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Charyn Canyon, Almaty

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Do you?
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Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/jncuHijekdb
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Hello everyone! Some girlfriends and I are are going on a trip to Georgia just for fun in August and I wanted to make them dresses out of this cool jersey knit fabric we saw one time they liked, and I can’t decide what to make. For reference, they’re both slightly on the curvier side (and sadly aren’t as confident in their curves as they deserve to be) and it will be hot out so I’m trying to steer clear of stuff that’s super tight around the armpits and stuff. Any suggestions?
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2021.06.14 17:10 Randagio91 The party got split and half of the group is held captive in the werewolf den. How do I manage this?

Hi everyone, hope to find all the community well in this difficult times. So, a couple of weeks ago we resumed the campaign, and the party headed to the Den to find their "Werewolf ally". They yet don't know which of the wolves is gonna help them, so they went to investigate.
Cutting the details, after a short battle and a chase through the woods two members of the party were left behind and two managed to escape. The two that escaped don't know if their friends survived.
The two of them that were left behind got captured by the pack and not killed on the spot as one is a Lycan Bloodhunter and the other even if he don't know it yet, got infected during the battle. So they brought back the two of them to the den to break their spirit and make them become part of the pack.
So now I have the party split in two groups, with no way to communicate. I have to introduce them to Zuleika and also have to come up with a way to get them out of the den that won't feel easy and reduce the drama and tension created in the last session. As it feels I have too much to handle, I was wondering if any of you have some advice! I'm known to experiment a lot during the session, so even bizarre ideas could help me out as long as they involve drama and horror.
Thank you very much! :)
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2021.06.14 17:10 False-Investigator22 So I noticed the aim reticle for the BR is different on each reveal (left is E3, right is gameplay overview) perhaps you are able to change your reticle for some weapons. Anyways I’m glad they brought back the original one.

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comment ur use spotify name if u want me to follow back and wanna be moots.
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I always thought Roswall would have it since we don't know any other decent Yin mages.
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2021.06.14 17:10 NYRule1994 Completely forgot I had this set up, all because of an idea on the sub many years ago.

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2021.06.14 17:10 OWOplant [19] [M4A] The Mafia Life

Warning: this idea displays the darker themes of a world controlled by the mafia. Please expect such.
In the idea I’m the major mafia boss of this era. I’m younger than most because of me ousting my father, but now it all runs like a well oiled machine. The only issue is women. Many would want my power, and finding a permanent woman so people can’t offer them to pay me off for another month is difficult. You are a woman that’s going to be sold in the Black auction, a black market event that sells everything from slaves, organs, to highly illegal substances and weapons. With your natural beauty, there’s no doubt you’ll be sold to an unruly wealthy individual to be used up and killed within a year, but that’s where I end up interceding. The black auctioneer owes me, and he pays off half of his debt by allowing me to choose whatever female I want from his collection a few hours before the actual auction begins.
I have nearly a hundred female refs if you’d like to choose from them, but honestly seeing new and exciting refs is always a plus! Please come and be ready to have quite the literate adventure for you! My Kik is 0w0plant with two zeros
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2021.06.14 17:10 DavidBenAkiva [Ryan Fagan] Kris Bryant early leader for NL 3B in All-Star Game fan voting

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2021.06.14 17:10 JessMunk1221 Wrapping Paper as Wallpaper

TLDR: I know it can be done, but would it actually be worth it?
I found the most amazing dark floral wrapping paper and I have the idea to use it as wallpaper because wallpaper is ridiculously expensive. I've found that you can really make anything wallpaper, but would it be too flimsy, tear too easily?
I tried searching, but didn't see if anyone had posted any diy wallpaper success with different paper mediums.
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2021.06.14 17:10 Super-Shenron Take Me Back to "Suffer The Children" (Part 5)

Indeed, Clementine knew this answer was going to be important for AJ’s future. And yet she didn’t even hesitate to make her choice. She sympathized with AJ's desire to punish the person responsible for his death. After all, she did hand out judgment on the version of Lilly who had nothing to do with this. Who was she to deny him the right to dish out retribution? The other person responsible for his nightmares?
This could never happen again.
"Of course I trust you, AJ!", she has declared.
"Really?!", AJ sounded about as surprised as he was overjoyed. Clementine had adopted an inquisitive expression.
"You thought I'd say no?", she has asked him.
"Well, you did say no with Abel at first...and Lilly too."
When he pointed that out, Clementine closed her eyes for a moment, before crouching to his level and held his shoulder and looked him in the eye with a solemn expression. AJ also seemingly understood her current mood, given that he was slowly suppressing his initial joy.
"Listen kiddo", she had started, "You've seen things...done things no one your age should ever have to. You had to grow up fast. Faster than I was comfortable with and that...that scared me. It scares your mom too, doesn't it?"
AJ slowly nodded in response to her question.
"But I wasn't just taking care of you on the road", Clementine had continued, "Or even against the raiders. You and I were...no, we *are* a team, and I'm sorry that I forgot that, even for a moment...Firefighters have to make the hard calls. That means they deserve our trust, and if they kill to protect others, they're never happy about it."
For a moment, the little boy had stayed silent, probably letting sink in this declaration of trust. After what felt like about six seconds, he has finally replied.
"Killing people doesn't make me happy, Clem."
"You won't ever enjoy killing?", she asked him. This felt like some sort of implicit contract.
"I won't. I promise."
She didn't show it immediately, resolve with which he had replied was helping a lot in making Clem confident about her choice. After a few seconds that must have felt longer for AJ, Clementine has finally abandoned her sober expression from earlier in favor of an heartfelt one.
"I believe you, AJ", she has reaffirmed her answer, "You've earned my trust."
This response was soon followed by Alvin's son hugging Clementine tightly. This conversation will bring great changes in their relationship. She didn't know if she was prepared for the implications of this...but she had faith that good things will come out of it.
Just as she had faith in Alvin Junior.
This was the afternoon. The whole school had finally managed to go back to sleep after the events of last night, but the arguments and feelings over one controversial topic didn't quite weaken. In fact, Marlon and Duck were on the verge of starting one.
"Come on, Duck!", Marlon has tried to bargain with him about something.
"I already told you no", Duck has replied, "This normally wouldn't even be up to you guys."
The former leader of the Ericson kids was baffled by that reply.
"This is bullshit, and you should know better than this if you're going to lead this group."
"Oh, right", he snarked, "I guess I should be refering to your experience."
Marlon was starting to lose his patience after this low blow before he inhaled and exhaled to calm himself down.
"This ain't a joke, Duck. While we're wasting time talking with your 'friend', she's still a bloody menace!"
"That what you think this is?", the current Troubled Youth leader folded his arms, seemingly offended by this insinuation. This sudden change in the demeanor had caught Marlon off-guard.
"You weren't with us at the beginning!", Duck had started his retort, "You didn't see Clem's sleepless nights! Or the kind of person Lilly was even before she started kidnapping kids! You don't think I know how hard this is for you guys?! But we can't take the risk to do something reckless."
"How is that less reckless than...", Marlon had began to argue again, before Duck held out his palm.
"That's enough, Marlon!", he put his foot down, clearly indicating that he was done talking and was now giving orders, "You wanted a vote? You got it. You don't have to like this...but that's what we've all decided. You gotta accept it."
The blonde teen glared at him before leaving the headmaster's office with fist-clenching frustration. He had worked on getting used to taking orders from another kid after spending years taking charge, but the former leader among the kids still couldn't believe that people have decided to go against killing Lilly. Granted, it was only a slight majority and most of his friends would be more than happy to execute her on the spot...but still. What Duck told him made it harder to understand: why would Clementine and the others want Lilly around? Especially given their history with her?
Lilly was dangerous. He knew that. He lived that, when Abel snuck up on him and restrained him with relative ease, only allowing him to watch as her gaze threatened to stare into his souls and see his weakness. Marlon wanted to refuse. He wanted to resist their threats, stand up to her and tell her "go fuck yourself", even at the risk of being killed. But he couldn't. He had never felt so powerless in his life at that moment. He couldn't muster up the courage to do it.
He was weak. Is. Even as she was tied up in the basement, Marlon still feared her. And the worst part? He knew that he was lucky compared to everyone else...who, unlike him, didn't hesitate to fight back. His failure was total. Did he even have any right to question Duck's leadership after all?
As he got down to the hallways, he had immediately noticed Brody's presence.
"Oh, hey", she said.
"Hey", he replied in kind somewhat awkwardly. Of all the people he had wronged, aside from Sophie herself, Brody was probably at the top of the list. He had threatened her, ruined her relationship with Violet, hit her when she insisted too much on trying to say anything, and he even ended up killing her...and to what end? For a few weeks, she had avoided him once the truth about him got out...and it took even longer for him to even look her in the eye.
"Guess neither Duck or Lee wanted to budge?", Brody asked him. It appeared to show on his face.
"No...", he admitted, "I don't get it.
"Ain't that true?! Her being here will be a problem to us all! They're gonna get us killed. And then, and then...oh fuck! Fuck...fuck...fuck...!"
It has been a while since he had seen her having a panic attack. Three years exactly, following Minerva's death.
"You're gonna be fine", he attempted to calm her down, "Just take a breath."
"Oh shit...shit", she has cursed a few more times before taking a deep breath. About a minute or so, she was progressively regaining her senses.
"Sorry", she said, "I just...I just don't want anyone else to die."
"Me neither...", he replied, being understanding of her fear. In charge or not, Marlon was determined to not let another kid die. Not again.
Louis was walking around in the yard after leaving his room once more. For some reason, he wasn't able to keep his thoughts away from the kiss with Clementine. They had already kissed before, but there was something...more about this time. He would say intimate at first, but this wasn't the right word. Perhaps...passionate. Indeed...it was the word. What was it that brought this out of them?
The young boy had millions of questions in his heads, but if there was one thing for sure, it was that he would definitely like to do it again.
"What are you smiling like an idiot for?"
This question brought his daydreaming down to reality. He turned to the source of it to discover that it was Violet, who had just gotten done petting Rosie.
"Hey, how are you doing?", Louis has asked her.
"Fine, I guess", his friend has replied, "Still upset about the vote, but I'll live with it."
"So we're cool?"
"Yeah...I wish Sophie and Tenn would be cool with it too...but they'll come around."
"I didn't think Tenn would vote to kill her", Louis has expressed his shock. The normally soft boy who normally wouldn't hurt a fly has actually encouraged people to execute someone else.
"That surprised me too...", Violet has admitted, "but, Lilly did kill Sophie and turned Minnie into...whatever she was."
"She did do that...but still."
The pianist himself wasn't entirely sure that he could go as far as killing another human being, even ones as awful as the raiders.
"Did you tell Clem...about yourself?", she asked him.
"Yeah, I did", he said.
"Takes some guts", Violet has told him, "Still not sure I can tell anyone for me."
"Figure I just needed to tell someone", Louis has said, "Might as well be someone I...like, like, ya know?"
Judging by the immediate eye-roll in response to this sentence, Louis had succeded in purposely annoying his friend.
"I didn't say anything about you if that's what you're..."
"I wasn't", the blonde girl has cut him off, "You know, sometimes I think thinking about Willy's words at the funeral. 'You didn't even like Brody. You were always mean to her'."
"Don't do that", Louis has said.
"Be hard on yourself", Louis has told her, "This wasn't you, remember? Well, this ain't you...'you'. Huh..."
"I get what you mean!", Vi has replied, apparently little amused at his friend's confusion, "But I can't stop thinking that it could have been. If Clem wasn't there...I could have been such an asshole to her. And then she..."
"...You won't forget about all this, huh?", Louis has asked her.
"Will you?", Violet has asked in return, prompting the resident jokester to stay silent for a moment. He couldn't deny that he won't be able to put behind what happened either.
"...Just keep doing what you've been doing", Louis has told her, "If we're all gonna die, we might as well go after enjoying our friends' company, right?"
"Oh my god, Louis, really?", his friend said with an expression matching her disbelief, "I pity Clem if that's your best pep talk."
"Now, that's rude!", Louis faked being offended by this snide remark, prompting Violet to smirk in genuine amusement.
"By the way, you didn't answer my first question: what were you smiling about?"
"Yeah, about that..."
Clementine and AJ had joined Duck in the headmaster's office. His expression seemed both thoughtful and...quite down? Did he even notice their presence.
"Hey", Clem called out to him.
"Oh!", Duck looked over and finally seemed to notice them, "I didn't hear you come in."
"Are you okay?", the 'goofball' asked him, "You looked sad."
Kenny, second of the name, smiled, seemingly to reassure him.
"Don't worry about me, AJ", he told him, "I'll be fine."
AJ has accepted his answer, but it doesn't appear that he believed him. He then turned to Clementine.
"I've got to see my mom, now", he said.
"Don't let me keep you", Clem has replied.
"See you, Kenny", AJ has told Duck. The latter was trying his best to not show any reaction to being called that. Granted, he had accept it since AJ felt that calling him 'Duck' was weird, but it appeared that he still wasn't quite used to it.
"Yep", he answered.
The little boy then left the office, leaving Clem and Duck alone. The current leader left the desk to get closer to his friend.
"Kenny, huh...", he muttered before staring at his father's hat, which was on the desk.
"This name belongs to you too", Clementine has reminded him.
"I know...", Duck has replied, "That's one of the first things he ever gave me. I guess I'm slowly learning that it's okay to finally accept it."
Seeing no further need to talk about this longer, the time traveler has decided to change the subject.
"So, how are the others taking the outcome of the vote?", Clem has asked him.
"About as well as you'd expect", Duck told her, "Brody and Marlon took turns trying to either Lee's mind or mine before ripping into me for endaring them all. Rebecca and Sophie jumped straight to the ripping part."
"That explains the yelling Erin was talking about earlier. You're doing okay?"
"I knew it wasn't gonna be easy to lead, but with moments like this, where I've got to really make the hard calls, I feel like I didn't quite understand what I was signing up for."
"It does feel that way sometimes", Diana's daughter knew that for a fact, "Pleasing everyone seems impossible. Especially for a group as big as ours."
This remark earned her a laugh from the kid in charge.
"I guess that's why Lilly and my dad used to argue all the time."
"Just, keep in mind that they're scared and angry because of her", Clementine has said, "Not you. When we get through this, they'll come around and appreciate what you did today, trust me."
Duck has flashed a warm smile at her attempt to reassure him.
"Let's get through this first. The way I see it, we can start by trying to change James' mind. I understand that his experience with other people wasn't good, but he's stupid if he thinks he can survive on the road by himself forever."
"Try to keep yourself from saying that to his face."
"That's why I would like you to come with me", he said, "Compared to you, I ain't much of a diplomate."
"You got it, boss", Clem has said with a somewhat mocking tone, prompting Duck to shake his head without any kind of annoyance.
After taking a moment to warn the rest of the school of that they were going outside, it didn't take that long for Clementine and Duck to join James' barn. It was just the way she remembered it: old. It had clearly seen brighter ages...but for some reason, she kind of liked it the way it was. Gave the barn some character. They didn't have to wait a minute before James noticed them and came out.
"Hey, James", Clementine has greeted him.
"Hi", he has said, with a somewhat uncomfortable tone, "I didn't figure I would see you again so soon. Why are you here?"
"We're here to tell you that our offer to welcome you with us still stands", Duck has said, "These people are looking for you. It's too dangerous for you to live alone in the woods."
"And you people aren't dangerous?", he has asked him.
"Are you f...", Duck had started his sentence before Clementine glared at him with the intent to tell him to 'Be nice'.
"What do you mean, exactly?", Clementine has asked him.
"I know how I live seems to you people...but the way I've been living was peaceful. Living with other humans..."
He then interrupted his line of thought. He had apparently said more about himself than he was willing to share to people he barely knew.
"You're going to fight these people, aren't you?", James has asked them, "How do you feel about killing your enemies?"
This was something that Clementine hadn't been thinking about for a while. From that one stranger who kidnapped her, to Minerva...for a reason or another, she had killed many people up to this point.
How did she feel about being desensitized to the violence she inflicted upon others throughout her life?
View Poll
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2021.06.14 17:10 deebs77 [USA-TN][H] Yellow Switch Lite, B550 Aorus Master without cables or original box, Big Coolermaster tower cooler, BeQuiet 120mm and 140mm Silentwings 3, HyperX and Yeti Snowball Mic, Xtrfy M4, Model O wireless, Gen 1 Razer Basilisk, Razer mouse bungee. [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Edit: I am a moron and forgot to post timestamps before my novel of a post
Trying to offload extra goodies to pay for a new monitor. Let's make some deals, definitely open to bundling goodies too.
Switch Lite: Like new in box. $140 shipped
B550 Aorus Master: got this as a case and fans bundle from a guy local. It works but did not come with the box or sata cables/ Wi-Fi antenna etc... I have an antenna from my current Crosshair Hero board I'd be willing to throw in if needed. This goes for like $270 on Amazon. I believe this is the highest end Gigabyte B550 before you get into the super high range. $130 shipped sound fair? I WILL MAKE SURE THIS IS PACKED NICEEEE AND TIGHT.
Xtrfy M4: Like new, never used. $40 shipped
Model O Wireless: was my daily for a couple months until I got a G Pro X superlight. It's the matte not glossy. $60 shipped
I have a gen 1 Basilisk and a Razer mouse bungee that I will sell for $25 shipped if you will please get it out of my house.
The solocast is like new in box. Great little mic if you don't need the rgb. Has a mute button on top which is a nice touch. $45 shipped.
No original box for the Yeti snowball, but works great and comes with the stand and usb micro cable. $30 shipped
2x BeQuiet Silentwings 3 pwm fans 120mm: comes with grommets and screws: $35 shipped
3x BeQuiet Silentwings 3 pwm fans 140mm: same as 120mm. Comes with everything: $50 shipped
Will sell all 5 fans for $75 shipped.
MasterAir MA620M: Big chungus of a CPU cooler. It actually allows for tall RAM since it stops right before the DIMM slots. I think these were originally designed for Threadripper cooling. Comes with AMD and Intel mounting hardware. RGB is a nice touch. Easy mounting. Box is in a bit of rough shape and theres a little thermal paste on the foam packing inside. Other than that it works great. $60 shipped
Peace and love y'all.
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