Go! Travel to Parra south campus from Newcastle? |

Travel to Parra south campus from Newcastle?

2021.06.14 17:09 Hellrazed Travel to Parra south campus from Newcastle?

Figured this was the best place to ask, can anyone tell me the most efficient way to make this trip on a Saturday morning?
I'm looking at a uni course, Saturday mornings on the UWS Parra sth campus at 10am-2pm. I live in Newcastle and thought it would probably be best to go by train, as I'm not sure 5 hours of driving every Saturday would be particularly pleasant. Would I be better off changing at epping or strathfield, and are there buses that go directly to the campus from the station?
Campus info says they operate a courtesy bus from nearby shops but don't say if it's weekends or not, and I'm having trouble getting the transport NSW site to recognise my requests - it keeps telling me to get off at epping even though getting off at strathfield has me arriving earlier with fewer changes so I'm at a loss.
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2021.06.14 17:09 Yitzjak Rad140 half life, single dose?

So if rad 140 half life it’s like they said 60 hours, I’ll be good just taking my dose once a day?
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2021.06.14 17:09 Icon_of_MultiCthulhu Stu is best for brawl ball

Its super fills with only 1 bullet. It can dash. It has ranged attacks. Its super can knock enemies so they let go of the ball. (Its gonna change soon but still). What more can you want from a brawler?
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2021.06.14 17:09 RLCD-Bot [Saffron Fennec] [Saffron Future Shock] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Sunset 1986]

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2021.06.14 17:09 imaginarynothingness Hmmmmmm........i wanna eat something.......

Do you guys have any homestyle food? Or noodles? Or hearty? Or sweet? Or spicy? Or Luxurious? Or all of them?
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2021.06.14 17:09 Hiteshlhitesh Why it is so difficult to find a online friend. So that we can chat freely. Whenever I message someone they don't reply, if they reply carrying out a conversation is still nearly impossible.

This happens with just me or you all also suffering from the same problem
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2021.06.14 17:09 hurtfocker (Serious) why are you a better parent than your own folks were?

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2021.06.14 17:09 ClaireFarronLR Chrono Trigger - A Premonition (Piano Cover) :00000

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2021.06.14 17:09 throwawayy-accountt Does anyone know of any local lgbtq+ communities?

I know there are some in Winnipeg but are there any lgbtq+ based communities in or near Steinbach? Or are there any other communities that are openly accepting of queer people? Thanks :)
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2021.06.14 17:09 legohack Abused women: What to do when seeing tiny red flag of over-controlling boyfriend on behalf of someone? Say something? Stay silent? What's the right thing to say/do to prevent a person to go into a potential (but not sure!) abusive relationship(Details in comments.) ?

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2021.06.14 17:09 Ok_You6652 R post demeyin bu meem in değişmesi gerekiyordu

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2021.06.14 17:09 ToffeeKrunch 🤴🏾👑WILL OF THE EMPEROR 👑🤴🏾 (WIP

Ok, so this is a reupload of a quirk concept I made a while back. As someone pointed out in the BNHA_OC_Character discord on long ago , it sounded too much like Haki from One Piece with the second part of the ability, and though I don't watch One Piece, I know what Haki is and don't want it to be that way.
I had actually forgotten about this quirk, but it suddenly came back to mind after thinking of a scenario involving Muscular or this lizard man quirk user, so I decided I'd try to "rework" it due to the scenario constantly going through my head.
I don't know how to exactly word this second part of the ability, so I'll try to describe the scenarios with this second part of the part of the ability to see if anyone gets it. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Quirk Name: Will of the Emperor
W.O.E. is a quirk that gives its user a strange aura, described as the "presence of a leader."
People exposed to this aura often feel inferior to the user or feel the need to obey that person or let them take lead, though not completely.
They'll basically always see this person as a potential leadeking, regardless of their leadership skills or status in the world.
This quirk being a quirk of a leader, will naturally be extremely powerful in the hands of a leader.
This quirks power is dependent on the user's pride confidence, determination, and leadership. One who does incredibly well in these categories and actually truly feels these things will be very powerful with this quirk.
It should also be mentioned that if a target is more prideful, confidant, determined, etc. than the user, they have a easier time breaking free from or outright resisting the mental-related parts of this abilitiy.
There's also the basic fact that this aura does have a limit, and will leave the user quite tired if they begin to run low. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Trying to Explain the 2nd Part of Will of the Emperor
Ok, so I don't know why I have trouble wording this despite the scenarios all doing the same thing, but I'm gonna describe em and I'll let you try to explain it.
#1: The Muscular Scenario
(I should probably say spoilers here, as some of this stuff I haven't even gotten to yet...)
Despite him not being introduced in this part, Muscular is one of many villains present during the U.S.J. Invasion. The particular scenario that's important here is that Muscular is in the process of slowly crushing a pro hero to death. The user (who is a student at U.A.) hasn't even been noticed by/isn't being acknowledged as a threat by Muscular, and though severely scared during the whole thing obviously, manages to gather a extreme amount of courage and charges at the unaware Muscular, managing to land a sucker punch from behind.
The user as he does this attack, suddenly has his hand enveloped in a golden aura. The user is already aware of this aura as its the base of his quirk, but doesn't actually know what this golden aura does when he uses it in this way nor actually believe it does anything, as when he has tried it on teachers or his friends during training, it seems to have no effect. When the attack hits, it surprisingly causes Muscular to stagger to the side, Causing him to drop the hero. He also just... Stops functioning for like 2-3 seconds. He is not hurt by this all at and quickly snaps out of it, but before he can make another action, he is intercepted by another pro hero. The events of this part go the same way from here, with Muscular and the few other people escaping before they can be captured.
It is from here where Muscular's path and role in the story change drastically. Muscular despite not even getting a look at the user, begins periodically thinking about and vaguely bringing up the user in conversations (for example, mentioning that he got hit by someone from behind and wonders who it was) throughout the story of MHA. Then it turns to him seeing slight illusions of the user out of the corners of his eyes, obscured by shadow, then Muscular begins to have dreams about the user(basically that all might standing in the light thing and in those OFA style dreams). It should also be pointed out at Muscular's "mindset" seems to be slightly changing, though not much. For example, he doesn't seem to be fighting random people only because he wants to fight strong opponents, but also "to get the attention of someone."
He still doesn't know who this someone is, but he continues to act like he usually does, chaotic. This change of reasoning suddenly begins to get more and more fleshed out until he's refered to the user as "The King," who he is now actively trying to figure out and find. He only knows he'll figure out who this king is by the feeling he felt when he got sucker punched.
Eventually during the war arc (which he is present at), he finally manages to come face-to-face with the user after nearly getting killed by Toga, in which Muscular hit her before she could land the finishing blow, sending her flying and knocking her unconscious. Muscular immediately knows it was the user who hit him during the U.S.J. Incident, and he hasn't forgotten about that moment ever since it happened.
From here, I kinda didn't come up with a convo. Basically, Muscular talks about what's been happening to him and stuff since he got hit, then during the Gigantomachia thing, Muscular suddenly pops out from nowhere and saves the user (and everyone else in a way,) from a fatal hit he's about to take from the beast. This shocks everyone and they're even more shocked when he announces that he's going to be helping the heroes out because "His King" asked him to, which the user was attempting to get him to do when they came face-to-face the first time, thought he sorta didn't give an answer to the first time.
Basically, Muscular becomes a secret loyal servant of the user while still maintaining his personality and motivations, though he has a strong desire to fight strong opponents to get the attention and praise of the user despite them telling Muscular multiple times to tone it down. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Alrightly, so I'll try to let you make sense of that, if you can help me put this into words that would be nice.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you like this power I've made.
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2021.06.14 17:09 jbpa8484 [M4F] Fit, 30s, vaccinated and looking in Lycoming, Northumberland, Snyder or Union County

Well this is a long shot, but here goes. I’m looking for a fun, vaccinated, married woman in her 20s, 30s or 40s in Lycoming, Northumberland, Snyder or Union County.
I’m a tall, fit, good-looking guy in my 30s with a steady job and lots of hobbies.
The ideal match would be someone who, like me, is married but not looking to change her home situation. Perhaps you’re looking for a spark of something new and fun and exciting after a year of lockdown. I know that feeling.
I’m open to all types of women. The key is finding someone fun, funny and interesting with whom I also feel a physical attraction. Gotta have both — not just one or the other — for this to work. You know?
Discretion and openness/honesty with each other will be key. We could start by chatting here or your app of choice and see what happens. I’m not in a hurry. If we’re feeling it, we can talk about meeting in person and taking things to another level. But again, no rush.
Still interested? Send me a message!
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2021.06.14 17:09 aphextriplette 20[F4R] EST/anywhere - looking for hackathon teammates

Hi everyone! I'm looking to find teammates to participate in a hackathon with remotely. As you may know if you've ever attended one of these virtually, it's really hard to find good teammates during the event - so I'm trying to be proactive and construct a good team well beforehand. If you're looking for an extra resume line and to maybe win some prizes, please DM me.
You're a good fit if.. - You're knowledgeable in one of these technologies: Python (specifically web scraping), React, UI/UX design, and/or Spring Boot. - You've attended a hackathon and/or have contributed to an open source project before
P.S. I'm 20F located in the EST time zone, it'd be great if you were in a similar age range / location as well but I'm obviously more interested in if you have the skillset to work competently in a 24 hour period.
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2021.06.14 17:09 PerformanceKey40 Why Patriots Shouldn't Pledge Allegiance

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2021.06.14 17:09 Oda6 What should I be putting my new tempur pedic on?

Just purchased a tempur pedic cloud. I know I need a solid foundation for it but I’m not sure what to get. I see that tempur pedic sells one but it doesn’t have any legs and looks like it would sit pretty low on the floor. I found that matress firm has an adjustable base for $300 and it has legs. Any recommendations?
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2021.06.14 17:09 roundpizza Become a Python Recursion Expert From Scratch (2021)

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2021.06.14 17:09 Objective-Tea-2158 College Friends

This is a horrible, terrible, awful thing to think, let alone post to the internet, but I feel like there's no better place to get this off my chest. And I know people have much bigger problems. So many people have made no friends in college because of the pandemic and other reasons, and that must stink a lot.
My current predicament is that I made the wrong friends. I want to preface by saying that I'm definitely overthinking this. Making friends should not be such a planned, calculated, stressful thought process. I just had a vision for myself and what college would be like, and this is just not it.
I'm going to be a Junior next year. So I started Freshman year pre-pandemic. I made friends with the people on my dorm floor. Didn't branch out much because it was the classic Freshman year friend group. The "OMG we are such a family we are going to be best friends forever." But the reality was that we all were so different, and wanted different things in life. The only thing bringing us together was the shared experience of the new and exciting college environment. I personally, was in survival mode. Make friends with the first people you get along with because its better to have some filler friends instead of no friends at all. The problem is, I kept the filler friends instead of branching out and naturally finding my people.
I blew off High school friends, potentials to branch out and meet new groups of people, and dropped out of rush. All because I thought I had found my people and had nothing to worry about. One of the biggest reasons I was excited for college was to branch out and meet so many new people. So by sticking with this one little group, I was going against everything I wanted for myself. Of course it is nice to have a core group of friends, but it is nice when you can go branch out with these friends, and have many side groups and options of people to hang out with. That is what college is supposed to be like, and that is what it could have been for me.
Anyway, I realized where I'd went wrong at the beginning of Sophomore year. Now that the excitement of the beginning of college had settled down, these friends did not really have anything to talk about. A lot of the group was very attached, still. Some people thought that because this group was like a "family" we should do everything together. I had some of the girls in the group even confront me about not telling them where I was going or what I was doing 24/7, especially if I didn't hang out with them on the weekends.
I want to make new friends, but I feel like because of COVID, and it being so late in college, I've kind of lost my chance to. I'm in several clubs and organizations, and I even joined a sorority. But it feels like everyone is already established in their friend groups and I missed my shot by not branching out when everyone was so freshman and friendly. Now, everyone has a group.
What should I do? Of course I enjoy my friends sometimes, and I have a few that I am close to, and a few close friends outside of the group. I just feel like I missed my chance at having a fully established friend group that I really like hanging out with. I know I'm probably stressing too much. I have two full years left of college, and so much potential and possibilities for the future. I'm just worried I missed my chance at real college friends.
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2021.06.14 17:09 hunegypt On this day, 93 years ago, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born in Rosario, Argentina. He was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution and after his death, he became the symbol of rebellion and global insignia. Here are some pictures of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the Arab World.

On this day, 93 years ago, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born in Rosario, Argentina. He was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution and after his death, he became the symbol of rebellion and global insignia. Here are some pictures of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the Arab World. submitted by hunegypt to Panarab [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 17:09 Ahmetbeyer Häuser und #Luxusvillen in #Alanya zu #kaufen

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2021.06.14 17:09 HaruhiJedi Our conversations are the best

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2021.06.14 17:09 Kittycat1790 Have we all seen these?

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2021.06.14 17:09 Aureo_Speedwagon Google trends for "calcium supplement ripple"

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2021.06.14 17:09 luxadsignatos Heading for da Mooooooonnnnnn!!!! :-)

Heading for da Mooooooonnnnnn!!!! :-) We are taking off today guys ....... dare I say we are heading for da Mooooooonnnnnn!!!! :-)
Great rise today on BitMart for me.
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2021.06.14 17:09 PM_TOE_ON_CHEESE_PIC Ouija, I’m horny at work, where should I go to let loose?

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