Go! Hi guys any tips for me to get better n what operators to main. pls ? |

Hi guys any tips for me to get better n what operators to main. pls ?

2021.06.14 16:28 Crxwn10 Hi guys any tips for me to get better n what operators to main. pls ?

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2021.06.14 16:28 Swenowar Log 21165, Day 63. I moved faster yesterday than I thought. The closer I get to the bubble, the fewer systems there are to rediscover. Only a little more than 1k LY to "home". I can already smell civilization. All systems are ready for takeoff.

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2021.06.14 16:28 Tszemix Kvinnor har börjat döma män efter utseendet

När jag var yngre fick jag oftast höra hur pass viktig personlighet och inkomst var för en man, utseende var något av ett mindre problem. I dagens samhälle där normen att behöva visa sig själv på sociala medier har jag märkt hur viktigt det nu är att inte påvisa en massa svagheter. Med svagheter syftar jag bland annat på synliga leverfläckar, för stor näsa, blek hudfärg och det mest beklagliga synlig håravfall. Hur ofta ser man gamla vigselfoton där mannen ser antigen ut som en tråkig medelsvensson eller en gravskötare som har aldrig sett dagsljuset. Nuförtiden ser man mest vigselfoton av män som i många fall är ljusår över kvinnans utseendeliga. Jag pratar om smala eller vältränade män med nästan intill perfekta skall och käk proportioner, stark skäggväxt och det som sticker ut mest en slitstark silkesfin hårfäste utan något som helst synlig håravfall.
Till sakfrågan har jag genom åren märkt hur mycket mitt utseende kommer på tal med de kvinnor jag dejtar eller har dejtat. Samtalsämnen konvergerar allt mer på mitt utseende än annat som intressen. Jag efterlever knappt hur jag ser ut på bilderna, bland annat har jag ett stort ärr i nacken som syns väldigt tydligt bakifrån, men vem tar en massa bilder på sin nacke och lägger bland bilderna man har på Tinder eller någon annan dejtingplattform. Vid runt 25 märkte jag av någon form av tunnhårighet, vid 30 ser det inte alls så dåligt ut då den nästan stannade av vid 28, med glädje trodde jag att efter 30 bör kvinnor inte bekymra sig över ens tunnhårighet, så fel som jag hade gäller även samma utseendestandard för 30 åriga män som för någon i 20-års åldern.
Har ni upplevt något liknande, Lever vi i en evolutionär brytpunkt där utseendet för en man är så pass viktig att den avgör om han någonsin kommer hitta kärleken?
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2021.06.14 16:28 TAMOTHEARAB Do not do what I did and start vaping as an alternative to smoking...the vape smoke will cause more phlegm which constricts your throat/makes your chest heavy. I feel a lot better today....vaping will 100% prolong this process.

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2021.06.14 16:28 Blancc_available Does my crush from my previous school like me?

A year ago I had crush on a classmate, she knows I like her, and now (I'm also in a different school rn) she followed me on insta, does that mean she likes me
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2021.06.14 16:28 kamikkazet UN: World must tackle climate change, extinction crisis together

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2021.06.14 16:28 ickybus a34tsert

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2021.06.14 16:28 upbstock early option action

DS Jun 5 calls are seeing interest with 9610 contracts trading vs. open int of 1000, pushing implied vol up around 169 points to ~254%. Furthermore, DS Jul 5 calls are seeing interest, with 9520 contracts trading vs. open int of 40, pushing implied vol up around 56 points to ~142%. The stock spikes by approx. +13% to 52-week highs. UXIN Jun 6 calls are seeing interest with 8760 contracts trading vs. open int of 680, pushing implied vol up around 114 points to ~279%. The underlying stock trades higher by close to +5%. ACI Jun 21 calls are seeing interest with 4320 contracts trading vs. open int of 310, pushing implied vol up around 19 points to ~49%. More than 1,400 contracts traded in a single transaction. Co is scheduled to present at the Evercore ISI Consumer & Retail Summit and the Oppenheimer 21st Annual Consumer Growth and E-Commerce Conference this week and is expected to report quarterly earnings in late July. GSK Weekly Jun25 41 calls are seeing interest with 4550 contracts trading vs. open int of 30, pushing implied vol up around 11 points to ~33%. Co today announced a development and commercialization collaboration with iTeos Therapeutics (ITOS). Quarterly financial results are next expected from co in late July. Puts:
NUE Jun 100 puts are seeing interest with 9630 contracts trading vs. open int of 380, pushing implied vol up around 12 points to ~52%, with the underlying stock moving lower by approx. 2%. Co's next earnings report is expected to be released in late July.
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2021.06.14 16:28 ExtraAsian Anon has Tinnitus

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2021.06.14 16:28 phai6688 The donghua team wishes us a Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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2021.06.14 16:28 LovelyJoey21605 Iron Banner and Crucible matchmaking makes me feel things...

I'm not a streamer, so I know you won't give a flying fuck about my user-experience, but here goes.
I'm a PvP main. Crucible has always been the ONLY reason I play Destiny 2, and it's neglected to a laughable degree.
The state of crucible makes me rethink ever playing Destiny 2, and genuinely makes me want a refund.
Crucible matchmaking and lobbybalancing is absolutely attrocious. The casual modes NEEDS some kind of matchmaking and lobby-balance overhaul. Not in a season, or 4. It needed it 6 months ago.
If I wanted to get my teeth kicked in by players far outskilling me, I'd be playing more Trials.
I'm an actual fucking person, with feelings. Getting ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED EVERY FUCKING GAME is not enjoyable. This is a video-game. I'm playing to be entertained and to de-stress. I'm not playing to be cannon-fodder. Quickplay and Iron Banner are mercy simulators, absolutely terrible game-modes made worse by matchmaking and lobby-balance.
Iron-Banner has Freelance matchmaking, and even though that SHOULD be the easiest games to matchmake and properly balance I'm going on 10+ game loss-streaks, where me and my teams are getting our teeth kicked in. Not even close games where I can kill people, no, these are matches where my opponents are so far outskilling me that I can't even do ANYTHING. In CASUAL MODES.
Matchmaking makes sure I'm getting absolutely fucked, and lose almost every single game.
Feel free to look me up on destinytracker: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/profile/xbl/LovelyJoey21605/overview
Currently with a 1.8 kda in Iron Banner, yet BOTTOM 9% in the playlist. I lose 99.9% of ALL iron banner matches when I solo-queue.
Crucible needs an overhaul.
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2021.06.14 16:28 darky7669 Iceberg of stronghold

I reposted because idk if the first one was posted
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2021.06.14 16:28 Gropemydong My wife makes fun of me, but my friends don’t!

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2021.06.14 16:28 evanmceier about the battle-pass...

what do we think the odds are of if you purchase the game full price you don't need to buy the battle-pass? cuz that'd suck. a lot.
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2021.06.14 16:28 The_Weeb_Dragon World Arena/Arena first turn

I have a question how do I get the first turn in Arena/World Arena because I’ve never been able to and that’s the main reason why I have been losing sooooo much can anyone help me out plz
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2021.06.14 16:28 0shuffleupagus0 Businesses that deliver macarons in everett?

Looking to order Macarons online to be delivered in Everett, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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2021.06.14 16:28 Guiacauan Should I remove the cushion on my weighlifting belt?

My wife gave me a Weightlifting Belt (It's always motivating when loved ones think you're about to break yourself in half, when in reality I'm at a volume/hypertrophy fase playing with 60-70% 1RM and tons of reps and frequency), I'm eager to start using it since I never did before, but there's a "cushion thing" thats removable right in the middle of it where the spine is. I never saw that in weightlifting belts usually there's no such thing (I only saw a belt via internet and this one, no one do powerlifting in my city) , I'm wondering if I should remove it and just Brace trying to "break the belt", I'm actualy concerned that the cushion like thing will create unwanted pressure in my spine when I brace.
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2021.06.14 16:28 CriticalGibsby title.

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2021.06.14 16:28 anonymous121356 What are “hooks”?

I’ve also heard that hooks increase your chances of acceptance in the Early Decision pool. Is this correct?
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2021.06.14 16:28 doublesmokedsaline Anyone know what font this is or something similar?

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2021.06.14 16:28 HollywoodADI Sweet Tooth Season 1 - My Thoughts

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2021.06.14 16:28 Youreternalvengance How bad must you idiots have messed up this time lmao

Tink seems a tad agitated...
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2021.06.14 16:28 Razzle101 1

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2021.06.14 16:28 OkKiwi3544 My bf takes a long time to text back or sometimes he just doesn't respond. Our communication just feels subpar.

We're both introverts in our mid-20s, and we actually hold really good conversations in person. When we text though, it's sort of on and off. We'll probably text each other several times a week. This works well for me since I'm not a big texter. My issue is, sometimes I'll respond to something he sends me and he just won't respond back. Maybe 12 hours later I get a liked response. Or the next day he'll ignore my response and start a completely new topic. This might just be a problem of us both being bad texters though? Maybe my responses aren't the type where we can sustain a conversation over text.
For example, he might update me on a meeting at work that went really well for him. I would respond, "I'm glad it went well!". Then nothing. The next day he'll send me a text on a completely different topic. Is my response the issue here? Does it make it difficult for him to respond?
Another example is our most recent conversation where we were talking about hanging out this weekend when we thought he might've been busy previously. Thursday: Him: I might actually be able to see you this weekend, I'll keep you updated on the situation. Me: great, that sounds good! I'm free all this weekend.
Friday: Him: ok not Saturday, I still have stuff I've got to finish for work, but maybe we can see each other Sunday. Me: take all the time you need. Let me know sometime tomorrow. Him: liked response.
Saturday: Him: sorry I don't think I can see you this weekend. I'm running really behind on this project. So, I won't be able to finish it until later this week. I'll try to drive down to see you during the week. (We're 2 hours apart) Me: no worries, you don't need to do all that. I don't get off work until it's late anyway, so that wouldn't give us that much time to hang out.
Sunday: nothing
Monday: nothing so far.
Again, is my response the issue here? Do my responses just make it difficult for him to respond? I just want to be able to sustain a convo with him over text sometimes, but it feels so difficult. In person, everything is perfect between us, but this texting is driving me crazy. It might just be an issue of him being stressed with work stuff lately, but I feel like we need to have a conversation about bettering our communication while we're apart. Any advice on this situation?
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2021.06.14 16:28 CoffingBean :)

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