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Friends needed!

2021.08.01 03:15 Fromtheages Friends needed!

Hey everybody I got new world and I’m loving it so far but I got no friends to play it with add me on steam fromtheages1 is my username thanks!
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2021.08.01 03:15 LorianTheEpic7896 Ban u/awkwardtheturtle

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2021.08.01 03:15 blackspike2017 First week of sticking!

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2021.08.01 03:15 LSAT_Blog LSAT Preptest Books

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2021.08.01 03:15 pedal_deals_bot Boss ML-2 Metal Core - $60 ($60 + Free S/H) 83%

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2021.08.01 03:15 8secondsplz Friend who is cheating

So I have a friend who is cheating on their partner and I don't know how to approach this. I know this is their infidelity and I don't know their partner so I don't want to make it about me or anything by pressing them for answers or making them choose between our friendship or their relationship. I put some distance between us in this past year because frankly I was uncomfortable whenever they texted me because the person they were cheating with would always pop up in our conversations. But then I decided that I should text them again as a friend because I still remember them as a good person and a good friend. As their friend of 3 years I felt like it was unfair of me to suddenly distance myself. So after some time when I texted them again I was bombarded by the fact that they cheated on their partner with like 3 people. I tried to roll with it at first because they said it in a very "this is what's happening in my life right now" way and I usually cope with discomfort with laughter. So I made a bunch of jokes and then brought up their partner like, "is your partner okay tho?" And they said "they'll be fine." The thing is they always post on their social media about their partner when in reality they are cheating, physically and slightly emotionally as well. And my friend keeps bringing this person up in our conversations by sending me their chats and voice messages. I tried to make jokes out of it and I think they think that I'm okay with this but I'm really not. I feel uncomfortable and it stresses me out to know that they are cheating. At the same time I know they are a good person and has been a good friend to me these few years. I know they must be cheating for their own reasons. But at the same time I know there is no excuse to cheating but whenever my friend texts me about it it seems like they think this is all a game. We are also both nearing our 20s so sometimes I think maybe I should just let them live their life? In the spur of the moment when I reconnected with them I was excited that we made plans right away. Now, I'm starting to regret reconnecting at all. What should I do? Please, I don't want judgment, I want advice.
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2021.08.01 03:15 Playful-Ticket-2882 Which tribe is worth buying?

I have recently wanted to play multiplayer but I realised I needed to buy a tribe before doing so. I plan to only buy one tribe and I wasn't too sure on which is worth my money. Should I get one of the special tribes or one of the normal tribes?
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2021.08.01 03:15 Automatic-Ticket4945 https://t.me/joinchat/2NPBkk3WPdJjOTY0

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2021.08.01 03:15 iamthecodester John Yates accuses OUR TEAL WALL OREO 👑QUEEN👑 of being behind the unhinged doxxing account (swipe for her response)

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2021.08.01 03:15 SkatevidLynch WHAT A NIGHT (courtesy of NBCS-Chi)

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2021.08.01 03:15 babuliciousss I know Tulane likes the first batch of applicant, but is that still the case this year with the late secondaries.

I just got my secondary should I submit like immediately?
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2021.08.01 03:15 SippySuds On my walk today I locked up some loose tires before they cause more damage.

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2021.08.01 03:15 pedal_deals_bot Fender Precision Bass Sunburst 1958 - $6,899 ($6,500 + $399 S/H) 87%

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2021.08.01 03:15 WanPwr5990 Lol that D'Day beach seems familiar lol

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2021.08.01 03:15 pedal_deals_bot Fender Telecaster 1953 - $7,193 ($6,694 + $499 S/H) 92%

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2021.08.01 03:15 MissingCalifornia- Two jealous brothers try to bang other brother's girlfriend

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2021.08.01 03:15 Super_Ad_8050 My main village in my long term survival world, i know it don't look like much but this isn't the only place i tend to build in

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2021.08.01 03:15 Ballindeet My favorite song off the new Travis album

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2021.08.01 03:15 _HD150_ Just A Landscape

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2021.08.01 03:15 sbpotdbot Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily Questions - 8/1/21 (Sunday)

Questions about sportsbooks, promos, bonuses, rollovers, etc. Post/host contests on /sportscontests, discuss selections/player prop bets/survivor pools/pick em pools/calcuttas/westgate etc. here.
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2021.08.01 03:15 OnyxianRosethorn [XB1] H: Listed below, W: a JE or AAE Fixer and JSS/AASS power fist

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2021.08.01 03:15 Reference_Born Question about the medals system

When the basketball team or football team wins, does that up the total medal count of that country by 5(basketball) or 11(football) medals since 5 or 11 players win it? Or is it considered 1 medal that goes towards the finals Country medal tally?
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2021.08.01 03:15 nothingtimestwo Can't finish Sanctum of Destruction without CDing on boss fight

When the boss summons her huge wave of feeble grunts toward the start of the fight, my game always crashes. It's a bummer not just for hero bullion but because you need 4 clears for job 4 as well. Anybody else having this problem, or had it before, and might know a fix? I'd troubleshoot more but you only get one chance every hour.
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2021.08.01 03:15 MehhrunesDagon Starting my first live account, looking for group/mentor to guide me in right direction before jumping in

I am usually the type of person to just learn as I go and I am not very experienced with reaching out to groups for help but since I am going to be starting a live account first I think I should double check everything with others before starting so I don't make too many beginner mistakes. I have been trading on a demo account for a few months now but I have basically zero guidance, I do not know which market or strategy would better suit me personally.

If somebody would like to take me under their wing or has a place to point me (a discord serveparticular subreddit etc) I would greatly appreciate it, feel free to send a private message with the info if you want.
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2021.08.01 03:15 BoeJidenBlows I made a really epic reverse card for those "share or spooky thing will get you" posts

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