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Google Workspace is now free for everyone

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6265 1316 3451
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2021.06.14 15:31 DarthSpectra Why didn't Trump fired Fauci when he was president?

It's one of the biggest questions that comes up into my mind. He had four years at his disposition and we knew how well he managed the AIDS virus. I don't know about swine flu though. Also the Chinese relationships Fauci had and still has. He had all the reasons to lay him off.
Why didn't he fired him? He wasn't able to or he was simply ignorant?
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2021.06.14 15:31 abcdeboy This Altcoin Made 619.900 Percent In One Day!

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2021.06.14 15:31 BurnItDownSR This is seduction from the perspective of a good looking guy

I feel like the majority of claims made about how looks affect your dating life are made by people who are not very good looking and are only seeing things from the outside looking in. Well here's a perspective from the inside looking out.
I've always been told that I'm good looking and I've been told that I should get into modeling and have been mistaken to be a model on multiple occasions. I've been working out since freshman year of high school and have worked as a trainer in later years, I'm built like a fitness model and have actually done some fitness modeling.
On the first days of class in school or when I start work somewhere the girls would always check me out or whisper about me, some would start conversations or ask me random questions, If I started a conversation with a girl out of nowhere she'd usually blush, etc but those are just the first days...
After a while the mystique wears off.
When I was in school I always tried to get involved in sports but even if I was well conditioned I wasn't very good, I could move fast, not get tired, and be physically imposing but I wasn't very coordinated, I was also not into the stuff the "cool kids" were into like drinking and partying or being a dick and only doing things to gain more popularity like bullying people or following stupid trends.
Because I liked sports but wasn't very good at it I was fairly acquainted with the popular kids but we weren't really buddies. I was also into anime, video games, yoyos, dinosaurs, superheroes, etc so I could really relate with "the nerdy kids" and was quite buddy buddy with them. The least popular kid in my high school and the one who got bullied the most actually said I was his best friend because I was the nicest to him and I was the only one in the whole school who ever invited him to a birthday party.
I just barely stayed on girls' radars. There was like all the guys that got the girls and then there was me standing next to them. I tried flirting and tried making it look like I was a ladies man often hanging out with the girls and always making flirty jokes, girls would play along but whenever I really tried something I always got friendzoned. If you didn't know us and only watched from the outside you could never tell that I was still a kissless virgin hanging around all those girls.
I stayed a virgin all the way through college. It was actually harder in college because in class everyone's more serious and not very social. I got girls checking me out but I didn't have them start conversations with me anymore or even look very approachable.
I know class isn't really where you socialize anymore in college and I tried to join different social groups but it was weird coz even new members seemed to already know people in the groups. I was the only one who knew absolutely no one in the groups I joined. In one of the groups some established members even asked me how I heard about them, why I was interested in joining, etc. When they found out I didn't know anyone, wasn't joining with someone else, and that I was totally by myself one of them actually said, "That's weird. That's something someone with no friends does to try to make friends."
Ouch. But she was right.
In the groups people were polite, girls were flirty but I'd still strike out every time I actually made a move and I never really got 'in' with anyone. If I wasn't technically a member there I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be hanging around me. At least whenever they needed a tall, handsome guy for an event they'd always pick me so yay...I guess.
It got annoying because sometimes I'd be entered into one of those Mr. & Mrs. Whatever contests and I'd get paired with a really hot girl and the people involved in the event talk to me assuming that I'm the kinda guy that just normally gets with girls like the ones I'm paired with when in reality those girls barely talk to me outside of preparing for the events. It would get even worse when months after the event I'd bump into one of the guys we competed against only to find out he ended up getting with the girl he was paired with.
I'd go to parties but after I started a conversation with a girl I'd just go blank and she'd walk off. I used to hear other guys say girls in college were so crazy if you just stood on the dancefloor one would just come up to you and grind on you but when I tried that it only led to me standing alone on the dancefloor for 10 minutes at a time. Tried initiating dances but girls would always give me a look like, "Who the hell are you?" If I got introduced to someone she'd be really enthusiastic and flirty at first but without fail the conversation would dwindle down to an awkward silence.
At the end of the night some of the people I went to the party with would end up leaving with someone they met there, the ones who are left always talk about how it was the craziest party ever meanwhile I'm usually beating myself up and eager to retreat to my bedroom.
Fresh out of college in my first job I thought things were gonna be different. When I interviewed I noticed that there were lots of cute girls who were also trying to get jobs there. I had girls following me with their gaze as I walked through the hallway to the interview. When I started training I'd notice the new female recruits checking me out and they'd get giddy when I talked to them but like high school and college it was only in the beginning.
I've even had a co-worker tell me to my face, "You know what, when I first saw you I thought I would have the biggest crush on you, physically you are so my type but after seeing what your personality's like I was like 'eh...'"
That's so fucked up man. I honestly don't know what's worse, not getting any attention from girls at all or being around all these hot girls and being so close to making things happen all the time but never actually pulling anything off.
It was only when I started learning seduction that I was actually able to get something going. I got to actually hang around a "pickup lair" and had tons of guys to approach girls with. Some of the guys actually made jokes that I looked like an "AMOG" (alpha male other-guy) but still I was a virgin.
That's when I finally felt like my looks were good for something though because where other guys would struggle to start conversations with girls, for me it was easy, girls would open left and right so I didn't have to worry so much about opening, I could focus more on what to do mid-conversation. Not saying I started to get laid immediately when I got into game. I still got rejected but like for the guys I went out with they'd get rejected in 10 seconds and I'd at least get 2 or 3 minutes in before the girls start to walk off. Lol.
I appreciate game so much because even if I still got rejected at first I finally felt like I could do something about it. I was being told what I was doing wrong and right so at least I knew exactly what I needed to work on instead of just always guessing. I could actually see a progression and improvement. I was no longer unaware of where I stood.
For the first time in my life I felt like I could change and work on things so that girls no longer went from looking at me like they wanna jump my bones to being bored of me, I could finally learn to maintain that intial attraction all the way to sex.
By the way as a side note, the guy who got laid the most from that pickup lair, let's call him David, had a bowl cut, glasses, puffy cheeks, a bit of a gut and spoke with a lisp. It used to piss me off how much he got laid and the SOB filmed it sometimes too.
I said the guys I went out with had trouble opening but that's only coz they weren't as good looking as me and we had a similar level of experience. David sure as hell wasn't as good looking as me but didn't have any trouble opening. There were times when we just wanted to hang out as a group and David would pickup a girl a few minutes before meeting us taking the girl he just met with him to hang out with us. I used to be so fucking annoyed by how good David was.
I've also seen first hand a bunch of the guys I went out with overcoming their difficulties with opening, catching up to me and even overtaking me. That isn't supposed to happen if looks were really that helpful for getting a guy laid.
Eventually I signed up to work with a dating coach and that's where things really took off. Now, in my 30s I finally have this dating stuff figured out. Every experience I missed out on in college and high school I have already made up for with not just equivalent experiences but also experiences so crazy that most guys will never have in their lives.
I think being part of an actual community, one where you see actually each other in person is invaluable. Being able to actually see these things in action and having a guy like David being a living, breathing contradiction to every limiting belief you have. I also empathize with everyone who thinks seduction doesn't work or dating coaches are a scam because I learned about all the ineffective or made up bullshit with the pickup lair too. We weren't just blindly following any advice just because a pickup artist or dating coach said it, we tested all these things as a group and actually did our research and we figured things out together.
The old school Mystery Method and RSD stuff yeah, its kinda shitty. David didn't get as good as he is with routines or by being loud and obnoxious, I didn't completely turn my life around by doing that either. But there is stuff out there that works and there are dating coaches who can change your life. I'm so grateful for the community I was in because they really helped me separate the bullshit from the stuff that actually provides value.
As someone who has lived this all his life I can tell you, being good looking only makes it easy to start conversations with girls. That's the only inherent advantage I felt like I ever had, everything else that I can do now I've had to work for.
Oh and if you have a good looking friend, go out with him. He'll draw in tons of girls that you can talk to and work on your game with. Trust me, I've been used for the same purpose countless times by the guys from the pickup lair.
If you think that guy will take all those girls, that's because 1 he has the social skills to pair with the looks and 2 because you lack both. If you had the social skills you would be able to compete with him easily, David always used to take girls away from me. That dick.
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2021.06.14 15:31 NitroIce037 Change Text Box Color

This seems super simple so for some reason I'm thinking it isn't an option to change. Is there a way to change the outline of the text box from red to a different color on Adobe Acrobat? I've tried clicking the dogs and the color changing feature is greyed out.
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2021.06.14 15:31 TheDman0310 Boys, you know the drill. Imma keep posting cursed wrestling images until y’all are back in tow

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2021.06.14 15:31 dlv1186 This is the way 🦧🦍🐒

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2021.06.14 15:31 _eyekyu [WTS] Air Jordan 1 High Court Purple DS Size 8.5W $190 Shipped & Invoiced

[WTS] Air Jordan 1 High Court Purple DS Size 8.5W $190 Shipped & Invoiced
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2021.06.14 15:31 reddit_feed_bot The Hill: Exclusive: Democrat exploring 'patriot tax' on multimillionaires' wealth

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2021.06.14 15:31 fluxeo23 Sexual harassment at work

today in the bathroom i caught what was the only conclusion i could make, one of my co workers masturbating in the bathroom while watching me. i was in shock and began to have a panic attack, since he gave me off-vibes from the get go.
i have been living a very compassionate and grateful life lately, and being nothing but open minded and loving to all. i don’t think this is ok... and it unsettled me. but am i crazy for asking myself “what can i learn from this?” and really... what could i? other than forgiveness to an extreme, is that okay to forgive? i dont want to seem insensitive but i want a true opinion. thank you.
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2021.06.14 15:31 ananomy I know this is stupid to post this here but do you still support scott cawthon AND think that this whole contorversy is STUPID?

I only JUST learned about... that and many social justice war ciminals are now going after scott's throat as a result and so Im asking for YOUR opinion on... this
do you think that this whole thing is STUPID? and do you think the social justice war crimminals will get their way in cancelling scott?
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