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Can't download the app on device

2021.06.14 17:18 giada99 Can't download the app on device

I never played genshin impact and I wanted to try it but my motorola e7i power it's incompatible with the game. Anyone has a solution to this?
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2021.06.14 17:18 TerrySilversWife The waiting is the hardest part...

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2021.06.14 17:18 Karma-Pierre- 🚀 Smart Chain Scan 🚀 [Launched Today] [100 Holders] | 🔒 LP Locked | Ownership Renounced 🔒

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Don’t miss out..
Finally a GEM that is rugproof and what an amazing community.
Stay Holding and join the community!! 🚀
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2021.06.14 17:18 TheDeathReaper97 Flags I made for my DnD game that I thought people may enjoy here

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2021.06.14 17:18 _Irbis_ Hair loss without inflammation

Hello, I've recently been diagnosed with Seb Derm (after two years of having it on my scalp). In my case there's no flaking nor itching, just red raised bumps. My dermatologist prescribed me a solution with sal acid for local treatment, over the counter shampoo with hexamidini diisetionas and ichthammolum and a zinc supplement. Something is obviously doing its job as my scalp got better and now I apply the sal acid only when an occasional bump appears.
However, last week my face got fucked up with similar bumps that won't go away (it feels a little bit different, but what are the odds it's something else) and in addition, there's a spot on my head with noticeably less hair (I shave my sides off weekly so I'm not sure if it fell out or it just doesn't grow). But there's no bumps or redness underneath it. The skin seems completely fine. Does anyone have any experience with similar thing? Could it be from the seborrhea or from using the things I mentioned?
I have another appointment next month, just wondering in the meantime.
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2021.06.14 17:18 BustaCrusta Does DeFit trigger a bann?

See title
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2021.06.14 17:18 Coldkyou9 Rate my loadout

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2021.06.14 17:18 Ball075090085 The Good Old Days Guys

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2021.06.14 17:18 arttimecouk Watercolour of good boy [OC]

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2021.06.14 17:18 psylo55 Is there a marathon or continuous mode?

I was using stepmania with various themes and I had the option of continuously playing songs one after the other randomly from a pack (in groups of 4 or indefinitely). Is that feature still in Etterna? I wanted to try it out because of the difficulty rating system, hoping that I would be able to play long streams of songs within a defined difficulty range. Is there any way to make it do something close to that?
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2021.06.14 17:18 Mena_Lena Just hit over 600 presale signups on our website in less than a day!! 👀 TridentToken is going to be the next hottest alt coin 🌎🔱 sign up on our website to be part of this incredible project

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2021.06.14 17:18 _Matz_ I fucking hate tranoids

I fucking hate tranoids, disgusting fucking men in dresses, ugly degenerates. I can't fuck those fucking idiots I'm not some kind of faggot, they're not "dickgirls" they're not even girls. They will never be real women, they will never fool anyone with their looks. I hate when they trap me into having sex with them, I don't want your shitty stinky tranny dick.
Anyway, see you soon, I'm need to find more Astolfo Hentai to jerk off to.

(/hj Pwetty pwease overlord reddit admin, don't ban me UwU, I know I'm a very bad girl who used a lot of slurs but this is irony and reclaiming those slurs as a trans person myself)
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2021.06.14 17:18 86theMussels These two 100 year olds invaded Normandy.

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2021.06.14 17:18 civigik720 am i shadowbanned?

Am i shadowbanned?
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2021.06.14 17:18 Spartawolf Descent of the Demon Lords: Part 24

First/ Previous
Holding his nerve Cross moved further North, deeper into the enemy horde. For all his skill and his deadly precision he knew he was a dead man if they even suspected there was an enemy agent within their ranks. Sure he’d probably be able to take a lot of the bastards with him before they tore him apart in an anticlimactic and agonizing death, but since he had gotten out of prison to face a huge motherfucking demon invasion, he really, really wanted to keep living just to see how batshit crazy things would get, before he’d be inevitably sent to fix it or wipe it off the map. He could handle crazy, he’d been doing it for years. Well...apart from his ex. There was some types of crazy even he couldn’t deal with...
Another canister was activated and dropped in a watering hole the goblins were using. Cross wasn’t sure if it was drinkable for humans considering the volcanic activity abound in Iceland but seeing as the enemy was using it, he didn’t much care for the science….or geography….or whatever the hell the subject was. Certainly it wasn’t important enough to risk calling it in to Merlin, and since they could see his live feed of everything that he was doing he assumed it wouldn’t fuck up whatever was in the canisters. All he knew was that it didn’t look out of place amid the scrap and muck the creatures used to construct their dens, and that was good enough for him.
Deeper in things started to get stranger. There were little creatures no higher than ankle height, even smaller than the goblins that were scurrying around the place and grabbing small worthless pieces of junk out of the feces, only to be caught and thrown into cooking pots by the orcs. Realising that was a key to how the army was able to sustain itself Cross quickly snapped a particularly annoying one’s neck before chucking it in his bag. He figured the science team would probably want to dissect the thing and he wanted to make sure he stayed on the good side of his liberators and new employers.
These became more common the further in he got in, and he noticed that the appearances and gait of many of the orcs started to change. No longer was he seeing the untethered brutality that had been around him before, now he was seeing professionals and experienced killers. Some were bigger, others gave off that vibe of confidence, but the biggest tell were the weapons. Cross saw AK-47’s, RPGs and other weaponry that looked like they’d just come out of an Al-Qaeda armory. Though they weren’t as high-tech as anything V.I.P.E.R could bring to bear, with the portals Mog’thar was seemingly able to deploy, and the supernatural abilities demonstrated by the Visitors in general Cross knew that a technological advantage was moot. Cross made sure to get all of it on camera, avoiding looking at anyone directly, and just pretending to stand guard like several of the orcs were doing while he documented the evidence.
“Good job Cross, you’re getting closer to the center.” Merlin whispered into the comms. “There’s definitely something of interest that way”
No shit. Cross thought to himself, but he wasn’t going to argue it. Hearing the voice of another human was good at keeping him cool and calm, even if it did state the obvious. But he realised the voice spoke the truth as he moved closer. Ogres were a far more common sight, slumbering in their own filth, far away from several more of the Witches, who seemed to be served by small greyish brown gremlins that were ferrying messages and finer food items between them. Another common sight were several winged creatures patrolling the area. Scantily clad in revealing armour, all were female and of a variety of looks. Bug wings, bat wings and even metallic features with seemingly a free choice of weapon. Though they looked ridiculous, Cross was still weary of them. Anything dressed like that was definitely trouble.
Final canister was a risk, but Cross knew that placing it amongst where the small gremlins were sleeping in a large pile would ensure maximum spread with the higher ups, he just hoped nobody would notice what it really was.
Despite the fact that he had technically completed his mission Cross still felt unfulfilled. He had seen new Visitor types, got a greater idea of their numbers and deployed the canisters to hopefully thin their numbers but there was one thing left.
Where was the leader?
He had no doubt now that the Witches and possibly the winged women - he called dibs on the name ‘Succubi’ were likely the officers in charge of this rabble. However they all had a leader, A Demon Lord and the most deadly type of Visitor V.I.P.E.R currently knew of and Cross would be damned if he didn't find out everything there was to know about this ‘Mog’thar, Lord of Strength”. If the name gave any indication, he’d be a tough bastard to take down but with teamwork and analysis, Cross was confident they’d have a gameplan. If Oberon proved anything it was that Demon Lords could be killed.
“Center right ahead of you Cross, stay frosty.” Merlin whispered into Cross’ ear
Cross’ focus shifted from blending in with the crowd to outright remaining undetected as he snuck up the slope of the glacier to a mound of rock and ice, elevated and allowing a good look at the seemingly endless orc horde. A perfect place for a general to inspect his troops…
Cross could see raised up was the entrance to a cave raised above the ground, guarded by a group of nasty looking Orcs, Succubi and Witches. Whatever was there, Cross knew he wasn’t going to be able to find out, at least right now as these Visitors looked like the cream of the crop. Something important was definitely there.The fancy looking command tent to the left of it however looked more accessible, and Cross could hear voices…
“Adreana...troops from the North…..divide and conquer….domination”
Cross could hear the booming growl of a voice coming from the end on the other side of the entrance. He crouched low and snuck around, careful with his movements to not rattle the patchwork armour he was wearing as a disguise. The last thing he wanted was for whatever was in that tent to find him before he could get the drop on them.
“I know of the threat Adreana represents and I am well prepared for her Mog’thar” Another voice pitched in, foreign sounding and mechanical. “However you have not yet been too….forthcoming on our deal so far.”
Cross kept as low and as quiet as he could, before pressing down and lifting up the tent flap just barely so he could see, manually holding the camera in order to transmit his findings.
“The failure of that lies with Oberon, Lord of Secrets. However the information we gained as a result should be of value to you.” The voice came from the figure at the end of the table. Eight feet tall ,with skin the shade of the void, with black, spiked plate mail to match and six muscular arms, Cross had no doubts that he was gazing upon the back of the - until now elusive Mog’thar, Lord of Strength.
“I also know the British have heroes among their ranks. Though the question of how this is even possible eludes me yet.” The owner of the second voice he heard belonged to a strange creature sitting off at the side, flanked by two creepy looking humanoids that Cross realised resembled the clockwork automatons Sykes claimed to have fought at one point, only with patches of flayed skin around the exposed limbs and faces, printed in a horrible patchwork of colours that even had Cross spooked. They were flanking a yellow scaled serpentine beast with dark purple orbs for eyes and several tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Cross had never seen anything like it, dressed as it was in fine purple silk, and sitting on a strange throne made of glass, despite the numerous chairs dotted around the table with important looking Orcs and Succubi, with the exception of three pale humans opposite from the yellow beast. Cross thought back to the Battle of London, and recognised the vampires, minions of Oberon, Lord of Secrets who was working with Mog’thar in some capacity.
“I may be able to shed some light on that shadow then, Xaris.” The figure of Mog’thar shifted and fidgeted, as if nervous about something. “When Oberon attempted to teleport to his Mind Killer it failed. Before he was defeated he told me that there was a dampening field around the city preventing teleportation. My Coven confirmed the power of the wards. One of our kin placed it.”
“Oh? I was about to chide you for making excuses but this is indeed interesting. Ariel recently appeared in the Atlantic but she rarely returns to land and I think lacks the ability. Loterdale, Lord of Order is close and I believe him highly gifted in the art, though from what I know of him it’s quite unlike him.” The yellow beast was lazily relaxing in his throne as his entourage remained coldly unmoving. “Though perhaps Oberon can better explain when he reincarnates. I must say I was surprised to learn of his defeat and this sheds some light on why. Have you spoken to Loterdale?”
“He continues to ignore my summons.” Mog’thar stomped on the ground in anger, Cross feeling the powerful vibrations from his position. “Yet another rodent to squash, though Oberon didn’t think it was him.”
“Then who- ah!” The serpentine creature - Xaris suddenly sat up straight in his chair fully alert. Cross held his breath and stayed still, thinking he’d given a tell before the Demon Lord allowed himself to calm down. .
“Yes.” Mog’thar replied, almost solemnly. “With the appearance of at least one active hero on a godless world it’s the only explanation.”
“I see. Should they appear openly I can envision potential cooperation on that regard. However that does not bear relevance on our current agreement.”
“Like I said the failure of the attack lies with Oberon” Mog’thar growled in frustration.
“I made the pact with you Mog’thar. The fact that Oberon was unsuccessful in his scheme, shame though that was is irrelevant.”
Mog’thar smashed his fist into the table, breaking the hard stone into fragments as it gave way under it’s own weight. Xaris for his part looked unamused.
“We both know you have your means Mog’thar. You’ve been hiding your forces too long. 500,000 human souls. There are many on this island, including the ones you’ve been kidnapping and using to breed your army and feed your troops. Slaughter them all and show the British resistance what happens when you defy a Demon Lord. After all that is partly why I agreed to gift those weapons to you and I expect you to fulfil your end.”
Mog’thar snarled, and Xaris immediately jumped out of his chair, arms and tentacles at the ready in some kind of combat stance. At the hands and at the tips of the tentacles there was an odd green spark at the end. Cross didn’t doubt it was deadly. Mog’thar for his part summoned a nastly looking mace seemingly out of nowhere, and tensed his muscles as if ready to pounce.
“I told you it would be done, once my core guardian reincarnates any day now. But do not presume to command me. My horde will wipe out all who defy Mog’thar, Lord of Strength. Choose your side Xaris.”
Xaris stayed as he was, his face a mask of stoic anger. “The pact we made binds you to our agreement, and even you’d dare not risk break it, fool as you are. Oberon was right about you, and it looks like he had contingencies of his own. I doubt you would have noticed but most of them have disappeared. Am I correct?” He looked towards the three vampires.
The one in the middle stood up, clearly the leader.
“Yes my lord. Before his physical defeat Oberon, Lord of Secrets, instructed his forces to depart once certain conditions were met. We have convened to inform Mog’thar, Lord of Strength that we will no longer fight with him, and shall return to await our master’s reincarnation.”
Mog’thar roared in anger as he threw his mace directly at the speaker, turning him to red paste that flew with the momentum of the weapon, punching a massive hole through the rich canvas. In the next instant he had sprinted several paces forward to grab both remaining vampires by their necks, who barely struggled as they looked to accept their fate, being ripped apart by the other arms of Mog’thar, as he howled in his rage.
“Know this Xaris. My horde will claim more souls than you could possibly dream of, but you won’t celebrate for long. Once I slay Adreana, and destroy the human resistance that has defied me for too long I will carve through any and all who stand in my way, before I destroy you and claim your power for my own!” He stared at Xaris with psychopathic intend as the yellow scaled Demon Lord begun to fade from view with his automatons.
“I choose defiance. I will destroy Adreana on my own. As for you...you won’t survive long. The one you fear will come for you…”
Mog’thar gave a low growl which could have been his version of a sigh, Cross couldn’t tell. He was glad he held off on an attempted assassination, his instincts being right that this Demon Lord would likely win against him. Cross watched as Mog’thar seemingly came to a decision in his head before marching with purpose out of the tent, followed swiftly by his entourage. Cross came to a decision too, sliding quickly and quietly under the tent flap and quickly stuffing his sack full of anything that could be useful. Papers, books, strange looking devices. Anything he could carry before quickly moving back under the flap.
“Cross get out of there.” He heard Merlin buzz in his ear. “Get back to the rest of Reaper team and get back to the motherboat as soon as you can.
“You don’t need to tell me twice.” Cross muttered in response as he hurriedly snuck back into the orc crowd to blend in. The orcs wouldn’t have even noticed. They were too busy staring at their Demon Lord master on a dais, holding a nasty looking spear with a black banner and a tribal symbol.
“IT IS TIME!” Mog’thar yelled, seemingly backed by some supernatural force as Cross couldn’t hear his voice get any quieter as he put as much distance between them as he could, almost sprinting away back towards his team.
All around him, orcs, goblins and even ogres seemed not to even notice him as they kept their faces locked towards the Demon Lord and the words he was saying.
“Mog’thar, Mog’thar, Mog’thar!” The chant rose up all around him, as Cross threw all caution to the wind and sprinted past the enthralled creatures who didn’t even notice him. He had to get the hell out of here.
As Cross kept running, the creatures around him reached fever pitch, weapons were raised, yells were had and all around him, the creatures began to march to war...
“Mog’thar, Mog’thar, MOG’THAR!
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2021.06.14 17:18 TheHandgunGuy [Homemade] Doro Wat

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2021.06.14 17:18 Dawnwind121990 My concept for a new CAST character. She only exists as a auxiliary on the classic PS02 for mow. I made her outfit white before but I changed it to a light pink because I thought it would look better.

My concept for a new CAST character. She only exists as a auxiliary on the classic PS02 for mow. I made her outfit white before but I changed it to a light pink because I thought it would look better. submitted by Dawnwind121990 to PSO2 [link] [comments]

2021.06.14 17:18 johnrock001 Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime

Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-spring-anime-2021-best-spring-2021-anime/
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2021.06.14 17:18 RLCD-Bot [Sky Blue Dominus] [Mainframe] [Sky Blue Standard] [Black Stern]

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2021.06.14 17:18 Zima2k My journey to Platinum. (That i still didn't get)

Hi guy's, about two maybe three weeks ago when i was bored i was watching some YT video's when i stumbled into some hollow knight gameplay, now i had hollow knight on ps4 for a good amount of time at that point and played it for about 4 hours... But my one day my console decided to just fuck with me and there was a software issue that forced me to delete everything from it. Anyway after i watched that video i was pretty hyped about playing it again, when i started playing i almost immedietly thought about doing the Platinum, in my about 30 hours playtrough i was having such a blast, even managed to kill radiance on my first try!!
But then i saw the Pantheons achievemnts, at first i thought "well it a Boss rush it doesn't sound that hard" and boy oh boy i just didn't know yet, i beat first and second one with a few problem but wasn't that hard at the end but... How the hell are you suppose to kill sly? I'm having a huge problem when fighting him and i know that the rest of Pantheons are gonna be even harder, what charms do you guys recommend, what strategies or something else that can help? Thank you guy so much in advance, i love this community and game i don't want to give up on this Platinum.
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2021.06.14 17:18 mosenco imma quit

I recently got my bachelor degree and soon i will start my master degree meanwhile im preparing and gathering info for lodging, scholarship and so on. But because im not that busy i started playing going medieval and man, maybe it's because the time goes slower compared to rimworld i dunno, but i spent the last days on this game like hours. i stopped seraching info for my master, the lodging, im doing nothing lmao, im like a settler in idle.
this drug must be stopped before it becomes worse. See ya after the full release boizzz (i hope the full release would take a lot of time or i wont get my master degree)
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2021.06.14 17:18 Psychological_Bed191 Long Game

Who else in CCXI is here for the long run like me? My faith in Chemocentryx will have me holding for years!
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2021.06.14 17:18 marumerostudio My favorite shounen protagonist, the vibes are strong with this one

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2021.06.14 17:18 tinypants_bighead Armoire purchased from antique store

Apologies in advance for the horrible pictures. But I have been storing a few items left from my grandma’s estate. She passed in 2017 and I bought her house and so a few items that were too heavy to move were left with me. My aunt is now giving me permission to sell them since I’ve been storing them in the garage for years. One is an armoire. All I know about it is that my grandma purchased it over 15 or so years ago from an antique store in California for $1200. I can clean it up and submit more clear pictures if necessary but since I can’t move it by myself this was the best I could do at the moment.
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2021.06.14 17:18 yung_phnx dynamic music crashing my game at the start of the area?

I'm playing as the loner faction and whenever I go into combat my game freezes, I think it's because of dynamic music but I like keeping it on. Is there a way to fix this without turning it off?
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