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2021.08.01 02:15 FranktheMug Yo my dudes

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2021.08.01 02:15 rawfishdanger Swapped out my GPU and now PC won’t turn on?

So I swapped out my 3070 for a MSI gaming trio 3080. A friend bought my 3070 . And now my PC won’t turn on. I can’t figure it out. I have an 850w power supply. That should be more than enough. I rechecked all my wiring and when I press the power button my fans spin for a second and the RGB will flash on but immediately turn off. The RGB on my RAM is the only thing that stays on. Any advice is appreciated.
Specs: AMD 5800x MSI 3080 Gaming trio Corsair RMX 850w MSI X570 tomahawk
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2021.08.01 02:15 surveycircle_bot Social media and male makeup

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2021.08.01 02:15 vixtop Yo yo is anyone going to the Drippin So Pretty show? If so, would anyone be kind enough to cop this shirt for me? I’ll PayPal you for the shirt + shipping + finders fee if you want. Please let me know, thanks!

Yo yo is anyone going to the Drippin So Pretty show? If so, would anyone be kind enough to cop this shirt for me? I’ll PayPal you for the shirt + shipping + finders fee if you want. Please let me know, thanks! submitted by vixtop to GothBoiClique [link] [comments]

2021.08.01 02:15 gator_feathers Scrolling through this sub looks like

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2021.08.01 02:15 JTD121 Thrifted a case for the MZ-1

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2021.08.01 02:15 helpangelica [NeedAdvice] How to be tough and survive challenging times?

I (23f) am an international student in Europe. I was a mess when I first came here and made a lot of mistakes that set me back. Now I got it together a bit and am working & studying and don't do anything else. I still have a year to go before I have my bachelors, which is also a useless degree. I am often depressed and embarrassed about my choices and unsure about my future.
I haven't been to my homecountry and haven't seen my family in 2 years. Here I only have 1 friend who I don't see often because she works crazy hours. She also plans on dropping out and moving back to her country which further lowers my morale. I have no dating life; last guy I really liked and slept around with slowly ghosted me as he starting dating someone. This happened a couple of months ago but it still lingers in my head and heart.
I have people that I can call and talk to. But ultimately I am alone in this foreign city fending for myself and I'm so tired mentally and physically.
I know there will be better days. I guess I'm just looking for advice on how to deal with feeling lost and behind in life, lonely, unloved, burned out, unsuccessful while at the same time staying disciplined and resilient and getting your work done?
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2021.08.01 02:15 Euphoric_Ad9500 theres 117k in this sub, why don't we have at least that many comments?

Im actually impressed by the lack of comments vs in 2016 i think we are at around 16,000 and I believe there was around 70,000 in 2016 why is that?
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2021.08.01 02:15 TheNerdyWeeb Oh boi, S2 was something else

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2021.08.01 02:15 aolzy The preserve championship

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2021.08.01 02:15 Significant_Sky_8713 Can people see killfeed of the the killer if the killer kills someone with a grenade??

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2021.08.01 02:15 Heavy_Disk_3175 SolarWind Token (SLW) [524K+ Market Cap]‼️ Best Unique Defi Token Which Solves BTC Mining Problems!💯 They just dropped a zero. Get in on this Low Cap Gem!!

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2021.08.01 02:15 littleantbigworld What makes you “fall in love” with a girl?

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2021.08.01 02:15 ajiiggy Terp

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2021.08.01 02:15 Ihateeshays Cat warriors not warrior cats :(

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2021.08.01 02:15 hat0a Is computer engineering the same as computer science?

Hi! I am planning to study in turkey next year but I've noticed most turkish universities offer computer engineering. Honestly, I don't understand what this is because I haven't really seen it much either in my country or internationally. What I want to do is bachelors in computer science or maybe even software engineering. The website doesn't specify the modules etc for the program so I thought I might ask some locals who are familiar with all these programs to guide me. Thankyou
also, which university would you consider the best in the country? (if you don't take into account the cost and city)
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2021.08.01 02:15 onuwuu CODE

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2021.08.01 02:15 Shulk-Narukami Adguard annoyance no longer blocks title cards on youtube question

I have a quick question involving the filter adguard annoyance, I made a post going into detail if this was edge issue, but no it happens on chrome.
Intro This filters has been amazing for blocking youtube's annoying pop up that google would spam at you like try youtube premium, terms of service pop up, the profile icon in the video (bottom right) and end title cards.
Question I tested it on chrome, and at first they didn't show up, than I went back to test it and they showed up.
Now I'm unsure if this was a design choice or bug with chrome & edge.
Which why I ask this question if its a bug, YouTube changing how the site is, or intentional change.
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2021.08.01 02:15 renren-bubbles F20 🗣

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2021.08.01 02:15 FunkMaster96 Do we keep our email address after we graduate?

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2021.08.01 02:15 rico_swave123 Questions on pedersoli Colt Walker?

I recently bought a Pedersoli Walker not to long ago and have been itching to shoot it. I just want to know what kind of powder whether ffg or fffg, the type of primers, and if I need proper wadding or can I use cloth? And do I need to grease the cylinder chambers?
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2021.08.01 02:15 katie-feetffreak Good slaves deserve a lick

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2021.08.01 02:15 Commonscout Top 10 Tips for Persona 5/P5 Royal Beginners (Spoiler Free)

Since I've Platinumed both versions of Persona 5 and completed every Thieves Den Challenge, I've decided to make a few of these lists to share my experiences and share general tips that I wish I knew when I first started playing. A few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, this is not a complete comprehensive guide and will be as spoiler free. Secondly, this list is recommended for people who have just purchased the game, and will lean more towards those who have purchased Vanilla.

  1. Do Not Be afraid to Change the Difficulty- This is obviously barring the Safety option which you can't change. I played the game on Normal my first run, tried hard on my second and had to change it around the end of the game because I had bad personas for one of the final bosses. No one is going to judge you if you change it, especially if you're new to turn based RPGs.
  2. Set All of Your Characters to "Direct Commands"- This is the most helpful when it comes to bosses, especially in Royal, but having your characters do what they want can screw you over from time to time. Now, the other commands have some purpose but I find it MUCH easier to control all of your thieves manually.
  3. The Velvet Room is your best friend- I sincerely neglected this place most of the time on my first few runs, so I learned how to spend time in there to make good, and sometimes overpowered, personas. Just be careful not to overwrite your good personas on accident.
  4. The Best Confidants- Since you're able to carry over some abilities from one playthrough to another after beating the game, some confidants will be much more valuable than others. Generally speaking, the best ones are Hifumi, Mishima, Kawakami, Yoshida, and the Twins. I won't go into the specifics of each as I'll probably rank all of the confidants at some point, but in my opinion these ones are the most helpful across both versions of the game. One tip I will add is that Kawakami and Yoshida are LOCKED past 11/20, and the Twins are locked past 12/22 so keep that in mind when trying to max some of these out.
  5. Use Dialogue Guides- Normally I don't recommend doing this on your first run, but being able to max out your confidants by picking the best dialogue options can be the difference in getting the NG+ carry-over item or not. This is especially important if you want to date a particular girl or not.
  6. Don't Abuse Saferooms- Now, when I say this I don't mean "don't use Saferooms at all" because saving is important. What I mean is don't be like me on my first run and leave the Palace every single time you find a new safe room. Considering you can't go outside at night after going to a Palace, and the fact a Palace takes up the Daytime part of your day, it would be wiser to only leave if you feel you need to, like if you're low on supplies. This way you'll have more time for confidants or other activities.
  7. Experiment With Accessories- I know that items with SP Regeneration are very attractive, but as you go on you'll find items that are of much better value in the long run and this is especially true in Royal. Don't be afraid to put on something you think would be more useful in a current Palace or situation.
  8. Check Your Text Messages- This has screwed me over one too many times in my early playthroughs. There are particular Mementos quests which require you to open a message (usually from Mishima), and if you don't check the message after a certain amount of in-game days, it disappears. This is a quick reminder that Vanilla's trophy for doing all requests requires you to do it in one run. Speaking of which...
  9. You WILL NOT Get Everything Done in One Run- This applies to everything: requests, confidants, collectibles, etc. and they're all because of one thing: Social Stats. I guarantee, at least in Vanilla, you will not rank up your stats in your first run, and there are various little ways to get all five of them to the max, but there are many things locked off because of this (Haru's and Iwai's Confidants immediately come to mind) and it's better to just do what you can in your first go. Conversely do not prioritize stats over everything else because then you won't have time for things like other Confidants.
  10. Take Your Time- Yes, it's the general theme of the game, but for your first run just take in the story and let other gameplay features come to you naturally. For as much of a completionist I am, I still took the time to pay attention to the story and characters, and I was able to appreciate the game a lot more as a result. It seems cliché to end the list like this, I know, but you need to trust me when I say the game is better if you don't rush it on your first go. Considering you can't do everything on your first run anyways, it's best to just sit back and relax.
What are some tips you have? I plan to make a tips list specifically for the Thieves Den Challenges as a follow up to this.
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2021.08.01 02:15 JasonX-13 Wishlist 2022: Limp Bizkit

After seeing that Lollapalooza performance and the reaction of the crowd it would be great to see them Friday. Seems like a no brainer with Rage Against the Machine playing.
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2021.08.01 02:15 Word_Dudely Bad William Hunting

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