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2021.06.19 06:52 berserker1979 Rose Byrne

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2021.06.19 06:52 gurren975 Debates importantes 7u7

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2021.06.19 06:52 zombgrave Are there any solid white t shirts that are completely NOT see through that you'd reccommend?

I have a white shirt but it's sort of see through and I can see the binder through it :( so I need one that's really thick and maybe heavy weight too
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2021.06.19 06:52 billgigs55 Feds call for peace in Portland after entire police protest unit resigns

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2021.06.19 06:52 Responsible-Ad1505 Miharu Kurachi

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2021.06.19 06:52 Craftstar15 Coworkers boyfriend doesn't treat her very good. Makes me mad.

We're both the same age she's slightly older. I'm not trying to take her or anything I'm just mad with how he treats her
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2021.06.19 06:52 _WiLd3R_99_ So I revise the notes I have or finish making all my notes ⁉️

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2021.06.19 06:52 Spicy_DM The way my sock ripped.

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2021.06.19 06:52 Dippy13666 I’m sick right now what should I do?

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2021.06.19 06:52 sestrada0116 Just got diagnosed

I’m a 20M and just got diagnosed with apical hypertrophic cardio myopathy. I have so many questions about what this means and what my restrictions are going forward in life. My doctor said that I could possibly exercise as normal after all my treatment like beta blockers and ICD but everything online says I’ll be stuck with brisk walking. I’m more scared than anything and upset. Anything you guys have for me is appreciated.
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2021.06.19 06:52 grixx970 You’re right I won’t, I’ll respond with a post tho

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2021.06.19 06:52 AtrosRH Darth Talon - (Star Wars) - [AyyaSAP]

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2021.06.19 06:52 FredrickTheFish I've wanted this comic to have a larger fanbase for so long... welp

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2021.06.19 06:52 Argent_Anarky [H] Warmachine/Hordes, Verge of War, Dropzone, Other misc. [W] Them to find a good home [Loc] WA state

Tired of not being able to play, and medical issues look to making that worse. I cannot post pictures or send stuff via post, but if you can drop by somewhere close, you can get stuff. North of the dread horror that is Seattle.
Bonus if you can tell me what they are going to be used for.
All free.
Will be dumping 40K stuff sometime later.
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2021.06.19 06:52 shruubbb Ich📕iel

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2021.06.19 06:52 omEderEs Gatekeeping how a mother should grieve !!

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2021.06.19 06:52 love_to_taste_ass WYR fuck your 4th cousin or spend a year in a space station?

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2021.06.19 06:52 Sixty-nine_69 Elon vs. Bezos?

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2021.06.19 06:52 The_Wettest_Drought The moon is pretty close!

through a telescope.


That is all.
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2021.06.19 06:52 Traven396 Ores didn't spawn in age one

Ok, so, im playing on Sevtech Ages of the Sky but I made a regular world instead of the floating islands. I recently entered into age one and was going to go look for any ore samples on above ground, I traveled more than 1000 blocks from my base, looking for any samples. I checked in each of the biomes they are said to spawn in, and couldn't find any. This confused me, so I enabled cheats using LAN and began to check around using the Ore Distribution command, which allows you to search for ores in a set radius. I made sure that the command could detect the ores I needed and went off to check the whole biomes. I FOUND NOTHING, the only ores that were spawning were osmium and Redstone. No malachite, no coal, nothing. Is it bugged, do I need to play on the sky island world type? Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.06.19 06:52 VengefulSpiritToken THE VENGEFUL SPIRIT TOKEN

What is the vision behind this coin? Vengeful Spirit came to be as a way to get revenge after suffering major losses due to the Rug Pulls that happen more and more often in the crypto world. We decided to created a small but devoted team, with only one mission, one purpose - Revenge.
What is it? Vengeful Spirit is a contract that looks to solve one of the biggest problems currently affecting the crypto world, especially for new users - The "Rug Pull", also known as "Scam Coin".
The Vengeful Spirit Token on Binance Smart Chain! 🌩 ⚡️🚀
🔸 Presale on Dxsale starts June 22
Token Name: The Vengeful Spirit Token
Contract: 0x7fc6b75feb0eb32a89a7d6a654c4db967894c658
Burning: 27%
Public Sale: 70%
Marketing wallet: 1%
Air drop wallet: 1%
Developer wallet: 1%
Tax: 4% Distributed to holders and 4% Added to liquidity Total of 8%

📱Social Media Links 📱

🌐Website: https://vengefulspirit.org/
🌐Telegram: https://t.me/vengefulspiritofficial
🌐Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVengefulSpi1
🌐Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vengefulspirittoken/
🌐Medium: https://thevengefulspiritofficial.medium.com/
🌐Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YJcTXZkASI

For all proposals including, AMAs, Marketing and Business. send your full proposal through to the $VENGEFUL admins.

Keep your money, I want your blood!
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2021.06.19 06:52 Feuer593 Hypothetical saluting scene

Alright let’s say a soldier looses both hands while in service of their country, how does that soldier salute? Or I guess the latter of that would be could that soldier salute?
I realize that this scenario would be as unlikely as being struck by lightning seven times but it still is something I am curious about. I know that they would likely not be a soldier long but I am still curious as to what the protocol would be.
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2021.06.19 06:52 JamesFromHR_ How do I make my aim more snappy?

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2021.06.19 06:52 exposedl Is this a bedbug??!? Under microscope

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2021.06.19 06:52 beaniebud6 I have drawn Cozy Chomps inspired by smiffy :)

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