Go! [for Hire] Open commissions for portrait! |

[for Hire] Open commissions for portrait!

2021.06.19 08:09 pawankart [for Hire] Open commissions for portrait!

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2021.06.19 08:09 hwpcspr How to really fix 502 server error?

  502 Server Error   Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.Please try again in 30 seconds.   
I met this error when trying to use Spotify API to create a playlist in .py.
import webbrowser import string import subprocess import os import shutil import glob import threading from selenium import webdriver from pathlib import Path from time import sleep import librosa #create playlist TOKEN='BQAjyiMpEm6Wlnu8LuKrn2GAeo9-8cvRiHOTKy7XDMN5FbcHKQgeyEHKgb7hEDvjmvNHfPVtFSneUO1i06Z27T6CotOMp3ATyzytKX__6NAsKlXWGkos8EyDKnhR_b63U2JXAQRT-vUu1qFLk_Bv2kItDmOUirzo-i7YasnmhBI4WfUmLELUQRGL-4u3XNs' output = subprocess.run(['curl', '-X','\"POST\"','https://api.spotify.com/v1/users/3ku5vldb1woyk0789zhf53wmp/playlists', '--data', '\"{\"name\":\"New Playlist\",\"description\":\"New playlist description\",\"public\":false}\"', '-H','\"Accept: application/json\"','-H','\"Content-Type: application/json\"', '-H','\"Authorization: Bearer '+TOKEN+'\"'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout.decode() print(output) #curl -X "POST" "https://api.spotify.com/v1/users/3ku5vldb1woyk0789zhf53wmp/playlists" --data #"{\"name\":\"New Playlist\",\"description\":\"New playlist description\",\"public\":false}" #-H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" #-H "Authorization: Bearer BQAY6I_h4sdiqmFp0nWYlmBK_ic3pYo868NfCV_zbfs0n8j9FOlIumKM7MPs-X72xTKtyfyCMi3U3nv957DSChAkuHPPENd-ClaVZ8d9vgSRPnO02qF5XLpnKg3Z965sOvCxO2mxquD9rEmPEVxyZqXxoYs1akYv3SKvNDV9Aj4sMzIABdgDHktzfGdg-pA" 
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2021.06.19 08:09 121AA2AA About 4 days and no update, usually it takes a day for packages to be accepted. I’ve read the reviews of the facility the package is at and they all seem to have the same problem…

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2021.06.19 08:09 Savageking2512 Juicy Streamer Raids

How on Earth do streamers constantly get juicy raids? They're always running into three mans and four mans, or bosses. Raiders love shooting them and they get third-partied.
I play pretty damn aggressive. Even running directly to gunfire and or the trajectory of where said fire would be headed. Often times my rates are completely dead and all I see are scavs or dead bodies.
I've got my server set up in the way that I think will be best for action. (Feel free to tell me the best US-west servers) I just don't get it. 1/3 to 1/2 of my raids are completely dead. Minimal gun shots a lack of grenades, no bodies few scabs etc.
Am I just unlucky or something?
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2021.06.19 08:09 suppernaturenova https://youtu.be/aGfRiEg-U7s

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2021.06.19 08:09 SeekingMore Thoughts to self, single quotes?

It's a romance story and I currently have regular quotes for dialogue and character thoughts. Should I remove all thought quotes or change them to single quotes to differentiate?
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2021.06.19 08:09 Newb_from_Newbville Me and Yeamin are having an argument to actually get the right model of Heartwood's new princess. Due to me not liking his opinion on adding Influencer, he said that she needs to be bipedal, while I said she could be quadrupedal/hexapedal if you prefer it. Pick your prefered option.

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2021.06.19 08:09 maurogerio1 Circuit breaker

Hi I'm looking for a circuit breaker homekit compatible
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2021.06.19 08:09 JDOG0959 Will the prices on MH2 boxes drop?

Im asking this question from the perspective of someone who is not interested in reselling anything besides maybe a few singles. How much will the prices for boxes drop if at all and when will they drop the most? Just to make this obvious I buy boxes to crack and I don't exactly want to spend 250 on a draft box.
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2021.06.19 08:09 bdinu89 WenLambo Connects Fans and Celebrities in New Ways

WenLambo operates a multifaceted DeFi protocol. At its core resides an NFT marketplace. This feature enables users to meet up and showcase their collections to the world. You can buy, sell, and trade your NFTs securely using this protocol. Notably, WenLambo utilizes BEP NFTs. Full review
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2021.06.19 08:09 BetteDavidThighs [SPOILER] Eviction & Final 3 spoilers...

Top 3 has been spoiled: Christina, SJ and Marley
Daniel also just confirmed on his Cameo he is leaving next week
So who will you be voting for?
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2021.06.19 08:09 Pollaski Loud Boom north of Silverdale.

Really big boom at 12:01 am 6.19.2021. . Live off of Mountain View in spirit ridge. Anyone else hear it?
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2021.06.19 08:09 AnonymousCustomer123 Why does this player have six help requests up? I thought the max is five with Farm Pass

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2021.06.19 08:09 Erza_Rhyperior I think i found minecraft alpha terrain generation

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2021.06.19 08:09 scarletleexo Can I sit on your face?

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2021.06.19 08:09 Away-Zookeepergame22 Free freee freee only fans content

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2021.06.19 08:09 jbeech01 Long driveway trench open, wiring??

If anyone has a quick answer, that would be awesome!!
I have a 1650 ft driveway and am building a home. The water line is currently being installed and the trench is open for another 48 hours.
I thought it would be a good idea to run some pvc for my internet and I’m sure I can’t get Comcast to do anything that quick. What should I install so my future internet can be cheaply installed? I’d love to have a camera at the end of the driveway as well but not sure if I could run both in the same pipe.
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2021.06.19 08:09 SnorsThraach Starba - New verified meme token on sale - Marketing Started

Starba is a memecoin launched today on BSC. Fresh token with a fair launch on sale on Pancakeswap Half of the tokens to the pool and Half are burned No dev allocation Verified Contract Safe fair launch - don't miss out
Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x806fdf346C9AA9a70ad634515247eF9728D2EC55#code Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x806fdf346C9AA9a70ad634515247eF9728D2EC55
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2021.06.19 08:09 Aarushf9 As it's inappropriate here

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2021.06.19 08:09 squirreliron San Francisco Inspired City

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2021.06.19 08:09 LordSaumya Any leaks of the current fast pass?

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2021.06.19 08:09 Familiar-Ad-4982 Is Tengai Shinsei Madara's Unique Mangekyou Ability ?

Sounds Realitistic to me atleast
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2021.06.19 08:09 Snoo-77614 This is the swiper clan

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2021.06.19 08:09 thelifeofamillenial What dating tips would you give to an introvert in his/her late twenties?

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2021.06.19 08:09 Ashamed-Database4715 Reminded me of that that bit where Zach said Tomar would photoshop his head slightly bigger than normal

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