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Did I have a shutdown?

2021.06.19 08:21 Don_Macaroons Did I have a shutdown?

So I'm a 20 hear old gut and have never been diagnosed with autism although I've suspected I might be autistic since I was 15 or 16, but as I read through some of these posts I'm relating a lot to your guys' experiences and resonating with the struggles of having autism. There are a few things that stick out to me - I get really bad social anxiety and can't quite seem to make a conversation flow, I've always been resistant to change (like crying my eyes out when I had to get a new pair of shoes), and I think I may have experienced some shutdowns, but I'm not completely sure.
Heres the context: My ex-girlfriend and I had dated for about a year and a half, and things were pretty bumpy. I won't go too specific but we had some really big differences in worldview that I now consider dealbreakers, but since she was my first girlfriend and I was stupid I tried to just push past those problems because I was too lovestruck or afraid of being alone to break things off when I needed to. This led to a lot of conflict between us, and while we never had any screaming matches or fistfights, there were definitely some disagreements that got really tense and emotional. On a lot of these fights I'd just fill to the brim with anxiety, I obsessed over the relationship a lot so it was emotionally exhausting, and while we were talking we'd be laying there on the couch or something, and I'd start to feel the exhaustion. My mind would get all cloudy to the point where I couldnt even think about the fight, and there were a few times I would just kinda fall asleep for a minute or two. Looking back, this happens a lot when I get really emotionally aroused, I'll feel extremely tired and lose all focus on what I'm even emotional about. That behavior of mine is definitely not super normal, but could it be considered a shutdown?
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2021.06.19 08:21 _scarlet_fever I got a really cool new job, and my dad is no longer here to be proud of me

I was supposed to be something. I have his intelligence and wit. But mental illness and my own short comings have delayed my life significantly. Since 18, I bounced around from retail job to retail job, never staying at a place for much longer than a year. For the last 6 years, I’ve been at Best Buy. Another retail job. I had a nicer job there than most, an administrative assistant, but still... it was just Best Buy.
My dad passed away January 2020. He was my best friend, and best supporter. He truly believed in me.
Cut to now. I’ll be 30 next month. And I finally landed an okay job. I’ll be the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of a high end RV manufacturer. A big raise. My own office. I start Tuesday.
All I want to do is call my dad and tell him. Every day, every hour - that’s all I want. I want to hear him say “I’m so proud of you, kiddo!” And give me some kind of Dad-ly advice. I wanted him to see me succeed, to become something he could be proud of.
It’s so hard doing this life without him, guys.
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2021.06.19 08:21 Background-Ad-4778 Haven’t started this game too long and I came to realize how bad your team is at low rank

Can’t even enjoy playing tank 😥
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2021.06.19 08:21 spatny This fatneek mf looking like a black zenitsu tf 🔥

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2021.06.19 08:21 wazups2x Stare

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2021.06.19 08:21 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-vanessa-incontrada-8

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2021.06.19 08:21 ZerockmAccGone started mania today

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2021.06.19 08:21 SunSquareSaturn my former housemate posted this on Myspace yesterday and the presentation is unappealing

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2021.06.19 08:21 KottonBaIIZ Most people’s personal stories on Reddit that end up becoming top comments on stuff like r/tifu are always so full of crap.

Oh, these two grown married men in their 30s freaked out because their 10 year old daughter got her period, and had ZERO idea that it was a period. How are you 30 and don’t know even the very basics of periods? They also said stuff like “I went to the store and bought chocolate, pads, and Advil.” How more stereotypical can you get? Who is buying this horse shit? Do most people on here just go along with it or realize that 80+% of people’s stories on here are full of shit?
I don’t know, I’m sure some people’s stories on Reddit are true but come on man. Some are blatant lies and still get upvoted like crazy. I’ll probably get downvoted or post removed whatever.
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2021.06.19 08:21 MaxDucy My Model M Terminal is now fully working!

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2021.06.19 08:21 Impressive-Ad-8221 Who is up ?!

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2021.06.19 08:21 SoOutofMyLeague I feel a noticeable change in the way my doctor treats me, and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm low-income in Los Angeles, California and am on Medi-Cal. I found this youngish (I want to say late 30's) doctor 3 years ago that took my insurance. I felt he was awesome at first. He was very savvy, and it was much easier to communicate with him than the super old doctors I've had in the past. He also had raving reviews on multiple sites, and even has 5 stars with 300 reviews on yelp.
He was upfront about not prescribing unnecessary medication or treatments, and I thought he was looking out for my best interest at the time. One example was, I get frequent gallstone attacks, and after some painful visits in the emergency room, I finally asked about getting my gallbladder removed (which was recommend at the ER). My doctor convinced me not to go through with the surgery because he felt the risk of surgery complications outweighed the discomfort I got. Eventually, every time I would inquire about something, he'd just tell me to live with it as long as it wasn't life threatening.
However, this year, I noticed he's become incredible incredulous. Just constant scoffing at me and making me feel like I'm crazy. One example that pops out is, I sustained an injury while doing deadlifts at the gym. I just had intense nerve pain from my lower back down my legs. I initially self-diagnosed after doing some research online as a slipped disc. I went to two different chiropractors who diagnosed it as a slipped disc. I told my doctor what they told me, and he laughed at me and asked "how would I know?". It was incredibly awkward.
When I requested to check my hormone levels through my blood test 6 months ago, my doctor told me it was unnecessary because even if my levels were off, there wasn't anything that could be done about it (I think he was referring to my insurance). I told him I just wanted to know out of curiosity and because my dad and grandfather both had low-testosterone levels and my mom has osteoporosis. When he gets the results, he just tells me I'm fine and everything looks normal. He never explains anything to me though. I showed my lab results to a physician friend and he told me I was very low on testosterone and everything was not fine.
I asked to put in another request for a blood work today and when he was checking the boxes on the sheet for what to test for, I asked if he could check the hormone panel again. He had a very passive-aggressive tone and said, "this is the last time I'm doing this for you. Every time we check your hormones, its fine." I didn't know how to respond, and I didn't want to cause any drama, so I just said okay. I don't understand why it's difficult to monitor my hormones. Isn't the doctor just checking the boxes? Is he footing the bill or doing something extra?
I don't know how to handle this situation. Should I bring up his attitude or would that just make it awkward? Should I just find a new doctor all together? I did some research today and found that all the doctors in my vicinity have very bad reviews, especially compared to my current doctor.
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2021.06.19 08:21 DiegotheEcuadorian Well, my night is fucked

Can’t trust my brother to do a fucking thing. Apparently he let one of our huskies out of his grip and she decided to get loose and out of the yard. Then, despite being a very docile and friendly dog, goes over to the neighbors place and bites the 13 year old lab. The dog is fine and all and we payed vet bills, but come on man. The husky is a small ass dog, a little under 30 pounds and he couldn’t even handle that? He brags to me about doing his community college stuff while in high school and working out to gain muscle but he’s got not brains nor muscle to show for it. Honestly fuck my life.
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2021.06.19 08:21 Magikarpcopiesdunkey "Wade needs to get me the fuck out of here"

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2021.06.19 08:21 xXSwagMaster6000Xx 23 [M4F] Australia

I'm looking for someone to chat to preferably around the same timezone (GMT+10) though I'm open to different timezones and more of a penpal sorta thing
So usually I'm working 5 days a week and have little to no free time but on the weekends I'm usually drunk and lonely, so I need to do something with myself. Often I find myself bored, alone, binge-drinking and watching YouTube while playing Soda Dungeon or FF xiv in the background, and it would be nice to have someone to talk to
Whenever I have the motivation, I'm a bit of an amateur spoon carver and general (quite bad) woodworker, I get very excited over sharing pretty wood things and making stuff which you'll no doubt see if we start talking a lot or exchanging sn@p etc as I can't help but to share.
Outside spoon carving and staring at a wall I work a deadend job refurbing gas cylinders and accidentally doing burnouts on the forklift because I'm a terrible driver while the supervisor is watching and giving me shit for it
I also love macrophotography (especially mushrooms) and am a huge instrumental post rock fan, I would love to exchange music. Also love story rap (is that a genre?) and old rock ballads.
Other hobbies include:
Baking/cooking: I used to do it a lot more than I do of late, I even tried chefing briefly until I realised the hospitality is awful and to keep up I'd need to be on meth
PC gaming: (mostly solo RPGs of late, as I don't like to commit to a group when there's a good chance I'll just want to get up and do something else or feel anxious and need to step away) However, I'm very open to trying to play other games together. Also been hooked on FF14 for the last couple of weeks. Glamour is the true end-game
Reading: Fantasy all day every day. Working my way through Micheal Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné saga and side stories. I've been stuck on the last third of the second last book for about 3 weeks as my motivation to read goes from 100 to 0 real quick
General construction/deconstruction/tinkering with electronics (and hopefully remembering how stuff goes back together) I like to build/repair PCs otherwise I'll just pull stuff apart for the fun of it and see if it works when I put it back together. I have broken many things doing this.
Memes (yeah yeah generic answer I know) pls send me all your memes. I've also recently committed a terrible sin and started watching TikToks. Disgusting, I know. But damn some of them are kinda good. Got a thing for abi_lee3 ngl
You know, basic bitch things.
I'd love to chat to someone and share our interests with each other. If you'd like to chat, please don't be shy, feel free to send me a message telling me a little about yourself :) bonus points if you include a face photo. It's always nice to be able to put a face to the person you're talking to, wouldn't you agree?
Would prefer to chat via SC eventually. Not fussed about constantly sending face photos etc hell most of my snaps will be the ground in front of me or work because I find taking selfies awkward and embarrassing, just easier to show you little updates of what I'm doing/making
My post history has a fairly recent picture of me (honestly I look the same as I did at 16 anyway, just ask if you want a more recent photo) + a bit of stuff I've been working on. I haven't uploaded much to Reddit lately so for more of the recent things, you'll just have to ask!
Tasmania btw if wondering
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2021.06.19 08:21 Scherazade Cosmic Dog Problems (PTDS)

Hah, They laugh at cosmic dog problems requiring a tarot read but then there’s the book 101 dalmatians… Or rather its sequel the Starlight Barking.
So, an alien shapeshifted into a dog form from the star Sirius had come to Earth, an; he’s a big fan of dogs, and sees that humans are cruel to dogs. Also nuclear war is imminent.
So he makes all non dog life on Earth fall asleep which causes no problems whatsoever. And then offers the dogs the chance to go to Sirius with him which is maybe heavenly and great.
With the various ‘honourary dogs’ like some children, cats, horses, etc, who are a part of the psychic bark network on Earth being abandoned, and the dogs believing that humans too can learn to be good boys, the dogs after much debate decide to stay on Earth.
Everyone wakes up and no vehicles crashed or mass deaths happened due to the alien sleep curse and it’s a happy ending.
It’s fucked!
Give your dog a tarot reading, why not, ain’t no rule saying you can’t.
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2021.06.19 08:21 Temporary_Ad5242 You can't be an astronaut until you get your nails clipped.

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2021.06.19 08:21 Oscar0794 Low risk hand injury martial arts?

Hello everyone!
Where I live restrictions are being lifted and I decided to go out there and learn something new, after a lot of deliberation decided to learn a martial art as a way to exercise, learn a new skill, and also enjoy some of the meditative/mental benefits it can give. I am NOT looking to become a killing machine or pick up bar fights with every jerk in the local pub.
This all sounded cool until several of my friends who practice MMA, Boxing, Judo and Karate told me they frequently injure their fingers and wrist. My job requires me to use my hands a lot in precise and small movements so hand injuries are a big no-no for me.
I could not find a specific risk of hand injuries to specific martial arts which is why I come to your aid! Thank you for reading and I’ll be waiting for your answers!
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2021.06.19 08:21 Nora_Valkyrie83 Unofficial Tamagotchi names

When I was in school, and no one knew the exact names of all the Tamagotchi, we gave them our own names. Here’s some of the ones I remember:
Mametchi: The Hamster
Mimitchi: The Bunny
Tarakotchi: The Potato
Masktchi: The Football Player
Memetchi: The Airhead
Kuchipatchi: The Duck
Nyorotchi: The Snake Duck
Marutchi: The Blob
Tamatchi: The Walking Blob
Obotchi: The Fancy Walking Blob
Kinakomotchi: The Rock
Hanatchi: The Walrus
Kusatchi: The Potato Plant
Hashizoutchi: The Uprooted Potato Plant
Kuribotchi: The Chestnut
Kaerutchi: The Frog
Debatchi: The Bucktooth Chicken
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2021.06.19 08:21 ALemonadeMaker Mama, there goes that MANN! You know we were there and loud for the history tonight fam…what a fkn ride, what energy! GO CLIPS GO

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2021.06.19 08:21 themofostarboi Does this sub need user flair?

If yes suggest some.....
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2021.06.19 08:21 sreaht Tek gözlü dev Tepegöz

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2021.06.19 08:21 ObjectiveCranberry25 Define what a sigil is .

I’ve just recently had an epiphany that made me believe that letters and numbers are glyphs that relate or correspond to many different things. When they’re combined they (I’m theorizing) make a sigil which projects an intention, provokes thoughts, and strikes a command amongst people(s)
Just as these letters in this text have an individual meaning that create a word that relates to a thing or idea, which you then perceive by reading is setting my ideas within you, is apart of how a sigil works
Sorry if I don’t make sense this is weird to put into words. Let me know what you think
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