Go! "Remember the Ladies: All-Indian silent film recovered"- A Few Remarks On A Long-Lost Film |

"Remember the Ladies: All-Indian silent film recovered"- A Few Remarks On A Long-Lost Film

2021.08.01 01:38 QLE814 "Remember the Ladies: All-Indian silent film recovered"- A Few Remarks On A Long-Lost Film

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2021.08.01 01:38 unemotionalbagel For those of you who moved out: how did you do it and how did you tell them?

22F ex muslim of 6 years living in CA, USA. New here and anxious.
I have 2 semesters of my teaching program left and then I'm hoping to peace tf out forever. I'm a closeted lesbian who has been in a committed relationship for 2.5 years with a woman I know in my heart I will marry and we've been saving fiercely for the last year now to buy a home next year. We've even started a stockpile of items for our future home like dishware, appliances, etc that we keep in her garage.
My parents are overbearing to say the least. My mother is an anti feminist housewife who would probably be thrilled if I decided to never work and get married instead. I've been living in constant fear of a forced marriage for years now. I'm terrified everytime my parents get a phone call from someone they know because I'm worried it might be someone hoping I can marry their busted son who can't even wash his ass properly and probably wants a free maid, not a wife. Anytime someone has called asking about me for marriage, I shut it down but it causes extreme fights between her and I. Although I can say no, it doesn't stop her from making my life a living hell.
My issue isn't even money or moving out. But mainly how tf do you even tell them you're leaving? I've seriously contemplated just leaving in the middle of the night but it seems too messy. How do you tell them, "I'm going to move out"? The only thing tying me here is that they have offered to pay my program's tuition which ends in May 2022. Time goes by fast and before you know it, it'll be over.
I have money, I have a support system, but it really is the initial leap that is scaring the shit out of me. The announcement of it all. Any stories or advice would be appreciated it from anyone. Thank you all
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2021.08.01 01:38 Hyrcyne- Expired Buffed Spells

Something I've always wondered over the last 5+ years I've played but never really found an answer. Casting a spell (for instance Chaos Bolt) while having any sort of increased damage buff active, like a trinket, and have that buff expires after the spell is cast BUT before the spell hits the target - was the Chaos Bolt buffed or not?
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2021.08.01 01:38 Interesting_Pin7233 Georgie boy on Vice. Good exposure.

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2021.08.01 01:38 Routine_Palpitation A monte Cristo is a pie.

It’s a meat and cheese filling with a pastry shell
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2021.08.01 01:38 dispensablepickle46 am lost

how to use reddit?
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2021.08.01 01:38 BottomTextMemes Alive Cover

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2021.08.01 01:38 shy_49 Fabrication is nearly complete on this one

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2021.08.01 01:38 nobodylikessauropods Not my favorite bridge, but a bridge nonetheless. New e-biker here in Berkeley, any chance your a neighbor?

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2021.08.01 01:38 DJRademacher06 The safety board at my county fair

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2021.08.01 01:38 JonHarveyEveryone Between Udemy and Microsoft.com can anyone help me come up with an online course lesson plan to get caught up in order to be considered for at least an intermediate IT position in Vegas?

I've been taking a few courses so far, one of them is this course. Complete Windows Server 2016 from Udemy . I am subscribed to Udemy, so I get access to all the classes included in that plan, which appears to be most of them for most categories on the site. Anyone familiar with those and want to recommend me things to learn, I am all ears.
I also checked out Microsoft.com and looked for some Windows Server related courses and found these, but I cannot tell if they're in any particular order. HERE
I live in Vegas and plan on interviewing for IT jobs, either in casinos on the strip, or a temp agency that does a variety of things for casinos and other places, or whatever other businesses are around that need IT. I know that other than Server, I should know all the fundamentals of A+ and Network+, and maybe Security +. and learn more about Azure, Active Directory, more in depth about Group Policies and other Windows Server tools. What else in particular should I add to my list of Udemy or Microsoft courses, exactly? If you could please drop links to specific courses, or add any books that are included in Kindle Unlimited, I'd be very appreciative, thanks!
I got about 60 days left, depending on how well AMC does by the end of each month, to get ready for a new tech career, so I am spending as much time as I can each day going through these Udemy courses and using Virtual Box. I'm not sure if 60 days is enough to build enough skills for a junior developer job in C# or web development, so I'm saving those for last once I get through these IT courses. Any other advice is appreciated as well!
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2021.08.01 01:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.reuters.com/world/german-ngo-sea-watch-rescues-nearly-100-migrants-overnight-mediterranean-2021-07-30/

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2021.08.01 01:38 beomiiz songs like up no more by twice?

i could only come up with pporappippam by sunmi and mago by gfriend but if you know any more that are similar, it would be greatly appreciated 🤩
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2021.08.01 01:38 one-crazy-liam- [XB1]H: J ap refresh after each kill 90rw fixer W: enclave plasma flame thrower

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2021.08.01 01:38 LordSoulzityr FF14 - Buying a ShB Orchestrion Roll from Gemstone Trader

I am trying to buy this roll
Wiki says Nacille has it, but when I check her vendor she is not selling it at all. Do I have to unlock this roll somehow?
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2021.08.01 01:38 PsionicWoodsman Where’s the LambsAUCE?

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2021.08.01 01:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/simply-bonkers-house-prices-now-105-times-median-disposable-income-anz-economists-say/OSWV2HBS7J6UFGYFME5MFNBW5Q/

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2021.08.01 01:38 RhetoricQuestion Not A Prelude

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2021.08.01 01:38 Lupitz I see no difference. (Spoilers for Asides)

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2021.08.01 01:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-business-travel-environment-and-nature-forests-23c7ed61c900161f4e542c303e41d413

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2021.08.01 01:38 tahoebigah Need help deciding between two battery string trimmers

I am torn between two battery string trimmers and need help deciding!
Husqvarna 220iL
EGO ST1521S or EGOST1524
I currently have Husqvarna gas powered lawn equipment and like the brand and haven't had any issues. Unfortunately no store/dealer has any Husqvarna battery powered equipment on hand so I am unable to get a feel for the new string trimmer in person.
The EGO appears to be highly rated but when I hold one in store the build quality just feels "cheap?" I am not rough on tools but I am worried about longevity and warranty being honored.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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2021.08.01 01:38 BeatoSalut Myanmar: An Uneasy Alliance | Conflict

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2021.08.01 01:38 randomcluelessdude One last set of images. Thanks to NP Games and all the developers of the project.

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2021.08.01 01:38 PrestigiousAge I'm the captain now

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2021.08.01 01:38 gothicliv Finally finished the entire show!💫

Damn I just watched the final episode, and surprisingly it hit me in a really emotional way. I first saw an episode when I was 10, and tomorrow I'm turning 21. This show runs so much deeper than just the amazingly creative animation, and I loved all the references (both literal and figurative) made in the final episode. I guess I just wanted to show my appreciation for the show, and am now excited to move onto distant lands!! Heck yeah!! 🤜✨🤛🏻⚔️
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