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2021.06.19 07:21 Trick_Will8878 Homework

You and your team should design the program with at least 2 classes (one class for the objects and another class as driver class which contain main method). Draw a class diagram for designing the program.
The driver program should provide a text menu for the following functions: 1.Allow user to create a new record and add into an array 2.Allow user to edit a record in the array based on the certain key value such as ID or name input by user. 3.Search and print the details of a record based on the key value input by user. 4.Print the details of all the records.
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2021.06.19 07:21 desastrousclimax sensibler umgang mit dolmen im gemeindebau. bitte um konstruktive beiträge.

meinereins befindet sich seit kurzem in einem neuen gemeindebau. der alte, mein erster, war ein albtraum mit krimineller energie und ich war nicht vorbereitet auf die niveaulosigkeit, die eine*n dort treffen kann.

im vergleich (und mit erfahrung und besserem wissen ausgestattet) ist die neue bude recht zivilisiert. aber natürlich ecke ich an ein paar der alteingesessenen an (dem ominösen WIR, von dem die hausmasterin spricht und die ein paar sachen sChOn ImmEr so gemacht haben, die ich in frage stelle).

und pünktlich zur hitzewelle kam, was kommen mußte: die diskussion um den wasserverbrauch für die grünfläche. das kenn ich jetzt schon aus dem vorherigen bau...dort habe ich es ausgerechent und es ist vergleichbar: eine ordentliche bewässerung kommt ungefähr auf den verbauch, den ein mensch hat und ist in der wasserrechnung nicht zu buche geschlagen.

wenn es denn das privileg eines grünen hinterhofes gibt, dann möge mensch ihn auch pflegen, ist meine position dazu. es geht um die pflanzen, die mikroben im boden und unser aller kleinklima. ich spritz auch die taubenscheiße weg und der hof ist gänzlich unbenützt, weil ... WIR es schaffen, aus einem begrünten hinterhof mit ausreichend kleinkrämerei und kulturfeindlichkeit eine hitzeinsel zu machen! (ich lach ja nur mehr über die blödheit meiner zeitgenoss*innen).

ich erlaubte mir (derf sie des?!), mit der initative "garteln im gemeindebau", die es gibt, hier neue standards mitzubringen. hat mir einen bösen, anonymen brief eingebracht, wo unter anderem gekritzelt steht, "daß ich als neue mieterin schon gar keine ansprüche zu stellen hätt". ma, oida, amuse me! es gibt durchaus progressivere (jüngere) personen im haus, die mich explizit gelobt haben dafür, den hof zu beleben. aber jetzt geht es ums geldbörsel: die wasserrechnung!

bitte um beiträge für den anstehenden konflikt (als ob ich sonst keine sorgen hätt).
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2021.06.19 07:21 BodyLooter Loot the Body - Ravenloft (Music Video)

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2021.06.19 07:21 GamingSin During the 2015 Royal Rumble, Bret Hart forgot that his mic was on.

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2021.06.19 07:21 Bryceratops_88 H: V25MS Minigun, W: VE Commando offer

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2021.06.19 07:21 Paschal1 Short Term help for “sausage fingers”?

18M, 6’0, 140, Remicade, Non-Smoker, Chron’s Disease (remission) + what I think is psoriasis,
Just today my fingers have started swelling up pretty badly around the knuckles along with a really bad hot itching feeling.
I’m looking for short term solutions to help with the pain and swelling right now, but suggestions as to what could cause this would also be appreciated.
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2021.06.19 07:21 bigstunna Built my parents a new railing! 22m

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2021.06.19 07:21 budget_gundam GM sniper II

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2021.06.19 07:21 Not_The_Serg [US] [BUYING] Black Clover Vol 4-10; Spy x Family Vol 3; Deadman Wonderland Vol 3, 7, and 9-10

Looking only for the ones listed in preferably in G4 or G5 condition. Thanks.
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2021.06.19 07:21 Shoota_24 I got scammed out of $80 so my friends made me this.

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2021.06.19 07:21 DesperateStorage Oly 70-300 em10iv

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Simp Inu 💦 ($SIMP) Connecting SIMPS with their Goddesses 🥰
🔥 🔥 CMC application after launch
🦎🦎 CG application after launch
📋 Tokenomics - 10 billion fixed supply; - Liquidity Lock - 10% team tokens for Dev Fund and Marketing
🗺 Roadmap Simp Inu is launching the Simp Inu DEX - Simp Cam - Simp/Master Content - AMA with the Stars for you to SIMP for
Our streaming platform will be a combination of Pornhub based video content, and Only Fans style content. SIMPs will be able to directly interact with their goddesses and complete SIMP related tasks to earn favors and rewards.
Major Adult Star and Goddesses are being brought on board for post launch marketing and onboarding to the SIMP Platform.
🛒 Search $SIMP
🔜 Coming soon Private Presale Public Presale PCS Listing
🖇 Quick Links - Telegram: https://t.me/SimpInu - Website - Coming Soon - Twitter - Coming Soon
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2021.06.19 07:21 Tippertimmer Anyone else hate being told “normal is boring”?

I was venting to my cis female friends about my dysphoria, and I love them and they’re mu best friends ever but they kinda suck when it comes to this shit.
1) they were fighting over who got to take my chest once I got top surgery since they’re both flat chested (like it’s even possible)
2) they kept saying “you’re better than cis!”
3) they kept saying that normal was boring and that I should be proud I’m unique? And that I should be glad I’m not a normal boring cis man?
Idk. They kinda suck when it comes to this stuff so we never really talk about it. I just hate when they say these things when it does come up.
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2021.06.19 07:21 Alpha_Male8 Midnight Sun

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2021.06.19 07:21 darksaiyan1234 The commitee of zero Patch is right around the corner

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2021.06.19 07:21 fidyyuan Any Benefit to Upgrading Ram in 2021 Asus G15 Strix (G513QR-ES96)?

I just got the Asus G513QR-ES96 with AMD 5900HX and Nvidia 3070. I ran ZenTimings since I heard a lot of laptops with AMD this year are being shipped with RAM that have less than desirable timing. Is it worth upgrading this ram and is there a big difference in performance? Here's the ZenTimings on my stock ram: https://imgur.com/odZvNXb
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2021.06.19 07:21 oswincanoise Just published this arrangement of Lensky’s Aria from Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

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2021.06.19 07:21 qkers Braindead 💀

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2021.06.19 07:21 TheToken20Something 27 [M4F] US East/Anywhere - I can't swim, I can't dance and I don't know karate

Ok I can swim but I'm definitely a bad dancer, I am ok though (I promise).
Hello and thanks for clicking on me! It's currently a little bit late here but instead of sleeping maybe soon I'll be chatting with you about all kinds of great stuff. I've been called bubbly before and I'm definitely a people person.
In my free time I enjoy cooking and I really love to bake. It makes me happy to get to bake things for people and get to share the things that I create, especially because it keeps me from eating it all which isn't really the best for me probably. I enjoy play games, board games and PC so maybe we could do some of that!
I realize I'm starting to get older as I enjoy home improvement projects and find cleaning relaxing, the idea of a quiet night in just cleaning the house with some music on doesn't sound like a bad time to me.
I'm not sure what else I should add here but I look forward to meeting you! Let's suggest some music and talk about shows that I probably should have seen by now.
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2021.06.19 07:21 WorldNewsinPictures Major Cities Refund The Police as Crime Skyrockets And Businesses Backfire.

Major cities refund the police as crime skyrockets and businesses backfire. Fox pretending to support the police. Wouldn't even air the ad below.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/major-cities-refund-police-crime-skyrockets
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2021.06.19 07:21 Bryztoe Joe does drums now

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2021.06.19 07:21 Oceansoul90 Peace was never an option!

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2021.06.19 07:21 jcbk1373 I'm curious how you would handle this one

So I'm doing editorial design. Landed a contract in March to reformat a short quarterly magazine for an association, and spruce up the design a bit. I talk with the lady who sent the offer (call her "Sally") and we agree to the first milestone which was to send some mockups to make sure it's a good fit. That goes ok, but oddly a new person was added to the chat without warning, and this guy, "Joe", had different design preferences and he starts overruling Sally. Fine, whatever, she is deferring to him. Then she leaves the chat altogether.
Ok, Joe and I agree on the template, he releases the milestone and immediately funds the next milestone for creating the full issue, and says they'll send me the content in June.
Fast forward, it's June, and Joe sends me a link to a Dropbox with the content, and it's a hot mess. No organization rhyme or reason, no subfolder organization, and only a vague indication even of what order the content goes in. So I try to make sense of it for a bit, ask for some clarification, some content was missing, and I get more vaguaries and essentially "do what you think is best" and "you can pull some content from previous issues."
So I remind Joe that Sally and I agreed to a simple redesign, that's why we made the mockup, and I can drop the content into the template but I need to know where to put things, and I need the content in an organized manner; or if you want to hire me for additional $$ as an editor on it, I can make those decisions. Happy to do it either way, just let me know.
Joe doesn't reply, he actually exited the Upwork chat without saying anything. I didn't even know that was possible, but I guess since his wasn't the original client account on it, he was able to.
So, he's gone, but there's money in escrow. I'm thinking just to piece together what I can and submit for payment. Don't really know what else to do besides just issue a refund, but there's the possibly he somehow did it on accident. Like, why say nothing and just leave?
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2021.06.19 07:21 TheDudeOntheCouch Toxic blow pipe jad?

Is it still the meta..... im having a hard time on mobile! Can't afford the tbow I haven 91 range. Think my pray flicks suck any tips would be welcome haha
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2021.06.19 07:21 Soy_PapitaFrita I’ve never had a kraby patty

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