2021.06.15 20:01 Unique_Put_5170 HODL STRONG

Stick to the plan….the shorties and hedgers are sweating but this will require grit and balls from everyone…there is strength in numbers…keep spit shining your brass balls and take a relaxing walk if you have too…or comb those beautiful silverback hairs you apes!
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2021.06.15 20:01 TheCiscoKid44 Graphic Design stream! Come check it out!

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2021.06.15 20:01 ConsistentCoat9867 How does this end with GME?

So I love this sub, been lurking for months and laugh most times I see something about the wife's boyfriend.
So here's what I want to know. If you are holding GME to stick it to HFs, 💎 🧤, you are never going to sell?
The way I think about it, HFs are gonna eventually be "out" - cover and cut their losses I guess. So if u r holding beyond that, like you forget where the sell button is, that just means you gave your money to whoever sold you the shares and that's it right?
Or are you gonna eventually sell? Cuz when that happens, won't the price just go down and whoever on this sub isn't the last to the door, is gonna bag-hold?
I don't know if I am smooth 🧠 enough to understand this but would be very interested to learn how 🦧 a think about it, lol.
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2021.06.15 20:01 narayanjot Midsummer Celtic Ritual Music for Summer Solstice

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2021.06.15 20:01 SimbaSixThree Local approved nice accommodation in Ljubljana

Hello everyone, I am planning on coming to Slovenia and Ljubljana in August with my girlfriend. We shall be travelling around and hiking and just seeing the beautiful country but of course will start off in Ljubljana. For this we need a nice place to stay.
Now we can take the obvious booking.com route and book from there, but I find its always nicer to first ask some locals and experts in this area before going with the easy option. What are some nice places to stay overnight in Ljubljana? We pick up our rental car close to the train station so ideally not to far from the city centre and also not too expensive.
All help will be greatly appreciated.
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2021.06.15 20:01 autotldr Despite strains in Texas' power grid capacities, bitcoin miners are looking to move there after China crypto mining crackdown

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot)

China has long been home to more than half the world's bitcoin miners, but now, Beijing wants them out ASAP. In May, the government called for a severe crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading, setting off what's being dubbed in crypto circles as "The great mining migration." This exodus is underway now, and it could be a game changer for Texas.
2021 data for the global distribution of mining power is not yet available, but past estimates have shown that 65% to 75% of the world's bitcoin mining happened in China - mostly in four Chinese provinces: Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, and Yunnan.
After failing to meet Beijing's climate targets, province leaders decided to give bitcoin miners two months to clear out, explicitly blaming its energy misses on crypto mines.
"One miner told us that only government electricity plants have restricted mining and private ones will continue to service miners," Bekbauov told CNBC. "But most of the electricity is generated by government power plants, so miners will have to move. That makes them uncertain and desperate to find other locations," he said.
For one, the lead time to build the actual physical infrastructure necessary to host miners is likely six to nine months, Carter told CNBC. "The U.S. probably can't be as nimble as other countries in terms of onshoring these stray miners," he said.
If all the miners do end up leaving China, it will mean less fossil fuel-powered mining, but it will also mean that the network's share of renewable energy-powered mining will drop.
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2021.06.15 20:01 Any-Side-2609 S

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2021.06.15 20:01 ThatOneGirl75 Woah...

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2021.06.15 20:01 lostsoul__2021 I've always dreamt of living abroad, I finally got a visa to do so and now I'm not sure if I want to go

I'm a young professional who has always dreamt of travelling and one day moving to experience life in another country. I come from a working class city that I love visiting, but have zero career prospects in based on the field I'm in. For the past 10 years, I've lived in a nearby large city (where there is lots of opportunity) and went to school there. It's very close to my hometown, so I've always remained close with my mom and family and visited them whenever I could.
I also have family in the UK who I have visited throughout my life, including my uncle (who has been like a father figure to me). He's very successful, lives in London and has always tried to be a good role model for me and encouraged me to have a good career. We have had very different career paths and don't see eye to eye about everything, but he really helped me get through school and push me forward whenever times have been hard for me.
Right before Covid hit, I decided I would apply for the Youth Mobility Visa (of which I was eligible for) and apply live and work in the UK for 2 years (and longer if things worked out). However, Covid obviously put these plans on halt. The cutoff age for the visa is 31, which I recently turned this year. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity, I took the plunge and applied for the visa before my last birthday. Covid lockdowns were still at full peak in both the UK and my country (Canada), but I felt like if I didn't apply and then later regretted it, I'd never forgive myself. My visa was approved and I have it in my passport now.
I guess it's safe to say that part of what fuelled my decision to apply for the visa and consider moving to another country last year is that I was not completely happy with how my life was here. I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship (that was on and off for several years) that caused a lot of damage to my self esteem. For years now, I have also been extremely upset about the fact that so many friends I had when I was younger have dropped out of my life and I have found it so hard to make new friends and get the social life I once had back. Lastly, I was also working long hours at a toxic company, where I was extremely burnt out and unhappy with my job. While my main reason for wanting to move to a city like London is most definitely to find a better career opportunity, I do feel like I have to be honest in that if all of these things had been going better where I currently live, I might have felt okay with staying where I was.
In the last year or so, I basically spent time concluding in my mind that I would plan to leave my city and move to the UK in 2021. I've done everything possible to try to mentally prepare myself for it. Anytime a friend or family member has mentioned plans of what they'd like to do "when Covid is over", I've concluded that I won't be here to participate. I've gone over how to give notice on my apartment and store my things. However, with things like lockdowns, needing to get my Covid vaccine and hopes of lining up a job, my plan has not been as streamlined as I thought it would be. I've applied to 100+ jobs in London and other UK cities and have not gotten a single response, while at the same time I get recruiters messaging me daily about interviewing me for jobs in my home city. I've suggested to my uncle there that I probably will have better luck moving there before I find a job, but we've just argued about this because he seems to be adamant about the fact that I should have one lined up. News has just broken out about the UK delaying their reopening plan again, which is very upsetting.
Things have also gotten better in my home city during Covid. I ended up leaving my toxic job and have successfully started offering my services on a full time freelance basis, with a lot of success so far. I've had many people in my professional network find work for me and collaborate with me on some really great projects. I've spent more extended time with my mom and friends I do still have (as I'm working from home), which I've realized has been so valuable. I've spent a year preparing myself to leave my current city, and in this time I've realized how much I actually did love living here and how much time I spent blaming the city for things that had nothing to do with it. I've realized how much I like the little, cozy apartment I currently live in and how sad I'm going to be if I leave it. I saw my extended family for the first time in over a year last week, and when I got home I cried for about two hours thinking about how much I will really miss them if I leave.
I feel so torn and am not sure what to do. I feel like both routes end up with me having to sacrifice something and/or regret something, and I wish this was so much easier. If I move away, I might have the opportunity to get a better job, access an amazing network and more easily travel around Europe. But I will lose the life I have here and will miss out on getting to see my family for most of a year. I also run the risk that because of Covid and the current timing, this plan just won't work out the way I had hoped and it won't be the cultural experience I want to get out of it.
If I stay, I still get to keep the stability I have, will still have access to opportunities (though perhaps not quite as many) and will have access to certainty that there are several companies in my country that are interested in me. I will still get to frequently see my mom and my family. But I will miss out on what, if it were to work out, would be an incredible adventure and opportunity I've always longed for.
Some honest, professional advice from anyone who has been in this kind of a situation (current or not) would be greatly appreciated. I also know that as much as I hate it, Covid-related things must be taken into account. Thanks so much for reading.
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2021.06.15 20:01 Tigris_Parvus ich_iel

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2021.06.15 20:01 Kakali4 [SS] there a SS to BotW2 connection?

Ok people first off holy shit that was a dope trailer.
Second- what’s the play here with SS both getting a port and seeming to have heavy influence on BotW2. They keep pushing how SS “is the oldest canonically and tells the origin story”. Like they are setting up for that to no longer be the case.
So what will the connection be to SS and BotW2?? It’s not an accident they chose to only port that game over right before BotW2. Think we are going to see link to to the wayyyy before times??? LET ME KNOW PEOPLE!!
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2021.06.15 20:01 SgtPeppers10 Wallpaper: ErgoDEX

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2021.06.15 20:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: objeción

objeción translates to objection
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2021.06.15 20:01 DamoFigueroa Mistborn - Stormlight Archive

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2021.06.15 20:01 averyserioushamster I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in!

i was just accepted into one of the best schools in the country lmao

and it was my #1 favorite choice

i am so excited lmao
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2021.06.15 20:01 robert_cortese Campbell crime report for the week of June 25

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2021.06.15 20:01 quicknn19 We are getting into the big names!!!!

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2021.06.15 20:01 indez_tv MOTHER IS THICC!

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2021.06.15 20:01 AFireDownBelow Wait…

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2021.06.15 20:01 what_now_jackie Bought her on Mother’s Day 14th March

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2021.06.15 20:01 Real_Eysse Mod to play 1.17 on 1.16.5 client

Is there any mod that lets you play one 1.17 servers with your good old 1.16.5 client?
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2021.06.15 20:01 Flip_Ant4 Twerking is fun to look at, but NEVER marry the twerker. Listen to the message AND watching young women twerk!

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2021.06.15 20:01 Andrew7330 Does anyone know why don’t sports bike have this type of gear lever?

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2021.06.15 20:01 atheistvegeta Is my therapist bullshitting me?

I spoke to my therapist about an incident where my uncle gathered an audience and lectured and humiliated me about being on my phone.
I told my therapist that he started lecturing me and coerced me to hear him out, without caring about me being comfortable. I then told her that I stopped him at a point during the lectured, and told him how spending on my phone is making me smarter. I told him about the knowledge I gain from the internet, my English learning etc. He then outright dismissed my points. He clearly didn't even try listening to me properly. He just went on lecturing me with more hostility and tried to prove that I'm good at nothing. He associates spending time on your phone with being incompetent and useless. My therapist told me that I was in the wrong to try defending myself to him. She said that when elders give you "advice", you hear them out and do as you are told, not try to debate them. She said that he wasn't here for a debate and I disrespected him by trying to turn into one.
To me it sounds like she was basically saying that he was only there to insult me, not have an actual conversation.
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2021.06.15 20:01 ctnguy "All roads lead to Joburg": fastest routes from everywhere in South Africa to Johannesburg, weighted by population

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