Go! What is your most irrational fear? |

What is your most irrational fear?

2021.06.14 16:29 Shib313rd What is your most irrational fear?

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2021.06.14 16:29 ickybus w5ydrth

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2021.06.14 16:29 zukiki Alien Invasion: How to rank in the top 100 without money or hacks (3500 Gems required)

Here are some tips on how to rank in the top 100 of the alien invasion event without spending money. You do need 3500 gems to get all the upgrades, but I was able to save that up after playing for a month or something. It's a good investment as at the end of the event you will earn around 2200 gems, plus an Expert Chest (worth 1200 gems), and the top level chest (invaluable). The skin is fun too.
Having played for a couple months, I've unlocked a lot of the extra guards, which is great for quickly getting your inmates in and out without wasting money on paid guards. To go with that, to start, I bought all 4 windows to process inmates faster. I then proceeded to work on one cell block at a time. First focusing on opening up all 6 cell's, then maxing out the profit for all 6 cells. Note: The last 3 items, plus the top level for the light bulb don't offer any cash bonus, so I didn't buy those upgrades until the very end, after all other buildings were upgraded. I focused on cell block 1 first, then cell block 3, then 4, then 2. This way it was a lot quicker to save up the 200K needed to build cell block 2, which leads to faster money growth.
Note: I kept the prison open the entire time that I built this up, I monitored the prisoner's stress levels and whenever it got to orange, I would jump to a different prison, then jump back to reset their stress levels.
Then, once all 4 cell blocks are fully open with maxed out profits (about 4-5 hours into the event), the next thing you want to focus on is getting your training days down to 1 day. To do this you need to upgrade everything in the prison...except for cell blocks 3 and 4. They don't count towards reducing the training days since they are an optional build. So I purposefully left the shower cells unbuilt in cell blocks 3 and 4 until absolutely everything else was upgraded, including the infirmary. I reached the 1-day training mark in just under 12 hours of the event (I'm sure there are people who can do it faster than that, but it's just a general guide from my experience). Once you hit that mark, you can max out your employee's as money no longer matters.
Now, after spending 3500 gems, maxing out my prisoner capacity and getting my training down to 1-day as fast as I possibly could, I still only ranked around the top 250, and the top 100 had hundreds of more reformed prisoner than me, as I assume they bought a bunch of chests that gave them the 100 extra reformed prisoners boost. Note: I only ended up getting 2 or 3 boosts from the chest that are given to you as you progress.
At this point I was ready to give up, as I did the best that I could, without spending money, but was still nowhere near hitting the top 100. I had considered using the gems I had earned playing the event to buy some chests to see if I could get extra boosts to get me ranked higher up, but I soon realized that I wouldn't have enough gems to make that happen.
It was around this point that I realized a way to get ahead without spending money. You can call it cheating, but it's literally the only way to get jump up in rank within the bounds of the games own coding; What I noticed, was that if I jumped to another prison in the early morning (I typically did this between 1am and 4pm to be safe, but I believe it should work anytime between 12:01am and 5:59am game-time), and then quickly came back. They game recognized that the prisoners has been there 1-day already, so it gave me my 48 points for reforming the prisoners, but if I let the game keep running, 6am would roll around, and all the prisoners were still in their cell and needed to leave, so they did, and as each one did, I got the extra points for it. This allowed me to double my reform rate, and get ahead in the ranking.
This took a lot of time, I spent a good chunk of day 2 using this method to crack the top 100 and get as deep in as I could. Then on days 3 and 4, I didn't have to do it as much as I had a big enough lead that it was easier to keep the lead. Over the weekend, my highest ranking position was probably around 14th, and I ended the event around the 31st spot.
Note: I kept the app running on my phone for basically all 4 days of the event. I didn't buy any ads. I don't have any staff to keep things running longer than the base 1-hour. When I did use my phone for things other than the app, I made sure to force close it, or jump to a different prison, as if you just open another app, with it running in the background, time will pause, and you won't get any reformed prisoners while you're not in the app. But if you force close it, it will recognize that you are actually away, and time will keep moving normally with prisoners getting reformed.
I'm not sure if I would go to this effort again in the future, as it took a lot of time and effort, and I was more curious about if it was even possible to do for free. Also, I really wanted to know what was in the Exceptional Chest, and if you're curious too, I'll break it down for you. I wanted to take screenshots, but I ran into issue, and it didn't work, so I'll go off memory which may not be 100% accurate, but will give you a good idea; There were 25 unique items in total:
10 Unique Common Cards (200 Fragments each) 5 Unique Rare Cards (100 Fragments each) 5 Unique Epic Cards (50 Fragments each) 4 Unique Legendary Cards (250 Fragments each!) 1 Badge that gives you 100% reform for 48 hours.
Hope this helps
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2021.06.14 16:29 kingdoa204 Has pes officially lost juventus license

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2021.06.14 16:29 styuR Clarke hopeful but warning not to be overexcited about Tierney's chances to play against England.

From his interview on BBC, gives vibe that he won't be playing against England.
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2021.06.14 16:29 HappySneakerhead My Rajang Rogue sticky HBG set with bonus sleepy monke 🦍

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2021.06.14 16:29 heybaby111 REGISTEEL 0879 6569 5562

Be online
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2021.06.14 16:29 i_won_a_turkey How does your existence embarrass your kids? Do you ever do it on purpose?

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2021.06.14 16:29 Something_out VoltBit | Charity Token Audited | Doxxed Team | Low market Cap | 5k Donated! | Locked Liquidity | Listed on CMC and CG

VoltBit is a fully audited deflationary cryptocurrency created as a way to help combat poverty and climate change. In many Third-World countries and under-developed areas, having electricity is currently a struggle due to lack of funding or availability. With VoltBit, we hope to change this. 1% of every transaction gets donated directly to specific charities with a shared vision. We are officially partnered with the Solar Electric Light Fund, www.self.org, which we work closely with from the time of donation to being included and involved in the actual mission to which the funds go to. See your donations at work!
Name: VoltBit
Symbol: $VBIT
⚡️ 500,000,000 Total Supply
⚡️ 1% Of Every Transaction Donated To www.SELF.org Solar Electric Light Fund
⚡️ 3% Of Every Transaction Redistributed To Holders
⚡️ 3% Of Every Transaction Burned
⚡️ Doxxed team
⚡️ Liquidity Locked
⚡️ Team Wallets Locked
⚡️ Giveaways For Promoters, Advertisers, And HOLDERS!
⚡️ Fully Audited By Solidity Finance
⚡️ Just listed on Coin Gecko
⚡️ Coinmarketcap and Blockfolio applied
⚡️ Huge marketing rollout starting this week
⚡️ Major partnerships imminent
For more information visit the following links:
Web: https://voltbit.xyz/
Telegram: t.me/voltbittoken
Twitter: twitter.com/voltbittoken
Audit: solidity.finance/audits/Volbit/
Coin Gecko: www.coingecko.com/en/coins/voltbit
CoinMarketCap: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/voltbit/
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2021.06.14 16:29 DuelistAbe 26 [M4F] Central/Upstate NY Looking for someone to spend time with :)

•Name/Nickname: Chris/Abe
•Age: 26
•Birthday: June 11th
•Gender: Male
•ENFJ if that means anything to you :p
•Country: United States Specifically New York (not from the city though)
•Languages: English with bits and pieces of French and Japanese
•Hobbies: Gaming (all kinds: Video, Card, Board), watching anime, helping others (I’m a FirefighteEMT(yes I’m fully vaccinated)), History (I’m currently going to college (Syracuse University woo!) focusing on History, camping, and bowling.
•Favorites: (Anime) Tie between Konosuba and Steins;Gate (TV show) House M.D. (Cartoon) Avatar the Last Airbender (Movie) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Favtory (Musical) The Phantom of the Opera (Video Game) Pokémon (Card Game) Magic the Gathering although Yu-Gi-Oh is a close second (Board Game) Call to Adventure (Song) currently Rocket Man
•Preferred Age Range: 18-32
•Pets: I have two dogs (Pug and a Lab) and two cats (Tiger and a Tabby)
•I enjoy cuddling, watching anime, playing gaming (all kinds!), camping, and bowling (to name a few things) :)
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2021.06.14 16:29 justasianenough Package theft on the rise?

I’ve lived in the city for years now in different buildings/areas, so I understand that package thieves exist. I’m used to a package going missing every once in a while. I moved into my current apartment (in Murray Hill) a few months ago and I have NEVER had so many packages stolen. I know that’s a risk I take when I choose to live in a building with no doorman, but every single one of my packages will disappear if I’m not handed the package directly. Everything from cat food to hangers to a custom mug (that has my dads face on it, idk who tf wants that!) has been taken. This has only been happening since mid May, all of march/April was fine, only one package went MIA. Has anyone else noticed a big rise in package theft? Anything you recommend I do? I already have my packages on scheduled delivery, but sometimes they just arrive with no notification. I also spoke to the super and management, but unsurprisingly they were no help, just the usual email and signs telling people not to let anyone they don’t know into the building. Does anyone have a PO Box and does that work for large packages? At this point I’m willing to spend the money just to have things delivered safely.
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2021.06.14 16:29 anciar PROPOSED IDEA: lets change this sub to r/negativespace THINGS WITHIN THINGS THATS NUTS

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2021.06.14 16:29 angelxxy 19[F4m] home alone!! bored and horny as fuck right now!! looking for sexting and trading partner!!Upvote me and i'll send first ,if you don't believe try it yourself,i'm not like others in this subreddit!! My wet pussy is waiting!! so add me snap : Angelxy35

19[F4m] home alone!! bored and horny as fuck right now!! looking for sexting and trading partner!!Upvote me and i'll send first ,if you don't believe try it yourself,i'm not like others in this subreddit!! My wet pussy is waiting!! so add me snap : Angelxy35
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2021.06.14 16:29 MattGreg28 Social media pages for the movie

The official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for the upcoming Flash movie have been launched. Make sure to go follow them to keep up to date on the production of the movie.
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2021.06.14 16:29 dcc5594 Classic > Pro 2 Follow Up

A few days ago I posted my first impressions after getting the Pro 2 brew head for my Classic so I thought I would follow up after spending some time with both. I said the Pro 2 was more of a hassle to use than the Classic and while I think that is true, after using the Pro 2 for a few days and changing the work flow I don't think that it is really an issue and shouldn't be the reason for choosing either. I mentioned that I didn't need a scale with the Classic because I always pulled until it stopped and always got between 32 and 36g yield. I was able to find a scale that fits in the frame after removing the drip tray and on the Pro 2 brewed I typically do a 18g dose and 36g yield. The result is I'm not getting a larger yield but it does give me more flexibility to use yield as a factor to adjust taste. I also said I was surprised I wasn't seeing a bigger difference in taste between the Classic and Pro 2 shots. if I prep both brew heads and baskets and pull them back to back, there is a slight difference but if I make a shot with one and a couple hours later with the other, I don't taste a difference. I ended by saying I thought the Classic was the best bang for the buck and wouldn't necessarily suggest the upgrade. I do find the pricing structure kind of strange. I bought the Classic for $159 and Pro 2 brew head for $149. The Pro 2 system is sold for $309, so for $1 less, I gave up the rubber grip and metal drip tray but gained a second brew head that allows me to prep both and pull back to back shots with no waiting. For this reason, its hard for me to understand the logic for buying the Pro2 system first rather than getting the Classic and the Pro 2 brew head as an add on. Even so, I don't normally do back to back shots, so I have put away the Classic brew head and exclusively use the Pro 2. The pressure gauge is nice to have and while not really needed that system seems to work smoother than the plunger that comes with the Classic. I think the biggest advantage of the Pro 2 is the ability to use yield as a dial in factor. Of course you can do this on the smaller brew head but the greater volume of the Pro 2 makes it a more useful variable.
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2021.06.14 16:29 Sammy-Harvey Like Bitcoin

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2021.06.14 16:29 Rollinheavynstyle Some early info for the day.

AMC VWAP AMC has traded a total of 100.8 million shares today, for a combined VWAP price of 54.69. The standard deviation of the one-minute VWAP intervals is 1.64. The last price was +1.5 standard deviations above the day's VWAP.
AMC Dark Pool Trades Dark pool trades reported for AMC have accounted for 60% of the total volume today. Over the past 20 days, the average dark pool volume has been 58%. Total volume in the dark pool is 60.1 million. The VWAP price for only the dark pool trades is 54.74.
AMC Sweep Orders Sweep orders that seek immediate execution are considered a more aggressive order type. These sweep orders have represented 25% of the stock volume in AMC today, totaling 24.9 million shares for a VWAP price of 54.59.
Block Trades Large block trades in AMC, which often represent institutional trading, have accounted for 13% of all the volume on the day, for a total of 13.0 million. The 20-day average volume percentage has been 10%.
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2021.06.14 16:29 Egeste_ Flight attendants and passengers asked him multiple times to cover his nose. Arrive at SFO and suddenly he forgot how masks work again

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2021.06.14 16:29 Ok-Entertainment4015 Jim Cramer trying to prevent AMC. He said AMD instead of AMC. We are getting close guys

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2021.06.14 16:29 IMALOSERSCUMBAG Flag Day’s origin is from a small town in Wisconsin

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2021.06.14 16:29 Imposter_sus_eALt I i did ugly worms pfp

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2021.06.14 16:29 MITT_NAMN_JEFF 99% on The Holy Mountain. Jesus christ the strumming was brutal and my hand is in agony, but I am very happy with the result :)

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2021.06.14 16:29 Own-Wing-3977 💥CREAM was just updated on pancakeswap a minute ago. This is an investment advice 🔒

🔒 LP Locked
+Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
+Verified Contract: 0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
+Owner is Renounced 💥
+ A stealth launch which gives everyone a fair shot to buy
+ Low market cap, and active marketing campaigns 🔝
+Low liquidity at start so no 💥 are going to disturb us!
+ The token is on PancakeSwap V2!
+Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
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2021.06.14 16:29 _WiLd3R_99_ is will smith real

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2021.06.14 16:29 AlyAnder4 Is this divination from God or deception? (Please help)

A while ago, there was an "incident" in my family. (Not disease related at all) It affected many people negatively. After directly seeing my family members suffer, I slowly began developing a fear of said thing happening to me in the future.
It was constantly on my mind, so I decided to ask God for a sign to confirm whether or not said thing would happen. I was expecting a positive response, however I got the exact opposite. It seemed as though God was telling me that I would indeed have to experience this horrible thing. I fell into a deep depression and my relationship with God worsened.
After consulting some people, they came to the conclusion that these signs were not from God, but rather from the enemy, since they seem to go against God's nature.
However, I still have some questions. If the signs are truly from the enemy then how: Are the signs always so precise to what I'm thinking? I'll ask to see the most improbable and ridiculous thing ever as confirmation, and I receive it. Keep in mind that I pray in my mind. And as far as I'm aware, demons can't read minds.
And if the signs are truly from God, then: 1. Why is he doing this to me? 2. Why does he only choose to sometimes show me signs and sometimes not? 3. Why does he never give me signs directly like through a dream/vision but rather through everyday things I see in my life?
Please help. I have been dealing with this for around 3 years and I still carry around a lot of anxiety and dread. I feel as if though God hates me and doesn't care at all that he has doomed me to a terrible fate.
All input is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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