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Ooni Fyra Charcoal?

2021.06.14 15:23 loveduckmang Ooni Fyra Charcoal?

Anyone tried this and if so does it work?
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2021.06.14 15:23 grumpyvirgo Milia on under eye area suddenly... popped?

I'm 20 F and I've had a white, zit looking bump on my under eye area for probably 2-3 years now. I figured it was just milia because that was the closest thing that came up when I searched for "zit like bump under eye".
It was not poppable, and trust me when I say I tried to pop it in every possible way I could. It was the smallest, stupidest insecurity I had because it was close to the corner of my eye, but it was still my under eye area and it was bright white. It was impossible to miss. I tried picking at it and even considering just cutting it off and dealing with the small cut and scar because at least it wouldn't be a bump. I even gave myself a minor bruise because I tried one last time to just pop it, which did not work.
I stopped messing with it about 6 months after having it and I just gave up trying to get rid of it. It didn't hurt, itch, or affect me other than it just looking annoying.
Just now I went into the bathroom because something was telling me to look at the bump under my eye. For whatever reason, it was just slightly bigger. Had I not stared at it so much before, I would not have noticed. It was just a tad bigger though. I started messing with it, and a small, white ball came out of the bump. If you've ever popped a super tight, hard zit that had what feels like marble come out of it, it was like that, minus the painful popping and it was much, much smaller.
After that I saw that the bump wasn't a bump, it had a little flap that was no longer connected and it just peeled off my face. I had to pull a small, tiny amount of white stuff from the bump, but it basically just came off my face with minimal pain or help.
Is this normal? Was that milia, or something else? And if it was milia, is it just going to come back?
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2021.06.14 15:23 SweetPhase12 WFL

Me: Star Fish
Them: Star and Moon Propeller (Halloween Event 2020)
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2021.06.14 15:23 shEvai_longlicker56 Gorgeous

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2021.06.14 15:23 bkvagnini TIL about Romance Standard Time

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2021.06.14 15:23 Funky_Fox Domande e temi per Locanda Live 8 Giovedì 17/06

Questo Giovedì 17/06 torna Locanda Live con il primo appuntamento in questa Season 3.
Come sempre Locanda Live è una puntata fatta insieme a voi, quindi apro questo post in modo che possiate fare domande o suggerire temi e argomenti che vogliate vengano trattati durante la serata.
Ricordatevi che il bello di Locanda Live è riuscire a partecipare in diretta in modo di poter intervenire in chat durante l'episodio, vi aspetto quindi in Locanda questo Giovedì alle 21:00
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2021.06.14 15:23 justgotlottqquestion Just depressed tired and wounded today need some prayers I'm afraid my hurt will be outputted to my friends family and loved ones and I want to just be like Christ and get away from that. I spent some time with Jesus this morning I know He's always with me.

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2021.06.14 15:23 Ayr909 Kabyle Dress featured on Algerian Postage Stamp

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2021.06.14 15:23 lombax21 (CAN-NL) Online haul from EB. So glad this exclusive got shared to Canada!

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2021.06.14 15:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - World Test Championship a ‘real step forward’ for cricket, insists ICC | Guardian

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2021.06.14 15:23 Melbourne2Paris Where to see free trial is over

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2021.06.14 15:23 librarytimeisover Noob Shaman - Windfury on MH or OH?

I read to use both Rockbiter and Windfury. I am currently level 64 and cant seem to figure out which weapon to use WF on.
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2021.06.14 15:23 AttorneyExcellent998 Question about and availability after pre-orders..

Hello guys. i want to buy the following items on the image, but i kinda want to wait for more reviews and the product to be officially launched before pre-ordering and not seeing them until november... since i've never bought anything from fanatec, how do they work? they make the chance to pre-order and then in the official release they usually stock out instant and take other 6 months to replace it or what are ur guys troughs? should i buy 1 item at a time when they become available? first the wheel and pedals then the base in the end of the year? that would be nicer for me due the big bank impact too tho. Is the GT3 V2 a new and limited product? Also will it work well on a playseat challenge or no idea about it? idk, i'm kinda lostsince its my first sim gear i purchase , so i'm looking for opinions about this, sorry for the newbie questions, hope u'll understand. Feel free to dm or ask for discord to be chatted!
thanks alot guys
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2021.06.14 15:23 tajdadon I didn’t believe in beginners luck until now

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2021.06.14 15:23 One-Macaroon-9476 Pickups for my strat

Thinking about getting new pickups for my MIM strat I’ve had for a while lmk what I should get and if you have any suggestions comment below
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2021.06.14 15:23 Thatboisammmy What are some obvious signs that someone has feelings for you?

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2021.06.14 15:23 miami_vice The Chakras of Tantra: Seven Wheels of Self-Mastery by Ganga Devi - Book promotion sites

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2021.06.14 15:23 Pansexaul_Sock Theres stuff like cook,waiter,room service and other jobs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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2021.06.14 15:23 awesometim1 In my third year of Cybersecurity Associates degree. Just got rejected from a job that I put a lot of effort into.

As the title says, I applied for a job and conducted interviews and went through the writing assignment and I just received a notice that they will not be moving forward with me. Now I’m thinking can I ever get a job? The position was support for a SaaS. I have around 1.5 years of experience in customer service at a law firm and have a A+ and Security+. I also participated in a competition recently and our team went to regionals for the first time in the school history. Are these factors not enough to get me a job? I think all the interviews and assignments went well. One thing that comes to mind is that obviously companies will pay the same for a candidate with 5-10+ years of experience and 4-6 years of education… I mean at this point it feels like I don’t even have a sliver of a chance of getting in, even to get experience. Any tips for this career newbie?
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2021.06.14 15:23 ardraputra Origin of Maheshwaris, the version in which they were Buddhists once

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2021.06.14 15:23 BREEbreeJORjor r/DailyObjectWriting - a place where daily prompts are posted for practicing sense-based writing to become more efficient at extracting high quality ideas and concepts from everyday objects for use in all forms of creative writing.

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2021.06.14 15:23 Mihaitza1234 Any chance to get in the Alpha?

Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are anymore giveaways available for the Lost Ark Alpha? I really want to try it out so that i can make a choice in regards to which founder's package i should purchase.

Thank you!
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2021.06.14 15:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - The Viewing Booth review – seeing is believing in the Israel-Palestine conflict | Guardian

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2021.06.14 15:23 Asleep_Win_894 Why don't you care

You were really hell bent on getting a good bye call from your ex but me? You didn't care you just did the same thing he did to you, you don't care about getting a final good bye call you didn't fight for me to stay, I keep hoping I get a text or a phone call from you but I know I won't get it and I think that's what hurts the most is that I was right you didn't love me as much as I thought you did, you don't care and I'm pretty sure in this situation you're probably just making yourself the victim, God I hate feeling so lonely I hate feeling sad I'm tired of crying, I wish you where here to say that I miss you, God my chest hurts so much I hate this I hate this so much I wish I could just fast forward to when I'm feeling better. I just wish I meant just as much as your ex meant to you but I know that I don't and your silence just proves it.
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2021.06.14 15:23 YanniRotten Help

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