on it.
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2021.06.15 19:46 legendaryweredragon HYENA GENDER REVEAL?!

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2021.06.15 19:46 _denvr_ E3 in a nutshell

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2021.06.15 19:46 pacman2k00 Always shit parking jobs outside the smoke shop.

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2021.06.15 19:46 FinaleMatch Kiaro Receives Final Approval for C$3 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Led by Canaccord Genuity

Kiaro Holdings Corp, a Canadian cannabis retailer and distributor, announces that it has receive final approval from the TSX Venture Exchange in connection with the previously announced private placement (the "Offering") of units of the Company ("Units") at a price of $0.16 per Unit for gross proceeds of $3,000,000.
The Company is exempt from the formal valuation requirement and the minority approval requirement under Multilateral Instrument 61-101 as at the time of the Offering, the fair market value of the consideration for the Offering, insofar as it involved interested parties, did not exceed 25% of the Company's market capitalization. Specifically, the aggregate subscription amount of the related parties totaled $225,000 and the Company's market capitalization at the time of the transaction equaled approximately $24,299,195 based on the closing price of the Company's common shares on the TSX-V immediately prior to closing. As a result, related party participation equaled approximately 0.9% of the Company's market capitalization.
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2021.06.15 19:46 YellowB [Serious] People on the verge of being homeless or evicted, what are your plans?

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