Go! I peeked, I'm feeling ashamed, but I need to take accountability. |

I peeked, I'm feeling ashamed, but I need to take accountability.

2021.06.14 16:06 MikeRTaylor I peeked, I'm feeling ashamed, but I need to take accountability.

Hey guys,
So long story short, I've peeked a few times over the past week. I don't know what's led up to it but I guess I was just looking for that quick dopamine hit. I didn't masturbate or orgasm, but I know that it's heading that way if I don't shut this down now and take accountability.
This bump in the road has taught me that even after 4 months of no PMO, and an overall 4 year journey, I'm still not out of the woods.
This addiction is 100% still present in me and I need to remain dedicated to keep it at bay, I don't know what's wrong with me right now, if I get a little time to think or be alone I almost turn in to a different person and I'm scrolling through porn.
If anyone's got any advice or motivation, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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2021.06.14 16:06 Ok-Angle7945 Alpen Fuel Giveaway

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2021.06.14 16:06 k8thepapaya when you watch what some consider ‘too much’

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2021.06.14 16:06 chilleninny my partner (M29) is monogamous but I (F30) really want to explore my bisexuality - what do i do?

This is my first post. I'll try keep it short and sweet.
I am a 30 year old female in a long term relationship (7 years) with a man who is basically the love of my life. From the start, I have always told him that I also like women and that I would like to sleep with women here and there, something I have done very little of. He was completely fine and encouraging of this up until we put it into practice - once a few years ago and again very recently, where he discovered that he is not ok with this and doesn't fully understand why I want this. He has mostly felt jealousy and has also felt disrespected by the third party (female lover), and I credit the latter a bit to me being an amateur and not handling or communicating through situations properly, leading to my partner getting hurt.
I don't really identify as poly and it is not something I necessarily want to practice long term - however - I really really want to explore my bisexuality and it is so important to me (even though I don't fully understand why and feels hard to justify at times), but I also do not want to loose my partner. We have spoken at length about this and he told me that if I want to explore this then we can't be together, and that he can't compromise on his own values and what he wants for himself. As a side note, he is also interested in exploring his sexuality but his desire is not nearly as urgent as my own, and it is more just a sexual thing (rather than romantic).
I respect that my partner is simply not a poly kind of guy and just doesn't want this, but I can't help but wonder if there is anything I can do to help him understand better? It is completely heartbreaking that it seems like the only answer to this is ending our relationship and saying goodbye to everything we've planned together for the future, but the alternative would be saying goodbye to a part of myself that I have always wanted to get to know and feels essential to my growth as a person?
If anyone has any similar experiences or any kind advice, I would very much appreciate it.
i also posted this in polyamory
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2021.06.14 16:06 alxbbu How to transition from Flex Conduit to Direct Burial ?

Want to Direct Bury an Ethernet cable that is exiting from a flexible conduit. Part of the flexible conduit will also be buried. How do I terminate the flex conduit underground and continue with the direct burial of the ethernet cable ? Want to prevent humidity, bugs, etc .. from going up the conduit. What is the best option here ?
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2021.06.14 16:06 idkkkk44455 👀

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2021.06.14 16:06 live_that_life Stool sample for lab work

My baby had to have lab work done (nothing serious) but as part of the work, we have to deliver a stool sample via vial they've provided for us.
The tech said we can't scrape it from a diaper and suggested we put Saran wrap between the diaper and our baby's skin so we can 'catch' the next poo.
After leaving, I realized I didn't ask the tech about cloth diapers. I assume we couldn't just scrape poo from a diaper because she assumed our baby wears disposables (which have more chemicals that could contaminate the sample?) But our baby wears cloth diapers... So...
And of course the lab office isn't answering their phone which is why I'm turning to you guys.
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2021.06.14 16:06 Antique_Orchid Husband never makes plans for family

Warning, long post.
It's been going for a while now, since we moved houses he seemingly forgot the plan we both made to go out once a week as a family, even if it's just to the local park or a whole day out. I agreed he can go out twice a week every week, even though I never go out I want him to have some social life outside his work. But it's out of control now, it seems like he is out every day or every other day, and not once since we moved (in February) did he take us out on a family day, there was one instance where we went on a double date with another couple hut it was my and the other girls idea, soni wouldn't really count it as a family day out since our daughter was being baby sat.
I'm currently pregnant and I feel like he uses that as an excuse whenever I bring it up, and yes I do start crying but sadly it's out of my control because. Hormones. But I do keep calm and not raise my voice etc. In those times he calls me down and I feel like the problem is solved but always realise we haven't made any progress only moved the problem to the side as he changed my thinking etc.
Today he woke up at 7am (usually he wakes up at 11-12pm) something I've been asking him to do for months now as his daughter sees him only in passing and misses her daddy, and in my option an hour a day of being in the same room as her (him on his phone on the couch) doesn't count as really quality time, and when she gets angry and moody because she wants to play with him and he rejects her, he says she's tired and just puts her to sleep. I feel like all he does is make her a bit of food or put her to sleep, I've sat down with him numourous of times, shown him videos of how he literally pushes her away when she comes with toys to play with him and he agrees at the time but eventually nothing changes.
I am lost now. And I was planning to take him out on his birthday in 3 days but I am emotionally so seperate from him I wrote down the whole day and night plan with a letter with reservation times etc. and decided he can do it with one of his friends as I will just be holding back anger the entire time and might be passive agressive and I genuinely want him to enjoy his birthday.
I don't understand if it's just because I'm pregnant? It feels like every pregnancy he's been distant and cold towards me?
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2021.06.14 16:06 veraaveda1 Glam look CCW

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2021.06.14 16:06 shoulddevs Gaming intern looking to interview Game Devs

Hey everyone – I am interning this summer at a technology company, and my intern project has me interviewing game developers. I am trying to be as scrappy as possible, and I know that this is an incredible resource for game developers. Would anyone be willing to have a conversation with me for 15-30 minutes? I’m looking to speak with game developers who have at least 2 years of experience within game development at a small or medium sized studio. If anyone is willing to connect with me message me, if not then that’s also fine. Regardless, have a great day.
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2021.06.14 16:06 catribs yuuka approaches you.

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2021.06.14 16:06 UnclaimedSilence Join the Tech Drops Discord Server! If your look for consoles, monitors, or computer parts it’s the place to be.

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2021.06.14 16:06 SucroseGlider Spell Deep Dive: Unfettered Pack

For all that I love Pathfinder 2e's all-encompassing ruleset, it's undeniable that it's easy to miss things in it. From hidden rules interactions to descriptions requiring GM adjudication, the text of spells in particular can cause someone to miss the less obvious uses of abilities. To that end, I decided to attempt a series of posts to bring a spotlight to ignored or underutilized spells, in the hopes that we can all get a little more creative in our sessions.
For the sixth entry in our series, we're going to discuss a very simple spell that's often misunderstood: Unfettered Pack.
What does it do?
So what does the text of the spell say?

Range 30 feet;
Targets up to 10 creatures
Duration 1 hour
You free those who travel alongside you from environmental hindrances. Targets don't take circumstance penalties to Speed from vegetation, rubble, winds, or other properties of the environment, whether or not the environment is magical, and they ignore difficult terrain from such environmental properties.
To start off, we can see that it's a one-hour buff, so it can last through multiple fights, possibly even a whole dungeon; it targets 10 creatures, so it can target the whole party and pets; and it allows the party to ignore magical and mundane difficult terrain.
So what? The party can fly now.
At level 13, the game shifts. Winged armor runes become available, and Haste and Fly get their 7th-level Heightening. The action economy of the game fundamentally shifts to accommodate this, with all enemies needing a ranged option or Fly speed to compensate. In light of this, why would Difficult Terrain be an obstacle for the party anymore at all? They can move so fast that they start the fight in an instant, and can avoid all ground-based difficult terrain easily.
...Which is why some people might be surprised when I say that this is when Difficult Terrain has become more common, and more important, than ever before.
What is difficult terrain?
Difficult terrain has the following effect:
Moving into a square of difficult terrain (or moving 5 feet into or within an area of difficult terrain, if you’re not using a grid) costs an extra 5 feet of movement. Moving into a square of greater difficult terrain instead costs 10 additional feet of movement. This additional cost is not increased when moving diagonally. You can’t Step into difficult terrain.
Movement you make while you are jumping ignores the terrain you’re jumping over. Some abilities (such as flight or being incorporeal) allow you to avoid the movement reduction from some types of difficult terrain. Certain other abilities let you ignore difficult terrain on foot; such an ability also allows you to move through greater difficult terrain at the normal movement cost as for difficult terrain, though it wouldn’t let you ignore greater difficult terrain unless the ability specifies otherwise.
So several things are clear:
  1. Flight only ignores some types of difficult terrain.
  2. At least on foot, Unfettered Pack lets you reduce Greater Difficult Terrain to regular Difficult Terrain. Your GM may or may not allow this to apply flight-based sources of Difficult Terrain.
  3. You cannot Step into difficult terrain.
So far so clear. So, if Flight doesn't ignore all difficult terrain, what examples are there of difficult terrain in flight? Well, from the description of the Fly speed:
As long as you have a fly Speed, you can use the Fly and Arrest a Fall actions. You can also attempt to Maneuver in Flight if you’re trained in the Acrobatics skill.
Wind conditions can affect how you use the Fly action. In general, moving against the wind uses the same rules as moving through difficult terrain (or greater difficult terrain, if you’re also flying upward), and moving with the wind allows you to move 10 feet for every 5 feet of movement you spend (not cumulative with moving straight downward). For more information on spending movement, see Movement in Encounters.
Upward and downward movement are both relative to the gravity in your area; if you’re in a place with zero gravity, moving up or down is no different from moving horizontally.
And under the description of the Fly action:
Moving upward (straight up or diagonally) uses the rules for moving through difficult terrain. You can move straight down 10 feet for every 5 feet of movement you spend. If you Fly to the ground, you don’t take falling damage. You can use an action to Fly 0 feet to hover in place. If you’re airborne at the end of your turn and didn’t use a Fly action this round, you fall.
Makes sense. Both gravity and winds act the same: If you move in the same direction as them, you get double movement. If you move opposite of them, you get difficult terrain. Both appear to be environmental effects; the Fly speed indicates that the presence of gravity itself depends on the environment. This means that Unfettered Pack should let you ignore them.
This applies to the Swim action as well:
With a swim Speed, you can propel yourself through the water with little impediment. Instead of attempting Athletics checks to Swim, you automatically succeed and move up to your swim Speed instead of the listed distance. Moving up or down is still moving through difficult terrain.
You also mentioned Haste.
Simply put, most Quickened spells follow the same wording as Haste:
Magic empowers the target to act faster. It gains the quickened condition and can use the extra action each round only for Strike and Stride actions.
Sometimes only strike, and sometimes only stride, but the pattern is similar, and becomes very common at this level. Notably, the Stride action is ground-based movement only, and cannot be substituted for Fly, Climb, or Swim. This means that permanently hasted monsters like the Lesser Death can't use them to catch up to the party with Fly, and that a Hasted party will very much have to deal with difficult terrain on the ground.
Putting it all together.
Simply put, in difficult terrain, this spell doubles the party's speed relative to enemies; and difficult terrain is very common both in flight and underwater.
In more concrete terms, a party member with a base speed of 20ft, a +10ft item bonus from shoes, and a +10 status bonus from a wand of Longstrider has a 40ft fly speed that he can use to move straight up.
In other words, he outspeeds and can now kite any monster with less than an 80ft fly speed.
Now remember that this spell affects up to 10 people per casting, and lasts for an hour.
What if I'm afraid of fall damage?
At level 15, the Control Weather ritual becomes available, and you can ensure simple gusty terrain in a 4-mile-diameter bubble around yourself. By GM interpretation, it may or may not move with you.
In this area, overland travel over the ground is not penalized, but when you want to spring into flight, you're able to engage at will, flying through terrain at speeds many opponents just can't match.
What if there's a ceiling?
Solid Fog is a prime example of aerial difficult terrain from a (relatively) low-level slot with the added benefit of Concealed shenanigans. At higher levels, Punishing Winds allows you to cut flying movement speeds by 66% while not even penalizing your party's movement speeds, and Storm of Vengeance is... well, taking up two of your highest level slots for the day, and in some cases may even give you full value for that. Slamming ranged weapon attacks with a brutal -4 circumstance penalty to hit to chain with your party's standard status bonuses, providing the party with perfect aerial supremacy, and giving your choice of Concealment, chip damage, or minor debuffs each round in a huge area may actually make the spell worth it if your GM chooses to make Control Weather unavailable, or has you fight in massive caverns.
What if we Haste the party, so we're all using the Stride action?
Making Difficult Terrain for days is something of a specialty on the Primal spell list. Three excellent means of flooding the battlefield with unspeakable amounts of difficult terrain are Shape Stone, Control Water, and Upheaval.
What if we're underwater, and so can't Fly or Stride?
As stated previously, moving up or down in water counts as difficult terrain, which this spell will let you bypass.
Fun Sidenote:
The Grim Reaper flying in difficult terrain has a maximum movement speed of 205ft per round between its teleports and flying.
This spell will let any Druid with Phoenix Form outrun the reaper. :D
In Conclusion
With just a little bit of effort, this spell effectively doubles movement speed.
For Fly, Stride, and Swim.
For an entire hour.
For your whole party.
Stacking with Circumstance, Status, and Item bonuses.
This is why the spell is a list-exclusive at the same level as Contingency, Force Cage, and Maze of Locked Doors.
What do you all think? Any other spells you'd like to get this deep dive treatment? Clever uses you've thought of for yourself? Feedback for future posts in this vein?
Spell Deep Dive Archive
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2021.06.14 16:06 worldnewsbot Saudi assassins picked up illicit drugs in Cairo to kill Khashoggi

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2021.06.14 16:06 The-true-Memelord Genderswapped [spoiler character??] bc I’d already drawn the sketch female before I decided on the character so it was too late to changeitand-

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2021.06.14 16:06 Ash-Krueger Wa-Hey but more immersive

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2021.06.14 16:06 sunnybearbear F / 20 years old *not diagnosed *

I suspect that I do have adhd because of certain symptoms I’ve noticed over the years but then I tell myself that I’m just saying I do and I actually don’t which causes me to not make appointments. However yesterday on my day off I had a pretty busy day and I didn’t even do half the stuff I wanted to complete and couldn’t focus all day... I felt really frustrated because of this . This happens very often but I also don’t know how to go about in telling my doctor and also always end up putting off my tasks including making calls for appointments ): i also get super nervous in making calls which holds me back even more (something I’m working on and gotten better at) anyone have any advice on this ? (Sorry about the typos)
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2021.06.14 16:06 shabuluba ‘Girls5Eva’ Renewed for Season 2 at Peacock

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2021.06.14 16:06 Greenhorn20 How long will the theros draft last?

Hello. I'm a new player on mtga and im having fun with the Quick draft of strixhaven. Should I play theros or how many time i have to wait for another expansion in Quick draft?
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2021.06.14 16:06 Karma-Pierre- 🚀 CumBlast 🚀 [Launched Today] [100 Holders] | 🔒 LP Locked | Ownership Renounced 🔒

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Don’t miss out..
Finally a GEM that is rugproof and what an amazing community.
Stay Holding and join the community!! 🚀
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2021.06.14 16:06 A_random_person_101 Mile swim

So I’ve been swimming competitively for a long time and recently started taking it seriously and im going to start swimming more distance events at meets so (lcm) does anybody have any advice on how to swim the 1500m and the 200m fly also is it worth getting a tech suit I won’t be in town for state this season
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2021.06.14 16:06 mi-16evil Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - Brad Bird and Michael Giacchino

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2021.06.14 16:06 Dear_Ask6521 My security net is slowly fading, and I don’t know how to cope with it.

In my life, I had 4 situations that made me by all definitions, happy. At least satisfied:

  1. My family had a successful Buisness and were more than ok economically speaking. (I was to supposed to take over the family buisness)
  2. I was on my way to study at an Ivy (Harvard)
  3. I had the most amazing girlfriend, with the most amazing family. Superficially, they are really loaded and come from a really long line of entrepreneurs.
Profoundly: they are hands down the most decent and loving people I’ve ever met, apart from my family.
  1. My sister married a politically relevant person, the wedding was on several newspapers and magazines.
These situations made me feel safe, top of the world, but now..
  1. Economically, things for my family are really critical: we’ve had to sell things just to pay for my little brothers tuition.
I’m 26 and back with living with my parents.
  1. I don’t think we’ll be able to afford my masters program.
  2. My sister is getting a divorce.
And actually all of these wouldn’t been so bad if..
  1. My gf hadn’t broken up with me, and that is what gets me the most. She was my happiness, the soul in my life.
And now, I’m neither happy, nor satisfied with my life. I’m lost.
My life feels so meaningless now, like, what’s the point?
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2021.06.14 16:06 ai_jobs [Hiring] Senior Data Engineer in Canada

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2021.06.14 16:06 antioxidante-natural Vitamina E

I am testing the vitamins of this brand that claims to be made with 100% natural ingredients, has anyone been able to try it? is it as good as they say?
Vitamina E natural
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