Go! Can I use my prescription given in 2017 |

Can I use my prescription given in 2017

2021.06.15 19:19 Wanderlando_ph Can I use my prescription given in 2017

I am feeling my anxiety again and I would like some meds to calm me down.
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2021.06.15 19:19 blitzkriegg_guy Mac Mini upgrades

I’m looking to purchase a new Mac Mini for video editing and graphic design. Do either of the current generation M1 or Intel minis allow for the upgrading of RAM? I don’t really want to shell out $2300 on 64 GB of RAM on an otherwise affordable machine when instead I could buy and install my own. I have the same question for the internal SSD, though that is far easier to buy an external storage drive and just leave it plugged in... can’t exactly do that for RAM.
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2021.06.15 19:19 quetzal14 Posting Momo until we all get better (day 450 special)

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2021.06.15 19:19 Substantial-Tap-1090 WOOFPAPER V2

Alright this is the perfect time to drop the woofpaper v2 cmonnnnnnnnnn dev team
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2021.06.15 19:19 RedRabbit18 When exactly did Sneha’s life start to go downhill?

In Spring 2001, Sneha’s residency contract at Cabrini was not renewed. Cabrini listed the reason of the non renewal as “alcohol related issues and tardiness”. However Sneha’s family keeps insisting the real reason she was let go was because she was “a whistleblower for racism and sexism”. Police looked into Cabrini’s records and found no complaints from Sneha which is evidence against the whistleblower claims.
Soon after Sneha learned that her contract would not be renewed, she went out to a restaurant/bar with her Cabrini coworkers, which lead to the alleged groping incident. The police however, accused Sneha of making a false report, in which she later had to go to court for.
After leaving Cabrini, Sneha was able to get another residency contract at St Vincent’s. However, she was suspended for missing a substance abuse counselling session.
Ron claims that the reason why Sneha became an Alcoholic was because of her groping incident, in which alcohol would be a temporary treatment for trauma and depression. However, didn’t Sneha originally lose her contract at Cabrini for alcoholism, which occurred before the alleged groping incident. Unless the claims by her family her being a whistleblower is true.
I do not think the whistleblower claims are true at all. I believe Cabrini, as this same behaviour carried over to her next contract. She must have been an alcoholic, or have severe problems with alcohol before the incident. Why does Ron and the family cover this up?
Did Sneha always have a problem with alcohol that got worse after the alleged incident?
Perhaps she had a traumatic experience before the incident at Cabrini.
Perhaps did she have doubts about marrying Ron, and start to drink alcohol more often to easy her doubts?
In 1999, she graduated from medical school, and got her doctorate. I am just speculating, but I don’t think she had severe alcohol issues then.
What do you guys think? When did Sneha’s life start to go downhill?
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2021.06.15 19:19 Lestania Not homeless but planning to leave home right after graduation due to toxic parents.

I'll be leaving home at a pretty young age but I already have a plan which is to live at a hotel which I can commute to work from.

Though I'm wondering if it's better to do alternate weeks of staying in a hotel and sleeping at the workplace.
Cause that way I can save cost, as for shower I'm able to use swimming pools to shower or maybe gym if I'm feeling rich.
For 30nights this cheap hostel offers a 1 month stay for 468, 520 with free breakfast though which i can accommodate into my budget.

I'll choose to work part time and invest in a bike so I can travel more as well then once I'm ready I'll migrate overseas to be free from my homophobic parents, live in a homophobic country too so not missing my hometown when I live,

Though if anyone can recommend what can I do while working part time to earn enough to save up for the future. Like a side investment to have savings.
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2021.06.15 19:19 bluemchenlecker That smile...

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2021.06.15 19:19 bombasticalien We can do better than complete impunity for Tigray's destroyed health system - MSF

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2021.06.15 19:19 Quotech2 Cat in a box, sitting badly. I never taught him good posture.

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2021.06.15 19:19 collegegolfbook Mike Wilson (previously UAB) selected to lead Wisconsin men’s golf

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2021.06.15 19:19 Zaiden-Rhys1 How to test dark mode preference in a browser

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2021.06.15 19:19 Beautiful_Way_72 :O !! He’s perfect!! Welcome home!

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2021.06.15 19:19 dothacknetwork .hack//SIGN Lovable Collection 2 Subaru YT Shorts via @YouTube #ドットハック #dothack

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2021.06.15 19:19 softse Feeling lost why is it so hard why does it hurt so much?

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2021.06.15 19:19 unhappy_barber CS Alumni, have you found a job since graduation?

Curious about how the job market is doing for entry CS grads. How is the job search? Strawpoll because I can't create polls.
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2021.06.15 19:19 MyUsernameIsAwful Why is the domestication of deer not more widespread?

The only example that I know of is reindeer and their range only overlaps the most northern human populations. But deer species exist in almost all the same environments that humans can be found.
Besides providing a good amount of meat and fur, deer provide a unique resource in the form of antlers. And of course reindeer prove that at least certain species are capable draught animals.
So what gives?
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2021.06.15 19:19 HD140283 For some reason, a really short focal length? F/0.8?

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2021.06.15 19:19 makmariri133 Speed limiter question

So I'm about to remove the speed limiter on my Zero9 scooter. Has anyone done it here? On Zero9 or any other scooter? There's a white wire that needs to be cut but I'm afraid I'll fuck the scooter up lol
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2021.06.15 19:19 vasco_ Question about cancelling Telenet Cable

Telenet has the option to cancel your cable sub and go streaming only. However is this basically the same as the yelo-play app that I currently have with my cable sub? I miss a couple of channels on the yelo-play app that I like to watch (BBC, some news channels such as CNN.
Are there any other options?
Basically I want

Currently also have a netflix sub.
Anyone who has any good experience with alternatives?
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2021.06.15 19:19 Soft_Opening_7303 Do I have anything to feel guilty about?

I recently got into a relationship, it’s been great. I cut myself off completely from things like porn, which I struggled with before. I’ve struggled with feeling overly guilty in the past, which is why I’m asking for advice. I was on TikTok earlier and saw a video that was a clip from a show or a movie or something where the entire point was the teacher being hot and seductive. Usually I scroll but this time I didn’t, and I feel bad for doing so. I’m not in the wrong, am I?
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2021.06.15 19:19 Glynnc Any love for this big girl?

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2021.06.15 19:19 daniel_charles Stairs help! Dogs can use -- Sims can't?

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2021.06.15 19:19 Distinct_Life6157 why does my left AirPod not change?

I remember last night I was listening to something and after it got late I took off my AirPods and place on my counter didn’t put in my case,In the morning I woke up and put my AirPods in my chance after I found it,10 mins past and my left AirPod won’t charge my air-pods charger is at 97% and it won’t charged still it’s like hours I try a lot of things can someone tell how can fix it.
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2021.06.15 19:19 Historyguy1 [Other] Something bugs me about the Zelda Game and Watch

They included both NES games and a re-skinned G&W game, but didn't actually include the actual Game and Watch Zelda game. I know most people forget that game exists, but it would have been the perfect opportunity to re-release it. But instead we get Link in Whack-a-Mole.
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2021.06.15 19:19 Zxldrxs [Xbox] [H] Tw dominus rlcs x [W] 3.7k cr

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