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Del Taco - 4720 E Main Street

2021.06.14 16:57 Relentlezzone Del Taco - 4720 E Main Street

Training day for our new Taco Shop. Today only One free combo- One per car in drive thru
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2021.06.14 16:57 MckeossSchroerr 👙 OnlyMoons 👙 Launched Today [Female Team] Nudes with Crypto

OnlyMoons is a groundbreaking platform allowing content creators to sell their content to subscribers on the blockchain. Using our platform content can be purchased with BNB or MNC and is issued as an ERC721 NFT on the binance smart chain. This is a fair launch with all of the tokens being sold at presale. No dev wallet or holdings
PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xE5A5401f19fd13eA6d75fDE2005Eb3f3624b45e9 Set slippage to 7-12% Bogged: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xE5A5401f19fd13eA6d75fDE2005Eb3f3624b45e9
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2021.06.14 16:57 MKow1371 Outfished by the boy!!

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2021.06.14 16:57 Comfortable_Royal Anyone know what all roads are closed?

I'm over on Century Drive, and there is a lot of traffic on this road. That usually means that Pleasntburg is closed. I also see that 385 North looks closed as well. Anyone know what roads are closed or shutdown?
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2021.06.14 16:57 Plenty_Economy_5670 Animation mistake?

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2021.06.14 16:57 Pain-Emotional My Dog Farofa!

My Dog Farofa! This is my dog. His name is Farofa. We hescue him from the streets

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2021.06.14 16:57 mistresskendrabec Mistress seeking for submissive slave who's ready to worship my feet and to explore more kinks chat me on Snap kendrabecca

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2021.06.14 16:57 teduh Birthday coming up and feeling down about losing your youth? Remember, you're only as old as you feel. Time is a human-invented concept that doesn't exist objectively, according to modern physics; all moments are happening simultaneously. So, in a very real sense, you're already dead. :)

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2021.06.14 16:57 SomeSabresFan Should I water change? I wasn’t going to but seeing that many nitrates has me questioning that plan. Been dosing ammonium chloride (a little less than recommended because this is my first time)

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2021.06.14 16:57 NewsElfForEnterprise Lordstown Motors' CEO and CFO Resign After Board Concludes Pre-Orders Were Exaggerated

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2021.06.14 16:57 rolewicz3 Any reason to NOT be a part of HRE? And how to join as bigger nations

Hello. I've been playing Poland lately, but I realized that my expansion focuses on east and south, I'd like to try out something different. So I wondered, why not join the HRE? But then another thought came to my mind, why don't do it every time?
Really. I might be missing something, but from what I see I gain all the possible bonuses from reforms and a way to expand (so Austria doesn't defend Brandenburg/Stettin/Wolgast/whatever when I attack, as a fellow empire member). I also imagine I could become the leader of league and win the war immedietely. I don't have much more experience with HRE though, probably some incidents are bad, but other than that?
And about joining. Seems easy as fuck. Even now (1468) I could get +200 relations, +30 from alliance, +10 from royal marriage, +50 from legitimacy, +something from Prestige +something from diplomatic reputation. I should also note that I get Diplomatic idea group in all of my games. Total of more thab 300, right? And now, Brandenburg has only 246 towards voting for Austria, Cologne has 283 towards voting for Nassau, Trier has 248 towards voting for Austria and Bohemia already votes for me (as my ally)... It's doable, right?
Lastly, do I become an elector after being voted as Emperor? I mean, I'm really not sure. Or can I grant it to myself or something when I become?
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2021.06.14 16:57 kb71613 "Actually she's not our mom"

I dread when someone calls me mom or mommy in public when SS5 is with me because I hold my breath waiting for it. SD9 doesn't say anything and just goes with it, but SS5 has to defend his mom and all of her glory. I know it's her age but come on dude... being a stepmom is hard enough
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2021.06.14 16:57 Ididnotthreatenany1 I’m literally about to cry

I was scrolling through ifunny and there was this post that was like “today’s the day for my heart surgery, if I stop posting funny memes then you know where I am. It was a honor making people smile.” It’s not ifunny anymore it’s fuckin isad
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2021.06.14 16:57 TN_Egyptologist Magic Stela with Horus the Child (and Bes is in there too), Late Period

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2021.06.14 16:57 EaudeAgnes Over the counter cream with antibiotics?

Hi all,
I’m looking for a cream that contains antibiotics, typically used for small cuts or burns. Something with hydrocortisone or cortisone+anti fungal+antibiotic like Mycitracin or Neosporin (in my country we have Microsona C or Macril) so a typical “triple ointment” cream.
I went to the doctor but she recommended iodine, which I used already but I need something better as the location of the wound isn’t ideal (back of the head) and it already got infected (again, doctor checked it, it’s not super infected at the moment but it’s still not healing fast enough).
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2021.06.14 16:57 MariaHaider1973 A Boys best friend......

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2021.06.14 16:57 Gogo726 Gun violence results in ocular injury

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2021.06.14 16:57 animu_child Possible autoaccept friend request?

Very simple question. Is it possible that old, pending friend requests could be automatically accepted. I have a friend I thought to be dying who accepted an old friend request. I want to quash out any doubt that they survived. Is it possible this was a system error? Or does it have to be done by human hand?
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2021.06.14 16:57 iamcode New one from Facebook

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2021.06.14 16:57 Log_draws Season 7 is so good. I just had to draw one of my fav skins of the pass!

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2021.06.14 16:57 Superdiddy The final beach

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2021.06.14 16:57 Longjumping-Aerie722 Voluptuous

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2021.06.14 16:57 AmericanPride2814 Semper Shil'vati: An SSBverse story: Chapter 11

Another story that takes place in the Sexy Space Babes universe written by BlueFishcake. He owns the story, I just got permission to write my own. If anyone is interested is joining the Discord server and participating in writing, here's a link https://discord.gg/yJB9ngJY
First: https://www.reddit.com/Sexyspacebabes/comments/l6cocd/semper_shilvati_an_ssbverse_story_chapter_1/
Previous: https://www.reddit.com/Sexyspacebabes/comments/nm4plu/semper_shilvati_an_ssbverse_story_chapter_10/
Chapter 11: Losing Control

This week seemed to be a rather easy one for the various training cadres. This week’s training schedule consisted of testing and body sparring. The former is what the humans were having the most difficulty with, but that was relative. Most of what they were studying, such as rank structure, customs and courtesies, and history of the Shil’vati Marines, were what they spent nearly every free moment doing. A few of the Shil’vati had even offered to help, although only two of them were accepted. The others had “offered'' help in exchange for “help” with other matters. You didn’t need xray vision to see what they meant by that.
In the end, Kadra Mithis, the only male Shil’vati in the squad bay, and Trissila, who was very obviously not interested in men, were the ones who were helping the humans with their knowledge. The three humans and two Shil’vati sat in a corner in their squad bay, going over important facts and historical events, which Kadra was happily going on and on about. Say what you want about him at any other time, he had a passion for this stuff.
“And thus, that’s how the Shil’vati Marines emulate its ancient predecessors, the Colcari Legions, to this day.” He finished, a wide smile on his face. It was about half an hour or so before lights out, and they had spent the first hour doing nothing but quizzing each other.
“You have no idea how much we appreciate this, both of you!” White said with sincerity, a sentiment echoed by Novikov, who only nodded his head in agreement. The Russian rarely talked, and he rarely smiled, but this time he allowed the latter. The man had many reasons to hate the Shil’vati. Being the only survivor of his tank company during the Invasion, didn’t give him many reasons to like them. But he didn’t hate the two they sat with.
“Its not a problem at all,” Trissila replied. “I’m just glad you are willing to talk to anyone, even if only the two of us.”
“Yeah, well, blame the horny bitches who keep trying to bug us for sex every five fucking minutes.” Zachary said in annoyance. “To be honest, I'm surprised you haven’t made a pass on any of us yet.”
“If you can’t tell, I don’t particularly like men, no offense.”
“None taken.”
“Your women though,” She said, her tongue slithering out of her mouth to wet her lips. “I wouldn’t mind showing them just how useful a long tongue can be in a bedroom.”
“Which one?” White inquired. “There are two of them in the training company.”
“Pale one or dark one, I wouldn’t care which, both are very hot.” She said unabashed. Not that he didn’t agree with her on that score. A Finnish Army Reservist who escaped the worst of the fighting, and a Kenyan Wildlife Ranger. The former escaped getting profiled by the Shil’vati, and had very obviously gotten up to less than legal activities post war. The latter wasn’t taken as anything serious by the Shils, so they labeled her a civilian. Of the 15 humans present, only 4 were outright civilians, the rest were former military and law enforcement. Thanks to governments the world over wiping what data they could though, only seven of them, Zachary included, were listed as such.
“I say you’ve got good taste, but I wouldn’t count on either one of them fucking you.” White said bluntly.
“Yeah, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but most of us humans aren’t fans of you people. Constantly bugging us for sex isn’t doing anything to help that either.” Zachary told her. Trisilla just sighed and shrugged.
“I know, and some of us have started picking up on that. Some are still hoping to get lucky, but many are starting to give up. I understand how you feel though, its not a secret that most of you have experience with this type of work.” She said uneasily. “Former military?” All three of them nodded at the same time. “I’m sorry.” She said sincerely.
“Nothing can be done about it now.” Novikov said, before getting up, and going to his bunk.
“So why did any of you join in the first place? You hate us, don’t you?” She asked, genuinely curious.
“Not like we have anything going for us back home.” Zachary said as he got up, and went over to his bunk, where Kadra had decided to park himself at. Not surprising, given the lithe male was his rackmate. “Besides, this is something we’re good at. Maybe we’ll go see a warzone and get to shoot at something. Or maybe we’ll just fucking die.” He finished, getting up and going back to his bunk.
For the first few minutes, everything was relatively quiet. He was able to read his book in peace, the other humans in the squad bay had been left alone, the various females were sulking at the lack of attention they had been given, and Kadra was fiddling around in his bag for something he couldn’t see. Then the noise stopped, and Kadra dropped from his bunk and sat next to his. Normally he didn’t pay that any mind, but his next words would change that.
"Do human men have sex with other men?" Kadra asked, forcing Zachary to snap his head up from the book he was reading, and look over at the Shil'vati male.
"Where the fuck did that come from?" He said, not expecting to be asked such a question.
"It's something I heard about human men. That you're even allowed to marry another guy if you want." He paused shortly before continuing. "It's not true, is it? All the rumors about Earth and it's just another lie, isn't it?" He asked, some disappointed in his voice as he took Zachary's facial expression of surprise to be that of disgust.
"No, it's not a rumor, men can get married to each other back on Earth." He told Kadra, watching his face shifting to what he could best describe as relieved relaxation.. "Most people outside of conservative religious groups don't give a damn. Why are you asking me that question though?"
"Well I just assumed that because of your comments from earlier..." He left the words up in the air, allowing Zachary to figure out what he was talking about.
"So you're asking me because I've been with other men?" Zachary asked, watching as the purple male's head slowly nodded up and down. "And because of my comments towards my preference, which you heard?" Again, the Shil'vati nodded his head, only now his face began turning blue as he did so.
“Well like I said, it's allowed and most of us don’t care.” This time, he leaned in closer to make sure the various eavesdroppers didn’t hear it. “And I know how it is in your society. There’s nothing wrong with you, and never let anyone tell you as much. It's nothing to be ashamed of.” With that, he went back to his book, and the Shil’vati male just nodded his head, and jumped back up to his bunk, and stared at the ceiling in contemplation.
He dodged and weaved in the ring. He'd downed 2 of his 3 opponents so far, the other match was called to an end because the other recruit could barely keep her arms up. But he was fighting someone with a bit more skill. Seeing the human still not tired after 3 straight rounds, back to back, the instructors got creative. They sent one of their own in the ring to fight him. It was certainly an experience, and he was partly intimidated, but as he soon learned, even the mighty Shil'vati DI's had poorer reactions than a human. It didn't stop her from landing hits, but those hits didn't stop him.
"It seems you humans really are tenacious." Drill Instructor Ka'Varik said as she swung once more at the human, who simply parried the blow. "You don't know when to quit. To realize when you're beaten. Even after how many of you fell in a single day to our might, you still seem convinced of your victory."
"This talk is pointless, Drill Instructor." He said in as deadpan a manner as he could, hiding his frustration.
"Is it now? Just like how pointless it is for your people to keep resisting, even after we brought peace to your world?" She said with an evil grin that he wanted so badly to tear from her face. "I guess you were a smart one, after what I read in your file."
"My file, Drill Instructor?" He said, a bit curious of what she was referring to. And how the Shil'vati equivalent of a Kill Hat had read it.
"Of who you are and what you did before stepping foot on The Citadel. How you were smart enough to surrender on that miserable little island. It's a shame most of your kind don't have that intelligence." She paused for a few moments, obviously needing to catch her breath, but also to study Zachary's form. She was aggravated at the human's tendency to dance around her, dodging her hits, and the fact that he continued to fight.
"But you aren't the first species to have no common sense, and keep fighting when all is lost. You are aware of the Roaches, are you not?"
"Yes, Drill Instructor." He responded as he ducked under another of her blows, and delivered one of his own to her kidney, something she felt very well.
"Then you know what we do to those who won't fall in line. No matter how hard they hit, we hit them back harder. It was our solution to the Roach problem." Zachary's eyes widened slightly as he started to pick up on what she was alluding to. He hoped he was just being paranoid, that he was misunderstanding her. But her next words proved that to be wrong. "Our final solution."
His fists tightened as he felt rage coursing through his body. His vision focused solely on her, blocking out everything else. Not a single sound except her sadistic chuckle reverberated in his head. His vision turned red, the rage built up in his body breaking free like water from a busted dam. He lunged.
She thought she had gotten what she wanted. She thought he’d finally take her head on and give her the chance to pummel him down. He was quick on his feet, and surprisingly strong as well. Too strong, she thought as the human plowed through her legs, taking advantage of her high center of gravity, gripping the back of her thighs, and bowled her over. She flipped backward once, and landed hard on the mat. She tried to recover and catch her breath, but that wasn’t going to happen.
Zachary landed Hard on her stomach with his knee, knocking what little wind she had left, out of her. Before she realized it, a fist slammed into her face, sending her skull to crack against the sparring ring’s softish floor. One hand grabbed her hair, the other continued its unrelenting assault against her face. She bawled her own fist and sent an upward right into his face. He didn’t fall back from it.
She punched again, and went for a third, but he released his grip on her hair, and caught her fist. He twisted her arm, and using his other, slammed down with enough force on it to break it, the sickening crack heard throughout the sparring chamber. Recruits and Marine personnel looked on in stunned horror at what was going on before them. As she looked back up, fear in her eyes, the human brought his elbow to connect with her jaw.
With adrenaline pumping through his veins, he didn’t feel a fucking thing. All he could feel was rage coursing through every fiber of his being at what she had said to him. The only thing on his mind was how to beat this sadistic bitch down. She wanted a fight, and by God he was going to give her one. All the frustration of the last 6 years had come to a boil, and he finally found a legitimate target for it.
After she was on her back, he slammed a knee into her stomach, and began assailing her. She had done her best to fight back, landing two very hard blows against his face, which due to adrenaline, he didn’t feel. However, he didn’t feel like letting her continue to hit him, so he caught her arm, twisted, and broke it. A loud snap echoing through the chamber. He saw real fear in her eyes as she cried out from the broken limb, and he cocked back his arm, and delivered his right elbow into her face, causing a sickening crunch as her nose broke.
Blood leaked profusely from his nose, his knuckles were cut to hell and gone from the continuous punches, and well as striking her tusks. As he delivered another elbow strike, her left tusk flew from her face, and went towards the crowd of recruits that had gathered. While he didn’t see it, one of them pocketed it as soon as they saw it.
The story of his family’s fucking hardships for over a century. The Irish being lazy drunkards and Jews being greedy bankers who ran the world. Those stereotypes being the most common regarding those of which his ancestors were part of. Now it was because he was human. All because humanity had refused to bend the knee to the Shil’vati. Because they fought hard ever since the day they arrived. They expected humanity to be meek and roll over. They were disappointed with the results.
“Final solution, huh?” He growled as he grabbed her by the throat. “Maybe you didn’t pay enough attention to our history, because those who said those words, Lost!” He raised his fist back once more, only to feel multiple pairs of hands gripping both of his arms, as well as torso, and around his neck. He resisted and slammed his head back, a crack sounded from behind, the Shil’vati crying out in pain at her broken nose. He broke one arm free, and tried to continue nowhere he left off, but more and more people grabbed onto him.
Before long, at least half of the humans, as well as two medical Marines had finally restrained him on the ground, while others attended to the now beaten and bloodied Drill Instructor, or looked on with fascination and horror at Zachary.
“Calm the fuck down, mate! Its over!” He heard White screaming at him as the Australian held his right arm down.
“Calm down son, she’s had enough!” Fisher said. Novikov, White, Fisher, the Gurkha, the Finn, and the Maori recruit, all held him down as medics injected him with something to knock him out. The adrenaline in his system made it a difficult task, but the medics managed to do the job, and within a minute, he finally passed out.
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2021.06.14 16:57 Accomplished_Yam_304 4 more days. trying out TW server! HYPE!

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2021.06.14 16:57 Raphael_24 Minimum line thickness

According to the paperback submission guidelines, minimum line thickness should be 0.75 point/0.01"/0.3 mm."
I'm using InDesign, and I don't understand if this applies to the width of any shape or only to strokes.
If I use a rectangle shape that has a color fill but no stroke, can it have a width lower than 0.01"/0.3mm?
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