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2021.07.23 16:45 kimichee ✨ NEW FREE HYPERLINK DIGITAL NOTEBOOK ✨ | July Plan With Me | GoodNotes 5 📖

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2021.07.23 16:45 pulchritudinouspatti Passionfruit bloom

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2021.07.23 16:45 GoodGuyBuddyBoy Haaa! Gotcha..XDXD

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2021.07.23 16:45 Snoo68113 First impressions?

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2021.07.23 16:45 vxlipxyr Others trying to make me doubt what i have

Ive been in a LDR for 2+ years. We both come from a painful and emotional background but have supported and healed each other along this journey. I truly believe theres something so valuable in this person, especially if words alone have created such a strong connection.
All my peers- family, coworkers, friends try to make me reconsider. I will be seeing them very soon. But i was told that distance doesnt work, its not true etc. And today someone was telling me about all the ways people cheat and keep secrets... wtf. I believe in this but i cant help that these words are harmful. If anyone has any advice for handling this negativity please let me know. Thank you for reading
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Can I get a scholar in axie infinity to help my mother to finance my studies 🥺
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2021.07.23 16:45 JOFWGKTA Kanye is going to announce more/we will hear a updated version at rolling loud

It’s only a couple of days away and it gives him time to clean up the album. This is probably not gonna happen doe
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2021.07.23 16:45 cordellf95 [US] [TRADING] BERSERK 1-7 DELUXES WITH BOOKENDS

Looking for Berserk 1-40 Dark Horse Spine G5
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2021.07.23 16:45 meowbombs What was that?

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2021.07.23 16:45 Master_Bratac2020 Episode 13 spoilers out of context

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2021.07.23 16:45 ronneezau Making Money in De-Fi by Andrew Tate (latest update)

I have Making Money in De-Fi (updated) by Andrew Tate.
Making Money in De-Fi by Andrew Tate is one of the best guides out there if you are looking to improve your understanding of De-Fi and you want to start making money.
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2021.07.23 16:45 Lyd_Euh Happy Birthday, folklore! Show up at our party to remanence and participate in our one year follow-up survey

It's hard to believe, but one year ago Taylor announced that later that evening she would be dropping her 8th studio album, folklore.
We want to hear any and all thoughts you have in regards to the album's anniversary.
Relive release night here
Some notes:

One Year folklore & Seven Month evermore Survey This survey also will count as our annual demographics census.
We will post this survey a couple of times over the coming weeks, and the results will be posted in ~one month.
Self-posts outside of this thread will be deleted
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We have all done it, your new to dividend investing and spend some time evaluating stocks to come up with a portfolio plan.
The first buy has to be the sensible one so coca cola it is an easy pick that takes zero DD " attitude good enough for Warren Buffett good enough for me"
Next up what's the stock that pays the highest yeald what we are looking for is something #BIG like 15% but we soon find that's not avalibul in the UK so we settle for imperial brands paying 8.6% the fact that the graph looks like a block of Toblerone and the prices the same as it was 15 years ago goes right over our heads so now we have 1 uk stock and 1 usa.
Ray dalio always says that diversification key so it's got to make sense to throw a Canadian stock into the mix why not Enbridge this a beast paying 6.95% with hopefull growth.
But after doing all this we find the financial samurai article which states at 18 years old you should be 100% growth & 0% dividend which leave you confused.
You then realise that at 18 years old that maybe Apple would of been a far better stock to buy and hold long instead of coca cola 😒
You also find that imperial brands doesn't sell kitchen products like you thought they did and they're actually in the tobacco industry something that you despise but the stocks now ever since you bought in has gone down and down what do you do 🤔
It all come down to future planing, your planed retierment date and your current age along with a solid tax saving strategy or dose it ?
Surely at 20 years old you should look to build a portfolio of low paying dividend stocks with lots of growth then over the years the dividend will hopefully raise along with your age from 2% to 5 or 6% just in time to you to draw on it in retirement.
If your in your 30s buy 3% dividend stocks

 in your 40s buy 4% dividend stocks In your 50s buy 5% to 6% dividend stocks 
Any thoughts ?
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2021.07.23 16:45 ComradeCommissary Hyundai E&C to continue coal power project in Vietnam despite criticism

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2021.07.23 16:45 L1chDK (Seed)2 planetariums in a row(basement)

(Seed)2 planetariums in a row(basement) 8G1DVBYD :3
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2021.07.23 16:45 BrosettaStone7 Which Olympic teams will be emotionally & politically charged?

like Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Palestine
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2021.07.23 16:45 upyoars SpaceX Crew Dragon switches ports to make room for Boeing’s Starliner do-over

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2021.07.23 16:45 smileycat__ I have a unique and interesting experience that I can write about for essay, but im not sure what message I want to send across to the reader

in short the story is basically how my mom and I were stuck in a storm in india and had to walk an hour back home (the streets and sidewalks were basically flooding with caca and bugs and snakes😭)
I feel I could write a really interesting essay, but im not sure what I want the ao to know about me from that essay. any ideas?
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2021.07.23 16:45 Fresh_Head0 Made My Day, Own This for Tonight! Here’s to hoping Arya and Greyworm Stay TF Out of It!

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2021.07.23 16:45 drouoa Breakthrough Bleeding Pfizer Vaccine?

So I (25F) take my birth control (a low dose combo pill) continuously for 3 packs and then take a 5 day break. I just had my break about 2 and a half weeks ago. It was a lighter withdrawal bleeding period than usual.
Fast forward to this week, I went to the gym this past Tuesday and experienced some bright red bleeding, a few sticky clots and “period” cramping afterwards. That dissipated and stopped by the end of the day (about a regular tampons worth of blood but not fully soaked through). I took a few rest days from the gym and tried again this morning and I’m having more bright red bleeding! This is super abnormal for me.
I had my last Pfizer vaccine in June 5th. I’m wondering if maybe it’s affected my hormones? I’ve heard that’s happened to some people, but the experts are saying there is no correlation. I’m wondering if I should finish the 4 days I have left in my pack and take another withdrawal period? Open to any thoughts or personal experiences!
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2021.07.23 16:45 fainarufantaji8 Am I being racist for not getting surprised with bad behavior?

So today I was in the gas station, next in line to fill my tank.
A car cuts me off and gets in front of me.
I was going to beep but then I saw inside was 2 black men with rastas, so I didn't beep. So didn't anyone behind me.
Were we all being racist by avoiding a confrontation?
I would've beeped if I saw it was a pair of women, or single male, if it looked normal. Since I could beat them up and also I'm armed. But 2 black men with rastas doing this of uncivilized thing? No thanks.
In the past I would feel like a coward but today I actually felt good about myself for not being impulsive and being more rational. I live a happy live, am healthy and wealthy, have a family, have a dream job, life could hardly be better. It would be very stupid of me to get into a confrontation with some people that may be armed, causing trouble on purpose, and have nothing to lose.
Also, maybe now I'm rationalizing, but is it racist if this kind of uncivilized behaviour is expected by the majority, that's also another reason why no one did or said anything?
Also, these guys were clearly provoking me. Not only did they cut in front of me. But then I changed lanes and they waited a long time for me to finish filling up my tank (they probably put like a few liters to get by), they moved their car ahead and parked it waiting for me, and when I was ready to drive to the payment booth they drove again and cut me off again and stopped. Again, I ignored and started checking my phone and the guys got bored and drove off.

Am I, as a white person, a racist, because I felt higher level of danger dealing with some minorities so played it safer than when dealing with other white people; and also could I be racist for not making a fuss of it because it kind of doesn't surprise me those behaviors from some minorities?
Or would I be more of a racist if I confronted them saying "that's not cool" and whatnot? Would I then be racist for calling them out?
Or I would always be a racist, whether I confront them or or don't, because since I'm white anything I do is racist?
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2021.07.23 16:45 Martinedourd Friends please, I need some!

0930 1692 8810
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2021.07.23 16:45 Thegenius760 Hello Asol Mains. I am a Kayle main looking to add this hauntingly beautiful being into my champ pool. Need directions on where to start.

It's quite alright even if he's hard or weak. I love the champ design and art :)
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2021.07.23 16:45 ReadofGlass Question about non modded multiplayer

I'm new to modding and this mod piqued my interest but I already play a non modded save with my friends. My friend is hosting it and we are playing on 4 corners map. Will this mod affect that save?
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2021.07.23 16:45 mgdreddit My memory of a slightly weird medical strategy

I first tried to post this story on medicine and then askreddit, but I kept breaking the rules. So, I thought funny would be the best place to try sharing this story since rule number 1 is, “All posts must make an attempt at humor”.
I am closing in on 70 years of age. I have a vague memory of a solution my mother had to a health problem that both my brother and I were suffering from when we were youngsters. We both had worms, little white ones. How did we know? I guess they ended up in our stools in the toilet bowl.
Our mom’s solution to our problem was to give each of us a couple of sugar cubes and told to go outside and drop our drawers and squat over the sugar cubes. Being boys, we readily agreed. In my memory, all the worms then greedily exited our bums to get at the sugar. Problem solved!
Unfortunately, my brother passed away a couple of years ago and thus cannot verify or refute my memory. My much older sister has no recollection of mom’s worm elimination strategy. Our parents are long since deceased.
Am I crazy? Do I have false memory syndrome? The memories are just so vivid and seem so real. I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the worm issue would have occurred in the 1950’s. Was there a worm plague in the 50’s in NS? My family always get a kick out of the retelling of this story. I hope you do too. At least, you now have a worm elimination strategy that does not involve the expensive medical system.
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