Go! 20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi107 |

20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi107

2021.06.14 16:17 naomixxy 20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi107

20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi107
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2021.06.14 16:17 a1byn hmmmm

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2021.06.14 16:17 Havocnova Check out the best Pokefanic horror series! Like and Subscribe for more! Please! Lmk what you think! DM me ideas. The story isn't finished yet either! So if anyone wants to collaborate, we are always willing to partner with creative people!

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2021.06.14 16:17 Aquilaes Casual Duo templar/cleric reasonable?

Me and my wife are going to casually play Aion, so Duo-PvE&PvP will be a large part on our journey, since it will probably take some time to reach lvl.50.
We are thinking of a classical templar & cleric combination to ensure we can master most of the PvE content and are not canon fooder in PvP. Does this make sense or is that much healing not needed so a more DPS oriented class like Sorc or SM would make more sense?
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2021.06.14 16:17 FreeCook1e hmm

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2021.06.14 16:17 Novasphere0 LF Events FT Other Events

Im looking for these pokemon for my living dex: - Genesect - Diance - Hoopa - Volcanion - Marshadow - Zeraora - Zarude
These are up for trade, all of which I got at their respective events. I no longer have the cards for any of them unfortunately.:
Darkrai: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cu-5i7FDoHMRBtTgAD09ZQcF99SO2NYN/view?usp=drivesdk
Roar of Time/Spacial Rend Darkrai: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CicnGxNvI9JNVXsrwIv8_7qyWIqxOpnJ/view?usp=drivesdk
Shaymin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ckcw74NpjtCmCRWswLzCzZZkdIuDywOG/view?usp=drivesdk
Shaymin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtvrE53FPSMg8vmeMMIg0P_gY5nHPdDc/view?usp=drivesdk
Celebi: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cjc9gYvhOKH7fUu_SnNejfqSkLHD32cv/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Suicune: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CglpsdqRycbU2OlQHNf71MTwZNaW7Kd9/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Suicune: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CfjRPEqyTBhPlJ59kyZc5olq7nTruGbx/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Raikou: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CK9u2IzJmQwkZDGzaWtAJYcU1QME9tcg/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Raikou: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CJ7OyihUHoXvjvLnNSuz0d3bWPpZPNmf/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Entei: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CDnsz0GFtxYXiSqhBubM7du4320KDiTC/view?usp=drivesdk
Crown Beast Entei: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CCA0A886r1MuoodPBvuo_Ox25At9OHmm/view?usp=drivesdk
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2021.06.14 16:17 KodyCQ God Summoner chapter 1 by indie creator Dionysis Zogaris

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2021.06.14 16:17 hazel-izz AMC!!!!!! RISE!!!!

'Cause when, when the fire's at my feet again And the vultures all start circling (circling) They're whispering (whispering) You're out of time but, still I rise This is no mistake, no accident When you think the final Nail is in (nail is in) Think again (think again) Don't be surprised I will still rise!!!!!
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2021.06.14 16:17 mheezy Off-Season Training

My soccer season just ended and want to treat my off-season right. Because of my sport, I was lifting twice a week only since soccer-specific training was my priority. The split was:
Day 1: Squat, bench press, chin-ups, & calf raises
Day 2: Deadlift, shoulder press, dips, curls
I'm planning to go back to the LG 3x routine of:
Day 1: Squat, front squat, chin-ups, calve raises
Day 2: Bench press, chest flys, rows, tricep extension/dips
Day 3: Deadlift, shoulder press, curl
I'd like to maximize my lifting this off-season. Are there any other accessory exercises I should add/replace with my new routine?
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2021.06.14 16:17 infosec-jobs [Hiring] Senior Application Security Engineer (Remote)

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2021.06.14 16:17 JamesUpton87 Whats the car culture like in Finland?

I know licensing is intense, but curious how the general car cukture there is like and what Finns gravitate too.
Is there a lot of sporty cars because of how embedded fins are with motorsports or more reserved tastes? Are convertibles regular? Etc etc.
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2021.06.14 16:17 Natherd I’m back with another question

I have managed to get the Aeon social link to rank 4 but it won’t let me progress unless something special happens. What do I have to do to continue?
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2021.06.14 16:17 SE_to_NW Chinese Communist Party Official Calls Opponents of One-Party Rule The “Real Enemies” of Hong Kong

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2021.06.14 16:17 Grab_em_by_da_Busey What is the thing that Tony and Carmela's bedroom tv is on?

Its like a pedestal or podium type thing, can be easily referenced by watching the "close the DOOOOOOOOOR" scene for those needing to see what it looks like, lol. I want that podium so bad for my bedroom tv and don't even know what to call it to search for.
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2021.06.14 16:17 No-Seaworthiness6168 I [28F] am thinking of breaking up with my bf [29M] even though he has a pure heart and hasn't done anything wrong

At the time we started talking, he wasn’t working. We began with a long distance relationship (yes, unusual, I know) when we were both at odd, uncertain places in our lives.

Fast forward and we both found degrees in this city (though he traveled much further and away from home than me) and began living together.

We have had an amazing relationship for six years. Our relationship is very much us against the world, and we do everything together. It’s like we have our own language.

However, I have felt myself changing a little over the past year. I want to do more, I want change and excitement. He, however, is very set in his ways. He doesn’t like going out and isn’t great around other people. I’ve always suffered from loneliness, aside from his company, and I had this nagging feeling that he was getting in the way of me meeting more people and doing more stuff. As such, I feel we are getting settled into a kind of domesticity that scares me a little, no matter how comfortable and loving it is.

We’ve talked about this and he’s promised to make efforts so many times but I can tell it’s difficult for him (not out of malice or laziness).

More and more I realise we are quite different, actually. I’ve been asking myself if I should end things now.


Age: We aren’t getting any younger and I feel at a crossroads. The easy thing to do would be to stay together, as I still do love him. However, if I know that I do not want to marry him, I feel like I am robbing him of his time.

Job/life: I have always been in long term relationships and I feel that this is a time in my life when I need to make choices independently. My partner is just now finishing their degree and will begin applying for jobs in the city. I feel that if there ever was a time to take a decision, it would be now. If I broke up later down the line they would be lost and only have their job (he doesn't have any friends here).


It would *crush* him. I am everything to him and he would be so lost without me. He has struggled with some issues in the past and I am scared of how he will react and how he will fare in life. I don't want to abandon him. Of course, he is my best friend and I hope it can stay like that but I also know that from living together to living in seperate countries, it will be a huge difference that will hit like a train. He doesn't expect this at all and it KILLS me to cause any sort of pain like this. He helps so much around the house and is such a devoted partner that I feel like he really doesn't deserve this. But I also feel like he deserves the truth and honesty. He would follow me anywhere, but I am also scared by this level of co-dependance. Obviously, I feel like a horrible, horrible person, but it's not about me.

What to do? I know I will be miserable and alone without him, and I don't know if I can ever find a relationship like that again, but I also feel like I need to decide now and I don't think I am ready to commit.
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2021.06.14 16:17 archcrack CliFM: A KISS, non-curses and full-featured terminal file manager

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2021.06.14 16:17 Stunning-Kangaroo-57 Time to ditch my Nespresso machine - recommendations?

I’m dying to ditch my fiancé’s nespresso machine with the pods and the milk steamer after using my parents breville barista express! Plus i hate nespresso pods with a passion, even though we recycle them i can’t stand by the waste. (My old self in a previous life would be so upset)
I am also not a huge fan of the attached milk foamer on the breville barista express, because 1 it is messy AF and the high pitch sound kills me. I prefer the detached milk foamer machine.
Any other espresso machines worth looking into aside from breville?
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2021.06.14 16:17 dreadsk8 Just soaking up the Sun

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2021.06.14 16:17 forgotten--ghost I need some help / information about this cel

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2021.06.14 16:17 UncleLunars Is this the original G Fuel in a can? Is this why Pewds does that thing with the mic?

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2021.06.14 16:17 HexaCube7 First Riven i have the weapon for: How good is that roll? And what stats would i want for the Zenith?

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2021.06.14 16:17 Ceofreak Working from a Holiday Location - My Personal Experience

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2021.06.14 16:17 Beautiful-Feedback28 One word…. Moon🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.06.14 16:17 Icy-Beautiful-2148 Should I keep trying to talk to him or back off and let him go

I had a crush on a guy in school(he was handsome).I found out he had a crush on me too,as he told my friend he liked me.He also would follow me out after our classes ended and pretend he was hanging around and "accidentally " would stand next to me so we could talk.I found it a bit odd but he was cute and i ignored it.
We started talking,amd he asked me out in person.I agreed to go out with him.We kissed once and he would take me out and paid for food, was respectful and was very sweet.However soon i began to notice he wasnt getting along with my friends,perhaps because he was socially awkward and he said so himself he wasnt comfortable around people he didn't know.So i would hang out with him separately and miss out on being around my friends.When we were together he was caring and we would text everyday,but unfelt he came on a little too strong and was going too fast too soon. I started to feel like I had made a mistake,but what happened next pushed me over the edge
My older sister and her guy friend joined us one day spontaneously when we were out and he seemed irritated and annoyed when they came,he stayed quiet and didnt say much the whole time. The next day he denied anything of the sort and was normal again,but my sister told me he was weird and she didnt like him to begin with and j started feeling she was right.
I finally told him we would be better off being friends after three weeks of dating,and he was very shocked and upset . He kept asking what went wrong but i told him I just didn't feel the same way and i liked him but as a friend.I felt terrible the following week as he seemed very upset ,but I finally could spend time wjth my friends and felt free. I still talked to him every now and then amd he acted normally and was friendly but slowly he started to act distant.I knew i had to make an effort to show him I wanted to stay friends after breaking up amd i asked if he wanted to meet, he said he was up for it but was sick and would tell me if he felt better but he didn't. After that i still try to say hello to him and he says it back but we dont talk much anymore.
Now that i got my space and he backed off and i don't feel suffocated by him I feel like I'm starting to get my feelings back for him.Im starting to appreciate how reliable amd thoughtful he was,and how sweet he could be.I miss the efforts he put in and how he made me feel special,and how we did have some chemistry and he did alot of things girls would want from their boyfriends. ,However i know he probably doesnt want to stay friends and I don't want to land in the same situation and feel unsure again,and i know i hurt him so I don't know if I should keep trying to communicate with him and blurt out how I feel although i feel he's avoiding me and it's been months since we broke up...or i should just back off and give him space to move on?.I keep thinking about him.What should I do?
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2021.06.14 16:17 Lookatthismonky Who should I use: Mirage or Revenant?

I personally like both but idk who I should be, Iike mirage because he’s a good solo player but I also like revenant because he’s a really good team player but he also has a really big hit box. What do you guys think?
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