Go! Is there physically any way possible for me to 2-key NM green affinity clan boss without Duchess with this roster. I’ve been able to do every other type for months now and I’ve tried everything. Please help. |

Is there physically any way possible for me to 2-key NM green affinity clan boss without Duchess with this roster. I’ve been able to do every other type for months now and I’ve tried everything. Please help.

2021.06.15 20:54 thedrake48 Is there physically any way possible for me to 2-key NM green affinity clan boss without Duchess with this roster. I’ve been able to do every other type for months now and I’ve tried everything. Please help.

Is there physically any way possible for me to 2-key NM green affinity clan boss without Duchess with this roster. I’ve been able to do every other type for months now and I’ve tried everything. Please help. submitted by thedrake48 to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 20:54 mmhmm5858 Does an incomplete affect your gpa?

I was given an incomplete in one of my courses this quarter but I don’t know if it affects my gpa? I need a certain gpa to keep my job so I’m freaking out a bit lol
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2021.06.15 20:54 believe0101 any which way he wants it

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2021.06.15 20:54 Successful-Grade2443 Asked for ‘cosmic’ and ‘hot pink’ looked over the wall and saw The Birth of Venus. Also an owl sat on our roof last night. We’ve never seen an owl here in ten years. WOO HOOOOO

Asked for ‘cosmic’ and ‘hot pink’ looked over the wall and saw The Birth of Venus. Also an owl sat on our roof last night. We’ve never seen an owl here in ten years. WOO HOOOOO submitted by Successful-Grade2443 to randonauts [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 20:54 Julianstelvio Alright that does it. I'm starting the Cosmic Era. Heard it has problems, but the designs are too good to not get my time. This is my favorite Zaku in the franchise, I need to see it in action.

Alright that does it. I'm starting the Cosmic Era. Heard it has problems, but the designs are too good to not get my time. This is my favorite Zaku in the franchise, I need to see it in action. submitted by Julianstelvio to Gundam [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 20:54 Albert3232 My face,mainly my forehead its always flaky and itchy

Im 27, male weighting 177 pounds. My forehead for the past 4-5 years have been really flaky to the point where even my eyebrows are flaky. I died usin moisturize motion whenever i shower. I always forget to bring this up whenever i go see a doctor. No one in my family suffers from eczema so could it be a fungal thing?? Is there an O-T-C lotion that i could safely try in the meanwhile til i find a doc?
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2021.06.15 20:54 Birdgang52 I’m in SE PA. Anyone interested in buying? Or advice on a place to sell.

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2021.06.15 20:54 Substantial_Hall_402 Mega slowbro raid! Taking 10!

4871 7230 6426 And 3958 2503 5643
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2021.06.15 20:54 justice4anya The House of Je Ne Sais Quoi — Elimination 8

It never gets any easier for the girls to send off another girl. When you perform the worst during a week here, you die. There's no way around it anymore. Being the worst meant that the House would eat, and one of them had to die. Sarin. Wanda Sue. Sharon. Matryoshka. Serafina. The scores separating them were so close that any of them could bite the dust this week. Their photoshoots were only getting harder and the competition was only growing stronger. Who would make it into the final 4?
The girls stand in the elimination room, Jenna is running late, as usual. They sometimes wait there for hours, standing at gunpoint. The guys watching them were rather innocuous considering they've never had to gun anybody down yet, but it didn't feel good having them there. For some reason, Croque and Nicolette are wearing boxing gear but specially tailored for a giant cat and tentacle monster-woman. They're trash talking one another.
Croque: No, Croque's girl will wipe the floor with Nicolette's girl!
Nicolette: You? Beat me? The only thing you can beat me at is licking your own sack.
Croque: Will Nicolette never let Croque live that one down? Croque once saw Nicolette put her tentacles-
Nicolette covers Croque's mouth with her tentacles
Nicolette: Thats enough. Let's save it for the fight...
Wanda: Sue: Whadya think they're talking about over there?
Sharon: You always all up in people's business?
Wanda Sue: I missed when you were in prison.
Sharon: Yeah well when you go home you ain't goin’ to no prison, dear.
Matryoshka: Guys, that's enough.
Wanda Sue: Oh, fuck you with your fake saint act that you've got going lately.
Serafina: You're the only one who insists on fighting with everyone.
Sarin: Seriouslyyyy. I try to be to be nice to you all the time and you make fun of me.
Wanda Sue: Do you not understand? 4 of are going to die. Why would I be buddies with you girls?
Matryoshka: And how you're acting is better?
off to the side
Croque: Should Nicolette break them up?
Nicolette: No, it's better theyre fighting. It'll be scarier energy later.
back to the girl
Wanda Sue: I don't need you fucking bitches. I'm going to win.
Matryoshka: It doesn't have to be this way.
Wanda Sue: Anybody Ive ever trusted to be my friend has hurt me.
Suddenly the room begins to distort.
Serafina: Wanda, No! The House, it fears of your negative feelings!
Wanda begins to cry as Jenna walks in. Serafina quickly wipes the tears from Wanda's face and returns to her spot. Wanda does her best to dry it up before it's her turn.
Jenna: Well, well, well. The final five! I never thought it would be you five but here we are. We are so close to the end, girls. Whoever survives this week is going to to endure the most demanding week yet. Who will it be? Truth be told, girls, even I don't know who's going home.
The girls look puzzled. Jenna doesn't know who's going home?
Jenna: Truth is, girls, we had a tie for first place and last was so close that we've devised other methods for choosing the call out order today. First, let's have Sharon and Serafina up here, together.
Sharon and Serafina, together, approach Jenna to be judged.
Jenna: This pains me because you're of three girls that have similar sounding names: It's honestly ridiculous.
Sharon: Oim sorry about that... Oi can change it if you'd like.
Serafina: Totally down for a name change.
Jenna; Whats the sense in that? Only one of you can win. I'll have no issue remembering then.
The two girls exchange looks.
Jenna: So, you tied this week. Same average. I would usually try to decide who's the winner, but clearly the votes were equal. That being said, I am very proud of Sharon for coming back and placing first! And to Serafina since she's kind of been sucking for a minute.
Serafina: I've been sucking?
Jenna: It's those black and white photos. You're so depressing.
Serafina: I'll work on it.
Jenna: Good! Next! I want Matryoshka.
Matryoshka walks up to Jenna and flashes a smile.
Jenna: Middle of the pack.
Matryoshka: I really tried my hardest.
Jenna: I'm afraid for next week then. Four photos. You can't even give me one that's a stand-out.
Matryoshka; I've preformed before. I'll do it again.
Jenna: You better. It's not me who will be disappointed by the results.
Matryoshka rejoins the girls, fighting back tears. Wanda Sue and Sarin look at one another.
Jenna: I would like Wanda Sue and Sarin to come over here together.
They approach together.
Jenna: Do you want to be here? This is for both of you.
Sarin: It depends on what you mean by want to be here because if we could leave and not die I would honestly opt for that right now but since that's like, not an option or whatever I was thinking maybe you mean do I want to be here like, win... I would definitely like to stay here and not die.
Jenna; That was very long and boring. Wanda Sue?
Wanda Sue: I feel like I give it my all every week and I don't always get the appreciation I deserve:
Jenna: I kind of agree... But, the two of us don't make up the competition, Wanda. You should know that by now. And, I still can't decide who I want to remain in the competition... So, you'll fight for it.
Wanda Sue: We'll what?
Sarin: I've never done that. Can we do something else?
Jenna: Wanda, you look like you have some feelings you need to unleash via explosive violence. Sarin, I've grown tired of you being soft. The loser will die at the hands of the winner. I want you to fight to the death.
Sarin: You can't be serious?
Croque: To the DEATH?
Jenna: Yes, those are the rules. You better get going. You have been assigned coaches. Nicolette will coach Wanda Sue and Croque will coach Sarin. If any of you three girls interfere, we'll make it a 3 person free for all where two people die.
Sarin and Wanda Sue make their way to their coaches.
Nicolette: I have prepared well for your match. This is a perfectly sharpened combat knife.
Wanda Sue: Wow, sick. I can take this bitch out quickly.
Nicolette: Dont underestimate her.
Wanda Sue: She literally is too scared to argue with anyone in the house, nevermind having a fist fight. I'll make short work of her.
Croque: Oh no! Croque did not plan well.
Sarin: Whats my weapon then?
Croque: Um...
Sarin: SERIOUSLY? She has a KNIFE? I have nothing. I don't know how to fight.
Croque: Croque is so sorry, lady Sarin!
Croque rips a curtain rod down from the wall and hands it to Sarin with an embarrassed grin.He uses his class to sharpen it into a spear.
Sarin: Great. The unstable woman gets a pep talk from the tentacle woman and and a combat knife and I get a curtain rod and a bumbling cat.
Croque: Croque believes in you!
Wanda Sue and Sarin face one another. Sarin is visibly nervous and stands a distance away from Wanda Sue. Wanda Sue does not look as confident as she usually does and was actually starting to think about what the girls said. Wanda didn't want to be known as someone who is mean and nasty and she certainly didn't hate Sarin enough to kill her. But, it had to be done. Wanda walks toward Sarin and she shrieks and backs up, holding the curtain rod tightly and jabbing it at Wanda.
Wanda: Come a little closer, Sarin. It'll all be over in a minute.
Wanda Sue moves toward her again and this time Sarin makes contact with Wanda's stomach and knows her backward. Wanda is irritated by this and regroups, staring Sarin down. Sarin jabs it at Wanda again, but Wanda grabs it and pulls it, knocking Sarin's balance off. Wanda punches Sarin in the face, blood spilling out of her mouth as she stumbles backward, grabbing her face, the blood on her fingers. Sarin no longer has a weapon and any sense of hope.
Sarin: Come on, Wanda. You don't want to do this. We don't have to give them what they want.
Wanda Sue: You resisting is only going to get us both killed. I'm sorry, Sarin. I'll tell you now what we told you during interview week: you're the weakest girl here.
Wanda Sue lunches Sarin again but this time in the stomach. She knocks her down on the ground and gets on top of her, landing punch after punch as Sarin moans on the ground, blood everywhere, her face covered in bruises underneath the blood gushing from her face. Wanda Sue looks down at her. Sarin is no longer fighting back. She's not cheerful as usual. She's not terrified like she was a few seconds ago. Now she just lays there, bleeding and gurgling, twitching on the ground. Wanda Sue gets off of her.
Wanda Sue: I'm done.
Jenna: You're dont?
Nicolette: Me and the cat have a bet. You're done when Sarin isn't breathing anymore.
Wanda Sue: I'm not gonna kill her to stay in a game. I may have said some really fucked up things while I was here, but I'm not going to-
Wanda Sue is stooped in her tracks. Blood drips out of her mouth. She looks down, her eyes filling with tears. The curtain rod has gone right through her chest. Blood falls to the floor, dripping at first and then becoming a steady stream. She turns around, Sarin is moving backward.
Wanda; You...
Sarin: Someone has to die, Wanda. I'm sorry...
Wanda falls to the ground and takes her last breath. Jenna breathes it in as her own and heals Sarin's injuries as if they never happened.
Jenna: I hope next week I don't doubt anyone's commitment. Goodnight, ladies.
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2021.06.15 20:54 nehakaral You're not you when you're hungry

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2021.06.15 20:54 sassydancerxo I’m having sex 3 times a week with my co worker. Is this healthy?

I’ve been having casual sex with a co worker every 2/3 days. We have sex on our lunch break, after work and on our days off. We also work together every 4 days for 12hours.
I’ve never had so much sex with a fwb before and was wondering if this is healthy or maybe down the line attachments might form because of how often we are having sex?
He’s 23M I’m 24F, ( also this job is agency work, not my proper career profession)
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2021.06.15 20:54 pureedpeach Am I doing this right, it feels to easy?

I’m on my 3rd day of 14:10. I’m using the app called Simple and it’s the plan it recommended for me. While I’ve been hungry sometimes, it’s not like I’m starving, which it weird for me because I seemed to have always been hungry. I just feel like maybe I’m not doing it right because everyone always talks about how much of a struggle fasting is in the beginning. Am I supposed to be skipping meals during my eating time, or can I still eat 3 meals a day so as long as it’s in my window?
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2021.06.15 20:54 BlueDaBeDaBaDa How pewds makes top 10 videos:

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2021.06.15 20:54 kbr2214 Polka City Review ( How to Earn Passive Income from Virtual Investment Platform )

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2021.06.15 20:54 Licorys Pancakes with marshmallows and cookies (not my recipe)

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2021.06.15 20:54 fischlol Yes

Join Reddit now! Download the app and create an account today! https://reddit.app.link/4ZzSI8nj7gb
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2021.06.15 20:54 MckeossSchroerr 👙 OnlyMoons 👙 Launched Today [Female Team] Nudes with Crypto

OnlyMoons is a groundbreaking platform allowing content creators to sell their content to subscribers on the blockchain. Using our platform content can be purchased with BNB or MNC and is issued as an ERC721 NFT on the binance smart chain. This is a fair launch with all of the tokens being sold at presale. No dev wallet or holdings
PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xE5A5401f19fd13eA6d75fDE2005Eb3f3624b45e9 Set slippage to 7-12% Bogged: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xE5A5401f19fd13eA6d75fDE2005Eb3f3624b45e9
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2021.06.15 20:54 just_aguest D3500 Street photography in London

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2021.06.15 20:54 Mightyaor Should be nice and easy.

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2021.06.15 20:54 Greenwirebird [analog]

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2021.06.15 20:54 Chula_Quitena_120 Alec’s IG Posts re podcast

Alec’s IG Posts re podcast I cannot keep up, either!
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2021.06.15 20:54 LilaKat16 How to see auras and feel/read energy

every time I try to see auras i just see a white outline and Ik everyone doesn’t have a white aura so can someone help me id also love to learn how to read/feel energy
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2021.06.15 20:54 ChateauDiamant Hard pass. Not an add-on either. What happened to $3 minimum base pay in my area?

Hard pass. Not an add-on either. What happened to $3 minimum base pay in my area? submitted by ChateauDiamant to doordash_drivers [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 20:54 fattydaddy__ I have been sexually harassed at every job I’ve ever had. I thought my new job would be different but it’s not.

I have been working at a restaurant since October and none of the men have made me feel uncomfortable... until we had a new manager for the chefs, “J”, transfer to us in April.
Context: I’m 22F, J is 36M. I am in a relationship which J is well aware of.
J didn’t make me uncomfortable at first until he stole my phone number from the scheduling app that we use for my job and texted me. I barely speak to him so I do not understand why he thought it was appropriate to do this. He texted me about something not related to our work. I didn’t know who the number was at first so I never responded, but within a day I realized that it was J who had texted me. I felt uncomfortable but not enough to report him, so I just started ignoring him at work instead.
Then a few days ago he made a joke about stalking me, but the way he said it made my skin crawl. Keep in mind that I rarely speak to him so the one interaction I have with J is him “joking” about stalking me...
Later that night he insisted on walking me to my car at the end of my shift. I didn’t ask him to but I thought it might be better to walk with someone else since it was late and dark. It was just after midnight, we were alone in the dark parking lot when he randomly mentioned he had a knife and pepper spray on him. This comment came out of nowhere and the way he said it made me feel like he was threatening me. Then when we got to my car he made a comment about how he likes my legs. Again, we were in the middle of a dark parking lot alone after he had just casually mentioned he had a weapon. AND I BARELY EVER SPEAK TO THIS GUY. I got in my car and felt genuinely unsettled by the conversation.
After this incident, I straight up ignored him, never saying a single word unless absolutely necessary. His vibes at work the next two shifts felt so uncomfortable and even though we didn’t speak he still managed to make me feel unsafe. I caught him staring at me a dozen times throughout my shift but the look he gave me... i just felt like he was plotting to kidnap me... and even though he didn’t walk me to my car again, he still managed to find an excuse to go outside at the same exact time I walked to my car... which made me feel so fucking uncomfortable... J makes me feel like he is the type to write down my license plate to find out my address from Google.
I reported everything to the general manager and I trust that the GM will take care of things. But I’m just exhausted. I’ve been sexually harassed at every job I’ve ever had, but this is the most threatened I’ve ever felt. I have a plan for if he ever makes me feel unsafe again, but women should never have to deal with this. I wish men could just understand simple boundaries and FUCK OFF.
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2021.06.15 20:54 cypherdeciphered What are some good resumes for people who just completed their college?

I feel my resume is so lacking and I want to work towards it more in the coming months for a good starting job.
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