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Lame leg on an elderly sheep

2021.06.14 16:56 OzarkShepherd Lame leg on an elderly sheep

I have a Shetland sheep who I got 10 years ago and didn't know her age. Her front leg went lame a couple weeks ago. My wife checked her hoof and her leg and thought maybe it is a sprain. We confined her to the barn so she could heal. I checked her again today and the hoof is clean and doesn't smell bad, so it isn't hoof rot. However there was a lot of crackling and popping noises when I bent her leg, probably from the knee joint. I didn't notice any obvious break, but the joint popping didn't sound normal. Has anyone come across this issue?
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2021.06.14 16:56 Anarky82 My friend got shouted at today by an anti-vaxer in London. 2 years after second dose we are all going to die.

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2021.06.14 16:56 yawaworhttidder_ Looking To Hire Laid Off SEs, Developers, Engineers

I was with a family friend over the weekend that is a top IT recruiter in the Kansas City market. We were chatting about layoffs and we saw an opportunity to reach out and see if we can help. This family friend works with some really great companies in the Kansas City area, looking to fill some Engineer and Developer roles.
Main requirement would be 3+ years of experience.
Please DM me if interested!
P.S. Keep your heads up! Everything will be okay!
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2021.06.14 16:56 mumrah Trouble with higher USART speeds on ATMega328pb

My project is using an atmega328pb with a 7.3728MHz crystal. I chose the 328pb since I need to communicate to two devices using UART and didn't want to bother with something like SoftwareSerial.
Both devices run at 57600 baud, but at this speed I'm getting a lot of missed bytes and several flipped bits. One one device that I can configure, dropping the speed to 19200 helped tremendously. The other device cannot be reconfigured however.
I'm Arduino.h for the serial library functions (because I'm an AVR noob).
From everything I've read this crystal frequency should work well for UART purposes. Any ideas?
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2021.06.14 16:56 Guard-Optimal Looking for investors

launched my first crypto defi project on the Binance Smart Chain. If you want to invest in it, ask me how.
Invest in $WorldStar now, exciting project with huge potential and ground floor opportunity, https://bscscan.com/token/0xF5A130961f22A517F2B24fFa775eEa27d7A3aE52
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Twitter: @worldStardefi Telegram: @worldStardefi website: https://www.worldstar.finance
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2021.06.14 16:56 jookco Khaya Xaba Death - Obituary - Cause of Death : Comrade Khaya Xaba has Died . Click link to read full story.

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2021.06.14 16:56 Mooshi21_ You good bro?

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2021.06.14 16:56 moblackcat Rachel Mc Farlane voice is overused (and other silly rants).

She does 99% of the female characters and it's so lazy that it's 99% just her regular voice (Hayley). It's an obvious easy cash grab for Seth's sister but it's quite detrimental to the show since every female sounds like Hayley.

Next time we will talk about how lazy and bad it was to turn Danuta from a stupid stripper to a bad blank filling character (deus ex machina tampon). And how every recuring female character is a cheating whore. Also too much jew propaganda with (or whithout) Snot.
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2021.06.14 16:56 No-Time-9418 How often do you communicate with your SB/SD?

Hey all! Just wanting to get a feel for how everyone communicates with their SB/ SD. I’m a SD and really enjoy a handful of snaps a day, both pics and messages. Does anyone have their communication as part of their arrangement?
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2021.06.14 16:56 gunnesaurus Euros bars

Euros bars
Any soccer fans, Can I get recommendations on any good pubs that are showing the Euros in North Bergen county and Rockland County, Ny area?
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2021.06.14 16:56 NationPresident Ada Wong

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2021.06.14 16:56 Sierravictoriaa I guess they are starting out on the right foot...

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2021.06.14 16:56 jachiche Leinster Bolts squad announced for Future Series

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2021.06.14 16:56 LurkyDay TIL - There's a (Fictional) US Civil Flag

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2021.06.14 16:56 LionessTheGoddess Base choice options!

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2021.06.14 16:56 ganger378 WB Regirock 6945 1642 8546

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2021.06.14 16:56 slycooper459 Season 4 trailer!

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2021.06.14 16:56 GratutEgg What is the most underrated cooking ingredient and why?

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2021.06.14 16:56 bobcat Inflation expectations jump, another data point for the Fed to keep watch on.

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2021.06.14 16:56 kingpangolin It still looks beautiful

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2021.06.14 16:56 StandardN00b A little late, but still. Remember to use spoiler tags.

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2021.06.14 16:56 LilGlowCloud Any good map resources?

I was just browsing through the about section looking for some resources and unless I missed it I didn’t really see anything for maps. I’m typically a theater of the mind type of DM but I would really like to try maps out for running Strahd. The idea of making them myself is terrible as I am completely clueless
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2021.06.14 16:56 ButthurtMoron Giant's/A's series coming, anybody going, thoughts? predictions.

I saw them 32 years ago in 89 at Candlestick at an exhibition game when I was 8. Now here I am old, and fat 40...going to see them at Oracle.
I got a feeling the A's are gonna rake us good. But if we get a split that's all we need to keep going.
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2021.06.14 16:56 Boogerian_Chungus Expect Resistance

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2021.06.14 16:56 likeabirdsetfree Sussex Weekly (06/13 - 06/19) PART 2

For Your Reference
We wanted to reference a few helpful things that new members and possibly veteran members may not be aware of:

  1. Royal Adjacent Thread - This thread is for all things not quite gossip but still royal related - books, podcasts, or movie recommendations - located here: Royal Adjacent - June
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  3. Deep Dive Into Other Royal Families - Authored by our fabulous co-mod, this series is a deep look into various royal families around the world:
Friendly Reminders:
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  2. MOD Note RE: Narrative: We are seeing a lot of posts with the narrative of Meghan, Meghan Meghan and very little of Harry. Let us not forget our petulant prince should be included in the snark narrative!! Two very spoiled, out of touch people live in Montecito with a bench and some rescue chickens! Together they are driving the Sussex Train (even if maybe one of them isn’t so smart)!!
  3. Trolling - As expected with increased Sussex PR, we have an influx of trolling. AutoMod is on high alert but should anything slip through, please report immediately.
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