Go! I hate carbs June 19, 2021 at 07:59AM |

I hate carbs June 19, 2021 at 07:59AM

2021.06.19 06:59 Danel-Rahmani I hate carbs June 19, 2021 at 07:59AM

I hate carbs, I hate them, fuck carbs.
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2021.06.19 06:59 W2ttsy Wild and woolly out at summer bay

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2021.06.19 06:59 SquirtingBabies Are girls interested in their odors like some guys are?

This is gonna sound really weird but a lot of guys I’ve spoken to about this (myself included) openly talk about how we will do things like scratch our junk and smell it, instinctively, or how we will sometimes take notice to the odors in our flatulence. Do girls do anything similar to this or are guys just gross?
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2021.06.19 06:59 Webevibing23344 Vaping problem

Recently I stated vaping and instantly my chest started hurting which I’d expected because I hadn’t vaped in a couple of years but the pain is still residing and it’s been 2 days. I feel my chest has gotten a little better but I also can’t help but notice how I’m breathing heavily faster if I’m doing a lot of activity and when I swallow fluids my chest feels kinda funny. Help I’m scared. Do I have pneumonia or something?
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2021.06.19 06:59 TheLastTimTam When Kamala Harris talks to Joe Biden

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2021.06.19 06:59 Sweetheart_April Rate please 💖 Thinking of starting to post and wanted to see what others think 🤔

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2021.06.19 06:59 Kishu6813 I host a crypto currency forums and need a partner who can host a subscription based telegram bot on telegram! (Already have subscribers)

Good evening! I host a Cryptocurrency help community. I used to provide a partner who hosted a telegram bot all of the information (signals/buy and sell points) for the channel. We had over 40 subscribers and the channel was making over 40k per month. I was only being paid 10 percent and I was providing all of the information as well as providing the subscribers. I would like to find a new partner to host the channel and administer the bot. I have the subscribers and will provide the information for the bot. Please private message me if you are interested/capable! Thanks
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2021.06.19 06:59 BigBoiLink 🎇Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, being the bridge to a new organic way of fundraising across the blockchains. Kommunitas levels the playing field by enabling a developer or a team of developers to launch their project on Kommunitas’ platform🎇

What is Kommunitas?
Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, being the bridge to a new organic
way of fundraising across the blockchains. Kommunitas levels the playing field by enabling a
developer or a team of developers to launch their project on Kommunitas’ platform and collect
$ETH, $BNB, $HECO, $MATIC, or any other Cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.
Kommunitas Platform Advantages: 1. Multi Chain sales We are revolutionizing fundraising in the digital ecosystem with our seamless platform that supports developers’
quest to raise funds for their projects. We aim to expand the fundraising horizon with our platform and defeat the single-chain limit. Our multi-chain protocol (ETH, BNB, HECO, and MATIC) will enable you to attract investors from all over the crypto community.

  1. Multi Chain wallet connection A user will be able to connect several wallets from different blockchains with a single click. Kommunitas platform organically synchronizes all your assets to have faster access to all the functions hosted by the team.
  2. Ability for Staking Our users will be able to stake their tokens directly from their Kommunitas wallet. This cool feature involves data aggregation from multiple sources such as popular DEXs to ensure that Kommunitas users always get the best price.
Our almost-zero-Fee blockchain will help you manage your funds in the most decentralized way possible.
You can stake your assets and claim the reward you prefer with our multi-chain pools.
  1. Governance Function KOM token holder will be able to vote on future development of the project. The requirement for voting purpose is only 3,000 KOM at the moment. Meaning that holder with 3,000 or more KOM will have 1 voting rights to determine the future development
of the project as well as project that will be launched on Kommunitas Platform. ## Benefit of Holding KOM Kommunitas team recognizes the need to adopt its token. Our token $KOM is like equity in our company, which provides users with more value. Our token has various advantages
for the users of the Kommunitas platform: 1. Community Driven Governance Holding a specific amount of $KOM will grant you stakeholder status and allow you to vote for different decisions. Hodlers, as the community will decide for fees, projects hosted on the platform, updates, and many others.
This is a noble initiative because it gives our users the power to decide on the direction our company takes.
Staking and Holding Rewards Holders of $KOM will earn the reward from either staking the token on the Kommunitas platform or even just HODLing them on the wallet. The expanded opportunities to earn are unique and allows everyone to earn by just being part of the platform.
Guaranteed Allocation for New Project Here, you can hold your $KOM and become part of OUR Launchpad.
Most of the actual launchers have static tiers which can become obsolete also in the middle of a sale,
giving uncertainties that reflect on the token price. We work to prevent such a phenomenon by bringing
a new dynamic system that adapts to every market situation and still guarantees a fair pool allocation for the $KOM holders.
Early adopters price
When it comes to price for early adopters/purchases, a lot can happen but over the years we have seen
how those who bought cryptocurrency at their ICO have reaped huge profits running into millions.
For example, 1 ETH cost only 0.3usd on its ICO in the year 2014. The price has risen 10.000x today,
giving early investors crazy profit margins. That’s the power of purchasing tokens at the first-hand
price as an early adopter.
Improved safety with advanced security verification and audits. The safety of users should always
be the main goal of a project. This is particularly true for blockchain projects. IDOs, in particular,
the chances of having bad experiences, being robbed, and losing funds are particularly high for the
newcomers, but sometimes also for expert users. We have created an Advanced Security Check to protect every investor from experiencing anything of that sort. Kommunitas, through its partnerships, will
offer Documenting and Auditing services in the early stages of projects which will pass our quality
check. Then in the post-sale phase, we will also cover the Liquidity Lock process, securing a safe
environment for our users as well as traders on decentralized exchanges.


All Rights Reserved – Kommunitas 2021 |

Contract: 0xafE560E6CFc1C3c2E88399b69B43fA4efFdaCc3F

Pancakeswap https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xafE560E6CFc1C3c2E88399b69B43fA4efFdaCc3F
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2021.06.19 06:59 MarketingZestyclose7 First episode of a new show. Any suggestion

I recently started a new channel called the RPG Maker Audit. The idea is to play though the first 20 minutes or so of an RPG maker game and give my thoughts on it. It was heavily inspired from Stephenplays First20 series but is different in that the videos are actually 20 minutes and they are more focused on reviewing the game then the gameplay, along with me only playing RPG Maker games. Here is my first video
I would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts about it as I really want this to succeed. Thank you!
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2021.06.19 06:59 Zeroshame14 The Lamenters in a nutshell

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2021.06.19 06:59 Lleonharte Cant smell any treasure boss

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2021.06.19 06:59 doubleu11 [REQUEST] Suede - Coming Up (original pressing) [CDrip Flac]

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2021.06.19 06:59 Money-Ad3508 Should I even bother dating?

So, this is sort of a vent post….basically I (26) met my ex-boyfriend (32) on Plenty of Fish almost 4 years ago. When I was first coming out, I was very skittish about meeting people especially long distance - so I refused to meet him for the first 2.5 years or so…..last January (2020) he broke up with his boyfriend and was instantly in my dm’s. We made plans to meet, and a few days later he went back to his ex and wanted to try to work things out. I was of course royally pissed and didn’t speak to him for 6 months.
He broke up with his ex in June and started messaging me again - initially I was very angry and cold but my best friend told me I should give him a chance, that even if it didn’t work out, I would get some dating experience.
We went on a date and it went well, and I ended up seeing him a few more times. We became exclusive in August and I quickly fell for him. During that time he refused to delete the app Growlr as he wanted to keep in touch with some friends. I told him he could have some time to do that but that I wanted him to delete it eventually as I had deleted all of my apps.
He had some major trust issues so while on vacation in September we made an agreement that we would have the passwords to eachother’s phones.
Fast forward to October, and I ended up finding out he was messaging his ex husband who he is friends with and he was making sexual jokes with him, and had told him he was still the hottest guy he had ever been with. This made me uncomfortable and I expressed that to him. I told him if we were going to continue to date that he needed to delete Growlr and that he could not joke around with his ex that way.
After this I put my full trust in him. He however became increasingly controlling, jealous, and would feign lack of trust in me to manipulate me. I was not allowed to have time to myself or he said he felt I was losing interest or not communicating enough. He continued to go through my phone, even in front of his best friend which made me uncomfortable. I overlooked all of this chalking it up to his bad experinces in the past.
I was blinded by my own feelings and fell deeply in love with this guy. I was going to quit my job and move closer if not in with him. We had talked about a future, marriage, kids. He was my rock and getting to see him every one to two weeks got me through work during this pandemic (I am a nurse).
Finally in May we had plans to play video games together one night (we would have date nights when we couldn’t be at eachother’s homes during the weeks) and I was late because a friend needed me (had gone to hospital with heart attack symptoms that morning due to anxiety). I had explained this to him well in advance, but he was very cold and went to bed early instead. He even ignored me when I asked him what was wrong. Something didn’t sit right and I had this gut feeling something was up, so I guessed his facebook password (previously unknown to me) and went through his messages. This was the first time I had done anything like that in 6 months.
I ended up finding out he was on Growlr again from a screenshot of a convo he sent to his ex. I also found months of conversation between him and his ex where he asked the ex for nudes and made comments about thinking about all of the what ifs in their relationship. He continued to deny having feelings for his ex throghout our relationship, but it really seemed like he still does.
Anywho, I ended up confronting him and he told me he had been downloading Growlr for several months and deleting it (he said to avoid unwanted attention but I think he was just trying to hide it because he knew I would be mad).
I broke up with him as a result of all of this. He then drove all the way here to try to talk to me and I refused to see him and made him leave. I felt I could not trust him, and that I didn’t know if anything he said to me was true. How was I supposed to believe him? If he lied about this what else did he lie about? What if he cheated on me with someone else ?
I ended up telling him we could not fix things. I told him I needed space and that I thought he needed therapy. Then I decided to block him because I did not trust myself not to message him, and he continued to message me despite me saying I needed space.
After that, I struggled because I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice. I know it is wrong but since then he has not changed his password, so I logged on a couple of times out of curiosity if he was remorseful. I thought maybe if he was hurting and was truly sorry that maybe I could give him another chance - maybe if I found evidence that he wasn’t cheating I could trust him again. After 3 weeks i tried contacting him and he basically told me he knows his worth and deserves better, and he blocked me.
Within a few weeks he has moved on and is lying to other people which really grinds my gears, but I know it is none of my business. I am no longer checking his facebook as it is not my place.
So like….am I the asshole? Am I just crazy? I’m really questioning if there is even any point in dating anymore. This was my first real relationship and I just don’t know if I can handle experiencing heartbreak like this over and over.
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2021.06.19 06:59 JamiroFan2000 "Slade’s Don Powell enlists Derrick McKenzie, Brian Bennett, Karl Brazil, Craig Blundell and more for 'Let There Be Drums' charity single." (Musicradar.com)

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2021.06.19 06:59 Gnubay Big Brother & The Holding Company 8 Track 1978 Janis Joplin ForParts Not Working

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2021.06.19 06:59 barbiella hi i need help i’m looking for chrysler building key for the mine door that in there where i can found it?

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2021.06.19 06:59 vinayak_nair $3500 AMD 5000 Series Workstation Build

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2021.06.19 06:59 MudSeparate1622 Hip based locomotion?

im pretty much addicted to this game and heard it had full body tracking so i ordered 3 new vive trackers and set everything up but noticed theres only hand and head based movement available when i look in my book, my feet move fine and everything is working.
Do I need to alter a setting somewhere else or is it simply not available? If it isnt available is there a mod that can add it or is it not something thats done?
Id really like to move my body independently of where im looking or swinging my arm and don’t see why its not available if full body tracking is so i feel it has to be me somehow.
Maybe its way more complicated than I thought it was? Im still happy i can actually kick people now but I did have higher hopes, still my favorite vr game so i’ll live
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2021.06.19 06:59 MensoDeInternet05 Cool cars from yesterday’s road trip

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2021.06.19 06:59 Priority-Maleficent Pool in Australia that is filled by seawater (HD)

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2021.06.19 06:59 SaveHogwarts Who says no?

Marcus Smart, Tristan Thompson to Charlotte
Terry Rozier, Nick Richards to Boston
In this scenario, Charlotte would bring back Devonte Graham (RFA), and have a guard rotation that includes Lamelo, DTae, Smart and (if they bring him back) Monk.
Celtics come full circle on the Kemba Walker experience. Terry is the bonafide starter. Richards is just an insurance throw in to bring the salaries a little closer.
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2021.06.19 06:59 Youarethebigbang The Spectacular Failure of MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell's Mask Operation

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2021.06.19 06:59 Serena__k My mom hates my hair

One of the many (MANY) things my mom does is constantly telling me to cut my hair.
The moment she sees my, I can see her eyes glaring at my hair.
“Ughh I hate your hair so bad. I’m itching everyday because I want to cut it. Can’t you cut it ? Why don’t you want to cut it ?”
Apparently, any girl with long hair looks like a w h 0 r e to her.
And not just a shorter hair but she wants very specific hair length and style, which I don’t like at all.
Every time I say “is it MY hair or YOUR hair ?”, she gets pissed off and gives me all kinds of attitude. If I talk to her calmly and sincerely to give me my own space and some boundaries, it gets worse.
She gives me dramatic speech about how she is gonna die soon (nope) and I don’t need her anymore, that I will regret only when she is gone. And the sacrifices she made when I was born, when I was 1 yr old, 2, 3, 4....... 25.
Doesn’t sound that bad but it’s just one of the many things my mom does on daily basis.
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2021.06.19 06:59 GreatKublaiKhan [WTT] [AZ] Stoner 63 and/or Tokyo Marui PSG-1

Hello, everybody! I was hoping to trade either my Stoner 63 or my Tokyo Marui PSG-1 (or both!) for some heavy machine guns. I’m mostly looking for M60s, M240s, MG42s, and PKMs.
First up is the PSG-1. I loved this gun from Black Ops, but don’t have much interest in it anymore. I imported this directly from Japan, and it was sealed in its box for almost three decades.Practically mint condition. There are also no issues to speak of, but just know that the gun is difficult to upgrade.
Second is the Stoner 63 by G&P. I really don’t want to see it go, because it’s simply amazing. Shoots like a dream, never had any feeding issues, and looks gorgeous. No issues on this gun to speak of. Uses a deans connection and comes with a battery and the box magazine.
Sorry for it being a link, but here are the pictures: Stoner 63 and PSG-1
Simply to reiterate, I’m looking for heavy/medium machine guns. Shoot me any offer, though!
Apologies if I formatted this incorrectly. I do not use Reddit nor Imgur very often. Any questions are welcome! Thank you.
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2021.06.19 06:59 Odd-Dark-4618 Virtual Crowd Control | Harry Mack Omegle Bars 41 | REACTION

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