Go! My wife has a laser shop and I saw this on the wall today... lol 🐕🚀 |

My wife has a laser shop and I saw this on the wall today... lol 🐕🚀

2021.06.14 17:03 The_VelvetHammer My wife has a laser shop and I saw this on the wall today... lol 🐕🚀

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2021.06.14 17:03 Berlinverkehr Straßenverkehr: Schönhauser Allee-Brücke: Aus einer Baustelle werden zwei, aus Berliner Morgenpost

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2021.06.14 17:03 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for Informal_Carrot4939

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2021.06.14 17:03 Draydaze67 When is the great and powerful Ashland Locke, will show us he's great and powerful

I'm still waiting to see why everyone fears Ashland. Even before he arrived he had people trembling, but the only thing he did is briefly mess with Jabot's employee records.
You'd think how he was announced he'd be the next Victor. Victor we know and love would never have given in if he had a heart attack and force to give his company away. Even Phyllis stood up to him and kicked him out her hotel when he was looking for Tara.
If that was Victor, he would not have only bought Phyllis hotel but also have it demolished.
So c'mon Ashland, don't just tell us you're tough, show us!
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2021.06.14 17:03 Charjabuglove 19 NBM4A Looking for some fun in Passaic County

Please dm me for more info
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2021.06.14 17:03 rekt_ralph91 Why was 'Burn Notice' teaching the layman spy-craft?

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2021.06.14 17:03 RevolutionaryRip8063 What was the illegal thing Monica was doing that Trigger threatened to tell the landlord about?

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2021.06.14 17:03 greenvsblack Small lump just behind and above TT incision site--has anyone had any experience with this?

Hi everyone! I had my TT 10 days ago and followed up with my ENT 5 days ago (had to be a bit earlier since I was moving to another city right after). My incision is looking good but I noticed about 4 days ago, after I got my steri-strips off, that there is a bit of swelling just behind and above my incision site. And now it's turned into a small hard lump. I can wiggle it around, which based on my research is a good thing. just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this? My biggest concern is a hematoma (my medical student brain of course runs to the most serious thing it could be). I already contacted my ENT's office to tell them about it, I was just curious if anyone else here has experienced this and would be willing to share. Thanks!
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2021.06.14 17:03 ahZtBeats [Hip Hop Beat] Party Drip - ahZt Beats

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2021.06.14 17:03 bigvinnysvu Taking a nap #10 with her toy.

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2021.06.14 17:03 Warriors6565 Grinding for XP - Daily Gifts Given 275874581223

Grinding for XP - Daily Gifts Given 275874581223
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2021.06.14 17:03 Berlinverkehr Bahnverkehr: Bahnverkehr : Flixtrain: Großangriff auf der Schiene Der Fernbus-Betreiber Flixmobility drängt nach Corona auf die Schiene., aus Berliner Zeitung

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2021.06.14 17:03 EasternShyGirl Cinderella is Dead, Kalynn Bayron (Kindle, $1.99)

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2021.06.14 17:03 FyreBoyeYT whoops

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2021.06.14 17:03 Petrussssss Your favourite place?

View Poll
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2021.06.14 17:03 123XASSASSINX123 I think i've found a duping bug involving quick-slot. i don't know HOW i did it, but i believe if you drag something out of quick slot into a different bag or something, it clones an USEABLE item in your inventory. Deca, please look at this.

I think i've found a duping bug involving quick-slot. i don't know HOW i did it, but i believe if you drag something out of quick slot into a different bag or something, it clones an USEABLE item in your inventory. Deca, please look at this. submitted by 123XASSASSINX123 to RotMG [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 17:03 Scarlet_Night Got back an old writing desk I grew up with, and my appreciation for it now that I’m into calligraphy and FPs knows no bounds. :D Updated SOTC

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2021.06.14 17:03 TheUnepicGamer A public service announcement

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2021.06.14 17:03 nancybaker_ Contest To Win Money - Cash Prize Online

Enter contests to win free cash prizes. Here's your chance to get free money online with this amazing opportunity.
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2021.06.14 17:03 Own-Wing-3977 💥CREAM was just updated on pancakeswap a minute ago. This is an investment advice 🔒

🔒 LP Locked
+Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
+Verified Contract: 0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
+Owner is Renounced 💥
+ A stealth launch which gives everyone a fair shot to buy
+ Low market cap, and active marketing campaigns 🔝
+Low liquidity at start so no 💥 are going to disturb us!
+ The token is on PancakeSwap V2!
+Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0da417276d3f7a8917ebf11e22e6931220186620
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2021.06.14 17:03 KANTEEE test

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2021.06.14 17:03 Janze6degrees Hiring (remote within Canada) senior-level developer/lead ( python, flask, react )

I'm a freelance recruiter with Eleven Eleven Talent, a global recruitment agency. We are partnering with our client, Flytographer, based in beautiful British Columbia to recruit a python/react developer. This role will own the technical roadmap, collaborate on new products and mentor their small but mighty development team.
Flytographer is a successful, female-led startup named the “Future of Travel Photography” by Conde Nest Traveler based in beautiful, BC.
Please connect with me at [ljanze@sixdegreesrecruit.com](mailto:ljanze@sixdegreesrecruit.com) if you would like to find out more information about this role!
Job Description:
Senior DevelopeTech Lead
The Role
As the lead of our Development Team, you’ll work closely with our Product Manager and Intermediate Developer to prioritize and plan features, providing both the technical vision and the skills to implement it. We are a small team solving exciting problems and iterating quickly to bring the best product possible to our internal team and our end users.
Manage The Codebase

Manage The Development Team
In the first 3 months you will…
In the first 12 months you will…
Relevant Technical Knowledge
Bonus Knowledge
Benefits and Perks
As a company with global outreach, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our team, including our international photographer community. We are dedicated to seeking out members who uphold our values of mutual respect, integrity, and transparency. We welcome applicants who will continue to push our company forward as a leader in this space.
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2021.06.14 17:03 r0bski2 By far the least fun I’ve ever had on this game and I needed a long lie down

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2021.06.14 17:03 NoFallDamageInAtla Another victim of Koh the Facestealer.

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2021.06.14 17:03 KrossDaTees Stream Episode 32: Recap and Review

Welcome Careful Cantrippers. The Dungeon Digest is proud to serve up another tasty wild magic buffet report in...The Careful Cantrip Chatterbox
The latest episode, number 32***:A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words *** premiered on Twitch June 08th, and was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. It is not the first time that our adventurers try to present to us a work of art, but the latest episode seems to portray a wide assortment of artistic performances. Right from the start of the episode, during the opening introductions, we are regaled with another rendition of Quill's Boku ballad, worthy of the MET. Lights flicker, and the audience is made aware the show is beginning. Our Cantrip characters are still presiding at the Sibling's Ball in Boku. Several find themselves dancing away, however it does not take long for many to get distracted. Elara and Eli shuffle and jibe until Lucy cuts in to waltz Elara away. Eli and Spike are left to simply shrug their shoulders in disbelief.
Enjoying a quick intermission, Shade is taking a few moments outside on the balcony when he is approached by a mysterious promotor. Sensing his discomfort with the ball festivities, the stranger advertises an alternative form of artful expression through fighting. He tells Shade of a fight club not far named the 'Streems' and that Shade should look him up. In the ballroom, Eli heads back to the group table slowly taking his time to scope out the action around the ball. Doesn't take long to find his mark. A drunken fellow at the bar with a large purse. Eli recruits a partner in crime from the floor, and Trix is quick to spin and dazzle her way into the gambit. Curious how several members of the party seem to want to get in on the action, as this slight heist attempt soon becomes a production of its own. Eli deftly moving in, Trix providing distraction, with Lucy and Quill providing inspiration and spell support. Even with everyone working together in concert, will it be enough to pull this off successfully? Watch the stream to find out for certain, and prepare to shout for encore to the usually expected cantrip chaotic antics.
Not satisfied with the result, Trix decides to venture forth and play the game on her own. She is caught, kind of, and the party begins an old artsy gambling bit called the 'shell game.' We are further entertained as unlikely culprits are blamed for the crime. It does happen to bring in the Collectors to settle the matter, and ensure restitution to the victimized party. Unfortunately, the events cut an early close to the ball, and our heroes depart for other means of evening entertainment. They head to the Ivory Cafe, but take a side route down artist alley and, take in some of the local street performers. One woman beautifully strumming her harp becomes the recipient of some cantrip coin along the way. Our companions reach their destination and proceed inside to meet up with a former colleague of Quill's and Lucy; that is Remy Longsnaut.
The poet Remy, iterates his literary tale on how some former friends have all gone missing. A very special lore recital by DM Dave amazes with his description of the missing artistic ninja turtles of notoriety, as well as a trapeze artist, named Belindrial. Chat is very appreciative of this delicious delicacy of delight, and rewards the Oscar worthy performances with a Level 5 hype train, overwhelming our heroes, and DM, emotionally for a moment. The show must go on, as half the cast head upstairs to check the room of the circus performer for any hints as to what may have occurred. All that is found is a curious brown, opaque colored potion under a bed. Presuming the liquid is a cold coffee, Shade proceeds to drink it. Again, please watch the Youtube stream to see what happened to him. The party finds no pertinent information, however before leaving the cafe, Remy recites more information about the celebration crux and the time when echoes from people long gone are more likely to reappear in Boku. The cheery, playful mood from before is replaced with a mood expressing more concerned for the wellbeing and whereabouts of the missing artists.
Our compatriots make their way to the art gallery, a place suspected to be the last venue the artists were seen within. It is late at night, and entry into the gallery is obtained with the chat viewers help to assist the cast in more cantrip chaos to gain them peaceful entry in the Louvre-like appearing gallery. The stage is set, and a new eerie mood of dire trepidation is created for our comrades. Music is quelled making the gallery even more painfully quiet, setting our cast on edge, senses reaching out honed and ready. Candle lights flicker, shadowy echoes dance, our party is even speaking in hushed whispers, and the cohorts find themselves in a lower chamber. A room filled with a chilly mist somehow creaking, and seeping into the bones. The cast feels it and are left with mouths gaping wide upon seeing portraits upon the wall. Portraits of the missing friends. The images begin to move on their own accord from spectacles of happiness, to new images of stark raving horror. One picture stands unrecognizable from the others. Slowly, inevitably, a dark shadowy shape seems to reach out of the picture prison and makes a grab for the nearest Defiant Ward member. The DM grins satisfied, as he has given one of the cast a jump scare. The finale of this harrowing tale of suspense shall be continued in another week, when Careful Cantrip live streams and airs their next episode on June 15th at 8pm eastern standard time. Don't anyone dare miss it.
Till then, hang on to your programmes. Intermission will only provide us with a brief pause before we can uncover what events will happen next. Who, or what, is the painting creature? Will the party continue to grow their new experiences of working in concert with one another? Will Quill and Lucy be able to help their friends? Instead of beer, did anyone else get a strange brown opaque liquid in their mug? Has Elara finally given up on her desire to set off the fireworks? With a floor so bitterly cold, was Eli subjected to frostbite being in bare feet? To find out these answers and more, be back next time.
Your roving reporter, trying to sneak backstage to get the cast to autograph my programme, I remain...
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