Go! Obernberger See, Tyrol, Austria [OC] [3968x2976] |

Obernberger See, Tyrol, Austria [OC] [3968x2976]

2021.06.14 16:48 Narostai Obernberger See, Tyrol, Austria [OC] [3968x2976]

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2021.06.14 16:48 BurgerNCheese ESO players: You can totally play ESO solo and get immersed on it. Also ESO players:

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2021.06.14 16:48 Demando12 Mummah plays a game (Not_A_Wise_Man)

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2021.06.14 16:48 trnjak 💎🔥 Looking for a projects to invest? Check out PointPay, project with ICO ongoing that looks very promissing! 🔥💎

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Next steps:
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2021.06.14 16:48 Vancelle Recently purchased Summanus (Snarl)

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2021.06.14 16:48 Johnpaulbin Hey everyone, I'm a moderator at Uberduck.ai. Which voice from Portal should I add first?

Some context: I'm working at Uberduck, which is a website that allows you to make voices say whatever you please. I'm going to host a poll here to see which voice people like the most.
View Poll
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2021.06.14 16:48 fritzzho [H] huntsman crimson web MW 0.12fv + 3webs and crimson web gloves FT 0.24fv [W] bayonet slaughter FN with full diamond and 0.02 fv

b/o bayonet slaughter FN with diamond pattern and 0,02fv
I can add if necassarey
ss https://s1.cs.money/GyDjGnQ_image.jpg
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2021.06.14 16:48 pete716 Anyone using Spectrum Gigabit with Google Nest Wi-FI?

I recently upgraded to Spectrum Gigabit but when I run the hardwired speed test I only get 700/30 instead of 930/40. I plugged in an Orbi and got the full 930/40 but had too many issues with it dropping and reducing my upload to 5mb randomly throughout the week.
I'd like to stick with the Google Wifi system and wondering if anyone with Spectrum Gigabit and the new Nest Router is able to run the hardwired speed test and get the full 930/40. I'm not worried about wifi speeds...just the hardwired speed test from the Nest app from the router.
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2021.06.14 16:48 glazzy76 Thoughts and questions on FIFA

Do you think that some players are more affected by bad gameplay and shitty ai intentionally by EA? It really seems that way sometimes It’s so strange that gameplay and ai can change so quickly, it can be fine one moment and shit seconds after.
Is it possible to make a new account at ea games without changing your psn account? I’m curious to see if that would help, cause it’s getting worse than ever 👎
What do you think?
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2021.06.14 16:48 AlfredJodokus Already Dead

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2021.06.14 16:48 Persense End Goal of Microdosing

I’ve been MDing for a year now. I followed 4 days on 3 days off for 9 months and since then have had a pretty loose MD schedule. I know neuroplasticity is important but also not feeling the need to take MD is a great end goal. It’s been a week since my last one which I only took one day of. Seeing how far I can take it, wish me luck! Grateful for this community for it was very helpful when I first started. Much love!
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2021.06.14 16:48 Kjhfer why is this so overused?

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2021.06.14 16:48 johnrock001 Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime

Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-spring-anime-2021-best-spring-2021-anime/
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2021.06.14 16:48 Lionhead20 What tech do you use to build a sales funnel?

Hi All!
I'm just getting started out with generating a waitlist for the Beta of my B2B Saas Platform. Currently I have: - Automated LinkedIn outreach (with 3 drip messages ending with a "can I get your opinion" message). This uses Phantombuster and the results are published to a Gsheet. - I have a landing page, connected to Mailchimp, which sends an automated email upon subscription. Then I have HubSpot (connected to Mailchimp).
I'm getting maybe one or two calls a week. and the beta list is only 10 companies so far.
I've heard about Apollo, Hunter, Outranking...
With regard to your sales funnel, what tools do you use and can recommend at each stage? What does your flow look like?
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2021.06.14 16:48 Lunar_and_Solar I loved that shop 😍

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2021.06.14 16:48 sokra3 How the tables have turned

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2021.06.14 16:48 derHuschke Aufpassen, Leute! Video scheint zwar alt zu sein, aber beweist das es bei uns sowas auch gibt.

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2021.06.14 16:48 Lionsinescanor21 M23 Gurnee, IL - Looking to date an older female. I have been more curious than ever to that an older person lately

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2021.06.14 16:48 inherentPascal Somehow managed to grow a Leaf-Tree on my beach...Whaaaaat!?

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2021.06.14 16:48 GaGator43 The 'Shigir Idol', at 9,500 years old the most ancient wooden sculpture in the world. Created during the Mesolithic period, it was discovered in the Ural Mountains and dates to around 7,500 BCE. Displayed in Yekaterinburg, Russia. (1000x1456)

The 'Shigir Idol', at 9,500 years old the most ancient wooden sculpture in the world. Created during the Mesolithic period, it was discovered in the Ural Mountains and dates to around 7,500 BCE. Displayed in Yekaterinburg, Russia. (1000x1456) submitted by GaGator43 to ArtefactPorn [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 16:48 lemuero A Project: The Norse/Germanic Pagan Bible

A Project: The Norse/Germanic Pagan Bible
Ver Heil, Norse and Germanic Pagan Community,
As a Saxon by blood and heritage, I am delving into the past to find my roots.
The past that lies before St. Boniface chopped down the Odin Tree and made a church out of it’s timber, … before Charlemagne forced pagans into the river for forced mass-baptism,… before the retaliation raids … and before Constantine pledged war against all of pagani (latin. nonbelievers Christ. Jew.) Europe…
The Norse and Germanic mythology are like brothers. They have the same roots, yet they are different, just as brothers would be. Most scriptures were destroyed in the great Christian inquisitions, runes and scriptures gone forever, a few stones remained in Sweden and of course the Snorri’s legendary Edda.
Imagine we would have something like a unified biblia (greek. collection of books). A central international collection of scriptures, myths, historical events and figures that we can rely on and debate about. There are many books by modern authors out there, that take one or more aspects of the old ways. But I believe that we lack a universal, big and conclusive biblia of Norse/Germanic History and set of beliefs. There is so much to learn, yet the knowledge is so fragmented.
What would you think of attempting such a mammoth project?
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2021.06.14 16:48 thebigsodaboi What is the longest imaginary argument you have held in your head?

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2021.06.14 16:48 saugusstronkkk Testicular cancer placement

Not a personal question per se but curiosity If there is testicular cancer, is there always tumoulump specifically on the testicle itself (as in feel the actual ball), or a lump on the skin which moves around can be cancer?
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2021.06.14 16:48 cold__coffee In 1979, two housewives Keiko Mizuno and Eiko Akashi go to Noyama mountain to harvest bracken ferns. Two days later their dead, mutilated bodies are discovered at the top of the mountain. Dubbed the "Nagaokakyo Bracken Murder Case," it remains unsolved until this day.

Keiko Mizuno (32) and Eiko Akashi (43)* were both housewives who worked as part-timers at the Izumiya supermarket in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. The supermarket is located in front of Nagaoka-Tenjin station. Nagaokakyo is considered a small city which has many temples and is known for its local speciality, takenoko, or bamboo shoots - even hosting a festival dedicated to it.
On Wednesday 23 May 1979, the two friends and coworkers had just clocked off from their morning shift sometime between 10:00AM or 11:00AM (the sources differ) and had plans to ride their bicycles to a nearby bamboo grove at a mountain referred to as "Noyama" (one English source refers to it as Nohara Hill though it is probably more appropriate to refer to it as a mountain). The housewives were planning to forage for warabi, a type of Japanese bracken fern which is used to make warabi mochi, a delicious dessert made from the bracken root's starch.
Noyama is only located a few kilometers away from Izumiya supermarket and was a known place amongst locals including housewives and children to go collect wild edible plants, ferns and bamboo shoots. Families often frequent and have picnics there too. Although Noyama sounds like a family-friendly area, there have allegedly been past incidents and crimes reported in the area, including a rape incident prior to this incident. How long ago this rape occurred and whether the circumstances are similar to this case, are unknown. Apparently there are also many "dim" or shady spots in the mountain area as well that can be dangerous, even during the daytime.
There was nothing to suggest Keiko and/or Eiko were new or unfamiliar with the area or foraging. In fact, Eiko was an avid forager and had been to the mountain to harvest warabi many times before. That day, both women rode their bicycles to Nishiyama Umebayashi, Okukaiinji* and left their bicycles there, and then began their ascent of Noyama mountain.
The Murder
It is unknown the exact time the two arrived at Noyama, but it is estimated they arrived sometime shortly before noon. This is due to the fact that later on, empty lunchboxes (indicating they had time to eat lunch) were located amongst the women's belongings, which included their backpacks and warabi ferns they had been successful in foraging, and a purse.
Eiko's husband became worried that something may have happened to his wife when she failed to show up at their young son's nursery that day to pick him up as she usually did everyday at 3:30PM. Her husband became increasingly uneasy as the hours ticked by and there was still no sign of his wife coming home that night. When the two women failed to return on the 24 May, their family members reported them missing to police. The search began with a total of 50 policemen from Kyoto Prefectural Police, 50 fire brigade members and police dogs.
On the afternoon of 24 May 1979, police found Keiko and Eiko's bicycles, unattended and where they had left them originally. What they discovered at Noyama was grim and unsettling to say the least.
Exactly two days after the two women had embarked on their foraging trip, police located the lifeless, battered bodies of Keiko and Eiko near the summit of the hill around 10:30AM on the 25 May 1979. The area the bodies were located in was a wooded area, at an altitude of 200 meters above ground. Keiko and Eiko were found 10 metres from each other. The discovery of the bodies triggered the police to view the investigation from the lens this was a murder they were dealing with.
Keiko had died from blood loss, caused by a stab to the left-side of her chest. The murder weapon, a kitchen knife, was left stuck in her chest. Evidence points to Keiko being sexually assaulted as she was found naked from the waist down. Her jeans, torn underwear and shoes were found scattered close to her body. No bodily fluids were located on her body.
Eiko on the other hand, had been strangled and died from suffocation. Although Eiko's clothes were intact apart from her shirt being torn, the perpetrator's bodily fluids were detected on her body, indicating she had been raped. In addition to these injuries, both women each had many bruises over their bodies (Keiko had about 30, and Eiko 50) from being violently punched and kicked by the perpetrator(s). Eiko also had nine broken ribs including a lacerated/ruptured liver. An autopsy later revealed the time of both womens' deaths is estimated from noon to 2:30PM, and remains of the perpetrator's blood was O-type.
One of the most disturbing similarities however - both women's Archilles tendon had been slashed, creating a situation where it was impossible to run from the perpetrator(s). It is widely thought that a single perpetrator was involved because of this, but there is still nothing to suggest it could have been multiple perpetrators too.
The Note
According to an article published from the Chunichi Shimbun newspaper on 28 May 1979, police discovered in Eiko's right jean pocket a crumpled-up Izumiya store receipt dated the 21 May 1979. On the back of the receipt, unruly characters scrawled in pencil read: "Being followed. Please help me. This man is a bad person."
After examination, the handwriting was matched with that of Eiko's. Although the note was written (vertically) in three lines, Eiko had utilised a mix of hiragana, katakana and kanji characters and had misspelt simple words such as "help", indicating she was under extreme pressure. It is thought that the note was frantically scribbled by Eiko while already under threat by the perpetrator. She then stowed the memo away in her pocket, hoping to pass it onto a passerby in the area but before she had the chance to, the perpetrator had attacked.
Police tried to locate the pencil that was used to write this note at the scene, but could not find it with either Eiko or Keiko's clothes or other belongings. In a later search, the tip of the pencil lead was found at an unspecified distance from the scene, however the pencil itself has never been found.
Aside from the missing pencil, no possessions or cash was taken from either of the victims' belongings.
The Kitchen Knife
It is not clear which company manufactured the kitchen knife which was used to murder Keiko, but it has been published that approximately 70,000 of the same make of knives were produced in Seki City, Gifu prefecture. Where the knives were then distributed for sale is unknown. It is assumed investigators would have looked into whereabouts this knife was sold and to whom in Nagaokakyo, but perhaps they haven't found any worthy leads worth publicising yet.
It is worthy noting no fingerprints were found on the knife.
Who killed Keiko and Eiko?
On 23 May, the day of the incident, there were reportedly 15 other people on top the hill and another 40 building construction workers in the surrounding Noyama mountain area. There have been several witness sightings:

  1. Two construction workers only identified as "K" and "M" by the media were rumored to be members of a 'yankee' (juvenile delinquent) group. According to an eye witness, K and M were seen around the mountain area around the time of the incident. This was considered a significant sighting, if true. K in particular was supposedly skilled in karate and a widespread theory of this case is that the bruises inflicted onto the victims was from someone very strong and skilled in some form of martial arts. Despite this lead, both K and M were cleared of suspicion.
  2. A young boy identified as "A" who also lives in Nagaokakyo was seen running down the mountain sometime between noon and 2:30PM the day of the incident. A was also supposedly skilled inkarate and often went cycling in the mountains, but it turned out to have an alibi at the time and was actually not in the surrounding area at all that day.
  3. A middle-aged man around 40 to 45 years old was sighted in the area. He was wearing gray work clothes and is around 170cm. A witness claims to have seen him holding a kitchen knife approximately 30cm in length. He was heard to have called out to another woman who seemed to be a housewife: "Honey, have you managed to harvest any warabi?"
  4. Two unidentified men aged 25 to 30 years old were seen by another witness in the area around ten minutes after Keiko and Eiko had reached the hill.
  5. There was a rumoured bamboo shoot thief who had been active for many years leading up to the incident. This thief, who is unidentified, allegedly used a knife to cut bamboo shoots from the ground, instead of gently digging and pulling them up to maintain the root system, like most people do. After this incident, it is alleged that the damage caused by the bamboo shoot thief stopped completely.
  6. Another middle-aged man (it appears to be different to the one in #2) was seen speaking to a housewife foraging for warabi. He was dressed in a sports polo and described as a "salaryman type." There were only two footprints found near the murder scene and these had no grooves or any patterns that are typical of mountain-climbing or sport shoes. Investigators thought these footprints could have belonged to someone wearing leather work shoes, and even released a composite sketch of him. Further, there is a report that approximately a week before Keiko and Eiko went to Noyama, a middle-aged man had approached another housewife there but police have not been able to identify who this man was and whether he is the same man.
A Connection to another Mysterious Incident?
Exactly five years after the Bracken Murder Case, on 16 May 1984, an unnamed housewife (dubbed "Housewife C") was found brutally murdered in the same city of Nagaokakyo. She had been stabbed once in the back and neck, wrapped in a futon and then her house was set on fire. O-type blood was also found at the crime scene. It is rumoured that police were investigating a potential link to the Bracken Murder Case and Housewife C's death, although this seemed to spawn an urban legend by some Japanese netizens that Housewife C was actually acquainted with Keiko and Hideko and had previously gone to collect warabi with them the same day the two were murdered. However, Housewife C was spared from the murder as she had left early and descended down the mountain first.
Further, it was rumoured that for the safety of Housewife C, police had never released her identity to the media during the time of the Bracken Murder Case. Presumedly they had done their investigations and deemed her not a suspect. Ultimately, this is just a rumour and police have never officially confirmed whether Housewife C was ever acquainted with Keiko and Hideko, and it is likely this was a made up to fuel a theory that all three housewives had possible connections to unsavoury characters, which led to their deaths. The murder of Housewife C is also unresolved to this date.
Final Thoughts
Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for this was reached on 24 May 1994 and the case remains unsolved. What do you think happened to Keiko and Eiko? Due to the nature of the attacks, I believe it was committed by someone motivated to commit sexual assault. I have so many questions though, such as, did police ever send the bodily fluids found on the victims for DNA testing? Did police investigate anyone in Keiko or Eiko's life, for example did they ever complain of having any stalkers or nasty ex-boyfriends?
http://seigi003.blog40.fc2.com/blog-entry-303.html?sp (Japanese; photos of the memo, map and suspect composites)
https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%95%B7%E5%B2%A1%E4%BA%AC%E3%83%AF%E3%83%A9%E3%83%93%E6%8E%A1%E3%82%8A%E6%AE%BA%E4%BA%BA%E4%BA%8B%E4%BB%B6 (Japanese wiki)
https://www.excite.co.jp/news/article/WeeklyJitsuwa_018346/ (Japanese)
https://listverse.com/2015/06/16/10-unsettling-japanese-murders-that-have-never-been-solved/ (English)
Disclaimer: This is my very first write up, so open to feedback! Also, I'm looking to do more write ups on unknown cases from Asian countries that aren't widely reported in Western media, let me know if you have any suggestions.
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2021.06.14 16:48 jbearpagee Confirmation of a standard physical release!

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