Go! Why wouldnt it be obvious that 9 pro heroes had/have the same quirk (OFA), and that they all fought with AFO. |

Why wouldnt it be obvious that 9 pro heroes had/have the same quirk (OFA), and that they all fought with AFO.

2021.06.19 08:05 Chipszakje Why wouldnt it be obvious that 9 pro heroes had/have the same quirk (OFA), and that they all fought with AFO.

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2021.06.19 08:05 BoonFanz By Crazytom666

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2021.06.19 08:05 ErwinFurwinPurrwin The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero.

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2021.06.19 08:05 vampirewallflower Trash and proud

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2021.06.19 08:05 DadiPapi I was banned by a bigot mod just because of my sexuality. This is so unfair!

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2021.06.19 08:05 pocketchlo wanted to ask if this is shell rot? been putting betadine onto him for 2-3 months now but it’s still visible… turns white when my turtle is sun-bathing.

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2021.06.19 08:05 yaboodooect Tokyo Olympics: Fears mount over potential COVID economic blow

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2021.06.19 08:05 Gnnabesccssfl 23 [M4A] Want to start a business but dont know HOW? READ THIS

Hi I actually looking for anyone who wants to start their business. You don't have to think what's the best product to sell or how to market the product also which audience to target.
In short you don't have to start from scratch because I already have a 5 steps success system that will help you to start your own business.
Everything is already Done for you! I have automated system that will help you answer inquiries 24/7 even when you're sleeping. A guide also on how to do the business. I'll be the one guiding you step by step, walk you through and hold you by the hand!.
Btw this is a longterm business and I guarantee your success if you will stick with the business, if you do it consistently by working smart!
You don't have to work hard on someone else's dream instead work on your dream by having the business opportunity that I have for you.
so if you're seriously looking for a business opportunity and want to work with it instead working as an employee and help building other peoples dream. Hit me up! Let me help you escape from your poor 9 to 5 job.
To your success -Gnnabescssfl
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2021.06.19 08:05 EythanLee I didn't know a dog was a footballer.

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2021.06.19 08:05 Solveh Help with Trust Factor

My friend and I queue mm a lot, don't cheat, don't tk and we don't behave in a toxic manner due to us mostly 5-stacking with friends. Yet, my friends trust factor has become substantially lower than all of ours. He's a middle of the road player and doesn't "pop off" often, but if I do good, he does good, or one of our other friends do good, we get reported for cheating, why do those reports effect our Trust Factor? Also, if there's any advice to get out of low Trust Factor what is it, because we can't play the game with him anymore, the queues take 20+ minutes and every lobby is filled with spinners. Mind you we're in Gold Nova and it's placing us in Global spinner lobbies and if me and him duo, our teammates start to hvh. It's awful and we just want to fix it somehow.
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2021.06.19 08:05 caseyrobinson2 what if you fail ir5 interview due to lack affidavit of support. Do you give you a chance to submit additional sponsor?

what if you fail ir5 interview due to lack affidavit of support. Do you give you a chance to submit additional sponsor?
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2021.06.19 08:05 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-arthur-schopenhauer-15

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2021.06.19 08:05 verdocaz Ils ont tout compris... (Bravo)

This is what happens when employment becomes a theatrical corporate image farce with no actual usefulness (for a misery wage, being equal everywhere), social mobility opportunities by merit are zero (or negative) and when the whole economy is just designed to fill in the pockets of a few (but way too many) billionaires and destroy the environment in the process... People see the merits of setting path aside and lose nothing on it. Well done. What is really précaire is believing yet in the American Dream in 2021 🏎🚁🛳🏝🏰💎💰💳 bling bling.
Hoping Brussels will pioneer this trend because it really needs it... We ought to be the Capital of Cool.
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2021.06.19 08:05 Candid_Sundae_5182 to only the 💎🙌

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2021.06.19 08:05 bluestringking 20 effeminate Asian guy LF an older man who would give me some attention

I am looking for someone older than me who would actually appreciate me. Didn't work out with guys my age so might as well try it with someone older. I'm a little bit chubby and 5'7"-tall. I'm not a femboy but I got mistaken for a girl in some occasions. Timezone isn't much of a problem especially if the person finds interest in talking to me. We can also do voicecalls once we get to establish a genuine connection. HMU if you want to talk to me. What are you waiting for? Hit my inbox.
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2021.06.19 08:05 Pog_biscuit A "Scuffed Crusaders" (The server is not history based btw) chill server looking for new active members to revive the server. We have cool game bots to play with, leveling roles and cool selfroles. if you want to chat sometimes, feel free to join:)

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2021.06.19 08:05 OutcastByChoice BEWARE/PSA: Microsoft is Terminating Microsoft Accounts Logged Into Leaked Windows 11 Build

If you are using your Microsoft Account with the leaked 21996 build, stop it. Unlink and disconnect the account.
It is true, I've seen comments from people on Enderman's post on YouTube.
Do not use your MSA on 21996!
Better wait for the official build on Thursday.
Microsoft is pretty serious about this LOL.
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2021.06.19 08:05 throwawayforthis4792 Posted this on r/questions but not a lot of people online, not sure what to do

To start this off, sorry this is a bit long and yes, I’m drunk. Years ago, I had a mental breakdown. Full blown, reality shattering breakdown. I was scared, unstable and ready to commit suicide. I got shipped off to college by my biological parents during this breakdown and tried to work through it but had to check myself into an in-patient hospital to prevent me from harming myself. I got out but a couple months before that (right when I got shipped to college) I got involved with some people who said they’d help me. Said they understood my pain. I vented all my problems to them. They basically became my parents. Said they loved me. At first we only ever met online. Then a few months after I got out I moved all the way to their house to live with them. Turns out we weren’t as healthy for each other as we thought, so I figured the best thing to do was leave. I’ve always wanted to create music. Make the world a better place. Help those who were in that pit I was in. I don’t know how to describe it. I remember filling out a paper when I checked into the hospital that asked at the end “why are you here?” and I wrote “I don’t know but you are my only hope.” That feeling is indescribable. Like my heart, the blood flowing through my body was…missing. Just this darkness. Emptiness. I thought they were my light but they weren’t. Now here I am, years later, wanting to release my soul to the world, but I fear if I do they’ll “cancel” me for all that I’ve done in the past. I’m a completely different person now. I’ve learned coping mechanisms, discipline, self-control, and that person from years ago feels like someone else, but I guess that’s where my confusion lies. Do I even bother creating if there’s the possibility of someone from my past bringing up my mistakes from years ago? If I managed to build an audience, and try to help people who are going through what I went through, then what’s the point if it all gets torn down from mistakes I made when I was basically a child? I don’t know anymore. Maybe someone here has an enlightened perspective. Maybe nobody will read this to the end. Either way, I might as well let this pain come out.
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2021.06.19 08:05 reddit_feed_bot Gab Trends: SHOCK VIDEO: Shooter Chases Family Down Bronx Sidewalk, Opens Fire on Father Inches Away From Children

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2021.06.19 08:05 heartfuh Learned how to do night photography in class recently! 📸🌙

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2021.06.19 08:05 onemorepop Funko POP Disney: Lilo & Stitch - Lilo Vinyl Figure

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2021.06.19 08:05 SnooPredictions9697 Informal/social single parent group? Specifically pre school age

Firstly the obvious question; do you know of any such groups?
And I guess secondly if such a thing did exist (if it doesn’t now) would you go/consider going?
For clarity: I know there are library groups, playcentres, etc, that you can meet other parents at. I know that it’s entirely plausible to initiate and develop relationships with other parents you meet at public places; like a playground for instance. However, such seemingly simple social skills are lost on some of us. I’m antisocial and I don’t want to make friends per se, I just want to meet up with people once a month or whatever with a single mutual goal and expectation; that the obligation free and somewhat regular meet is for the sake of enabling our children to have familiar faces outside of kindy. I mean, that’s it put simply anyway, I suppose. Is that a thing? Am I reaching too far out? Should I stop being concerned and just hope that the 20 hours at kindy is enough?
Tia, perspective appreciated
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2021.06.19 08:05 LoadMassive What do you guys think of sonar aka ping

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2021.06.19 08:05 DollarStoreEtika *Farts*

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2021.06.19 08:05 BoomerzDoomerz What are your plans for summer holiday?

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