Go! The back rooms (file 7 level 6 lights out) |

The back rooms (file 7 level 6 lights out)

2021.06.19 06:51 Apprehensive-Goat-81 The back rooms (file 7 level 6 lights out)

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2021.06.19 06:51 drunkpenguen Can you overclock a VGA monitor?

I have a VGA monitor and I want to try and overclock but I saw someone saying you shouldn't but there was no other explanation.
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2021.06.19 06:51 upnext_falcor I just remembered that one time my friend’s dog bit his balls

He was like 4 and it was summer so he was going around with only boxers on. He literally took em off and started shaking his lil friend in front of the dog. The dog literally jumped and bit his dick and his balls. I was only 5 but I remember all of it and it was very funny
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2021.06.19 06:51 PixelPowerstar Some recent pickups!

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2021.06.19 06:51 GavinBoi123 [US-FL] [H] PayPal [W] Diamond Tecsee Linear switches 70x-90x

Wanting to buy these switches for my Jelly Epoch that's coming in soon please pm me if you have some! Thank you in advance.
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🔥 SAFE ETH 🔥 Rocketing up so hard!! MOONSHOT!
🔐 SafeETH is a SAFEMOON protocol that rewards holders 2% per transaction and 2% to the liquidity locking forever.
🔐 SafeETH generates yield by applying a tax of 4% on every transaction splitting that instantly among token holders and the liquidity pool.
Now 100% community run, the original dev renounced.
🌕 TOTAL SUPPLY 6,000,000,000🔥
DEAD ADDRESS around 4, 000 000 000
Current circulating Supply around 312 T
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👉Chart here: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xF55D07088A022F79f38e3871dacE2229bb580c98
🔥Audited with proof:🔥
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2021.06.19 06:51 shanuirshad007 Kaitlyn Bristowe Shuts Down Trolls Nitpicking Her 'Different' Look

Kaitlyn Bristowe Shuts Down Trolls Nitpicking Her 'Different' Look https://mcutimes.com/kaitlyn-bristowe-shuts-down-trolls-nitpicking-her-different-look/
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2021.06.19 06:51 grind-ing47 Inspiration

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2021.06.19 06:51 -YTCraftyCreeper76- Venti Amos bow?

Okay so I just literally just got Amos bow from the standard banner. I'm wondering if Amos bow is better than stringless for venti. Is r2 stringless better or worse than Amos bow? Everyone seems to seem say Stringless is the best 4* bow for venti and when ive look up Amos vs Stringless I always get mixed opinions so I want a clear answer
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2021.06.19 06:51 Frosty-Development-2 DEA WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET OUT FUCKING CREDIT?!

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2021.06.19 06:51 leoo328 Are these signs of early balding?

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2021.06.19 06:51 vladanguitar Obrisi suze draga - Wipe away the tears dear - Vladan Guitar Instrumenta...

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2021.06.19 06:51 shanuirshad007 ‘Elite’ Recap: Season 4 Premiere on Netflix, Episode 1 — New Mystery

‘Elite’ Recap: Season 4 Premiere on Netflix, Episode 1 — New Mystery https://mcutimes.com/elite-recap-season-4-premiere-on-netflix-episode-1-new-mystery/
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2021.06.19 06:51 Baptyse [W] 3 logs [H] selection of 2 princesses, 2 inferno dragons and 3 graveyards

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2021.06.19 06:51 VAYU3594 Kriti Sanon

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2021.06.19 06:51 Puzzleheaded_Ad2877 LSAT Recap (diagnostic 148-PB 174) and tips

Just doing this post to distract myself from the June test.
My initial diagnostic was a 148 on August 10th, 2020
My highest PT was a 174 on both the M20 and PT 80 which I took two weeks ago
Around 650-710 hours of studying
304 definite hours of testing 55 definite hours of 7sage lessons 150-200 hours of 7sage and LSATLab problem sets Roughly 180-200 hours of going through The LSAT Trainer, Loophole, PS Logical Reasoning, and LSAT Lab RC classes
Tested twice (Feb 2021 and June 2021) Feb: 163, was avg 167 on PTs June: ???, avg 171 on PTs
Total breakdowns before Feb- roughly 10
Total breakdowns before June- 1
So, what did I learn? I’ll give the short and long explanation
1) I wasted a lot of time and money 2) Breaks are key 3) Don’t give up just because you’re not seeing results 4) The LSAT does not test intelligence, it tests tenacity 5) Courses and Youtube vids will help you into the 160s, get a tutor for breaking higher or change your game plan
1) I wish I took the proper time to just get the PS RC Bible, PS LG Bible, and Loophole and understood the fundamentals of everything better than anything else. Strong fundamentals make the 170s so much easier. I spent too much time hopping on diff courses and books because I thought it would give me the fast and easy version of what I want, but in reality to master the LSAT you have to grab it by it’s balls and not just dingle with them.
2) some university proved that while studying for the LSAT you create neural connections. More specifically, you’re working on your lateral thinking. However, just like working out, you need to give yourself a break to let your brain rest. Be efficient. I wish I understood this early on.
3) when I was in the low 159s I thought the low 160s was impossible, when I was in the low 160s I thought the high 160s was impossible, ect.
I wish I would’ve set small realistic goals but also believe in the ultimate goal of reaching whatever score I’d be content with. I’m telling you, soooooo many people have went from low 150s and 140s into the 170s. We aren’t geniuses, we just persevered. This leads me to 4.
4- If there is some cocky ass dude saying “I scored a 175, therefore I’m of superior intelligence” tell him he’s a dumbass. Intelligence ≠ LSAT score. Yes, there is a slight correlation, but like any sport or IQ test or practically anything in life, the more you practice the better you get. If you have me 1 more year for the lsat I can almost guarantee that I will always score above a 175. The people that see this as a marathon rather than a sprint are high scorers for a reason. If you practice enough, study enough, and keep at something long enough then you will master it. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF DAMNIT AND GET OFF REDDIT!
5- I think a tutor is imperative if you’re looking for 170s, reason being
1) they’ve likely tutored people like you and so understand where your gaps are
2) it’s hard to see your gaps objectively
Even if analytics say you suck at MSS, drilling them doesn’t make things better. It likely means you need to work on some fundamental understanding of inference questions. Tutors can help in that manner. Self study your way up to your plateau.
Anyways, I hope this helps. I hope I did well on June because I’m not taking this again 😭
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2021.06.19 06:51 The_ClownGod08 Anyone knows whats the name of the pen mod?

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2021.06.19 06:51 Shivering_Mixture_ 🪐 CosmicINU 🐶 Fair launch today at 4 PM GMT | ✅ FULL DOXED TEAM | 🚀 Already 10,000 members | 🍀 Pre-launch Airdrop | 🔥 x100 Potential

Launch today at 16:00 GMT/UTC
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Cosmic Inu is a dog that travels through endless space in search of new resources and alien civilizations!
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjZIwayi-7o
💎 Tokenomics:

1,000,000,000,000,000 (100%) Total Supply 860,000,000,000,000 (86%) Liquidity on PancakeSwap (Locked for 24 months) 25,000,000,000,000 (2.5%) Marketing Wallet 25,000,000,000,000 (2.5%) Team Wallet (Locked for 12 months) 20,000,000,000,000 (2%) Airdrop Wallet 70,000,000,000,000 (7%) Burned Pre-Launch 
🔥 Fees:
5% Automatic Liquidity 3% Redistribution to CosmicFamily 1% Radiation Burn 1% Team for Jet Fuel 1% Marketing with Alines 1% Charity to Found Civilizations Total: 12% 
🪐 Website: https://cosmicinu.com/
📝 Whitepaper: https://cosmicinu.com/Whitepaper.pdf
✅ Audit by TechRate will be published at launch
🍀 Do not forget to take part in our airdrop, the results of which are about to be announced: https://cosmicinu.com/airdrop
2% of all tokens are allocated for Airdrop. 200 winners. Each winner will receive 0.01% of all tokens (100 billion CosmicINU). Airdrop winners will be determined 2 hours before launch.
Our official social networks: Telegram, Twiitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
Thank you for being part of the best community!
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2021.06.19 06:51 Ouryus Funimation jumping from English to Japanese again with no way to change.

Random episodes with jojo bizzare adventure, just scanning through them.
One I want to watch: D'Arby the Player, Part 2. Other episodes jump languages randomly with no way to change it also. Tried viewing on andriod and on firefox/chrome with no fix.
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2021.06.19 06:51 manfromleng The Whisperer in Darkness - Roland Banks Parallel Investigator Preview

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2021.06.19 06:51 gymleader_flannery Good night!

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2021.06.19 06:51 K1n9_S1lv3r Bonus Bonus Action potion essentially, an alternative is a potion that grants the same benefits for 10 minutes.

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2021.06.19 06:51 Roddykat Destiny 2 Nightfall Reward Cycle Changing Next Month

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2021.06.19 06:51 wetryagain Help keeping focused and successful at work with ADD

I've been having a tough time in the workforce lately. I've lost three jobs in about three years (sometimes due to circumstances like COVID/market issues) but also due to not meeting success standards or pace jobs apparently required. Some places were an ill fit, and I do get jaded in my industry, but there is a big underlying factor - attention deficit.
They say ADD/ADHD people tend to really well in many things and then hit a wall. I can get a great job, but can I perform consistently at the level companies want in 2021? Not with my current habits apparently.... Any advice (preferably one that doesn't include medication, although I'm curious about supplements that may help without making me feel dizzy, wired, or weird) would be really great.
Another factor is I want to switch industries completely to something I'm truly passionate about, but that's a different conversation and problem to resolve...
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2021.06.19 06:51 The_ZMD The color tone (or white balance) for 18th June show is off

I love the closeup camera's color (bricks & specially skin) while the main wide-frame one makes both a bit washed off. I think it is white balance or something.
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