Go! I have 2x of each of these shelves and was wondering how I could lay them out nicely on this wall. There's no where else for them. Ill be putting game collectibles on them. Also I know ow the wall is scuffed but just going to cover it up (wall is 130cmx130cm) |

I have 2x of each of these shelves and was wondering how I could lay them out nicely on this wall. There's no where else for them. Ill be putting game collectibles on them. Also I know ow the wall is scuffed but just going to cover it up (wall is 130cmx130cm)

2021.06.14 16:56 MikeyAit I have 2x of each of these shelves and was wondering how I could lay them out nicely on this wall. There's no where else for them. Ill be putting game collectibles on them. Also I know ow the wall is scuffed but just going to cover it up (wall is 130cmx130cm)

I have 2x of each of these shelves and was wondering how I could lay them out nicely on this wall. There's no where else for them. Ill be putting game collectibles on them. Also I know ow the wall is scuffed but just going to cover it up (wall is 130cmx130cm) submitted by MikeyAit to malelivingspace [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 Vendroxica WITP? Packet said African Daisy but I'm starting to wonder. Leaves are very prickly.

WITP? Packet said African Daisy but I'm starting to wonder. Leaves are very prickly. submitted by Vendroxica to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 -RicFlair Question about souls

Noob questions. What are souls and greater souls used for? And roughly how many should I farm?
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2021.06.14 16:55 handsoffthepasta My straight best friend doesn't understand

Hey reddit, this is my first post so please go easy on me. I recently came out as bi to a small group of close friends and they were overall very supportive and reassured me that nothing would change in out friendships, which was all a HUGE relief and felt really great. The only issue is with my best friend. Ever since I came out, she has made a million comments on how much she wishes she wasn't straight and how I'm SO lucky to be bi. She's also talked a lot about how she's sorry that she's not gay, because if she was then she would let me date her. It was really hard for me to accept my identity and come out, and I'm still struggling with it. I feel like her comments sort of dismiss how difficult it was. I also get a sense of entitlement from the fact that she obviously thinks I have a crush on her (I don't). She is still my best friend though, and other than this we've never had any issues and I don't want to have a fight about this.
I'm currently wondering 1) if I'm just being overdramatic/oversensitive and 2) how I should bring it up to her without starting drama (we're all teenagers so it's not hard to do)
Thank you all for reading, have a good day and happy pride :)
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2021.06.14 16:55 A_Lemon96 Oculus quest 2 stuck on black screen and no save backups

Hello, I have owned my quest 2 for about 4 months now and have had a pretty fun time. after I had played pretty much every good title I decided to order a cable to allow me to play on my pc [ not an official one, but well reviewed ] it arrived a couple days after and I began setting it all up. I managed to get it all working and managed to play it for a bit but it was late and went to bed not long after.
The next day as I was getting ready to play again upon putting the quest on I found it was a black screen after restarting to no avail I began researching this problem and trying a multitude of fixes [moving to a different room, covering the tracking cameras, launching an app from my phone logging out of my account on all devices, etc.] but nothing worked. it the only option I have yet to try is a factory reset due to the fact I do not want to lose all of the data of the games I have been playing the past few months, and through my research I know this may not even solve the problem. Because the quest wont start I cant allow my pc access to it and transfer the data.
yeah I'm in a bit of a bad spot, any suggestions?
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2021.06.14 16:55 HugeMango69 In online videos of men protecting women from attack, the men seem more focused on annihilating the attacker as opposed to actually protecting the woman.

Allow me to unbox this thought
I'm coming across a lot of videos recently of (mostly men defending women, not all fit this narrative) one or more men coming to the aid of a victim in danger and enacting swift and usually brutal justice upon the assailant. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the same level of satisfaction from wittnessing some instant karma and justice served, but the videos I see make me feel like the driving emotion in the situation is hatred towards the attacker and a release of such emotion as opposed to the care of the victims wellbeing. I'm not saying that isn't present, just that anger is the main motivating factor.
The thing that keeps standing out to me that makes me think this way is how often the attack is prolonged well after the threat to the victim has been neutralised and, often when even multiple defenders are attacking a single assailant not one has actually tended to or interacted with the victim in any way. Actually many times I've seen a woman attempt to stop the man or men defending her from beating on her attacker only to be pushed away and completely disregarded.
I still believe this reaction, which is still always motivated by victim protection to whatever degree, is still absolutely better than no reaction. Always help a person who is clearly being abused. I just always feel the victory of justice is shadowed my an overcurrent of what seems to me to be utilising and excuse to beat the shit outta someone guilt free.
Basically what I want to gain from this discussion is for men to be aware not to let your internal anger overcome your honest instinct to protect a woman in danger can lead to the woman being ignored while you vent on some asshole she likely still loves and will be traumatized watching the excessive violence. Just remember to prioritize the person your protecting.
If any women have been in this situation please shed some light on the reality of these incidents. Video clips are a very narrow slice of reality and I'm ready to be wrong.
I'm 29m for context and am as falable as the next human. Not trying to be holier than thou, just trying to learn from my own mistakes. Peace
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2021.06.14 16:55 allie_eb Hi I’m a non-us IMG, is LOR from IM gonna hurt if I’m applying for psych

So i’m struggling to choose between im and psychiatry(more into psych but I heard psych requires committment(aka experience) and I only have one) I will be able to get IM lors one from home country and one US, will this gonna actually hurt since it will somehow scratch my interest in psych?? Should I try to convince them to write sth related to psych or should I just go for IM since there’s barely a chance for psych..thanks
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2021.06.14 16:55 duffman04 Jim Ward will be doing an AMA in the music subreddit at 4PM EST today

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2021.06.14 16:55 Icoquih La escala menor melódica en 3 min!

Les comparto este canal donde varios estudiantes de JazzUV de servicio social acá en México estamos haciendo videos educativos. Hay de todos los temas, de varios instrumentos y para todos los niveles.
Este video en especial trata de la ecala menor melódica y sus triadas / acordes. Es una de las más usadas e importantes en el jazz!
Hay algunos videos ya arriba y estarán subiéndose diario durante algunos meses. Seguramente habrá varios que les llamen la atención.
¡Espero les sea de ayuda y si les gusta ayúdenos a difundir! Saludos :)

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2021.06.14 16:55 MY-Traveler This “Pad Ka Pao Moo Krob” (Spicy Basil Pork Belly Stir-fry) is an old fashioned style, Lunch or Dinner This is one recipe that's so easy, you'll be coming back to it again and again.

This “Pad Ka Pao Moo Krob” (Spicy Basil Pork Belly Stir-fry) is an old fashioned style, Lunch or Dinner This is one recipe that's so easy, you'll be coming back to it again and again. submitted by MY-Traveler to FoodVlog [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 TheConqueror74 ThreeZero's Glenn Rhee figure

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2021.06.14 16:55 Citizen52 Heartbeat addict

Heartbeat addict submitted by Citizen52 to cats [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 BloodForSanginous Fear the space community Tron!

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2021.06.14 16:55 Dice-Heads [OC] Minotaur Barbarian

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2021.06.14 16:55 ThirdWayOnlyWay Nobody seems to care about their health, even when someone close to them dies.

I am disillusioned with the world and everybody in it.
My uncle died yesterday. He was 69.
He was a lifelong smoker, cigar-smoker, drinker, never exercised and ate tons of red meat everyday.
I've never preached to people about healthy habits, but I try to nudge them in the right direction and have been ridiculed by people for it.
My dad has high blood pressure and I try to tell him that he needs to change his lifestyle. I read him statistics and try really hard not to give him instructions on how to live his life... but maybe that he should make better choices sometimes. He will respond negatively and then proceed to smother his meal in heaps of salt whilst looking at me and laughing in a way that says "LOOK HOW BAD THIS IS FOR ME".
I've been met with this sort of drama all my life. The good news is that my dad quit smoking 4 years ago (not because of me, but because of a drunken bet he had with someone). It's pretty awful that he wouldn't quit smoking because his son feared for his health, but he'd do it as a bet. Fucked up priorities, but the end result is that he quit - so that's a good thing.
Back to my uncle. He has been in bad health for the last 5 years (thyroid issues, dramatic weight loss, brain aneurysm being monitored). However, he's always looked like he was a dying man for the last 10 years to me so you kind of expected him to go at anytime.
Last I seen him a few months back he seemed very pale, hoarse voice, slow gait, quiet. I could tell he had heart issues. The bit that pisses me off the most is that none of his immediate family took any notice, or made any indication that he needs to change his ways. Nobody made any attempt at getting him checked up. He has had so many health issues that I assumed he was already being monitored for his heart. Now that he's died I feel a guilt that I should have stepped and told him he looks terrible and should seek urgent care, but I thought people closer to him would have done that already.
Before his death, he had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. My Aunt was surprised and said he it was a shock as he was 'always healthy'. I'm sitting there absolutely pissed off inside to the ignorance I'm hearing coming out her mouth, but of course I have to be cordial and act as if his heart attack was a 'new thing'.
She said he had a stent fitted, but in describing the event before his heart attack, talked about how he was eating all the fat off red meat and then had mentioned he had his regular Whiskey and a cigar each night... but then still explains that she is SHOCKED to find out he had a heart attack.
I'm trying so desperately to not seem cold but I can't stand the ignorance anymore.
My uncle died yesterday. 2 weeks after his first heart attack. Sudden cardiac arrest (I'm guessing the heart attack damaged his heart so much that it was failing).
We go around, other family there. Someone asked what caused it and literally nobody had an answer and everyone like "it was just random". I held my tongue, as it wasn't the time or place to get into poor lifestyle choices.
Someone mentioned that he was a cigar-smoker and was instantly rebuked by someone (on their side of the family), "it wasn't that caused it".
When, literally, the doctor's said that him being a lifelong smoker who never exercised, ate red meat everyday, had high blood pressure/cholesterol and drank a lot of alcohol... is what killed him.
I'm sad. Of course. I've been crying a lot.
But the sheer stupidity and ignorance people have towards their health and of others is just too painful to witness. My Aunt smoked 40 a day, got bladder cancer (smoking is the main cause), went into remission for 2 months (and had quit smoking for the last 3 weeks before that).
When the cancer came back 2 months later she ignorantly proclaimed that "smoking doesn't cause cancer" to everyone in the room and that Doctor's are lying because she "quit and still got it". 2 years later, her habits still haven't changed. Puffing down 40 a day clearly trying to kill herself it seems.
It pisses me off to no end that people I love are having their lives cut short from their own bad choices and that everyone who surrounds them enables them to do it... and then act surprised when life catches up to them.
I just don't understand people and their self-destructive behaviors.
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2021.06.14 16:55 rssanford Creating plan for 5 month old... tips?

Hello all! I just finished reading most of Precious Little Sleep, and I wanted you guys’ opinions and advice. Sorry for the novel!
I have a little girl that will be 5 months old this week. So far we have been pretty unscheduled/lax about her sleep and naps. This is because her nighttime sleep is actually “good” and I did not want to mess up a good thing. “Good” for us right now is sleeping about 10 hrs per night, not including one wake up feeding. But unfortunately her naps are very erratic, short, crappy and require constant bouncing. We definitely got ourselves into this situation, but I am hoping to devise a plan to slowly get ourselves out of these crappy naps. We also unfortunately associated drinking a bottle at night right before sleep.
Her main crib is the snoo. We got this used around week 3 and it has helped tremendously, but 2 days ago the motion stopped working… so she has been kind of abruptly weaned off the motion. She is actually doing really well with that. So currently still sleeping in snoo turned OFF. The snoo is located in our bedroom (which currently only mommy sleeps in because daddy snores).
Night sleep routine: Short warm bath with mommy, then bottle with dad on recliner (sometimes falls asleep like this), if not asleep bouncing in baby bjorn until asleep, then transfer to snoo.
Nap ‘routine’: Place in baby bjorn bouncer (in living room) around wake window time, bounce until asleep, keep bouncing while asleep, stay completely silent and pray she sleeps longer than 20 min.
What I know we’ve done wrong, but I am aiming to change:
- Probably worst thing is sleeping in unsafe bouncer for all naps. She is constantly watched, but it definitely still is not good.
- Strongly associated napping with bouncer and constant parent bouncing
- Towards the end of our night routine she eats a bottle (associates sleep with bottle)
- Usually falls asleep on daddy or in bouncer looking at daddy
- Daddy transfers to snoo completely asleep
- Bedtime is not consistent enough

Current “schedule”:
all times pretty variable
Wake up ~7 am (between 6:30 and 7:30)
Awake for about 1.5 hrs
Nap #1 for 20 – 45 min (~9:30)
Awake for about 2 hrs
Nap #2 for 20 – 45 min (~12pm)
Awake for about 2.5 hrs
Nap #3 for 20 – 45 min (~3pm)
Awake for about 2 hrs
Nap #4 for 20 – 45 min (~5:30pm)
Awake for about 2 hrs (3 counting bedtime routine)
Start getting ready for sleep 7:30pm (Bath, bottle, bouncing, bed)
Usually falls asleep around 8:30 or 9pm
Wakes up OR is woken up once somewhere between midnight and 3am and eats a bottle.

Honestly we are very very lucky of how good she sleeps at night with very minimal intervention on our part. I probably wouldn’t be here except for those crap naps!

My “plan”/ things I want to accomplish:

  1. Make her bedtime consistent. First and most straight forward we will be trying to get her to sleep within 15 min of the same time (aiming for 7:30pm but gradually).

  1. Make the last bottle farther away from her sleep time (optimally give bottle, THEN bath, then book, then bed). It seems currently she is not actually upset and does a good job putting herself back to sleep when she wakes at night. I don’t think she’s developed object permanence yet, so this might not continue. Anyway, I don’t know if this should be a priority right now. I know it will be difficult.

  1. Wean off bouncer!! I know we need to wean off the bouncer… not sure if we should start with weaning off of it before night sleep, or with naps?

  1. Get her to nap in snoo alone in bedroom. Currently she naps 90% of the time in the bouncer in the living room. Honestly I am not sure of the gradual steps I should take with this one- maybe first transfer bouncer to bedroom and start associating bedroom (though in bouncer) with sleep? Then transfer to snoo?

  1. Soon we will need to completely wean her from snoo into her crib in the nursery. But I feel like I don’t want to introduce too much change at once.

Anyway, I feel a bit lost. I am the type of person who likes a specific plan. I can be flexible with the plan, but it just makes me feel better when I say “I am going to do XYZ” instead of “well there are like 10 things we need to try”. So any advice on formulating the plan would be great.

Thank you!
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2021.06.14 16:55 GingerTron2000 Spanish Missionaries should be able to build Monasteries

And I absolutely will not be convinced otherwise.
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2021.06.14 16:55 Kladderadingsda Seid gegrüßt verehrte BRDler. Die deutsche Sprache braucht eure Hilfe. Entschuldigung für das falsche Thema Pfosten...[Stimmen sie ab](https://www.langenscheidt.com/jugendwort-des-jahres)

Seid gegrüßt verehrte BRDler. Die deutsche Sprache braucht eure Hilfe. Entschuldigung für das falsche Thema Pfosten...[Stimmen sie ab](https://www.langenscheidt.com/jugendwort-des-jahres) submitted by Kladderadingsda to BRDproperty [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 Fancy_feetpearl Trading mega kangaroo mega dodo and 4900 robux for royale high items

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2021.06.14 16:55 UpstairsKey2367 my first meme

my first meme
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2021.06.14 16:55 JayezHD Kureiji Ollie Pi Stream in under 3,14159 Minutes

Kureiji Ollie Pi Stream in under 3,14159 Minutes submitted by JayezHD to Hololive [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:55 NalumTei New daily roll #344

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2021.06.14 16:55 Icy12345xx ElagoMoon | Just launched | Low market cap and dev based token| Hidden game and fully transparency

ElagoMoon just launced low marketcap and ready to change your life, what are you waiting for ? join us and be rich together

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♻️ Ownership renounced: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xd1da438b047da07318dfa2def861231550697dd0dc7689ddc9311a6867faf8d7
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2021.06.14 16:55 medical_SKOOMA_ John Hutchinson discussion

So ive recently been trying to do more research into john Hutchison. And too my surprise i cant find anything about the man, until i came upon a very brief youtube video of him from 9 years ago It showcased only about 40 seconds of his anti gravity machine until the recording is freezed and the audio left unrecognizable. Some people ive talked to said they remember watching the full video years ago and that the corruption of the video and audio was not there before. Ive tried reaching out to a couple people who said they have the old video on a hard drive someplace and hopefully they find it and if so ill be sure to follow up this post with the uncorrupted video. Most of the search engines ive tried bring no information about him at all and ultimately wind up in dead ends. The only thing ive found was the video from 9 years ago. Im very curious and perplexed by the whole ordeal, and if anyone has any info about this or similar experiments i would be elated to find it. Again any info pertaining to or related is valuable.
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2021.06.14 16:55 LazyPhilosopher95 What was your favourite thing about X-treme Fall Guys?

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