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What do I do about cleaning?

2021.06.14 17:11 Duskwalker00 What do I do about cleaning?

My house is disgusting. No two ways about it. It could be worse but it's really bad. I find it extremely hard to keep up with because of chronic mental and other health issues (I'm getting help. I do not want to live like this) and I'm pretty much the only one who does any sort of cleaning around here. I live with 3 other people who are also slobs.
The baseboards are like caked in some kind of gunk I have no idea what it is. The cracks between tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are so gross and no amount of scrubbing helps. There are stains on the wood floors where the catboxes go. The walls get dirty and I have no idea how to clean them. I just feel helpless. That and there's so much clutter I don't even know where to begin.
I guess a couple concrete questions. 1. How do you clean the baseboards, walls, etc? 2. Anyone know the most sensory friendly cleaning chemicals? Sensory issues are a big reason I can't clean for long even when I'm able to. 3. We rent... Are we eating the deposit for the catbox stains? Or is there hope for those?
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2021.06.14 17:11 AstroStoleMars Old Ruins, Allante Hall my first environment finished in ue5

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2021.06.14 17:11 Thornsb Silvergate Bank to Discontinue Binance USD Deposits, Withdrawals | Blockchained.news Crypto News LIVE Media

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2021.06.14 17:11 William_H_Harrison Favorite covers?

I came across Lou Hayter's take on Time Out of Mind the other day and love it. Curious to hear what everyone's favorite covers are and if there are any others worth checking out.
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2021.06.14 17:11 holyroach What can I achieve this effect?

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2021.06.14 17:11 Chaoticqueen19 What was the moment that made you realize you were in an abusive relationship before it was blatantly obvious?

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2021.06.14 17:11 ActualPinkPenguin Did this with a couple of my friends

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2021.06.14 17:11 Belledame-sans-Serif mermay: hunger, by Dotswap

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2021.06.14 17:11 radconrad [AskIndia] Has anyone tried ordering stuff from US and then get it shipped to India

I am specifically looking for those service providers which give you an escrow local address in US, to get your product delivered, then get it shipped to India. I am particularly looking for

  1. Import Duty
  2. Reliability
  3. Cost
  4. Time
Any anecdotes will be welcome !
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2021.06.14 17:11 Ill_Supermarket5684 Transgender/Legal Gender When Joining?

(I’m using a throwaway for this due to not having very many positive experiences talking about LGBT-related topics on Reddit.)
I’m a transgender man and I’m hoping to enlist in the Navy. I’d been considering joining for a while, but dropped my consideration due to political disputes and laws in place preventing transitioning transgender individuals from joining a few years back. Those laws have been repealed now to my knowledge, and with that I’m enthusiastic to look into joining again. I’ve been able to learn most of what I need to prepare for on my own, however one thing I’m struggling to figure out one particular thing, that thing being would my legal gender have to be male to enlist as a man? I’m currently 17, and unable to go through the process on my own, and it can be a long one- I mean, I’d assume you would, however upon asking around I’ve received many unclear answers and I’m no longer definitely sure. I apologize if this is a bit of a dumb question, just trying to be sure of what I need to do when I turn 18 to enlist!
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2021.06.14 17:11 isabellapintop Maya Wiley who warned about a 'New York City built by and for billionaires' received $500,000 from hedge-fund billionaire George Soros!

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2021.06.14 17:11 InstantMiso0w0 Eula’s combo barely scratched the new samurai boss :<

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2021.06.14 17:10 TheSweatyMop [PS4] H: A collection I’m working on :) W: to see if your are interested in trading or even have any black powdered weapons?

Good day everyone! Here’s is my trade list. I’m currently looking for these certain items. I have a Civil War Character I’ve been making and building for some time so most of these weapons are for the collection. I am looking for the only Specific prefixes for Black Powdered Rifles / Pistols. Also have a Robot Armor Set I’ve been trying to make as well! Thank you and I hope we can trade! :) P.S. the list at the bottom are the trades available for the rifles everything else is for armor and other trades.
/ Black Powdered Weapons / Weapons I’m looking for /

• AA/E/15r Rifle • AA/E/250 Rifle • A/E/15r Rifle • A/E/250 • BeE/15r Rifle • BeE/250 Rifle • Exe/E/250 Rifle • Ext/E/250 Rifle • GS/E/15r Rifle • GS/E/250 Rifle • Hu/E/250 Rifle • I/E/250 Rifle • Med/E/250 Rifle • Mut/E/15r Rifle • Muts/E/15r Rifle • Muts/E/250 Rifle • Noc/E/15r Rifle • Noc/E/250 Rifle • Sta/E/15r Rifle • Sta/E/250 Rifle • Sup/E/15r Rifle • Sup/E/250 Rifle • Tro/E/250 Rifle • TS/E/15r Rifle • V/E/250 Rifle • Z/E/15r Rifle • AA/E/15r Pistol • AA/E/250 Pistol • A/E/15r Pistol • A/E/250 Pistol • B/E/15r Pistol • BeE/250 Pistol • Exe/E/15r Pistol • Exe/E/250 Pistol • Ext/E/15r Pistol • Ext/E/250 Pistol • GS/E/15r Pistol • GS/E/250 Pistol • Hu/E/250 Pistol • I/E/15r Pistol • I/E/250 Pistol • J/E/15r Pistol • J/E/250 Pistol • Med/E/15r Pistol • Med/E/250 Pistol • Mut/E/15r Pistol • Mut/E/250 Pistol • Muts/E/15r Pistol • Muts/E/250 Pistol • Noc/E/15r Pistol • Sta/E/15r Pistol • Sta/E/250 Pistol • Sup/E/15r Pistol • Sup/E/250 Pistol • Tro/E/15r Pistol • Tro/E/250 Pistol • TS/E/15r Pistol • TS/E/250 Pistol • V/E/250 Pistol • Z/E/250 Pistol • A/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • BeSS/S Revolutionary Sword • AA/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • A/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Exe/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Ext/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • F/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • GS/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Mut/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Sup/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Sta/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Tro/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • Z/SS/S Revolutionary Sword • V/SS/S Bowie Knife • A/SS/S Bowie Knife • AA/SS/S Bowie Knife • A/SS/S Bowie Knife • Ext/SS/S Bowie Knife • F/SS/S Bowie Knife • GS/SS/S Bowie Knife • Hun/SS/S Bowie Knife • Mut/SS/S Bowie Knife • Sta/SS/S Bowie Knife • Tro/SS/S Bowie Knife • Z/SS/S Bowie Knife • AA/25/90 Broadsider • A/25/90 Broadsider • Be25/90 Broadsider • Exe/25/90 Broadsider • Ext/25/90 Broadsider • F/25/90 Broadsider • GS/25/90 Broadsider • Hun/25/90 Broadsider • J/25/90 Broadsider • Med/25/90 Broadsider • Mut/25/90 Broadsider • Q/25/90 Broadsider • Sta/25/90 Broadsider • Sup/25/90 Broadsider • Tro/25/90 Broadsider • TS/25/90 Broadsider • V/25/90 Broadsider • Z/25/90 Broadsider • AA/E/90 Gatling Gun • A/E/90 Gatling Gun • BeE/90 Gatling Gun • Exe/E/90 Gatling Gun • Ext/E/90 Gatling Gun • F/E/90 Gatling Gun • GS/E/90 Gatling Gun • Hun/E/90 Gatling Gun • I/E/90 Gatling Gun • J/E/90 Gatling Gun • Mut/E/90 Gatling Gun • Med/E/90 Gatling Gun • Noc/E/90 Gatling Gun • Sta/E/90 Gatling Gun • Sup/E/90 Gatling Gun • Tro/E/90 Gatling Gun • V/E/90 Gatling Gun • Z/E/90 Gatling Gun • B/E/15r The Dragon • I/E/15r The Dragon • TS/E/90 Harpoon • B/E/90 Harpoon 
/ Armor Pieces I’m looking for /
• Noc/Ap/wwr Urban Scout LA • Noc/Ap/wwr Urban Scout LL • Noc/Ap/wwr Urban Scout RA • Noc/Ap/wwr Urban Scout RL • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor LL • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor LA • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor RL • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor Heavy LA • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor Heavy CP • Uny/Sent/Ap Robot Armor Heavy RL • Bol/Sent/? Urban Scout RA 
/ These weapons / armor I am willing to trade for the Ap refresh Noc/Heavy Robot ArmoLegacys above /
• A/25/90 Gamma Gun • A/E/15 Lever Action • A/E/15v Combat Rifle • A/33/250 Handmade • A/25/1p Tesla • AA/25/15 Plasma Rifle • AA/33/250 Handmade • AA/33/90 Handmade • Be50/15v Plasma Rifle • B/E/90 .50 cal - Heavy Robot Armor Trade • B/33/15v Plasma Rifle • B/E Handmade • B/ss/15b Mole Miner Gauntlet • B/50/15r Plasma Rifle • Exe/50/250 The Fixer • Exe/ss/90 Mole Miner Gauntlet • F/50/15v Railway • F/25/25 Cryo • F/33/15v Plasma Rifle • F/33/90 The Fixer • J/SS/S Sledge Hammer • J/25/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser • J/33/25v Plasma Rifle • J/33/15v Plasma Rifle • J/50/15v Plasma Rifle - Heavy Robot Armor Trade • J/25/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser • Mut/25/25 Handmade • N/E/1p .50 cal • N/PA/1S Grognaks Axe - Heavy Robot Armor Trade • N/50/250 The Fixer • N/25/250 Handmade • Q/50/25 Tesla • Q/25 Handmade • Sta/E/90 .50 cal • Sta/ss/90 Mole Miner Gauntlet • Sup/25/15v .50 cal • TS/25/25 Tesla • TS/25/15r Plasma Rifle • V/25/250 Plasma Rifle • V/33/15r .50 cal • V/E/25 Gatling Gun • V/ss/s Gronaks Axe 
• Uny/Ap/Sneak Heavy Leather LA - Heavy Robot Armor Trade • Bol/Sent/Ap Leather LL • Bol/ww1s Urban Scout LA • Bol/Cav/1s Urban Scout RL • Noc/Sent/Ap Heavy Metal RA - Heavy Robot Armor Trade • Uny/Sent/Ap Metal LA • Van/aw1s Forest Scout RL • Van/Cav/Ap Marine CP 
/ Weapon & Armor Trades /
• AA/50LD Tesla • AA/E/50drwa Combat Shotgun • AA/50c Cross Bow • AA/SS Sledge Hammer • AA/50LD Crossbow • AA/50c Tesla • AA/50LD/FMWA Tesla • A/E/90 Combat Shotgun • A/50LD Crossbow • A/33/90 Crossbow • A/50LD/25 Gatling Laser • A/25/90 Fatman • A/33/15v Lmg • A/25/15v 10mm SMG • A/25/15v Submachine Gun • A/50/15v Ultracite Gatling Laser • A/E/90 Minigun • A/25/90 Minigun • A/E/15v 10mm SMG • A/50/1a Tesla • A/25/1p Tesla • Be50/15v Pump Action Shotgun • Be50/15v .50 cal • Be50/25 .59 cal • Be25/15r Gatling Plasma • BeE/90 Minigun • BeE/25 Minigun • Be25/90 Missile Launcher • Be50/15v 10mm SMG • Be50/15r Radium Rifle • Bepa/s Shovel • Be25/90 Ultracite Gatling Laser • Be25/1a Ultracite Gatling Laser • Bebash/15r Minigun • Be50LD Mr. Handy Buzz Blade • BeE Single Action Revolver • BeE/90 Double Barrel Shotgun • B/pa/1a Baseball Bat • B/50LD/1a Crossbow • B/10dwa/25 Cryo • B Fatman • B/ss Fire Axe x2 • B/50LD Crossbow • B/50LD/1a Crossbow • B/ss/1e Golf Club • B Sledge Hammer • B/50LD Lmg x2 • B/bash/1a Minigun • B/50LD Mr. Handy Buzz Blade • B/ss/15b Pickaxe • B/E bolt action pipe pistol Lv 40 • B/ss/15b Rolling Pen • B/ss Baton • B/pa/s Baton • B/pa/s Shishkebab • B/E Single Action Revolver • B/50/15v Submachine Gun • B Super Sledge • B Combat Rifle • B/33/25 Pipe Auto Rifle • B/50LD/90 .50 cal • B/50/15v Gatling Gun • B/ss Sickle • Exe/E Pump Action Shotgun • Exe/ss/s Spear • Exe/25 Tesla • Final Word x2 • F/ss/s Chinese Officer Sword • F/25/250 Missile Launcher • F/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser • F/E Handmade • F/E Pump Action Shotgun • F/E/1a 10mm SMG • F/25/1p Combat Rifle • F/33/90 Flamer • F/E Single Action Revolver • F/E Subnosed .44 Pistol • F/E Assault Rifle • I/ss/s Baseball Bat • I/pa/s Baseball Bat • I/ss/s Pitchfork • I/pa Gronaks Axe • I/25/25 Lmg • I/ss Sledge Hammer • I/50LD/s Sledge Hammer • I/ss/1a Spear • I/25 Tesla • I/ss Tire Iron • J/50LD/90 .50 cal • J/50/90 Tesla • J/ss/1e Baseball Bat • J/25/250 Auto Grenade Launcher • J/50/90 Gatling Plasma • J/50LD Lmg • J/50LD/1p Lmg • J/ss/15b Meat Hook • J/pa/s Mole Miner Gauntlet • J/E/25 Pipe Auto Rifle • J/pa/90 Fire Axe • J/50LD Combat Rifle • J/ss Bone Hammer • J/E/90 Pipe Auto Pistol • J/10dwa/25 Radium Rifle • J/50/25 Ultracite Laser Pistol • Med/25/250 .50 cal • Med/E/FMWA Minigun • Med/25/25 Assault Rifle Lv 40 • Med/25/15v Combat Rifle • Med/50/15v Gatling Gun • Med/10dwa/50drwa Handmade • Mut/ss Bowie Knife • Mut/25 Railway • Mut/33/25 Handmade • Mut/E/1a Combat Shotgun • Mut/pa/s Shishkebab • Mut/E/1p Pump Action Shotgun • Mut/25/1p Radium Rifle • Mut/33/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser • Mut/50/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser • Noc/pa/s Board • N/ss/90 Combat Knife • N/25/1p Gatling Plasma • N/50LD/15 Flamer • N/E/15v Pump Action Shotgun • N/ss/90 Spear • N/E Assault Rifle • N/ss/s sledgehammer • N/25 handmade • N/E Handmade • Q Cryo • Q/50LD/FMWA Cryo • Q/33/25 Harpoon • Q/33/1a Plasma Rifle • Q/E Bolt Pipe Pistol x2 • Q Plasma Rifle • Q/10dwa Gamma Gun • Q/50c Combat Rifle • Q Gamma Gun • Q Handmade • Q Tesla • Sta/33/1a Plasma Rifle • Sta/50/1p Combat Rifle • Sta/50LD/15bl Bowie Knife • Sta/50LD/90 Death Claw Gauntlet • Sta/ss/90 Guitar Sword • Sta/ss/1a Mole Miner Gauntlet • Sta/pa/1s Mole Miner Gauntlet • Sta/50LD/90 Mr. Handy Buzz Blade • Sta/50/1p Combat Rifle • Sta/ss/90 Sickle • Sta/ss/1e Switchblade • Sta/ss War Drum • Sta/pa/s War Drum • Sup/E Railway Rifle • Sup/25 Handmade • Sup/25/1p Plasma Rifle • Sup/50LD/25 Radium Rifle • Sup/50/15v Lmg • Sup/ss/90 Meat Hook • Sup/E/15v Minigun • Sup/25/25 Ultracite Laser Pistol • The Action Hero • The Fact Finder • H/33/250 The Fixer • The Vats Unknown • Tro/ss/90 Mole Miner Gauntlet • Tro/ss/s Spear • TS/25 Combat Shotgun • TS fatman x3 • TS/50c Radium Rifle • TS/bash/90 Minigun • TS/E Assault Rifle • TS/50c Handmade • V/50LD/s Mole Miner Gauntlet • V/pa/s Revolutionary Sword • V/50/15v Western Revolver • V/ss/40ldpa Shishkebab • V/25 Submachine Gun • V/25/1p Ultracite Gatling Laser • V/ss/1e Walking Cane • Z/25/FMWA Lmg • Z/25 Minigun 
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2021.06.14 17:10 EmoLevandovski Metamorphosis not allowed here

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2021.06.14 17:10 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+3458) PRISM fears give private search engine DuckDuckGo its best week ever

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2021.06.14 17:10 criterioncast Tribeca Film Festival 2021: Dispatch One

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2021.06.14 17:10 Teheiron Dice and Slice Patreon - Set Design 8 [OC]

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2021.06.14 17:10 gordyNUT iM sTrOnGeR tHaN yOu

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2021.06.14 17:10 discojing The tropical bouquet is an absolute steal for $9.99! Added some protea for $5.99 and I’m feelin’ the island vibes 🤙🏼

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2021.06.14 17:10 curiousbowling Caroline Wozniacki

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2021.06.14 17:10 Cubismn Gatekeeping your Hobby will make it go down, don't do this

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2021.06.14 17:10 SensitiveOrder4 As a follow up to the who contacted Sam Harris thread...

As Harris stated other people in his “orbit” have been spoken to in order to get them onboard with disclosure...we can assume that would mean pretty much every popular talking head has been spoken to.
I’d also wager Elon Musk would be very high on the list of people who would be contacted by whoever contacted Harris. So has Elon Musk recently changed his skeptical tune on UFOs?
Who else do you think is likely to have been contacted?
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2021.06.14 17:10 Jageryote Anyone want to group up?

I played the 1st one for 300 hours, so I am not brand new. Getting warmed up on the new one. Anyone want to link up, and watch each other's backs on the battlefield?
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2021.06.14 17:10 FF5615 Where should Video Game Subtitles be in the Settings Menu??

View Poll
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2021.06.14 17:10 SOFGESH Almost relapsed

Woke up horny today, Kept fighting the urge to pmo, opened a nsfw subreddit but stopped myself after like 2 minutes in. I told myself that I don't want to do this. I reminded myself that I'm more important than this temporary pleasure. I value myself more than I value this cheap dirty short period of pleasure. I'm strong. I will not do this.
Hope y'all stay strong today too my bros 💪
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