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Pharmacy question

2021.06.15 21:01 I-Get-To-Be-A-Mommy Pharmacy question

I was just wondering a couple things . 1. Did anyone notice a significant changes in their mood going from 4mg E sublingual to 6mg? I feel really irritated constantly with people and am thinking that it might have something to do with it 2. This is the weird one, my pharmacy (CVS) send me a text message with a link to a video explaining my medicine to me, I get all my meds shipped to my house and have been on HRT for quite some time, this is the first time they have ever sent me a video, and why only my estrogen why not my adderall or my progesterone. Anyways it was really weird and I felt like I got singled out somehow. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
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2021.06.15 21:01 Yvwh3 VCSEL, PD, LED - Optical Chips - Vertically Integrated Systems

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2021.06.15 21:01 RTKnigh The only truly unskipable ad

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2021.06.15 21:01 youngking250 Wilder Vs Fury Press Conference - LIVE COMMENTARY

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2021.06.15 21:01 memoriesofcold Republicans' false history of Jim Crow

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2021.06.15 21:01 Fedevara Like Full Grids? Want Clean Racing? SLR is the League For You! (PC)

For a taste of what we can offer, have a look here:
We run five tiers, three with assists allowed, two without. All races are streamed live with commentary. We continue to seek drivers from all backgrounds, young to old, rookie to pro, to battle it out, hone your skills and ultimately compete for the SlipStream Championship title.
League Championship races will be 50% races distance, corner cutting on strict, full damage and dynamic weather. We also hold one off events, such as Classic car events, 100% race distance plus full qualifying races, as well as some other fun formats.
Our aim is to build a strong, friendly community of racers and help drivers to improve their skill set, but most importantly to ensure clean racing. We have some great ideas for the future, so get on board now and see what we have to offer.
Current schedule is as follows:
Wednesday - Tier 4 - 1900 CEST
Thursday - Tier 3 - 1900 CEST
Friday - Tier 2 - 1900 CEST
Saturday Tier 1 - 1815 CEST
If you are interested, please use the link below to join our Discord server, where there is further information available on the league.
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2021.06.15 21:01 6to24_NY Miss this Kylie 🧸

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2021.06.15 21:01 halkhyrk dad & mom Story

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2021.06.15 21:01 gaylgeoir123 Cole daring his cousin Cooper to eat a worm and a snail before going off about why it’s dangerous to eat raw snails. He’s such a man child and Cooper is a bigger idiot for doing it.

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2021.06.15 21:01 nofeenews Woman sets another woman on fire in alleged attempted murder: Police - ABC News

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2021.06.15 21:01 63tom Free Stock Footage of Religious Crosses. Copyright Free

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2021.06.15 21:01 Technical_Hamster_59 POV: you must fight to protect narnia and your family [ambient]

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2021.06.15 21:01 Lexidoge Throwback to that time when Neil Gaiman did his part to help fund the global release of Trese

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2021.06.15 21:01 Legobricke MK Legacy Marquee - Options?

I am very disappointed the the faded MK Legacy marquee as it appears very washed out...
Looking for options to replace it.
Anyone have a recommendation on a vendor that is producing quality marquees?
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2021.06.15 21:01 TokyoZin Alex Tran on Twitter: #49ers QB Trey Lance and WR Mohamed Sanu are putting in work.

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2021.06.15 21:01 Billy_siozos Peace of mind. [Ghost of Tsushima]

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2021.06.15 21:01 Chong_Long_Dong Theory: The "firekeeper" in Elden Ring is the Blacksmith's companion

I believe the lady in the robe we see in the trailer is that woman beside the blacksmith in the reveal trailer.
I believe that they were the guardians of the Elden Ring in the Erdtree, but were forced to destroy it by someone or something. The blacksmith died because he was the one committing the act. Now she tries to help the tarnished reforge to ring to uphold her duty or something.
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2021.06.15 21:01 postmastern Умер старейший в мире участник космонавт Владимир Шаталов

Умер старейший в мире участник космонавт Владимир Шаталов Летчику-космонавту и дважды герою Советского Союза было 93 года. Он скончался сегодня, 15 июня.
Владимир Шаталов
О смерти Шаталова сообщила пресс-служба «Роскосмоса». Он родился 7 декабря 1927 года в Петропавловске (Казахстан) в семье железнодорожника, а детские и школьные годы провел в Ленинграде. В это время будущий летчик занимался в авиамодельном кружке ленинградского дворца пионеров. В 1943 году Шаталов окончил восьмилетку в Петропавловске и поступил в Воронежскую спецшколу ВВС, выпуск которой состоялся в 1945 году.
Затем Шаталов окончил Качинское военное авиационное училище летчиков в 1949 году, а в 1956-м — Военно-воздушную академию. После этого Владимир Александрович работал летчиком-инструктором в Качинском училище, дослужившись сначала до командира эскадрильи, а потом и заместителя командира авиационного полка.
Его первый космический полет состоялся 14 января 1969 года на «Союзе-4». Шаталов впервые осуществил сближение и стыковку с кораблем «Союз-5», а еще при его участии впервые в мире была создана экспериментальная космическая станция и осуществлен переход в открытый космос из одного корабля в другой Алексея Елисеева и Евгения Хрунова.
В общей сложности Шаталов побывал в космосе три раза. Второй полет состоялся в октябре того же года, а третий — на «Союзе-10» — в апреле 1971-го. Владимир Александрович тогда был командиром корабля и руководил первой в мире стыковкой такого аппарата с орбитальной станцией «Салют». Полное стягивание из-за поломки стыковочного аппарата, впрочем, выполнить не удалось, но все равно это был прорыв.
С января 1987-го по сентябрь 1991 года Шаталов занимал должность начальника Центра подготовки космонавтов имени Ю. А. Гагарина. За свою долгую и плодотворную жизнь космонавт был награжден тремя орденами Ленина, орденом Октябрьской революции, «За службу Родине в Вооруженных силах СССР» III степени, «За заслуги перед Отечеством» IV степени, орденом «Дружбы» и прочими советскими и международными наградами и медалями.
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2021.06.15 21:01 jesustm81 Here's a thing i did a while ago, i found Zardy in my apple, yes he's gone now, yes were safe now

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2021.06.15 21:01 JoshRanch Plant 3d training

Looking to improve my skillset with piping work. Yall got any tips and advice.
I like p3d a bit and have 2018 version. What can i do to become more employable with a diploma in mech engineering right now.
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2021.06.15 21:01 Metroplaza My bank account reminded me of this lovely banger.

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2021.06.15 21:01 Limp_Pineapple4888 24 [M4F] Looking for a New Friend

I'm hoping to find a friend here who is looking to talk and get to know someone long term.
Here is a bit about me:
As for my personality I consider myself very laid back, someone who is easy to talk to and extremely understanding. I enjoy having deep conversations as well asking you about your day, It would be best to find someone who is pretty open but whatever works
- I’m a 24 year old graduate student
- my hobbies include film (also my profession), gaming (ps5, switch and Pc) traveling, cooking, working out
- I could talk forever with you about film, all aspects of it, I love the horror, fantasy, war, crime, and sci-fi genres especially
- I enjoy a healthy mix of someone who likes sports, gaming, art etc. so I consider myself a well rounded person
As for you, I hope your passionate, kind, fun and someone who can carry a conversation pretty well.
Please message me telling me about yourself to start, don’t be sh
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2021.06.15 21:01 eatmeatdrinkmilk Cross post from /r/KLR: Purchased my first dual sport!

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2021.06.15 21:01 Particular_Bike_1139 Today, I got circumsized, with complications. Ask me Anything.

Here are two pictures of what it looks like. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/854449654707126302/854449806059634708/IMG_20210615_153009.jpg?width=369&height=492 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/854449654707126302/854449806252834886/IMG_20210615_152957.jpg?width=369&height=492
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2021.06.15 21:01 firepotionmaster Trailer Park Boys Token - Get in if you're tired of missing out on Moon Shots, It's Not Rocket Appliances

Trailer Park Boys Token

How are we gonna get to the moon?
We are going to buy and hold, that's how.

"It's Not Rocket Appliances."
What, do you own space? No, Naysa does.” “Naysa?” “Rocket people, perhaps you’ve heard of them?

Bubbles - "Do you want to see a rocket go, Randy?

How are we gonna market it?
As Jim would say, I’m gonna let the liquor do the thinkin.

Ricky - "I'm not getting Lucy one of those 'Cubic Zarcarbian' fuc*in' things."
He won't have to after where we are going.

What happens if the graph starts going down and shit?
Chill the fuc* out. I'm fuc*ing trying here, it'll be back up in a bit. Calm the fuc* down.

You just opened Pandora’s shitbox
Tic-toc Tic-toc. Shi* clocks tickin’ Rick.

Token Name : Trailer Park Boys

Ticker : TRAILER

Contract 0xe6f76061233c2fe5b9214dc51631efc8eacca69d

Telegram TrailerParkBoysToken

🔒 LP Burned🔒 https://bscscan.com/tx/0xcee200483580d8478e8f5cae567cacfa00096de3c99d271c0610e4f706c12765

🔒 Contract Locked/Renounced 🔒 https://bscscan.com/tx/0x554cf03e4148980f60578be38b315cb1f2181c12220470dc72947558e1263db4

Chart : poocoin.app/tokens/0xe6f76061233c2fe5b9214dc51631efc8eacca69d

🥞 PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe6f76061233c2fe5b9214dc51631efc8eacca69d

Survival Of The Fitness, Boys.
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