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Is the on campus climbing gym open?

State Gym. View Summer 2021 Semester Facility Hours. Info. State Gym is located on the west side of campus. It was recently renovated in 2012 and now offers a variety of new amenities such as the rock climbing wall and a leisure pool with a high-dive. Jungle Gym is a 14,600 sq ft. air conditioned facility featuring a totally separate kid's ninja training section as well as: Parkour, weights and a wide variety of Ninja Obstacles! Kids U is a child-centered “Campus” that offers kids and their families a safe and fun place to learn and play.We offer a variety of great classes, the best birthday parties, top-notch instructors, innovative programming, first-class equipment, outstanding customer service, and most importantly – children with ear-to-ear smiles on their faces! North Campus Parking Visitor's Parking. Lot 1 is the visitor's parking lot. This lot is located on the south side of Scott Hall and is accessible on a first come first serve basis. Visitors are asked to pick up a Visitors Pass at the Information Booth located on East Road and 113th Street. Information Booth is open Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4 ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Real-time alerts to open bid opportunities from participating local government agencies 100's of open bid opportunities from government agencies throughout Michigan Real-time notification of solicitations, addenda and awards Huynh said the facility, set to open Friday night, is Lincoln's first commercial climbing gym and only the second one in the state. It's located east of Five Below in the back half of the former ... Weekday campus tours begin at the Duke Energy UCF Welcome Center with a 15-minute information session, followed by a 90-minute walking tour of the campus led by a UCF student ambassador. Campus tours fill up quickly, so sign up today. *Tours are also available at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and the UCF Downtown Campus.

2021.07.24 18:10 deepFriedRaw Is the on campus climbing gym open?

I wanna check it out, I’ve never been.
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2021.07.24 18:10 johncol890 Meryt project

Meryt is a new type of user friendly, reputation based protocol - which values effort and skill as equal to wallet size, empowering a meritocratic society. Follow Meryt on social media and remember that "early bird gets the worm"😉 https://
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2021.07.24 18:10 AccidentThick4093 Any bisexual man have a successful dating life with women? I want a girlfriend but my past hunts me I’ve only kissed 2 guys which tbh I did it because I was horny I feel like this isn’t me

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2021.07.24 18:10 EestiMentioned [/r/norsk] Discord server for learning European languages

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2021.07.24 18:10 Noodles_fluffy LPT: You don't need to have an opinion on everything. It's okay to say "I don't know enough about this to have an opinion".

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2021.07.24 18:10 FriendlyCigarSmoker Just bought a mb200 2 and was wondering if any one could link me to basic upkeep things I'd need like chains, belts, and others so I can stock up on some. Thank you all!

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2021.07.24 18:10 PaleontologistNo5192 Welcome To BJT$ | Did you miss $BJT fair launch? | Fear not, their market cap is still tiny at roughly $180k and the Jackpot is available to be won by any holder with more than $10 worth of $BJT.

Did you miss $BJT fair launch?

Fear not, their market cap is still tiny at roughly $180k and the Jackpot is available to be won by any holder with more than $10 worth of $BJT.

So grab a bag, exclusively on Padswap prior to cut off point, tonight at 20:30 UTC to be eligible for the draw, tonight at 21:00 UTC. Fully expect the jackpot amount to be much larger at the time of the draw.

The current odds for winning the "Daily Jackpot" $BJT lottery which excludes Farm, Dev, Daily Jackpot, Dead, Liquidity and Marketing accounts, is therefore, linked to the current number of holders, with $BJT holdings of more than $10. We currently have less than 100 holders. The lottery is drawn using a random generator. The draw will be filmed and posted. There will be draws made every day, for holders of $BJT with the qualifying value, with one lucky randomly generated winner each day. Videos of every "Daily Jackpot" will be posted in the Bullish Jackpot $BJT Telegram group.

White Paper and first preliminary audit on TechRate available to be viewed on their website.

Bullish Jackpot $BJT has donated all presale liquidity to Padswap in order to facilitate farming for holders of $BJT. Farming options for $BJT should be operable within days. Bullish Jackpot $BJT has done this to facilitate BULLISH investor confidence.

The BJT/BNB LP farm was launched on Padswap within a week of fair launch with amazing APYs. (Current APY 188%, Daily ROI 0.85%)


What is Padswap?

Simply put PADSwap is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on the Binance Smart Chain. If you have used almost any swap in this space it will function relatively the same. The base code was forked from Uniswap (V2) code, which they chose for its battle-hardened and volume-tested backbone. Trust and community health is important to any system.

LP (liquidity providers) are the driving force and connective tissue in any market. They back ideas with real liquid and push the best projects to the top with value backing. Over the past several years this seems to be a forgotten aspect of the cryptoverse. At TOAD.Network, they value and appreciate LPs and it is their priority to attract and compensate LPs. They are choosing to reward LPs with a fair system to use and freedom of choice (self-determination of market incentives). LPs will earn fees from each swap users complete on PADSwap. LPs can further earn dev-donated $PAD through Farms. These farms are highly symbiotic and benefit LPs, users, and PADSwap itself. PADSwap gains liquidity to further its fair distribution, LPs earn rewards, and users will have more options to swap, grow and progress. WIN WIN WIN! The farm system itself also opens space for new farms and a launchingPAD for future projects to enter into this symbiosis.


-Distribute 10% of pool per day distributed amongst stakers reflexive of pool stake

-Receives shares of PAD per second from daily .13% supply drip

-Incentivises liquidity crucial to volume growth on PADswap

Fees charged to users of PADSwap provide LPs with rewards and incentivisation to stake liquid. On PADSwap- the user completing the swap is charged a .3% swap fee. 83⅓% of that swap fee (.25% of transaction) goes directly to LP stakers as a reward and 16⅔% (.05% of transaction) is used by The Vault to purchase backing tokens at market price to be stored in The Vault, which further benefits all users and LPs.

Current ratios initially set by the team for Vault purchases:

30% TOAD

30% USDC

20% BTC

20% ETH

If you enjoy great APY's, it's probably time that you hopped on Padswap!

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2021.07.24 18:10 No_Blackberry_3538 Mega Charizard X raid

Add me if you would like to join and please stay online so I can find you easier Trainer code: 2220 9962 2873
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2021.07.24 18:10 DioLavoratore Problem with platforms

I think i have a problem that involves the platforms. When im on a platform and i press left mouse i drop down. Thats a problem cuz i want to build an arena. Someone has an idea on how to fix this? Thanks
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2021.07.24 18:10 gordogg24p Roschon Johnson's late TD run in the Alamo Bowl is our #6 play of 2020! We are a short six weeks from Texas football's glorious return!

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2021.07.24 18:10 Ch3fB0y4rd33 Why do I smell dog food through the window

It smells like someone poured wet dog food on the floor... We don't have a dog, neighbors do have a dog but they're couple blocks away. The smell is too strong for it to be theirs and they only have 1-2. It smells like someone bought 100lbs of dog food and scattered them around the house
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2021.07.24 18:10 post-news Crenshaw Has the Ultimate Response to Schiff's Dunk on GOP

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2021.07.24 18:10 Grace_Upon_Me Best Resources for Evaluating Website/Internet Presence

We perform a diagnostic for potential clients that includes an evaluation of their website and overall internet/social presence. We currently use a vendor that uses a couple of tools that evaluate Link Metrics, Search Visibility, Site Health, Crawl Overview, Total Pages Crawled, Link Profile compared to competition, linking domains, total links, rankings and a second report on Link Spam Score.
My new vendor is going to take over providing this analysis but this is a new service for him and I would like to know from you guys what tools you have found best to inform a client of the true health of their Internet marketing that would provide clear direction as to how to improve it. If you have something for social reputation as well that would be awesome.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.07.24 18:10 Top_Employee_8653 [WTS] [UK] [ENG] BRAND NEW LJR Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UK 10, Michael’s Bapestas UK9.5

tagged and timestamped: https://imgur.com/gallery/RGZmOda
LJR Obsidian - selling because I have too much AJ1’s now size - UK 10 (£90 all in)
Michael’s Bapestas - slightly worn size UK 9.5 (£80 all in)
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2021.07.24 18:10 muckamuck88 Indoor ant nest swarming after applying bait. What do I do next?

I just recently learned that an ant colony set up behind the baseboards against the ceiling of my bedroom. My bedroom and bathroom are connected, so I figured they set up here to access water in the bathroom. I believe they're red carpenter ants, but I'm not sure.
A few days ago, I applied Raid Ant Gel to corners of the room where the ants have been pushing out debris through holes in the caulking. Ever since then, it seems like the whole nest has been agitated and now they're coming out into my room in droves when I would only see one or two ants a day previously. This also includes the winged variety, which seem to be the breeding/mating ants. They seem to be active throughout the entire day, and I use Raid spray to deal with any active ants I find.
I'm not sure what to do next. I don't know if the nest is dying off or how long it's going to take to get things under control. I was considering a fogger to do some work when I'm not home and maybe some Advion ant bait. Because they're active all day and climbing all over my floor and furniture, it's making it difficult to relax and I really just want some peace.
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2021.07.24 18:10 Nyan75 Vauban Amalgam

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2021.07.24 18:10 krakenpunches Mojito seems to enjoy his new decor! Second pic is not great but you can see him out and about :)

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2021.07.24 18:10 UdemyCouponsMe PMP Exam Simulator 2021 L Advanced Questions L High Level

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2021.07.24 18:10 Dieguito0512 I’ve made a genuine original DankPods pokémon team (ignore yungoos tho i misclicked)

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2021.07.24 18:10 D_B_Bavarian_Design Working on some vespids proxy *.*

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2021.07.24 18:10 LeGuyms Je viens de découvrir le chorizo de canard qu'en pensez vous ?

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2021.07.24 18:10 SummerRay Mum, dad and me in the mid 80s at one of those vintage photo booth things

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2021.07.24 18:10 allonzehe Helluvaboss Cast Live Panel

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2021.07.24 18:10 Space_Cowboy147 At least they tried to line the toilet

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2021.07.24 18:10 httpanic Anything good?

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