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Question about silicone sealant with anti fungal

2021.06.19 06:53 Dangerous_Return1469 Question about silicone sealant with anti fungal

Is it safe? The whole terrarium is waterproofed except for the bottom where the drainage layer is supposed to be, i looked every hardware store around my place and only got RTV Silicone Sealant with ANTI FUNGAL, is it safe to use since im only going to apply it where the drainage layer is going to be? Which is the very bottom and my gecko cant go near it
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2021.06.19 06:53 RemoStain Weird bug in the range

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2021.06.19 06:53 MedPeasant New Player Issue

Good day, I am looking for a game to play whilst at the same time earn and found this game (and loved it because I love exploring/trading/MMO/Dungeon crawler games like this, but it says in the download link in site that:
"We're currently at capacity during the Pre-Alpha and you won't be able to create an account.
Registrations will open again in the future! "
May I know when will the registration would open again? Because my hand is itching for a grind :)) Thank you!
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2021.06.19 06:53 tojineverdies Free Meat - ‘Time and Place’

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2021.06.19 06:53 ElkAccomplished8605 I’m 4 weeks post treatment and my brows look like they did before.

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2021.06.19 06:53 ATinyGlitch Small Pink choco cookie drawing based on that one dialogue

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2021.06.19 06:53 123RGang تصور من از اسکلتون

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2021.06.19 06:53 That_Owen_Person Got a picture of a skeleton shooting at me through a spyglass

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2021.06.19 06:53 aakee Extremely anxious.

For a couple weeks I hadn't slept properly, I had cramps and strong palpitations and breathlessness. I was very restless. I was too anxious, I'm not sure why. It's been a while and now I'm extremely restless, my chest feels weird and I just can't stop thinking how everything's going wrong and could go wrong. My diet reduced to ⅓rd of what it was. I'm so tired, my shoulders feel weak and heavy all the time. All this makes me think I'm stupid and that my feelings are invalid, I'm just being paranoid unnecessarily. And though I keep telling myself otherwise, I still can't shake it off. I want it to go, I've tried exercising but I don't have the energy to do it and i'm out of breath and exhausted almost immediately.
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2021.06.19 06:53 AtrosRH Tracer - (Overwatch) - [Logancure]

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2021.06.19 06:53 EarthMagicYT [no spoilers] Question

I’ve seen a lot of people use a website to veiw the models for the creatures, vehicles ect. but I can’t figure out what it is. Does anyone know?
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2021.06.19 06:53 bbrynna His favorite sleeping position 🥰

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2021.06.19 06:53 Maleficent_Ad_8806 H: trades W: stalkers ss s power fist or grog ax

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2021.06.19 06:53 Jackie170006 Searching an anime please

Searching an anime please A friend is looking for an anime (or anime movie) of which, she can remember many things so I will give as many details as I can.
The plot was more or less like this, the main character lives in the house of some guys, his friend, and a "sensei", the main character's memory is erased and all he has to remember his past life is a cell phone that is useless, he also fights monsters that appear only in the sensei's courtyard, at a specific time. After fighting he goes under the tree in the courtyard and eats some rice balls with the friend, all inside the white fence because I think sensei wouldn't let him out of there for some reason.
I remember almost nothing of the development, only that at some point he runs away from home at night because of his identity crisis, because he thinks his family doesn't care to know where he is or if he's okay, and that's why he never gets any messages from his family on his phone.
In the end, sensei manages to fix the phone by saying something like "How do you expect messages to come to you if you haven't paid the phone bill?" and he starts getting lots of messages, photos and videos from people all over Japan thanking him for defeating those monsters. Although he never gets a message from his real family, he is happy for the support of the people and the sensei and his friend, saying that this is his new family and he is staying with them.
Highly relatable images of how I remember the anime being visual.

![img](9dj46odmv5671 "Image 1: The courtyard where the MC and friend ate rice balls and slept together. ")
Image 2: Sensei's house, one of those Japanese houses with sliding doors.

Image 3: Monsters and how the main character fought.

Image 4: sensei gives his phone to the MC and the MC cries with happiness.

-Everyone, both the MC, the friend and the sensei were male.
- The monsters were designed in a different style and very detailed.
- The anime is not Mirai Nikki, Wonder egg priority, Merman in my tub, Kill a kill nor Madoka Magica, but they are similar to this one.

Sorry for the long bible and I hope you can help me, thank you.
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2021.06.19 06:53 Ok_Composer_726 Math 215

Can anyone tell me how many chapters are covered in math 215? Would it be possible to do this class in 1.5 month? How were the exams?
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2021.06.19 06:53 kazbunny 16/f/mst - looking for some new people to talk to! [friendship] [relationship]

hey guys! my name's hannah, and as the title says, im 16 years old from the US. im looking for friends and a potential relationship. i'll talk to pretty much anybody as long as they're cool! when it comes to relationships, i am straight, so please keep that in mind if you message me interested in a relationship.
some facts about me! my hair color changes like every few months. right now it's red, but it's been purple, purple and blue, pink and blue, and just straight up pink. it was actually neon pink at one point and the color was so bright that it glowed underneath a blacklight. i have an unhealthy obsession with friday night funkin' right now and i spend too much of my money on clothes. i like to draw, i like to write sometimes. im in the "used to finish entire books in a day but now doesn't have enough of an attention span to read a single chapter" club. and i like video games and watching youtube! if you watch gamegrumps or sorrowtv with me i will literally love you forever. i also like to play stardew and minecraft!
my overall requirements are to please be close to or in the mst timezone, have discord, be able to call, and have stardew, minecraft or roblox so that we can play something together! for friends, the oldest age i'll talk to is 16 and the youngest is 14. for relationships, i wont date anybody younger than 15 or older than 18. thanks for reading, message me if you're interested!
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2021.06.19 06:53 corroderp Because I hate smurfs

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2021.06.19 06:53 tedtedfredagain A little help please

I've stopped myself from checking AMP ever few mins but it doesn't help if every other post has current stats in it.
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2021.06.19 06:53 corroderp Because I hate smurfs

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2021.06.19 06:53 National_Rub5714 Rug pulled & new token

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2021.06.19 06:53 Roddykat Battlefield 2042 Will Have Bots That Make It Possible to Play Alone

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2021.06.19 06:53 TheWallaceWithin Off a Cliff

We're leaving in three days Tired of this world gone away We got sick and that is that Hard for sure But that's where we're at
Moving to the big city Not looking for no pity I don't know what I'm doing About the life I'm screwing
I'm the captain of this ship I sweep up all the shit And if we go down I'll go without a frown
I'm apocalyptic Regret having reached this We stand in the wind Searching only to begin
Life is scary when there's no net Jaded and full of my regrets I wish that the world was sublime But hey in reality it had to happen sometime .
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2021.06.19 06:53 Bright_Worker4604 Day 1

It's been fairly easy today with no urges but I'm certain that it'll come back hard tomorrow.
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2021.06.19 06:53 Warl0rd_ [SPOILERS] Is there a way to get into Valhalla?

"The Hall of the Slain" is in Asgard just south of Ymir's Altar. I know it's Valhalla because of the massive doors and if you use Odin's sight you can see the blue dots that signify allies inside. Does anyone know how to enter?
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2021.06.19 06:53 JewJap09 A Swing and A Miss

I took the time
To make you some shoes.
Not knowing what to do,
I put in some thought
Of what to make for you.
I tried to make something
Comfortable for your feet,
So when you are standing
Along with me,
You wouldn't feel too beat
Wearing the comfortable shoes.

I took the time
To make you a dress.
I'm not much of a dressmaker,
But I did my best
To make you a dress.
I tried to make something
Beautiful for you to wear.
So when we go out
Into the crowd,
People would be in awe and stare
At you and the beautiful dress.

I took the time
To make you a ring.
Though I've never made one,
I thought it could be done
To make a ring so stunning.
I tried to make something
You would be happy with.
Something to put on your wedding finger.
And when the day would come
To say our vows,
You would gladly take my hand
With the ring on yours.

I took the time
To gift you all of these things.
Only to find out in the end,
That all of them didn't fit...
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