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Alesis Nitro Mesh

2021.08.01 02:31 Viper3der Alesis Nitro Mesh

Finally getting an ekit. I've decided on the Alesis Nitro Mesh. Anyone have any complaints/ concerns with this model?
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2021.08.01 02:31 NewsElfForEnterprise Facebook profits top $10B as its CEO exalts the ‘metaverse’

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2021.08.01 02:31 Zekrom1270 Did I say something wrong?

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2021.08.01 02:31 arterg How many pairs of Headphones?

Question? How many pairs of headphones do you need to own before you except you have a problem. Oh but what a problem to have. I was thinking maybe 6 was enough but what the hell more is better right.
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2021.08.01 02:31 LumpyGravy21 Group Of House Republicans Press Fauci Over Potentially Suppressed COVID-19 Treatments

EXCLUSIVE: Group Of House Republicans Press Fauci Over Potentially Suppressed COVID-19 Treatments | The Daily Caller
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2021.08.01 02:31 Powerful_Possession7 What do y’all think I could resell this for?

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2021.08.01 02:31 ludwig_eduard eBay Auctions - RX 580 8GB $296

Buy Price Name Best Offer Minutes Left Seller Name Reviews Rating
BUY $296 MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (RX580ARMOR8GOC) False 39 w0bble2017 33 100
BUY $301 MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (RX580ARMOR8GOC) False 19 w0bble2017 33 100
BUY $306 MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (RX580ARMOR8GOC) False 9 w0bble2017 33 100
BUY $315 SAPPHIRE Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (11265-01-20G) False 36 djeuri 291 100
BUY $317 MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (RX580ARMOR8GOC) False 29 w0bble2017 33 100
BUY $322 XFX AMD Radeon RX 580 Black Edition 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (RX-580P8DBDR) Used False 43 djeuri 291 100
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2021.08.01 02:31 theydontwantustobeus Would you be open to Kanye working with Hideo Kojima and Katsuhiro Otomo on a next generation Akira video game?

View Poll
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2021.08.01 02:31 Booba2002 H: V E 15fr Fixer W: B E fixer offers, I can bundle or add too if it’s under :)

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2021.08.01 02:31 R53SS I can't play online in PC after changing Microsoft password.

Titlle sums it up.
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2021.08.01 02:31 ulq_cs Let’s stop talking about Faang.

Only the real ones know
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2021.08.01 02:31 CryptographerSoggy32 Degree Requirements

Where can I find the class requirements for a particular degree? I emailed my advisor about this but have yet to receive a reply.
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2021.08.01 02:31 DeadMoozy Meeting new people????

Ive lived in Olympia for about a year and a half, but was always out of town, working, at school in cali, or I wasting my $$$ traveling. I think I might be in Olympia for the rest of the summer, probably longer. How does everybody meet new people out here?! I know nobody, all my friends are other places lol. Message me if you have any ideas:)) Im 22y/o, Heres my insta as reference for what I'm into or if you wanna shoot me a message there: Dakota_Saucedo
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2021.08.01 02:31 mahgoub21 This shit got me dead 😭

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2021.08.01 02:31 Cjwhite01 To become a fine man

To become a fine man Is a plan that’s quite grand Gotta go to work and feel a little pain Then save up to go to Spain Go deep into the jungle and buy a Great Dane From a sketchy man with a lions mane As you look up it starts to rain You get on the plane back home But you got lost so you start to roam And stop at a large tome Books galore I’ve made it this far, of course there’s a boar We fight Where there is no sun light The boar had strong might And a vicious bite But I had something he didn’t I had a quite white kite And it took flight A powerful gust of wind I was taken afloat And float so high until I fell on a boat “Where you going” I ask The man moves his hair he wears like a mask “Going home” The man was short like a gnome But his boat was beautiful, made of pure chrome I sat back, no questions to really ask Especially when he lies beneath that mask The days pass We catch large bass And remember when I was younger, when I use to skip class So many mistakes So many broken handshakes Ruining people’s breaks Just to watch them fall I’d just watch them bawl As I stand so proud and tall But it was wrong, the first mistake of many Was any of this worth it? Even though what I did was wrong, it made me who I am today, a person who wants to change for the better It started to snow so I put on my Christmas sweater I asked the masked man “Do ya have any plans? For Christmas, that is” “Tis the night before Christmas when I left They thought it was some kind of theft Maybe they thought I was stolen Cause they couldn’t believe my dark swollen heart would do something so awful” I heard him talk for a while, nodding along and at the end I had nothing to say, so I gave him a hug and a waffle. Then I did have one thing to say, “Hey, You should return. We can make it back by tonight, please don’t be scared don’t take flight Think about the sight To see your son again It’d be good for your wellness, it’d be good for your brain” He walked with a cane Right up to my face I was sure he was going to be angry, thought he’d throw a vase Didn’t expect a hug I kind of stood there in a shrug He tugged on my face, on my cheek “You look just like my son, if he was all grown up” I smiled and ran to the kitchen to get a teacup I poured And sat dazzled and floored We slowly made it to his old house It didn’t seem run down, didn’t even see a mouse He peered through the window “They look happy” “Don’t be sappy, go. Go inside.” “What if they think I’m awful and hide?” “There’s no guide, you just have to sallow your pride” He went inside and saw his long lost bride He & I definitely cried I didn’t go in, and i was gone before he looked back I made it home and got a snack “Honestly this day was kinda whack” As I sat there with my bigMac “What I did was right” But my words don’t take flight I’m surly not a man yet I’ve barely met That bar But as I sit home and look outside at my car I know it isn’t too far As I see the stars twinkle and shine I know, soon, I’ll cross the bar, I’ll cross that line.
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2021.08.01 02:31 peytoncherry do you guys like redheads with tattoos?? 😉 F 19

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2021.08.01 02:31 WalksWithKemba Brendon Rodgers hits a HR to straight center to give the Rockies a 2-0 lead in San Diego

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2021.08.01 02:31 DokCyber Light travels faster than sound... Thats why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Light travels faster than sound... Thats why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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2021.08.01 02:31 Ihatebuttonss A cute old painting of a pug called Siegfried :,)

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2021.08.01 02:31 anawanna_wanna_ugh In what states is it illegal (defined as rape) for a therapist to have sex with a patient?

I know that it’s always going to lead to license revocation but I am asking where and when it is legally defined as rape, and also, when it is nonconsensual only in the case of “vulnerable adults,” what you believe to be the practical definition of a vulnerable adult in your state, because “mental incapacity” to consent can mean different things to different people. TY.
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2021.08.01 02:31 NotQuiteSoConcise Loud boom around Haymarket?

Anyone know what a loud boom and flash was in the Haymarket/Noth Station area was?
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2021.08.01 02:31 MikatuPlays Does novel piracy sites exist and can I find a few

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2021.08.01 02:31 Sandy-Cheese Non-Death Grips workout songs

I know this is a sub for death grips, but Ik most of you have good taste so I’m looking for workout music with pure hype. Death grips is my favorite example, but anything that really really gets me going.
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2021.08.01 02:31 Concerninghabits Hypothetically if you had all the assets needed to form your own credit bureau how would you go about doing it?

Let's say that I come up with a more efficient credit score model that is more accurate to consumers and lenders by eliminating the fat of exploitation happening from both lenders and consumers. How could implement this new system? Would I have a hard time?
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2021.08.01 02:31 anonfool72 [Video Recipe] - Keto Fat Head Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

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