Go! I'm getting my second shot tomorrow, so I made a meme to celebrate. |

I'm getting my second shot tomorrow, so I made a meme to celebrate.

2021.06.19 07:45 CryingEattingChips I'm getting my second shot tomorrow, so I made a meme to celebrate.

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2021.06.19 07:45 01000010011001011100 Short

In the dream I only saw a terminal, and when I tried to run commands it said /bin/ permission denied and I couldn't fix it, woke up after chmod 644 /bin/*
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2021.06.19 07:45 Ozon44 [H] 25🔪Knives, 6🧤Gloves and🔫450+ Play Skins up for fair trading! 😊

Heyo, I'm really interested in trading and whole my inventory is up for trading.
I with pleasure will consider downgrades, upgrades or 1:1 offers. You can feel free to send reasonable offer or just add me. I'm replying ASAP! 😊
Fast and only safe trading
[TL] https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=911810241&token=EoUs0mwL
[PRO] https://steamcommunity.com/id/officialozon/
Enjoy in trading!
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2021.06.19 07:45 resh_aykut My first Bard Performing Here ^.^

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2021.06.19 07:45 ProfaneGhost What is this?? (episode 19)

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2021.06.19 07:45 ASADISCOOL AJ caught in 1k

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2021.06.19 07:45 Jfuentes6 Introverts in a nutshell... and stay there

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2021.06.19 07:45 Betking_Nigeria Sports Betting Sites

If you are looking for sport betting sites in Nigeria, then your search is over. BetKing offers super high odds on a wide variety of sports betting options. BetKing is one of the leading sport betting sites for online sports betting in Nigeria
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2021.06.19 07:45 SnorsThraach Starba - New verified meme token on sale - Marketing Started

Starba is a memecoin launched today on BSC. Fresh token with a fair launch on sale on Pancakeswap Half of the tokens to the pool and Half are burned No dev allocation Verified Contract Safe fair launch - don't miss out
Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x806fdf346C9AA9a70ad634515247eF9728D2EC55#code Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x806fdf346C9AA9a70ad634515247eF9728D2EC55
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2021.06.19 07:45 technotechnophil Der digitale Geist: Bei Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker (Stefan Brunnhuber)

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2021.06.19 07:45 LSAT_Blog Taking The LSAT Soon A Reminder

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2021.06.19 07:45 sk33022 Next level art

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2021.06.19 07:45 goldpotato_0502 I outsmarted him to the point where he’s dead rn

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2021.06.19 07:45 ellelayne Wedding dress fitting

I have dysmorphia surrounding my big boobs, which I think came from the fact that they were always a topic of conversation amongst my peers, and which was first and most often triggered by the times I've tried to find a bra that fit, looked, and felt right. The best thing i can do for it is bind. I'm getting married and will need to start looking for a dress soon, but I'm scared that working with the sizes they have on the floor will be triggering for me, as most of the time that I'm trying something that fits everywhere else, it's to small in the bust. My sister is a seamstress, so I also think that it would be possible for her to create and design my dress to my measurements, but I'm worried that what she can do is more limited than i want. This is really the one chance I'll get to really dress like I'm the main attraction, and I don't want to go too simple. Should I just ask her to make the dress and hope for the best? Is there some way that the fitting would be less triggering? I just really want to have the perfect dress.
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2021.06.19 07:45 CS-Trades-101 GME Do This Or You Will Lose Money Fast...

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2021.06.19 07:45 OtakuGamingHD0 Latest pickup from Amazon. Any comments?

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2021.06.19 07:45 joe_khaJiit Free Bird

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2021.06.19 07:45 StEr1OuS Baron or King

Why am I called baron when I have a kingdom I should be a king because I am under nobody Bruce’s to be a baron here in the real world you would have to be under someone and baron also implies you are the lowest among the nobility Bruce’s the ranks go like this King>Duke>Marquess>Earl>Baron So wtf. Just so everybody knows first time playing and I am in chapter 1 but I got spoiled a bit and I know about the kingdom stuff and I am mainly asking this question because of loading screens saying baron this and baron that. Thx
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2021.06.19 07:45 BuzzOffLoser Xbox menu freezes my game every single time

Game gets stuck every single time Xbox menu opens
This has been happening since launch and I haven't seen it brought up anywhere.
Every time I click the Xbox button and open the menu the game screen will go black and the loading circle will spin in the bottom right for several minutes, during which nothing can be selected. If I am in a lobby then I will lose connection. If I'm in a game, I'll stay in the game but once the match is over the loading begins. It happens literally every single time, including when I accept an Xbox Live Party or Game Invite by holding the Xbox button, or have to change the volume for my headset or read a message. I've played on Xbox One X and the original Xbox One and had the same issue on both.
Has anyone else experienced this? I actually love the game but it's infuriating, this game has been out for years and there still hasn’t been a fix for this issue.
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2021.06.19 07:45 Eric-VII-Immortel Que les militants limités de lrem ne soient donc pas surpris que les résultats de ce scrutin soient considérés comme un test national?

Régionales : Dans les Hauts-de-France, LREM nationalise le scrutin pour attaquer Xavier Bertrand et le RN (msn.com)

Le Candide, Naïf et TRES Aimable Eric VII
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2021.06.19 07:45 bishisht Do you need collateral when purchasing a vehicle through banks?

Do you have to provide collateral if you want to purchase a vehicle from a bank loan? Isn't the vehicle itself supposed to be collateral?
How much downpayment I have to make if I want to purchase with the company name?

How is your experience?

Which banks to avoid?

Anything I missed please tell me.

Have a nice day.
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2021.06.19 07:45 Bitskis W4

Hi I’m starting my first job ever they are asking me to fill out the W4 they sent me. I live with my mom and dad and little brother, my dad works and I’m “dependent “ on him I guess I don’t know how to fill out
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2021.06.19 07:45 -ThatGingerKid- Pretty sure Mipha works at Chick-Fil-A

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2021.06.19 07:45 thecircularblue epic

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2021.06.19 07:45 thatredturtle "Son, you became 13 yesterday, you're almost 14 now"

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