Go! Is Computer Science only good for detail-oriented people? |

Is Computer Science only good for detail-oriented people?

2021.06.14 16:10 010919818 Is Computer Science only good for detail-oriented people?

I’m mainly a big idea type of person, so coding has always seemed like a lot of technical work I wouldn’t have the patience for.
Is CS only meant for a specific type of person, or are there other aspects to it that I’m missing out on?
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2021.06.14 16:10 PremeclothingUK Stay strong apes 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.06.14 16:10 AmaUzumaki21 My man Araki gave me only 3 minutes of joy

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2021.06.14 16:10 JuliusMoons Rainbow Six Siege ‘North Star’ Patch Arrives Today

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2021.06.14 16:10 OrFenn-D-Gamer Blellow

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2021.06.14 16:10 Enemyinsid3 Some gaps between the hole and top layer and also on the top layer of 'D'. Ironing is enabled. Ender 3 pro. Cura

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2021.06.14 16:10 StormCloak_565 SMA Grinston is doing an AMA on r/army.

Starts at 1400 EST
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2021.06.14 16:10 oranges_are_oranges Any ideas on updating this bathroom?

I am also redoing my kitchen so not much budget for the bathroom unfortunately!
Any suggestions, ideas, or inspo much appreciated, on low-cost diy that might help bring it together, such as a vanity paint color, wallpaper, color scheme, etc. I want to replace the mirror and repaint the vanity but not sure to what. Thank you!!
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2021.06.14 16:10 Viciceman Voyages espace Schengen en juillet ?

Je compte voyager en Islande mi-juillet mais je galère a trouver les consignes/indications a suivre quarantaine? Test? Passeport vaccinal? (bientôt vacciné avec la 2eme dose) si quelqu’un sait répondre a ces questions merci grandement :)
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2021.06.14 16:10 Cimrin Need help identifying the tricycle that ran over my pet silver back gorilla.

He is in critical condition.
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2021.06.14 16:10 I_am_ANONIMOUS ich🟢iel

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2021.06.14 16:10 cehteshami It ain't over 'til it's over!

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2021.06.14 16:10 Karma-Pierre- 🚀 Brick Coin 🚀 [Launched Today] [100 Holders] | 🔒 LP Locked | Ownership Renounced 🔒

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2021.06.14 16:10 s1gnalZer0 Argentina in the style of a 6 year old's drawing

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2021.06.14 16:10 InquisitorHayt Worth CCU'ing to a Warbond Railen to then CCU to a Corsair later?

For LTI Tokens I have C8X, Ranger CV and Nox Kue. I think I'd like to get a Corsair at some point. I see that I can CCU chain to the Railen from the Kue for about $145 (Or maybe don't use an LTI token ship at all) would that make sense to do now so I would have a savings upgrading the Railen to the Corsair?
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2021.06.14 16:10 JuliusMoons Billions of Gmail users enjoy a FREE upgrade this summer

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2021.06.14 16:10 Pliniomelo09 💎100x Gems💎 - A place where you can get into low mcap coins early. Side note (We’re growing fast)

Welcome to 100x Gems,
In this group we willl be posting newly created low market cap bsc coins, every launch will be fair and legit.
The coins posted here will always have these basic minimum features to make sure they aren't rugpulls:

The team will be posting on cryptomoonshots, we need everyone to UPVOTE and also COMMENT the post. Sending a free award would be great as well (you can claim a free award once a day at the right top corner)
Hold the coins till we at least blow up! It's what makes our calls great after we got some social media and TG attraction.
''Let our coins grow, let it blow up. Do not DUMP huge amounts at once or multiple times in a row as this will KILL the momentum & the chart! Be smart and not stupid.
I would recommend setting the slippage anywhere between 15%-49% to make sure the transactions don't fail.''
We'll get started as soon as we have enough members. Share the channel link around.
Inactive people will be booted after a while. Stay active.
This is not a PUMP & DUMP group⚠️
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2021.06.14 16:10 AGuyFromLA Why doesn’t this sub seem to like the new Cody Johnson song “Til You Can’t?”

I think it’s the best song he’s ever written and this sub is usually obsessed with Cody Johnson so I’m confused by the lack of hype here
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2021.06.14 16:10 OliverBagshaw La Cage Aux Folles - Acceptance In A Heteronormative World [Film Review Channel]

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2021.06.14 16:10 Janowsgy Palga kandmine teise panka

Tervist! On keegi kursis, et kui palga lasen kanda kellegi teise panka, kas sellest tulevad mingised probleemid vms? Nimelt kohtutäitur võtab raha, tööandja maksab neile minu eest juba raha mis on seadusega nõutud, st miinimum peaks panka alles jääma kuid kohtutäitur võtab ka miinimumist enamuse veel pangast ära, jättes alles ca 200€ kuus ainult. Ja siis tahakski selle miinimumi teise inimese panka lasta kanda, kus see ka reaalselt alles jääb. Kellelgi on kogemusi ja oskab kaasa rääkida, kas see lubatud jne.
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2021.06.14 16:10 OnTheLeveeSports Literally any kind of news would be cool.

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2021.06.14 16:10 alaettinthemurder Fbi flash oyunu oynayabilecek yer olan baksın

Double home work vardı bi ara bulsanıza
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2021.06.14 16:10 1526668 And the rest is hist...

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2021.06.14 16:10 casual_skeptic computer generated fractal art by me

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